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Escape the Tower Walkthrough

Escape the Tower

[REPLAY] Escape from the Tower is an ordinary point and click room escape game from Gamershood. You need to collect some things and to use them in right places. If you got all the necessary things, you can escape. And remember, that guy never leave from the room without his gun. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Play Escape The Tower
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Sweet a new one

I have battery, remote, honey (used), key (used) cd (used)

Hi, good luck!

shirking my responsibilities to play a quick game...he he

i'll give it a try ...

same here put the black thing in the hole next to computer , not sure what it did

gave honey to the bear...got key

where is this honey coming from?

found place for code

Opened wall safe (over pin board), got another key, found another battery and SD.

click on to list sign is that the safe

Thrid key behind grate...

@Area Rugs Honey under bed once to the right.

got disc for pc but, it won't take it? @Bigtank what black thing?


now 4 keys used, a SD (used), rope, and second battery used on tv

where is "black thing" for hole next to computer?

@Area Rugs You're welcome. I got lost in the dust I think lol. Can't find black thing and don't know code for safe.

mgkanda click the upper part of PC tower and insert disc there (CD burner)

hello everybody

why do they have a locked drawer with nothing in it? I'm lost!

I'm out anyone needs hints or help?

i think it was behind the bookshelf (the black thing)

ahh...Thanks Zazie!!! Hi michelle :)

hi all, i have 3 keys a sd pot of honey and 2 batteries!! used all but batteries and cant find anything else :/

thanks, bigtank, got it

I cannot use batteries on TV, where exactly?
And the black thing in the wall hole does nothing.

where is the fourth key i am stuck too

I put the black thing in the hole but it didn't do anything. What am I missing?

and out

i have used 3 gold keys and a black "key", but i'm stuck with used SD, remote and honey ...

Where is remote ?

I only have 3 golden keys.

I think the remote was in a drawer, i can't quite remember

Found remote under pillow

found remote, used it on tv and got a code but have no idea where to put it and put grey thing in ariel socket?? didnt do anything...

Ha, I am no good at this. Can someone please tell me where to go next. Three golden keys, black key in black hole my comp., toy box not open, locked shelf not open.

OH ... switch on back of tv

where do i input the code from the TV?

@mayberry, not a clue, thanks for the switch on back that tv was making me mad!

@area rugs click the far right side of book shelf for crow bar for box to get code you have to flip the switch on the back of the tv then input the code for a gun also in the air vent if you click the far right input the colors from the books you'll get a key for the book shelf for a rope use that rope on the key that's in the hole by the computer

Okay, I'm officially an idiot. Can't find black thing behind bookshelf or anywhere else and wth is the order for the safe code? Not at my best...CLEARLY :s

I am stuck with you :(

nvm POP on the code. still no black thing though

ooh, maybe on the keyboard, but I can't see the letters.

@kymmie, I thank you sooooo much! I swear I had already clicked that bookcase to death!

SPOILERClick back out and look at TV.
Newslady will give you code: 9ZOMB1
Click back out to farthest view.
Click on large box beside TV.
Use crowbar on box.
Enter code from TV, click handle.

Where is the second battery?

I am out finally.
Thx Kymmie for the hint with vent....

one battery in trash one battery in middle drawer

@Zoe 2nd battery in drawer 2 with sd. (I think)

im stuck! what am i supposed to do with the honey???

Help? Did tv code, got gun and rope, still no black thing and...stuck

@zazie no problem
@zoe Click on “To Do List” above bulletin board.
Click on it again.
Enter the code 0504
Get key.
Go back to front door view.
Click on dresser.
Click on key and second drawer.
Get screwdriver and 2nd battery

Give the honey to the bear on book shelf


having trouble with color code ... should follow color of books on shelf?

@mgkanda, the black thing is behind the toy book shelf

and out!! last blue book is dark blue lol

@mayberry, yes follow the books on shelf, but make sure you have the correct shade of blue on the last set of books.

OUT! That should NOT have been as difficult as it was for me lol. Oh well. I do have occasional good days XD

I am going to sound stupid, but what is POP?

Oh, and thank you everybody! Needed all the help today :)

Thanks, Kymmie, mgkanda and Area!

@area rugs by McCall thanks

oh ... the shade of blue got me, lol
thanks all for help, i'm out

POP is Power of Posting. It means just as soon as you post a question, you get the answer in your head!

Ooooh, Thanks! thanks for all the help everybody!

lol @Area Rugs I didn't know either when I first started playing here. :)

How come I can't pick up my gun?

@Zoe you don't use it, you just have to have it.

Oh. Thanks. I don't know what to do. Everyone is out, and I still can't figure it out! Doh...

did you attach black thing to hole next to pc? Then rope then go open the door

No..don't have rope. Feel like a dope. Have no hope...

Did you open the cupboard below books ?
You get the key from the colour thing in the vent....

Spoiler Spoiler

Click in trashcan.
Click on battery (kind of hidden towards the left)
Click to the right until you’re looking at the bed.
Click the pillow.
Click the left side of the pillow.
Get the remote.
Click back out til you’re at the farthest view of the bed again.
Click under the bed.
Go to the left.
Get honey.
Look at the bookshelf.
Click on the bottom shelf.
Click on honey, then click on bear.
Get key.
Go back to first view (with door and trashcan).
Click on dresser.
Click on key, then click on top drawer.
Get CD.
Look at computer desk.
Click on plug to left of desk.
Click on plug to plug it in.
Look back out, click on computer tower (sitting on floor)
Turn on power.
Click on CD drive.
Click on CD in inventory, then click on CD drive.
Click back out, then look at monitor. Click on desktop icon.
Look back out, then turn to left. You should see the bookshelf.
Click on “To Do List” above bulletin board.
Click on it again.
Enter the code 0504
Get key.
Go back to front door view.
Click on dresser.
Click on key and second drawer.
Get screwdriver and battery.
Go back to bookshelf and memorize book color order
(It’s Green Red Green Green Light blue Green, then Purple Green Dark blue Green Yellow)
Go to TV view and click on vent.
Click on screwdriver, then click on one of the screws holding the vent in. Do this 4 times.
Click on vent.
Get key.
Click on far right of the back of the vent.
Click on colored tubes until they form the same pattern as the books.
Get brass key.
Look back out, and look to bookshelf.
Click on 3rd shelf down.
Use brass key on safe.
Get rope.
Click back out to farthest view of bookshelf, then click on far right of bookshelf (on the wall)
Get crowbar.
Click back out to farthest view of bookshelf, then click on far left of bookshelf (on the wall)
Get silver key
Go to TV view.
Click on remote.
Click on batteries and put them in remote.
Click on TV.
Click on remote, then click on TV
Click behind TV (to the left)
Click on small switch beside red light…light should turn green.
Click back out and look at TV.
Newslady will give you code: 9ZOMB1
Click back out to farthest view.
Click on large box beside TV.
Use crowbar on box.
Enter code from TV, click handle.
Get gun.
Go back to computer view.
Click on small metal plate to left of computer desk.
Use small silver key on metal plate.
Use rope on metal plate.
Go back to front door view.
Click on front door.
You’re out!

Would have given it five stars for humour and originality, but clicking was way too finicky! I kept thinking I needed to refer to the w/t, but it was just that I wasn't clicking the right pixel... :)

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