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Travelogue Walkthrough[REPLAY] Travelogue Escape is another amazing point and click room escape game, where you find yourself in a hotel room far from where you'd like to be. Use what resources are available to navigate around the area and locate items and clues that you can use to help you escape. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Travelogue Walkthrough
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don't like that navigation

For now:
-got remote without batteries
-got out of the room
-got a hint paper with directions to other rooms
-another hint for paradise

For now:
-got remote without batteries
-got out of the room
-got a hint paper with directions to other rooms
-another hint for paradise

im same as you urban!

noticed fieber underlined??


i found something, on the bed, with wierd navigating and took out the batteries to place it to remote

yeah it was in bible!!

@egle, how did you do it? I see it only in one view but can't zoom in.

egle how did you pick the item up off the bed???

Fieber means fever in deutsch.

when u zoom in the door, but dont go, u cant turn left and right, and its kinda different views, well hard to say, this navigation...

sorry u can turn only right

ok head towards door but instead of leaving room turn right!!!

ok, like that zoom in one time to door than turn right twice, than zoom 1 time window, and turn right 2 more times

lifted up satelite held in place by pen!

Channel 9521 becomes annoying :)

this whole game is annoying :)

put batterys back in camera, take pic of safe by using record then play back for safe code!!

now have coin for t.v

you can go to the shopping channel which you use to get the number for the bottle opener

Is the safe code supposed to be like just one position, or should we turn left and right?

Give us the game BACK!!!!

turn left and right

go to religion channel!

@amy: can you give me a hint for the safe, i'm clueless.

then music channel

now have 2nd t.v coin

safe spoiler

3L, 1R, 4L

okay ppl to proceed you will need to know
hotel name
account number

@amy: did your phone number for bottle opener work?


dial 0 for outside line :)

just to let you all know under the game is a hint button

does any1 need help??

yes.. so i dial 0, then white line appears and i write 53118, and press tick and nothing happens, what am i doing wrong?

u need account number next from religion channel

ok my first walkthrough


You will find yourself infront of the tv and the window
turn on your right and click the green book
click on the box and you will find a key beside it
click the left arrow 4 times
get the remote on the table
on the lower cabinet of the table you will see the blue book get it
click on the door
turn right and get the pen
click on the fridge
get one bottle
turn right click on the window
turn left
grab the white paper which is like the hotel guide
now turn right
click on the window and turn left
you will see antenna that doesnt seem to hold on to its place, use the pen to hold it, first you have to lift the antenna and the pen will act as a wedge. It is the exact size to hold up the dish
press down arrown twice
turn right twice
grab the Kinon xray 2000
on the bottom left corner of it is a battery, you can take it out and you can use it for your camera or vice versa
turn left again towards the door
use your key to open the door


go left where you can reach the chair and the table
take note of the HOTEL STOCKTON
go right twice headed to the hotel window
turn left down to the exit door
then turn left
notice there's a trash can
get the note with numbers
now go back to your room
you have to find your way towards the cabinet
you will see a dress and behind that is the safe
now the trick is to get the picture of this safe so you can unlock the code
use the Kinon xray 2000
put back the battery
click ON press REC and an icon of Kinon xray 2000 will appear
take a picture of that
review the Kinon xray 2000 by playing ON and PLAY
See how the lock is
two possible combinations that you can use for turning the wheel: (4 left - 1 right - 3 left) or (3 left - 1 right - 4 left). The latter of these possibilities is correct.
grab the TV token from the safe
press the down arrow
press left arrow 4 times
down arrow once
then press right arrow once
get the battery from Kinon xray 2000


get your remote control open the lid and place the battery
you will see the remote on the left side of the screen you can elarge it
since we have fix the antenna you will now have better reception for the tv, the trick is to increase the volume of the tv so it will create a wave so the suitcase will fall off the wardrobe.
use the guide for music using the hotel guide paper channel 326 and increase the volume,
go to the suitcase
turn left 4 times towards the door and right 2 times click on the window and turn right once clikc on suitcase
get the TV token
under the tc click the box and you will see that its like a meter
drop your 2 TV TOKEN
now you would need to have 3 token in order to have it work
press down arrow
turn left 4 times
press down arrow once
turn right once
click on tv
enlarge your remote
turn on SHOPPING Channel 445
you can order the thing to use to open your bottle cap which is the same size as your TV Token
write down no. 53118 to call you have to use 0 before the no. to make an outside call
to order it turn to RELIGION channel 168 (use their bank account so you can place the order)
Bank account no. is 664 663 98
Now you have the no. to call and the bank account to place the order but you have to use the password to verify it
get the Blue Book and open it
you will see a pink sheet get it
and you will see th word Fieber as the password on the account
turn left 2 times
go towards the door turn right 2 times
click on the window
turn left
click the phone and lift the handset


dial the no. 0 and the no. on the TV SHopping 53118
then Wendy will receive your call
press the check sign on your right
enter the account no. 664 663 98 the press the check sign
give the password Fieber click press the check sign
the hotel name HOTEL STOCKTON click the check sign
end the call
press down
press left 3 times
open your door and you will see your package
grab it and open it so you will have the dolphin opener
open your bottle now
close your door
turn right 2 times
click on window
turn right once
click on the meter
and drop the cap
change your channel to PARADISE 9521
there you are...away from your hotel

hope that helps every1

thnx for WT @amy86, i will definetely gonna use it

why do you call that thing Kinon xray 2000 btw? :D
i havent noticed such a name anywhere

lol its what its called if you use the hint bar

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Then, I have made a picture of the safe, but it doesn't give the slightest hint to find the combination !

Another problem : I gave the account number on the phone, but I'm not asked anything else (no input field).
And where do you see a hint button ? I can only see a help button that does not work.

input field on phone is white box below the phone. once the account number is entered you can press the green tick

unless you are using it before ordering the bottle opener if so dial 0 then dial 53118 and follow instructions

Travelogue Walkthrough:

click right 2x
click book 2x
click clock
click key to get it
click down
click left 4x
click remote 2x
click bottom drawer
get bible
click bible bottom right hand corner 2x
notice word underlined (fieber)
get pink ripped paper
click down
click door
put key in door
click hall
click far wall
click chair
click table
notice hotel name on matches (stockton)
click down
click right 2x
click hall
click window
click right
click bed
click left 4x
click door
click right
get pen
click fridge handle 2x
click closest bottle
close fridge click right
click window 2x
click left
click satelite dish
put pen between wall and dish to hold it up (and better the reception)
click down 2x
click left
click on paper by phone
click right 3x
pick up camera
click left
click closet 2x
click hanger to move robe
click safe
turn camera on and press rec
take picture of safe
turn camera on again and press play
this tells you the code to the safe (3L, 1R, 4L)
enter code on safe and safe will open
click coin
close safe
click down 2x
click right 2x
click down
click right
click TV
click camera (in inventory)
click bottom right hand of camera
get batteries
put batteries in remote
exit inventory
click on remote in bottom left hand of screen (to make it bigger)
get paper you picked up by the phone from the inventory
go to the shopping channel (445)
get the number for the bottle opener (53118)
go to the religion channel (168)
get the account number for donations (664 663 98)
go to the music channel (326)
turn the volume all the way up (the briefcase should bump a few times then fall)
click down (and minimize the remote by clicking the down arrow on it)
click left 3x
click door
click right 2x
click window
click right
click briefcase 2x
get coin
close briefcase
click left 2x
click phone 2x
dial 0 to get an outside line & then the # to order the bottle opener (53118)
a conversation will start about ordering it
click the check mark
they will ask for an account, use the account on the religion channel (664 663 98)
click the checkmark
they will ask for a password. Remember the word in the bible? (Fieber)
click the checkmark
They will ask what hotel to send it to. (Stockton)(from the matches)
click the check mark'
hang up the phone
click down
click left 3x
click door
click package
click left side of package
click bottle
use bottle opener on bottle
close door
click right 2x
click window
click right
click small box on left wall
put 2 TV coins and the bottle cap in the tv meter
click down
click right 2x
click down
click right
click TV
get the ripped pink paper from inventory
get the (par)adise channel (9521)
change the channel to paradise
wait a second and then you will be "in" the TV
click right 2x
click TV that the statue is holding
click right 4x

the end!!!

       Anonymous  7/10/10, 4:49 AM  

When I dial 0 to get the outside line, I have to type 53118 into the white box, because it wont let me DIAL it. Then nothing happens after I click the check.
But people are saying to DIAL the 53118? instead of typing it in? Can you please clarify this, Yalcin?

I'm out , thanks guys (:

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