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The Doors Walkthrough

The Doors

[REPLAY] The Doors Escape is another point and click type room escape game. There are more than one room in this game. You have to search these rooms, find items and clues to finish game. You can examine or use items by clicking on them. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I don't know how you got your cube pieces to join together... trying everything and getting nowhere???

any suggestions?

I'm in the same situation Maxine. I've tried everything to piece the cube together. No luck. Grrrrrr

the cube will go together by itself once u have all the pieces... make sure u have all the peices!!!...

hey you guys i had the same problem, turn and face the couch head on, click on the door. you will be in a hallway, click around both radiadors found in the hallway and behind one of them on the left side is the missing peice of the cube. then it fits together, good luck

ok ummmmm how the hell do u get in the kitchen coz i dnt know how

I got all the pieces of the cube, but they still won't go together; why?

where do i find the t card

@ ll cool lloyd,

Room 3 F
Click the bed
then click the left side of the pillow and pick up the t card.

Gr8 game !!!

this is like the simplest game ever!!
if you want a hard game then you should play "darkness episode 1,2 or 3 ... enjoy
[ evil laugh ]

i can't find the picture u need? help me!!

great game!!!!!!!!!!!!! the sound was creepy tho xD

Seems this is pretty easy one...But yes, got good fun..

great thinking game. lots of fun

Missing card in R3 and the last part of the letter. Don't know what to do with radio.

very easy but still fun

I helped myself with video walkthrough, but don't know where was a hint for the cross.

I have all three slots in R2 filled, but not sure how to use them. There's another spot for the cube, but the cube doesn't work there.

What am I missing?

       Anonymous  7/13/10, 9:33 AM  

The clock is not setting for me.

Clock, i think 1200

sorry, try 6:00 and the radio does not do anything.

I'm in flashback heaven!

I'm in!

The Doors Escape Walkthrough:

Room 0 (J)
*Click the dresser to walk forward
*Open the bottom drawer (click a handle)
*Get F Card
*Turn left and click the left section of the radiator
*Pick up the first piece of cube from the pipe
*Turn left and face the painting
*Click around the mid-right section of the floor where you'll see a small white paper
*When the camera zooms to the floor get the first piece of the letter
*Turn to the right and enter the door with the (t)

Room 1 (t)
*Click Jacket
*Click sleeve until pocket is shown
*Get the second piece of the letter from the pocket
*Click the radiator
*Get a pice of the cube from the bottom left section of the radiator
*Turn to the right and click the fireplace
*Click the bottom left section of the fireplace where you'll see the next piece of cube
*Turn right and click the phone
*Pick up the other cube piece sitting next to the phone (you should now have a box)
*Turn right (angled view of couch) and click the 3rd cushion from the left and pick up e card
*Turn right to face the jacket and radiator again
*Drag the cube into the box holder next to the door
*Click the door to enter Room 2

Room 2 (S)
*Click the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet and get the medical profile
*Click under the desk and get the 3rd piece of letter
*Turn to the right and click the 3rd shelf from the bottom (the files on the left)
*Click the Book to get the J card
*Turn to the right and set the clock hand to 6:00 (The time on the medical sheet)
*Click the lower section of the clock that opened and get another box
*Turn to the right and click the lamp
*Get the O card from under the lamp
*Place the new box into the holder and enter Room 3

Room 3 (F)
*The room is upside down so theres not much to do yet
*Turn in either direction twice and pick up the picture from the floor (or ceiling)
*Click the door next to it to go back to Room O

Room O (J)
*Turn to the left and click the painting
*Click the person in the painting to reveal and codebox
*Enter the code 72273 and get the next box (if u look at the poloriod u found before it says "s-c-a-p-e". 72273 is what you would dial on a touch tone phone to enter "scape")
*Turn to the left and enter the door with the F on it to go back to room 3

Room 3 (F)
*The room is now back to normal
*Click underneath the dresser and place the new box in its holder (the door is now open but don't leave yet.)
*Turn to the right and click the nightstand and get the 4th piece of letter
*Click the bed then click the left side of the pillow and pick up the t card
*Turn around and click dresser. This will bring you to room 4

Room 4 (e)
*Click the second shelf from the bottom on the right and get the S card
*Turn twice to the left and click the open closet door on the right to close it
*Click the second shelf from the bottom and pick of the open box (looks like a cross)

*Now click the cross and drag the cards into each spot in this order:

0 - J (blue)
1 - t (green)
2 - S (orange)
3 - F (red)
4 - e (purple)
5 - O (grey)

The cross should look like this:

*The box will close and form a new box for you to put into the next hold to access room 5

Room 5 (O)
*Click the stairs
*Click the top of the stairs
*Click the door
*Click the note on the door
*Click the last piece of the letter in your inventory to put it together and read it
*When you are done reading, click the letter and enjoy the ending

Explanation of the cards:
The order of the cards matches up with the order of the symbols on the doors you went through.

Here's the sequence for the cards in the open box:
0 - blue (foyer)
1 - green (living room)
2 - orange (office)
3 - red (bedroom)
4 - purple (kitchen)
5 - the unknown door

Really great game! I was terrified the whole time that something was going to jump out at me, though X)

       Anonymous  12/9/11, 4:00 PM  

The clock will not set to six... goes back and forth between 9 and 11... grrr! Is this happening to anyone else?

Drag the clock hand, don't just click on it

Level 32?

I need help with room 11. What's the code? And how do you figure it out?

       Anonymous  11/9/18, 5:44 AM  

the last door won't open!

great game, great sound ! Unfortunatly, I can not show off to have solved it without yalcin´s help !

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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