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Alien in the Room Walkthrough

Alien in the Room

[REPLAY] Alien In The Room is another point and click adventure game developed by 7jigen. Basically, you just have to escape from the room. Click every place to get items and use them by drag and drop. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Alien In The Room

Alien In The Room Walkthrough
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ok no comments but rated 5 stars mmm

Because it is Replay game ;-)

sorry only just realised lol

Hi all. Got a piece of paper and a laser gun. But that's about it.

i have laser gun / paper / silver ball and knife

video , knife and galaxy card also, stuck

stuck though lol

where is the video and galaxy card??

Amy where did you find all that?
Everything looks empty to me.

i got paper, knife, stick, laser gun and pandora box

also been cursed

and a video tape

found the video

@cool look on top of book shelf in the bin and on the plant

right side of bookshelf also

have credit card also

Okay, found the knife, have been successfully cursed (dammit) and now got a box.

think i have everything but where is the pandoras box??

where are you all getting cursed???

Amy86 cut the painting, use the laser gun

Amy, we all got cursed by an alien.

HI GUYS!! - Work's boring :) x x x

hey loz lol

have the box now lol

figures that they dont accept plastic lol

found the key. laser the tv , wants payment but will not accept credit card lol

think we need cash for the hand to get the key

anyone see an atm machine

I dont want to be cursed :(
Do I have to proceed? I cancelled cos Im a big baby. x x x

you can look at the ceiling in all the corners but nothing there

loz yeah proceed lol

Never found the galaxy card, not the stick.
And I cannot laser the tv :(
I do feel like shooting something though.

bigtank you can also look right above the painting of the cursing alien, but have not found anything there either.

cool put in the video then laser, stick right side of bookcase, card behind alien picture. amy where was the silver ball

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:01 AM  

Hey ppl.. hm I am where you all are.. with silver ball, box, knife, cc, pistol and.. shopping list??.. that well on the tv reminds me of the ring movie.. uaahhh

didnt realise you could look at ceiling but use the stick at the ceiling by the painting

have a ninja lol

ninja wants something cool game him the siver ball now have a kick ass weapon lol

where was the silver ball amy

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:04 AM  

Hm I opened the box.. guess the code comes from that list? Oo
And I havent found the stick yet (do I even need that?)

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:04 AM  

The silver ball is between the books on the shelf

I managed to find the stick, but still no galaxy card or silver ball. Only a ninja that calls me a retard.

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:06 AM  

LOL@Ninja xD

sheep how have you opened the box

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:06 AM  

Cool when you look on top of the alien pic to the very left is the card!

Sheep I checked everywhere by the books but can't find a ball???

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:07 AM  

I clicked on the tv with the well and then threatened with the laser gun.. think I gave it the cc then.. not sure but it gives you the key.. that eerie something out of the well. ;DDD

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:08 AM  

Hm cool I think it was between the upper 2 books.. there is tiny bright spot there.. at least was for me. Oo

sheep how did you know to do that??

thanks sheep thought I had checked that all. Maybe I did not see it because I have brightness almost down to zero.

HI, the stick is behind the book shelf in the right
and the ball is between the two books in the left it's look like a small dot

Now that's more like it: a kickass gun. Always wanted one of those :D

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:11 AM  

Im kinda stuck now with that code for the box?

Amy do what? I used laser gun coz someone else here wrote to use that on tv. xD

Hm and whats the rocket launcher for? Cant use that anywhere.. I just want to blast the door away!!! :P

well i got the key too tried the codes on the paper but nothing

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:12 AM  

Hi there. To get key: click on well, give hand the card (doesn't accept) use lasergun, now he accepts and gives te key.

Okay, I got permission to go outside, the door is open, but I can't go through.

I open the door but I can't go out. it seems that I'm missing sxmething

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:18 AM  

How did you open the box? I am stuck with the code.. none on the list seem to work.

used the war code on box looked outside used gun got note used on door says i can leave but i cant????

Well, I've been trying to get a cheese burger from the box and then make war again to feed it to my dad outside, but they seem to have run out of cheese burgers. Like I have run out of idea's.

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:24 AM  

Hm, stuck now too with door open. Is it bugged?

must be as were all stuck!!

is it buggy or are we all missing something here??

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:26 AM  

Maybe it the curse: we have to stay forever in the room and look at the open door. xD

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:26 AM  

Replayed the game but also again stuck at door. Maybe i'm too fat from ordering all the cheese burgers. :)

Maybe that is the end?? Door open - done? x x x

       Anonymous  8/19/10, 5:47 AM  

@loz: just looked at a video on you tube. You can leave the room there. Daddy is kind of a MIB and you're the alien.

Cheers - has everyone gone to a new game? x x x

the ninja told us to save tom,but we coulld not i think,the monster is alive.

Ok did anyone figure out why we couldn't get out of door after, because now i can't get out open door

Hi, I don't know if this will help but, I have managed to open the door but I cannot walk through for some reason.

I got this far by putting in 099 in pandora's then looking out of the window where aliens are attacking. I used the kick ass weapon...got permission to leave which I used on the button by the door...I don't know what to do now.

It's a replay. Can it be bugged?

Ailen in the Room Walkthrough:

1. get knife. hidden in plant.
2. get gun. under pillow
3. get note. ingarbage can.
4. get stick. left side of bookshelf
5. get silver ball. hidden in books
6. go yo alien picture
7. use knife on picture
8. disregard curse
9. use laser gun
10. take box
11. click around very top.
12. get credit card.
13. go back to where corner of the room, with alien pic
14. click top. click stick into middle of ceiling.
15. give ninja silver ball.
16. go to ground and take rocket rancher.
17. go to top of bookshelf and get tape
18. put tape in tv.
19. click well.
20. click key
21. give hand credit card
22. threaten hand with laser gun
23. take key.
24. put key in box
25. put in 099 as code
26. go to window
27. use rocket rancher on space ship
28. get note.
29. put not on blue square beside door
30. click door
you win

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