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Carnyville Walkthrough


[REPLAY] Carnyville Escape is another excellent point and click adventure game by Mark Arenz made for Ridiculopathy. Try and gather all the items and use them in unique ways to complete the objectives. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Carnyville
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yay, a new one! :D These replays are great!

hi trisana, noone else playing??

nope, and i don't know if i like this game. . . >_<

am i on my own???

yeah, i'm leaving. :( But I don't like games with health, and it's too many carnival games for me, i'm bad at carnival games.

i'm in! I'm in!

hi pawinee!! found a code but it dont work hmmm btw, click the 'i' in bottom right corner to open inventory

aha, use code backwards to open cookie jar

hi devillete,
i am seeking that code u mentioned

ok i'm out, cant make sense of it!!! will try again later :)

its a scrap of papr pawinee, was in my inventory! sorry not sure where i found it but think it was YRYW but use backwards so lights on the coockie jar should be white yellow red yellow. one light in bedroom, one in downstairs hall, one in laundry room to left of hall and one on microwave in kitchen! hope that helped and goodluck

@ devillete

As easy as that!?!?!

thx a lot, anyway!!

@ devillete

ahhh, i see. the code was there!

damn, paper outside, just outside door and code changes!! sorry

u know what, ur code and mine are different this game is tricky!

it got me intrigued now will prob end up with headache tho lol my new code wont work...

now i quit. i don't like seeing myself dead again and again in the game :P

pawinee, if ur still here there is a scrap of paper in the dryer that gives u the number order for the colours

My slip of paper was not in the dryer. I think it's different for each game. I opened the cookie jar but nothing to put my money in.

Nevermind. found wallet upstairs and shorts to wear downstairs.

don't get it, my code is from top to bottom:
But Green Red Yellow Red doesn't work and Red Yellow Red Green either. How do i know that i have the right color code?

two scrapes of paper one BGWR the other 4132.

1 G
2 R
3 w
4 B

as they said everyone's different. I guess.

thanks, didn't see 2nd note. Now i'm on the fair, but i'm broke and i have to go to my dinner....

How do Input the colours on the cookie jar?

Never mind got it openm - but where's my wallet? lol

My code is Y R B R (so, R B R Y), but my problem is that I can't enter more than 2 colours : I tried with the switch in the corridor and with the switch of the washing machine, but that doesn't work. The two left spots of the cookies jar remain dark.

@pascale, there is a switch at the wall in the bedroom (1), microwave (2), the washing machine (3)and in the hallway (4)

I've juste found that there is also a coloured button on the oven. Where is the 4th one, please ?

Thank you, Ikke, I'm missing the switch of the bedroom.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Where is the 2nd scrap of paper ?

@pascale, there is one piece of paper in the washing machine and one outside

i have fixed the motorbike, drove over the water, have placed the mirror, but now i don't know how to open the door?

Thanks a lot Ikke. I didn't find the scrap of paper in the washing machine.

Carnyville Walkthrough:

Start by taking your wallet from the drawer. Get insulted by your wife if you want, check your reflection in the mirror and realize you're a bit short in the pants dept.

Walk downstairs and into the laundry room (left at the end of the hallway, opposite the door outside). Take the pants between the washer and the dryer, take part of the cookie jar key from the dryer (it's way down and hard to see, just move your pointer around until you hit it). Petting the cat isn't required (or even appreciated) :-)

Step outside and take the second part of the code key from the lawn. Go back inside and into the kitchen. Rummage through the cabinets for a roll of duct tape and a book. Note that one of the cabinets can't be opened.

You now have everything you need to open the jar. The letters represent the colors and the numbers tell you in which order to use them. The switch upstairs is #1, the microwave is #2, the dryer is #3 and switch on the kitchen wall is #4. The jar should now be open, grab the cash.

(And put your shorts on, otherwise you won't be able to buy a wristband. Check the Property Value-O-Meter on the hallway wall if you want, it has probably dropped to Anxiety by now.)

Go outside, buy a wristband and enter. Most of the books can be taken in any order:

One is in the small tent behind the crying child. You don't have to help him now, but if you do, you'll lose a finger and have to buy $15 worth of healing. Make sure you do it, if you decide to do this. It will trigger something later on that you need to do (Trigger the employee's enterance, see below). Talk to the badly drawn guy in the tent to get some hints.

One is between the dart stand and the fish-in-a-barrel stand. Just pick it up.

One can be won by playing darts. You need to play twice, to get both the engine part and the book. If you're gonna bleed out and die somewhere, this is the spot..

One is a prize in the fish shooting. There's no time limit here, wait for a chance to get more than one fish in a shot (I think you need six to win the book). You'll have to play this twice as well, the mirror will be used later on.

(If you're a lousy shot like me, you've just run out of money. Sell plasma to get some cash.)

Now go bob for a screwdriver in the fried foods stand. Wait for it to appear near the basket, click it and hold while you're pulling it into the basket (NOTE that doing this part is the hardest. Make sure you pull the screwdriver before you pops up in the oil, make sure you click and drag). If you catch any food, eat it if you need to boost your health or keep it in your inventory.

Time for a bike stunt. This involves getting to the bike (from the grease trap, go west, north, double east, open the gate by clicking lights 1, 2 and 3), fixing the bike (use the engine part you won in the balloon game and use the duct tape to keep it in place) and riding it.

Navigate between the rocks, ride the ramp and don't let go of the mouse button until you've landed. Claim your bad grammar prize and take the book from the bushes. You can set up the mirror to deflect the laser beams now, if you want to.

Go home and use the screwdriver to fix the cabinet. Take the issue of Unpopular Mechanics. Go back and enter the freakshow tent. To get past the guy with the bow tie, give him the cup. Take the book outside.

Walk through the Employees Only opening and give the magazine to the ferris wheel operator. Go outside and buy a ferris wheel ticket. Take the book from the tree as you glide by.

You now have all eight books. Put them in the bookshelf and rearrange them (BRADBURY). A key appears, take it.

Ride the bike again and use the key to unlock the door. Enter.

Big shootout scene. Shoot Mr. Dark some ten times, don't waste bullets on the fish.

Mission accomplished.


Um you only mentioned 7 books, where is the 8th?

I found the 8th book just under the giant circus tent to the right :-D

I'm missing the second R book, I can't remeber if I got one from the trees, if I didn't I can't find it

has anyone had the code GGWB what order doe it go in

caught this one from the random section

working link: http://www.5games.com/game/carnyville/

thx for creating this game, Mark ☺

& thx Yalçın for the WT
(hope everything is fine with you...)

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