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Another Escape Game

[REPLAY] Another Escape Game is another foreign point and click type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape the another room by using things you can find from the room. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I can't get the string to turn the fan off...?

This game is in Chinese! Finally something I can understand perfectly!

       Anonymous  10/17/07, 5:52 AM  

i am stuck at the end... i don't get what i'm supposed to enter when i have the 4 numbers!

i hate wen games r in different languages :( grrr

       Anonymous  5/30/09, 9:03 AM  

in the begining were the hell is the string or the cloth

I have batteries, cant put them into the a/c remote, string, cant put it onto the fan....how can I use the stuff?..heeeelp

To view an item, click about, to use an item, click the button underneath about. To put an item away, click the third button. Don't click 4th button, you start again

Woow..thanks Kez..really appreciate your help :)))

can someone translate the writings in the book for me please?...Keeeez?

is it over??

Ella, I think I am the only one who got stuck here :(

What to do with the book?
Found a writing on the fan= Circle 5
But what to do with it?

Found nippers . . and now . . .

Aah! Next writing on bottom of sink.

If only I could read the writing in the book.
I think, we need something to cool the window down. Maybe there is something written in the steam.

is there still somebody here??

i stopped the fan, put batteries in the thing, put paper in the printer and diskette in the computer but now i'm stuck!

I'm out, but I had to brute force one number from the last code, because I couldn't find the computer password and I guess the last number is in there.

where are the nippers?

For the nippers zoom in on the bin and then click behind it.

Thanks small-tool, got it!

Here is what I found.
- The thread from the right pillow you can put on the fan and then stop the fan. Zoom in on the fan and see a number with one dot. So that's the first number of the code.
- With the nippers from behind the bin you can turn off the tap and then look in the sink and you can see a number with three dots. So that's the third number of the code.
- The batteries from the bin you can put in the remote (that was next to the printer). Zoom in on the airco and then about item the remote. Turn on the remote and if you have your mouse on the arrows on top of the remote there is Japanese text in the bottom bar. Don't know what it says but there is also the number 27. So set the remote on 27 and turn it off and now there is a number with 4 dots on the airco. So that's the fourth number of the code.
And with bruteforcing for the second number I was out.

Other things you can do;
- Take the cloth (next to the umbrella) and that you can use to turn off the gas under the pan.
- Paper from the bin. Goes in the printer.
- Floppy from the pc table that goes in the pc.
- Most right book from the other table and there are two pages to read and that's probably the clue for the pc-password and I think if you have that the printer will print another number.
But I can't read Japanese and you can't copy the text to translate it with an online translator.

thanks small-tool..that really helped a lot to me :)) couldnt see the 3rd number of code but did use bruteforce like you :)) and out

sorry I meant 2nd no of the code

Your welcome Delight.

I hope Suchun or Xenon can explain the book.

       Anonymous  6/26/10, 3:18 AM  

I found this in the Gamershood archives:

"Unregistered-HK, 03-14-2006, 12:51 PM

Dear all,

For this game - Another Escape Game, actually it is Chinese language for China,
The game represents "Reduce Waste" and suggests people to support Recycle.

I'd like to talk about the mutiple choices on the book:
*As i said it is a reduce waste game, so all the answers reply to RECYCLE
A. The standard of chosing motor car is:
1. Big pumping energy
2. Big engine power
3. Beautiful Style
4. Save petrol / oil
B. The best method of using papers is:
1. Use a half
2. Use one side only.
3. Use double sides.
4. Doodle or scribble
C. The using rate of 12 types of raw materials from China compare with other developing countries is higher than by:
1. 5 -10 times
2. 1- 2 times
3. 200 - 200 times
4. equal
D. Nowadays people promote which type of community?
1. Hypocritical and pretense ( or something like that....)
2. Reduce using of materials
3. Economic

** The answer is 4312"

Ah, thanks george.
So it was Chinese.
But even if I could read it wouldn't know all the answers. In fact I think I only know question B.
But thanks for explaining.

did anyone do anything with the plug hole?

Hi all, is it still live ?
I just found pliers behind bin.

Well looking now for other stuff..

Hmm i cannot put the batteries into the remote. Is there a trick ?

the button under the "about" button is the "use" button...press that to use an item...i.e. putting batteries into the remote...

Another Escape Game Walkthrough:

1. Pick up the cloth from the shelf
2. Pick up a piece of string from the bed, next to the pillow
3. Use the string on the fan in the kitchen, turn the fan off
4. Click on the fan, on the pillar has a number (the dot represented the position of the number)
5. Use the cloth to turn off the gas stove
6. Pick up the floppy from the table
7. Pick up the book which next to the light
8. Pick up a piece of paper and batteries from the bin
9. There is a plier behind the bin
10. Pick up the remote control next to the printer
11. Put batteries in the remote control
12. Turn on the air con and set to 27c
13. A number will appear on the air con
14. Use the plier to turn water tap off
15. A number will appear in the sink after the water in the sink gone
16. Now you have 3 numbers with 3 position, go to the PC
17. Put paper in the printer
18. Put the floppy in the PC and turn on the PC
19. Password in the PC is 4312 (the book from the table got multiple choice question, the answer is the password)
20. Last number of the code will print from the printer
21. Combine all numbers with the position dots and key in the pad next to the door, then can get out of the room.

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