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Nigepico - Escape the Hair Salon Walkthrough

Nigepico - Escape the Hair Salon

[REPLAY] Escape from the Hair Salon aka Nigepico. is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from Gotmail. In this game, your aim is to escape from the hair salon. To be more clear, it is another room escape game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape The Hair Salon Walkthrough

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the words at eh begining are asking if u want to play the game in chinese or english. the word on the right is english. does anyone know how to get the cell phone attachment? i have been clicking the bottle for over 25 minutes now!! please HELP!!!!!!!!

where do I find the silverkey? i have opened the cash-register, and there is only a picture of a broken mirror!

i'm also having trouble getting the "square-thing"/"cell phone attatchment".. how do i get it!? i've been clicking the bottle and nothing happens... there isn't anything behind it..

I don't know that there is an adapter thing. If you look on the back of the business card, I found a code which I then entered in as the password to access the phone. I get a message there which is gibberishy, but serves as the password for the laptop. From the laptop, there are several files. If you click on any of the files, you will find that each of these files seem to contain random characters as well. You can scroll down on all of them and one of them has numeric sequence that you can then enter into the cash register keypad. Once you do that, the drawer opens and reveals the picture of a broken mirror with something sticking out behind it. That's where I'm stuck right now, though. BTW, did anyone see a key fall out of the heater when you turned it on? I don't know where it went....

how do i find the square thing?

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

wer the hell is the thing behin the bottle on the second chair i clicked for an hour yet no luck sum1 tell me before i smash my laptop

       Anonymous  12/3/07, 5:51 PM  

I never did find the "square-thing" behind ANY of the bottles. The broken mirror in that side room CANNOT be collected, believe me I tried. And NONE of the codes, either on the cell or busniess card or the mirror worked on the laptop. So, unless i get a walkthrough that is actually a true walkthrough, there is no way in hell I am finishing this game.

uh I know why some people have trouble finding the cellphone attatchment behind the dispenser..its because you're playing a different verison of the game. Theres no attachment in that one, but the steps are the same upto that part. In that version, the "useless" Idac card has the cellphone password in the back.
Use that password to check your phone mail.
In the message, there will be random numbers (idk why but sometimes the numbers dont work for me)

Type those numbers on the laptop

Then you will see programs on the laptop. Click on each until you're able to scoll down and find a set of numbers.

Put in those numbers in the register.

After you type in the numbers (and no "ERROR" thing shows up, use the blue key you found in the beginning to open the drawer.

This is the part im stuck on, because there isnt any key or anything,just a pic you cant remove. Oh btw the version you keep hearing about is kinda hard to find.

       Anonymous  12/3/07, 6:38 PM  
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       Anonymous  12/3/07, 6:41 PM  

okay I tried that, entering the password from the cell into the laptop, she no go. All i see on the laptop screen is some japanese writing with the box where you enter the password below it, then the "enter" button below that. But like I said, no passwords work on that laptop, frustrating.

       Anonymous  12/3/07, 6:47 PM  

BTW, I got a silver key from turning on the heater on the wall with the remote control. It falls on the floor. To pick up that key , go right once when facing the heater and then click down so you kinda face the corner looking at that door, you should see the key there.

Did anyone notice the ghost girl walking in the mirroi? And I cant get the razor to cut the chair open to get out! Any clues?

Has anyone who used can't get the "phone attachment" thing and used the code on the back of the IDAC card instead actually got any further or finished???

i've tried everything under the sun including all the codes/passwords i have backwards/forwards etc and still no luck on the laptop...

and you speak of the 2nd message on the phone... I've clicked away but only one message so far, which surprise surprise doesn't work on the laptop...

anybody know anything?!
thnx a bunch

I think there is more than one version of the game, because no walkthrough I found ANYWHERE helped me out at all. I got stuck and couldn't figure it out for like a day, then finally resorted to walkthroughs, and none of them helped. In the end, I just sat on it for a few days, then came back and started a new one. I completed it alone without the walkthrough help.

For those of you that are completely stuck, try my method. You're probably playing the game direct from a link on Gamershood.

First things first, there is an English version to this game. So if you don't know Japanese, please search for the English version, makes it a lot more simple. (Also, I don't know if my walkthrough will help on the Japanese version. I played in English.)
Also, people sometimes make comments on other people’s walkthroughs, be happy that we’re helping guys. I mean come on. This is a comprehensive walkthrough, but I’m not proof reading, so if there are spelling mistakes or other mistakes, (maybe I told you to click left and you were supposed to click right), I apologize. Walkthroughs are really for you to just get yourself unstuck, really. Essentially, you should be completing the game alone with as little help as possible. So good luck.

Let's start with this...
Here is a list of all the items you are going to acquire in this game: Tube of (Gotmail brand) Rust Remover, Comb, Blue Key, Cell-Phone, Business Card, Remote Control, Mouse, Batteries, Silver Key, Mirror Piece, Hair Dryer, Bust or Mannequin’s Head, Rusty Razor Blade, and a Gold Key. When the objects go into your inventory, they are bright. As you use them, they dim out if you don’t need them anymore and you can’t click on them. So here’s a hint, if an object is still bright and you can click on it, you are not done using it.

1. First click through 3 messages in the beginning, then click a fourth time to start the game.
2. Click on the speaker box in the top left hand corner to get closer. Click the box twice so that it rises. Click on the white item above the door frame to collect a Tube of Rust Remover. Click back.
3. Click on the chair to get a closer look. Click on the cart to move it over, then click on the green item on the floor to collect a Comb. Click back.
4. Click right to go to the second chair station. Click on the chair to get a closer look. Then click the legs of the chair to raise it. Click on the brown and blue object on the floor to get a closer look. Yuck a bug. Click on the blue key to collect it. Click back.
5. Click right to go to the third chair. Click on the chair to get a closer look. Then click on the grey object to collect a Cell-Phone. Click back.
6. Click right to go to the forth chair station. Click on the chair to get a closer look. Click on the trash bin to raise it, then click under the bin to get a closer look. Click on the white and blue object to the right of the outlet to collect a Business Card. Click back.
7. Click right to go to the counter. Click on the counter to get a closer look. On the bottom book shelf, click the slanted book on the far right side to make it fall over and reveal an object. Click on the object to collect a Remote Control. Click on the cash register to get a closer look. Click on the white object behind the laptop to collect a Mouse.
Here is where we stop collecting and start putting some things together.
8. Double-click on the Business Card in your inventory. Click on the card to turn it over. There will be a number on the bottom of the card. (I can't give you the number, because it's randomized. Every time I've played I've gotten different numbers.) Memorize or write down the number.
9. Double-click on the cell phone in your inventory. Click on the screen of the Cell Phone to get a closer look. Input the number you've attained on the back of the Business Card as the password for the cell phone. Click OK. You'll see some Japanese characters and a blinking envelope on the screen. Click on the envelope to get the message. (Again, I can't give you the message, because it's randomized. Every time I've played I've gotten different numbers.) Memorize or write down the message. Click back to counter view. 10. Click on the laptop to get a closer view. Click on the power button to turn it on. Input the code you got from the Cell-Phone message. Click enter. Click on all the files one by one, scrolling down, until one of the files reveals a number when you scroll down. (Again,I can't tell you which file, because it's randomized. Everytime I've played the number has been in a different file and I've gotten different numbers.) Memorize or write down the message. Click back to counter view.
11. Click on cash register to get a closer view. Click on buttons on the left side. Enter in the numbers you attained from the file. Click enter. The cash register’s screen should say OK. Click and drag the Blue Key in your inventory to the shiny silver lock on the cash register. The draw should open to reveal a photo. Study the photo. It’s a clue to help you. Click back.
12. Click right four times to get to the yellow chair to the right of the white chair. (In the mirrors of this yellow chair and the white chair, you will see a ghostly girl walk by. This doesn’t have any significance to the game. I think Gotmail puts this kind of figure in all their games.) Click on the white rectangular air/heat unit to the right upper corner to get a closer look. Double-click the Mouse in your inventory to get a closer look. Double-click on the Mouse to reveal the batteries. Click on the batteries to collect them. Double-click on the Remote Control to get a closer look. Click on the Remote Control to reveal the back. Click on the bottom of the back of the Remote Control to reveal that it needs batteries. Click and drag the Batteries in your inventory to the Remote Control. Close the Remote Control view, then click on it and drag it to the air/heat unit to turn it on. Did you see something fall to the floor? Click back.
13. Click right to go to the first chair station. Click the floor by the door on the bottom left hand corner. Click on the grey object on the door to collect a Silver Key. Click back.
14. Click right three times to view the fourth chair station. Click on the door to the back. Click and drag the Silver Key in your inventory to the door handle. Click on the door to open it. Click inside to enter the room.
15. Click right. Click on the shattered mirror. Click on the wall to the bottom right side of the mirror. Look familiar? Click on the object behind the mirror to collect the Mirror Piece. Click back to view sink and mirror.
16. (Here’s where it gets a little tricky.) Look below the counter’s edge on the floor. Do you see anything that looks like squiggly lines? Click around on the floor a few times just to check it out. Did you collect anything? If not proceed to the next task. If you did collect something it’ll be in your inventory. (I can’t reveal what that is yet, because sometimes it’s below this sink, but sometimes it’s below the other sink.) Click back to view both chairs.
17. Click on the mirror of the chair to the left. Click on the Hair Dryer to collect it. If you didn’t collect an additional object at the other chair, look below the counter’s edge on the floor. Do you see anything that looks like squiggly lines, now? Click around on the floor a few times just to check it out. Did you collect anything? You should have collected a Bust or Mannequin’s Head. Click and drag the comb in your inventory to the Mannequin’s Head to comb through the hair. Try both sides. You should have collected a Rusty Razor Blade. Click back and out of the room.
18. Click right three times to go to big window. Click on the outlet to the left bottom corner to get a closer look. Click and drag the Hair Dryer from your inventory to the outlet to plug it in. Click back to view the window. Click on the window to get a closer look. Click and drag the Hair Dryer from your inventory to the window. Drag the Hair Dryer over the entire window to reveal a backwards message. Click back.
19. Click right four times to go to second chair station. Click and drag the Mirror Piece to the mirror to reveal the message from the window the correct way. Click back.
20. Click right three times to go to the counter. Click on the counter to get a closer look. Click on the laptop to get a closer look. Click on the power button to turn the laptop on. Click on the different files until you’ve found the file with the letters - lhitam htoig. Click and drag the Comb from your inventory over the message until the Comb is fixed on a few letters automatically. (This may take a few tries.) Once you have the Comb message, click and drag the Mirror Piece to the Comb Message to reveal the entire message. Click back.
21. Click right three times to go to the white chair. Click on the back of the white chair to get a closer look. Double-click on the Rusty Razor Blade in your inventory. Click and drag the Rust Remover onto the Rusty Razor Blade to polish it. Click back to view the white chair. Click and drag the Razor Blade across the back of the white chair to cut the chair. Click on the cut to collect a Gold Key. Click back.
22. Click left two times to go to the glass doors. Click on the blue mat to get a closer look. Click and drag the Gold Key to the door to ESCAPE!!!

Sry, but i cant understand Step 19.
Mind explain clearly?

step 19 is to click on the mirror that is infront the second chair that you start from with the broken mirror piece. Then you should see the reflection of the window you just cleaned with the hairdryer

so everyone who dosnt get this and thinks its bullshit say


I have played three times. The password from the cel phone never worked on the laptop. I could not get the register to open so could not see the picture so could not get the mirror shard. I was able to get all other items but the gold key. My polished razor could not cut the chair. I can see something by blue mat from beginning of game, but cannot "look" at it. I can read the letters on big window. I guess I died and joined the girl in the mirror.

The password I´ve got from the cell phone did not work on the laptop...I am stuck...Maybe because of my IP address? (I´m in Brazil)...maybe we are not allowed to play this game on its full version?

what should I do with the razor blade if it is rusty! I can't cut the white chair


The key from the heater fell on the floor in frond of the door that is located to the right of the heater! :)

fyi for anyone still playing this, the password from the cell phone (i had letters, not numbers) is cut off on the bottom. for example, a password of j35ohyn will look like i35ohvn. so you have to play around with the code to see if an 'i' is really an 'i' or if its actually a 'j'. it changes all the time so i can't tell you exactly what it is

to clarify, thats the code that you see on the cell phone that you need to use on the laptop

OMFG I was all jolly and happy and having fun playing this game and then when I saw the ghost in the mirror it scared the crap out of me and I closed the game. T____T

Ahhh I had just started when I saw the ghost in the mirror, and when I saw it (I'm very afraid of ghosts) I shivered, and I said, "Ow", and then I closed it. lol

please i need help with the mirror thingy.....ugh step 19

anyone here ...........helllo

okay i passed the step 19 where the hell do i find the razor polish you didnt even mention a thing about a damn polishe remover but man someone help me where doo u get this polish remover to clean the razor blade......ugh i need help

Hey this is my first time playing this website games and you guy who give me the cheats are alsome

The Rust Remover Location: When looking at the door next to the first chair, there is a speaker above the door. Click on the speaker a few times, and it should raise up, allowing you to see the white tube on top of the door Jam. Hope this helps.

Gosh!,,can someone help,,im almost finish,,how can tear the back of the chair using the razor?,what chair?,,and know what,,BTW,,its creepy,,there's a shadow of a girl (i think)moving,,on the mirror,,where close to air-con..Lolx,,it freaks me out,,..can some one help me please..tnx!

I could not get the lap top code to work until I realised that the bottom of the letters are all cut off on the cellphone too. A 'v' could be a 'y', a 'j' could be an 'i'. An 'a' could be a 'q' etc. Think about what letters these could be the tops of and that should help get the solution.

i cant get the square from behing the bottle. it doesnt show up! argh! help please?!

i dont get numbers from the laptop, i keep getting words!!!! this game makes me fustrated!!! im leaving >:P

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 10:57 AM  

Walkthrough Chica really helped me. thanks.
but i was scared because of the ghost in the mirror :D:D:D

OMG! i'm finally out! after 1 hour and 16 minutes!

gotmail games are really nice!!!

I finally found a link where the game finally work. Thanks Chica to your walkthroug i got out. Nice game.

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so im scared somone aid somthing bout a ghost girl in the mirror pus i cant get a silver key after i use my blue one oh no!
so help me


well if you are having trouble with the password on the laptop here is some advice (you should take this advice) any way the first time for me it did not work so i clicked the refresh button
then i had to do evrything again and my password worked


i hate this game it is so creepy but ill still play it
;P :P :)

brianna <3
tee hee i love smileys!!

is the ghost grl creepy?
some1 plz tell me! plz?

brianna <3

Since there has been a lot of confusion I decided to tell my own walkthrough, but before I get started I want to say that the original escape the salon game has the cell phone adapter the other does not and that one is by got mail? K now the confusion is gone
Btw everything I on my walkthrough is important you must do everything

#1 Left of chair 1 there is a cart click on cart and get green messed up comb.
#2 the second chair has a key underneath it, flip it over and get the blue key off of the bug. (gross!!)
#3 Get cell phone off of third chair.
#4 Click next to fourth chair and pick up trash bin and on the side of the counter is a biz card.
#5 double click the biz card in your inventory and it should come up on the screen. Flip it over by clicking on it. Write down the number. The numbers change every time
#6 go back twice go left 3 times and click twice on the speaker in the left corner. It should raise then you can click the rust remover.
#7 then go to the front employee desk and on the bottom book shelf, click around the book and it should fall and pick up the remote. Zoom in on the cash register and on the right you can see behind the laptop, and there is a white something behind it, click that. It is a computer mouse.
#8 then pick up the cell phone out of your inventory and type in the number from the biz card in the box where the password is supposed to go then you will see a message subject (its in Japanese) click on that then the message will appear. It will have numbers and letters. (They change every time)
#9 then go to the laptop and click the power button and type in the letters and numbers you got from your message (if you need to refresh your memory about the numbers and letters then click the phone the message will still be there) if your password for your comp. does not work refresh the page and follow this walkthrough from the beginning
#10 then look through the files on the desktop of the laptop and whenever you look at one they will all have messages this has no relevance to the game but on each one you must (and THIS has relevance to the game) scroll by clicking on top of the scroll bar on the right of each page until you find a number its only on one page. It changes every time
#11 then you need to go to the cash register and click on the keys on the left of the register and type in what you got from the laptop then use your blue key to open it.
It will have a picture of a broken mirror in it witch I wish they had money lol
#12 then take your mouse and click on the back of I and take the batteries and then put the batteries in the remote

this is when I stopped playing and I closed the game cuz I got scared cuz there is supposed to be a ghost girl in it!:(
I hope what I have helps you if I got something wrong plz tell me I would love to know

Brianna <3

see i was reading some forums and the were talking about a ghost girl and well i got scared
trust me i would NEVER! steal anybodys walkthrough

brianna <3

ARGH! I keep clicking the shattered mirror(I'm playing the non-cellphone attachment version), but nothing happens! and I click the wall to the bottom right and nothing happens! I've clicked a billion times! Help please!

nevermind, I got it.

hey brianna i tried ur walkthrough but im stuck at #9 i tried refreshing about 5 times and the messege for the laptop from the cell phone dont work

Help! I have gotten to the computer for the second time. I found the code that the comb automatically locks on to to reveal the last set of words. But when I drag the broken piece of mirror over to it to reveal the whole word it doesn't do anything.

OMG It kept saying there's something terrible in the mirror so i looked closer and i didn't wait long enough for the ghost so i waited longer one time and like Mariposita89i saw it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally never saw the ghost girl...

Escape the Hair Salon (Nigepico) 1.2 Walkthrough by Dan:

1. Click on the metal cart to change its position and get the green comb on the ground.
2. Move backwards, then right. Look under the chair on the left and get a blue key from the beetle.
3. Go to the next chair. Take the cell-phone off the seat.
4. Go to the last chair. Click the bin on the right to lift it up. Click under the bin to change view and get the blue business card on the right of the outlet.
5. Examine the business card and turn it over to reveal a code.
6. Use the code from the business card as password for the cell-phone. You will get a message. Click on menu to read it.
7. Move right until you see the reception desk, then move closer to it. Click the laptop and turn it on. Use the code you got from the cell-phone to log in to the laptop. Click on the document "Nunber" and scroll down to get a code.
8. Go to the cash register and click on the coloured keypad. Enter the code you got from the laptop. Use the blue key to open the tray and look carefully at the photo in it (make sure you have clicked the photo). It shows you where you can find a new item.
9. Get remote control from behind the books on the bottom shelf by the cash register.
10. Click between the laptop and cash register and grab mouse from behind the laptop. Investigate the mouse and take out the batteries.
11. Examine the remote control, turn it over and remove the battery cover. Drag the batteries into the slot.
12. Move right, past the big window, and the two chairs until you see a heater on the wall. Click on the heater, then drag the remote control onto it to turn it on. Something will fall to the ground.
13. Move right again, to the view with the door and the first chair. Click the ground by the bottom left corner of the door and pick up a silver key.
14. Click twice on the speaker above the door to reveal something on the door frame. Click it to obtain a tube of rust remover branded GOTMAIL?.
15. Move right, going past the four chairs, and click the door at the end of the hall. Use the silver key to unlock the door and enter the room.
16. Move right to get a straight on view of the basins. Click the left wash basin to look behind it and take the hair dryer.
17. Click the right wash basin to zoom in and click a bit on its right to collect a mannequin head.
18. Examine the mannequin head. Use the comb on the hair to obtain a rusty razor blade. Use the tube of rust remover on the razor blade to polish it.
19. Click behind the broken mirror (where you saw it in the photo) and take the piece of mirror.
20. Go back to the big dirty window and click on the outlet on the left near the ground. Drag the hairdryer onto it to plug it in.
21. Now click on the big window to take a closer look, then keep dragging the hairdryer all over it to reveal 6 letters in reverse.
22. Move right until you are back to the four chairs, stop when you can see a reflection of the big window in the mirror of the second chair. Drag the mirror piece to that mirror. You can now read the letters from the big window correctly from the reflection.
23. Go back to the laptop and open the document "Number". Drag the comb onto the screen. Move the comb so it snaps into a position covering certain letters. Now drag the mirror piece onto it. The letters combine to reveal "WhItEChAiR".
24. Go to the white chair and use the razor blade on the back of the white chair to obtain a golden key.
25. Move left to the glass door with the blue doormat and use the golden key to unlock the door and escape!

very nice game, the ghost in mirrors was scary however, but good game, loved it

That was Ridonkulous.

Got through most of it, but couldn't get the razor to cut the white chair.

The ghost was a nice touch, made it interesting! >:)

Great walkthroughs. They helped me tons!! Btw, talking about the ghost girl in the mirror, I saw a strange mist appearance in I think it was the third mirror where the yellow chairs are. Looked a bit scary to me. Then later I saw the girl and I freaked!! I kept playing to the end though. Great game!!

OMFG! (Sorry for swearing) i saw the ghost girl in the mirror and i got chills like it was real, i jumped a bit, and my heart pounded for a minute! GOSH i hope i never have to see that again!

right people heres what you do

1.collect all the stuff from the chairs (in the version on this site there wont be a phone attachment so dont waste your time)

2. go to the laptop and cash register and collect the remote from the bookshelf, click on the cash register and pick up the mouse then click on the mouse until you get the batteries, now put the batteries in the remote and go to the air conditoner and turn it on(a key will fall from it when you do this if you go right once and click on the floor next to the door it will be sitting there)

3. double click the idec card you got and click the bottom of it, it will turn around revealing numbers at the bottom type these numbers into the phone and you will receive a message with random letters, type this into the computer and it will log you in, from there click on the correct spelling of numbers and scroll down to the bottom there should be more numbers

4. type these numbers into the cash register to reveal a picture of a broken mirror now what you do is go left once and go to the door at the end of the hall and unlock the door

5. inside go to the broken mirror and behind it will be a shard of glass and also behind the basin next to it will be a maniken head, go back and click on the first seat in the room to find a hair dryer.

6 leave that room and go to the dirty window with faded letters on it and insert the hairdryer into the outlet beside it , then use the hairdryer about the mirror to reveal the message.

7. go inbetween the 2nd and third chair and use the glass shard on the 2nd mirror you will now see the mesaage behind you in the right order.

8. go back to the laptop and click on the number file where you found the code, use the comb and it will reveal a code the letters you should be able to see are h,t,h and i.

9. now use the glass shard on the screen and it will unlock a message.

10. now leave the laptop and double click on the maniken head, use the comb on its hair to receive a rusty razor.

11. use the rust remover and the razor and go to where the message on the laptop tells you to go and cut open the chair and you will receive a key, now use this key to complete the game:)

p.s this is just a random order i done it in you dont need to do it like that

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