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Dailion Room Escape Walkthrough

Dailion Room Escape

[REPLAY] Dailion's Room Escape is another point and click room escape game created by Dailon. In this game, you try to escape from the dalion room by finding items and using them on right places. In foreign language but well designed game. A lot of items to use. To use them, drag them into stage. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Found lots of stuff not sure where to use them all

any one else playing? I need help

i do, but i'm stuck now...made a fire on a table and have no idea how...or what to do with it.... =S

I also have lots of stuff, but so far i only used ladder to get radio and electric screwdriver to open vent.

I put both scissors into the fire and they disappeared .

things left in my inventory: strange thing called - figurita horrenda, pencil, 2 scissors, duct tape, not working radio and a yellow thing (something with medicamento)....

can't put scissors in fire...not working for me =S

I put everything into the fire and all i have now is duct tape and radio, 3 gems i put into the door panel, and stuck.

only have radio and tape left made fire on table and collected to gems for door hopelessly stuck now

Can you cut the tape with scissors ? Maybe i have to start over....

no tried that didn't cut with either of them

Suddenly i have matches in inventory, no idea where they came from.

zazie, where did you find 3rd gem?

and matches are from small bookcase in picture with fire on the table...just found them...

Matches where ahhhhhh


and i just moved that bookcase to the left... =S

hi the view with the door click two times at the top there is an atic

out! don't need most of stuff there

oh dropped a jar in the kitchen can't find it now though

One gem was under the upper corner of carpet in door view

Thanks flory

I am out as well, the last two gems are in the attic.
But i never moved the bookcase.

opened the attic but do i need the ladder to get up there?

can't find the last gem...found one under carpet, one in vent and two in attic...still missing one...

same here Mina still need one gem

I found only 2 gems (one under the carpet, one in the vent). I threw almost all my inventory in the fire, except the radio and the tape. Totally stuck, now.

threw some of my stuff in the fire and a statue thing appeared on the cupboard lol and the jar in the kitchen can be moved still missing one gem though

@Pascale, click the top in door view...theres an attic...2 gems up there...

same place-got something off table but dont know what it is

i can't throw anything of my stuff in the fire =S..still have loads of things...starting again...

dead plants are sometimes real gems

Well, I went to the attic and found 2 more jewels and some stuff that I threw into the fire. And I'm stuck again with the radio and the tape in my inventory...

omg...clicked there a hundred times...thanks Luin....out xD

Luin, you are right ! I'm out.

Thanks Luin out too

cant find last gem

Also can not find last gem. Clicking on the dead plant does nothing for me

Hi! i'm totally stuck, can't find the matches...

Weird, i'm out but without doing the fire and the spell...

There's a basement, click on circle on red carpet paper in diff language.

Why are we replaying games rated so low????

finally out

out ! Ugly graphics!

The note on the sofa says.


something new, something old
something good, something bad
an object of divine light
something ugly, something beautiful

I started the fire with the candle then put:

rusty scissors(old), super new scissors(new)
anti cold medicine(good), the gun(bad)
bust/head(ugly), pencil(beautiful)

I think this is what each item represented?

For the grey gem, in the view with the dead plant, curtains and radiator. For a new view, click the very edge of the plant next to the grey spot on the right side.

To move the bookcase in the fire scene, click around the light just right of the bookcase.

I've added the rubies to the panel next to the door.

I now have the radio, the tape, the matches and the leopard(?) statue in my inventory. And stuck.

This is strange because I started the fire before finding the matches, but the note on the bookshelf says:

paul is an idiot, he has painted the table with oil, I've hidden the matches x precautio

I just tried playing again in IE. Moving the bookshelf reveals the matches(click around the middle bottom of the circular part on the wall). Then dragging the matches to the candle in inventory, lights the candle. Then use the lit candle to start the fire.

That's the way it should work, but I played again & I could still start the fire without collecting the matches.

After getting the leopard(?) statue, and adding the gems to the door panel, I could get out this time.

Dailion Room Escape Walkthrough:

1. Get the ugly statue on the small table.

2. Click on the rug, and then click on the left corner of the rug for it to fold, and get the yellow gem.

3. Click right and get the pretty green pencil.

4. Click right again and get the screwdriver, and read the note on the sofa that says: "SPELL, something new and something old, something for good and something for bad, an object of divine light, something ugly and something beautiful.

5. Click right again, and get the two scissers, the new one and the old one, get the candle, and the tape.

6. Click right again, use the screwdriver on the air thingy, "respiradero", and get the blue gem.

7. Click the paper in the library shell, that says: "Paul is stupid, he barnished the table with gasolin, I have hidden the matches.

8. Click the door on the left, get the ladder, click on the container at the very left for it to drop, and grap the aspirin that was behind it. Click the paper at the bottom right that says: "the floor under thecarpet has broken, and I have made a secret passage."

9. Get out of the kitchen by clicking right, use the ladder to get the clock, by grabbing it and dropping it on the clock (have to touch the clock and let it go for the clock to drop.), get the clock.

10. Click right, click under the dead plants pot to get closer to the floor and find a silver gem, get it.

11. Click right, click up to the ceiling, click the string so you can oped the trap door and get in.

12. In the trap door room, get the red gem on top of the closset, open the closet and get the gun, get the lantern on top of the shelf, click the green gem that is on the clock (its left down side). Click right and get out.

13. click down, and click the rug, click the darker red dot so to open a secret passage, but you cant go in cause you here people talking down there.

14. Click up, and click right, click right again, and again. Click on the second right lamp on the wall to open the library (the excact point of the lamp is right underneath it, touching the border line.), grab the matches.

15. Grab the matches and drop the on the candle, grab the candle and dropp it on the table (remember its barnished with gasoline), this will make a lovle fire, and dont worry, the house wond burn, its a miracle.

16. Now we are going to do the spell, grab something new, the new scissors and dropp it in the fire; something old, the rousty scissors and drop it in the fire; something for good, grab the aspirin and drop it in the fire; something bad, the gun and drop it in the fire; something beautiful, the pencil and drop it in the fire; something ugly, the statue and drop it in the fire; and last, a devine light, the lantern, and drop it in the fire... TA DA!!! Grab the weird looking thing that just appeared on top of the desk.

17. Click left, click left again, and again. Click, grab, and drop all the gems on the gem panel next to the door. Now you can open the door and ESCAPE!

so there was absolutely no point at all in getting the clock/radio off the shelf with ladder and no use for the tape?

nothing came out of my fire, got all 5 gems and escaped anyway lol

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