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[REPLAY] Takagism - The Crimson Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Toshimitsu Takagi for Fasco-Cs. In this escape game, you wake up in a red room with a headache and can't remember a thing, nor even where you are. Now, the object of the game is to unlock the door and get out of the room. In order to do this you have to find a variety of objects to help you with your quest. Good luck and have fun!

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Crimson Room Escape Walkthrough
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I just now went through the version of the game escaper gave as the link for it, and the url on that paper is correct.

Some versions of the game, however, don't work like they should, but this is on the official site so I'm assuming it's updated regularly.


Oh yes, I also wanted to take the time to praise this game.It's the first of it's kind I ever played and still my favorite by far. :)

Crimson Room is great game. But the url on the memo doesn't give the 4 cards watever u said. they are not updating. is there any place we can find those clues

there's another way to find the clues for the safe, I searched Google for takagism history and found a webpage that said takagism history since 1994, so 1994 was the answer

I went 2 the URL, but the code didn't work. Then I tried 3 more times and on the 3rd 1 it worked?!?!?

I cant find this metal bar that suits on the red box...

I got 1994 for the safe even though the numbers on the cards said 6455 but they didn't work... Also, if you cant find the website, try putting it into google. That's how I found it. Also, sometimes you have to click the spots more than once to get the item.

thank you all
the important things is to restart
if not you will never get escape
my escape code is 0027
it is a good game

my code was 7279...
but the thing was that i had to start the game all over for the code to work...it was really annoying because i kept doing it and doing it and i wouldnt work but then i finnally just quit and then today i started again and typed in the code and it worked :D

this game was sooooo cool i got stuck at the end so i used the cassette tape on the door and i looked at it closer den i opened the door

everytime i finish washing the video of the boy dancing i press the plus sign but the safe doesn't appear!!!
what do i do?

Have you tried clicking just around the cross? Sometimes it's not in the exact spot you think it wil be...

and the metal stick can be found by looking first under the pillow and the clicking on the bedhead, just near the top of the mattress.

This game's awesum.But...just one doubt......are we supposed to put the key found in the player to the safe after putting the numbers....??

the url is not coming up plz help reply here dragonrider727@yahoo.com

loved the game... can't wait for the next room to be finished... take care y'all... peace out... =p

how do u get the no. on the website.. iam not getting anything... please help..

my no. was 5072.... was taking time to load...

don't worry if it doesn't work the first time put in the URL and get your code start all over. my # was 1823

What happens if the safe won't appear?

Ok, here's my walkthrough:
-You start looking at the ceiling, at a hole. Click anywhere to continue.
-Click on the dresser to close up on it.
-Click on the small yellow bowl. There's a thin ring in it, take the ring.
-Click anywhere to continue.
-Open the drawers in the dresser.
-Take the memo and the CD case.
-Click underneath the dresser, and you will see a cassette tape, take it.
-Click left twice until you see the bed.
-Click the pillow and take the small key under it.
-(While pillow is still in the air) Click between the headboard and matress
-Take the metal stick.
-Click left once so you see the curtained window.
-Open the curtain and take the key on the window ledge.
-Keep opening and closing the curtains until a ring falls out. Take it.
-Turn back to the dresser.
-Use the silver key to open the bottom right drawer and take the box.
-Use the gold key to open the bottom left drawer and take the powercord.
-Click on the CD player for a close up view.
-Click the powerdord in your inventory and click on the CD player.
-Click the button to turn the CD player on.
-Click the CD socket to open it.
-Take the small gray key.
-Click left once so that you're facing the plain wall.
-Click the small amount of space of the floor on the left closest to the bed.
-Take the battery.
-Your inventory should now be full.
-Click on the memo in your inventory.
-Click on the red box in your inventory.
-Put the rings in the holes and the metal stick in the rectangular hole.
-Open the box.
-Put the cassette tape in and the battery next to the one already there.
-Click the projector.
-Watch the film of a man dancing.
-After a while in his gay little dance, he will point a few times to a plus (+) sign.
-Put your mouse on the +.
-When the film if over, click your mouse. (if it doesn't work the first time, move your mouse a little to make it work)
-A square will appear. Click on it.
-You will see a safe with four numbers on it.
-IF YOU'RE PLAYING ON FASCO-CS put in the numbers you found on the cards at the URL on the memo. IF YOU'RE NOT PLAYING ON FACSO-CS put in 1994.
-Click on the gray key in your inventory.
-Click on the key hole on the safe.
-Take the screwdriver.
-Go to the door and click on the door knob.
-Use the screwdriver to open the door...
WHEEEEE! YOU'RE FREE!!! Now you can play Viridian Room! (Which is way harder and waaay freakier!)
Have fun! ;)

wtf wwas the cd case for?

That was cool. It reminds me of an even better game named trapped. It's very similar but you interact with other people. And there's a little gun slinging near the end of the game. You can find the game at godlimations.com

LoL..thanks to escaper. i manage to go through the crimson room.
but actually i did it last time too, with my frens' help. then i forgotten the number..how idiotic. =P
but thanks anyway!! crimson room is one of my fav games!! i hope there will be more of this type of game..it's really tricky..muahahaha!! =)

       Anonymous  1/13/08, 4:29 AM  

When I click the spot the safe DOESN'T appear!!!!

How do I do it?????

wait untill the man finish his dance,, and the film is finished them click on the place where that man was spotting..

hope it help..

i hav tried so many times but i still can't get the safe to appear. do u hav to wait 4 da film to completely end, or just for the little gay man 2 finish his dance???

i cant open da door

iam unable to open the safe box i tried with the number given in the URL and alos 1994...plz help

hi...iam unable to open the safe box i tried vth the number that is given on the URL and also vth 1994...plz help...

wow man it was awesome breaking the room lock...This blog helped me a lot to escape from the room...Its really interesting and cool experience.The unlock code was the one that troubled me a lot later i tried with 1994 as read in the blog and guess what it worked...Thanks for the guy who posted this idea...Expecting more of these puzzles , let me know if any...Thanks n Cheers------Jimmy

it is wonderful game...need enough time to play and find things....the correct answer is 1994.

i got 8003 for my code ! this game is cool

       Anonymous  5/17/08, 7:16 AM  

hey i woz hoppign you could help me i have constantly been tryin to open teh safe but it just wotn open i tried teh code it gave me on teh website and codes that others had recomendid but they just wouldnt work can you help

       Anonymous  6/27/08, 3:47 AM  

exactly the safe... i got 8146 and i've tried the other numbers on the web but none of it worked...help..

it took me forever to figure it out, but the game is really particular with how you use the code. to get it to work, i had to do it in this particular order: play the video, click where the (+) is on the wall, open the safe, go to the site (IN A DIFFERENT WINDOW, not a new tab on your internet page), get the code, CLOSE THE PAGE with the code on it, then zoom in on the safe and put the code in. this was the only way i got it to work. good luck!

It's a good game, apart from when that code doesn't work. I have completed both the PC and Nintendo DS versions, the only differences are, obviously, the controls, and the note with the URL on it is replaced with a PDA that, when turned on and the Enter button is pressed, displays the safe code. It's probably better that way as there is no way that you can't get the code to work.

I did it guysssssssss!!! Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!
The code for the safe is 1994
Good luck to you all

I get to the same and I cant pick up the screw driver!!!

but whats the logic of reaching 1994?????sheer hit & trial method :(

       Anonymous  6/5/09, 3:26 PM  

Mine is 7281 and it's not working!

       Anonymous  6/5/09, 3:27 PM  


i found 12 items .i found the safe box to open it i need to use url on the scratch paper..i couldent but if some one could he will find a cabl which will help him to open the door ..if any one could help me pls e mail me on lamisissa@hotmail.com
just try to open the safe using the url pls let me know

the code might be 1231

mohamad thanks the code was 1994

i did it
mohamad thanks

folks if the code doent work try and different website as mine didnt work for about 30 mins and i tried a different site with "1994" and it wored. other site must be broke
good luck

mine was 7306

ok this is bullshit i turned over da cards put the numbers in the safe and tried using da correct key and it won't open!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!

Emma, I guess you need to restart the game and retype the URL. Do not use the earlier one. I just tried and I managed to escape. Its really fun! Dont give up...keep on trying.

the url will work but for some reason when you get to the safe refresh the game,then when you get back to the safe put in the code from the url and it should work

wow this has really helped i never could get out of the room thanks!

Even I won, my code was 4398

Even I won, my code was 4398

don't forget you have to use the remaining key on the safe after you enter the combination. :)
mine was 3007.

the url opens for me and the code says 7878 but its not working in the game, so i reloaded the page 10 odd times, the numbers are always the same but they still don't work....

so very frustrating. i really think this is a crap game

I was wondering when Yalcin would post this bad boy up. Crimson Room may not be MOTAS, but it certainly deserves the title of Grandaddy for Escape Room games! :D

I remember playing this game when it was issued. As far as I know, the Crimson Room was the first of escape rooms, followed by the Viridian Room.
Yes, Catalyse, I loved MOTAS, too, it was really a great game !

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 5:13 AM  

@Catlyste: I had that same thought the other day...and then it appeared! Interesting that these comments go back to 2006, too! And there's another Zoe that's not me!

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 5:15 AM  

@Pascale: Me too. I believe this was the first escape game. I got hooked and the rest is history!

So did I, Zoe... I'm totally hooked ! (-:
I'm even trying to replay Viridian Room : I did it a couple of times, and I'm still stuck !...

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 5:28 AM  

I stopped at the place where I had to go look up the # for the safe. But remember the Viridian Room being very hard. Those first-time games didn't seem to have too much logic to them....

Yes, Zoe... In the Viridan Room, we have to perform some kind of ceremony in order to pacify a ghost... I know that we can have a close up view on the feet of the skeleton (which are tied up), but I can't even find the right pixel to zoom in !

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 6:07 AM  

Yeah, code does not work on this site. It only works on Fasco.

for those who stuck on the code first things to do when u start the game is to open the url for the code. then proceed

Crimson Room Walkthrough:

The ring is in the bowl on the dresser.
There is a CD in the dresser drawer.
There is a memo in the dresser drawer.
The cassette tape is underneath the dresser.
A silver key is on the window ledge.
If you open and close the curtains repeatedly, you will get a thick ring.
A small key is underneath the pillow.
A metal stick is between the headboard and the mattress of the bed.

The keys open the drawers, where you will find a box and a power supply cable.

Use the power supply cable to power the stereo. Turn on the CD player and open it, and you will find a new key.

The rings and the metal bar will fit on top of the red box. Open the box, and you will find that the tape fits, and you now need a battery.

The battery is at the foot of the bed. You will find it by facing the red wall and clicking on the purple floor on the left-hand side of the screen.

Put the battery in the box and click the tape. You will see a video of the man dancing, and towards the end, he will point to a plus sign. Put your mouse on that spot and wait for the film to end. Click that spot and a safe will appear.

The combination to the safe is found on four cards... you can get these cards by visiting the URL on the memo you found in the dresser drawer. (In some instances, you may need to visit the website, then re-start the Crimson Room.) Open the safe, and you will find a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the doorknob, and you are free!

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 12:05 PM  

Seemingly the only way to win this game was restarting after finding the correct code at the web site clue. Otherwise the code will keep reading incorrect code. I guess you just have to play twice to win. Finally thanks Dorothy, Tinwin, MikeZaun.com, and Yalcin.


Code for the cracked version is 1994.......
Itz amazing but click precision should be kept in mind

One thing that i really learnt from this was "translate.google.com"
Its really amazing

       Anonymous  5/11/12, 1:03 PM  

For those of you struggling with the number for the safe Try entering 1994, and then using the 3rd Key to open the safe.

Ohhhh goodness. This was the first Escape game I ever played. God, memories. T_T

crazed4now - me too! It's what got me hooked on escape games! I don't think it was at this site, though.

Yes!! This is the game that started my Point and click addiction!

The URL in the note no longer works.

Code Is 1990

can someone list all theroom escape for me

Tried all the different numbers to open safe, nothing worked. Duh, I was thinking the safe would open automatically, forgot to use the key. The number that worked was 1994. This was the 1st escape game I ever played, brings back memories.

Funny, it was this game that led me to this site in the first place...

Haha! That's a REPLAY for sure, the game that started it all...well, that and MOTAS.

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