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Escape from the Hotel Walkthrough

Escape from the Hotel

[REPLAY] Hotel Escape aka Escape the Hotel is another point and click room escape game. Just find things and use them in right places. In this escape game, there are so many things to find. So it can be a little bit harder. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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I will go ahead and post the moronic, annoying messages so no one else will need to do so:


"omg a live one"


MrPants, you forgot one: I got a whole lot of items and am now stuck.


wow, the dialog is extremely annoying. have a bunch....and I do mean a bunch of crap....and stuck.

Key on top of closet

anybody here?

I´m here oty, but not very lucky with this game

(sorry for my english) but the key on top of the closet can be used on the smaal closet next to the bed.in there is a safe and the code for the safe is 2560 (because the wall next te the balkon says: ''the code for your escape is the time to get out this hell'' and if you start the game you have 2560 sec. ) in the safe is a key and that key can be used in the balkon door but now i am stuck again.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

finally done something...tied the 2 blanket together (one in your inventory, the other one on the bed), used it on the balcony) and WHAT??? OUT???

Lollypopy_16, use the (tied) blankets at the railing of the balcony

POP, lol rarita.. :-)

ok its dark and they wont let me turn on the freakin light

well if i needed to write a book to escape i would def. have the pencils for it

Oh no this is one of those games where you can pick up everything but don't need it all

wow I literally took the whole room with me when all you need is one blanket

Escape from the hotel walkthrough:

Click above wardrobe (the wardrobe has the dartboard)

click the key (duh!)

move away from the wardrobe (bottom right corner next to the line to go down) and go left (click anywhere on left of screen)

take the screwdriver (in cup under lamp) then go left twice (first click below window; second click above picture frame)

you should see the bed so click on the sheet on the bed

now click on the sheet in your inventory and click on the remaining sheet on the bed (not pillow)

you now have tied sheets

click on the key from wardrobe in your inventory and click on the nightstand (table with lamp) below the drawer

type in starting time (2560) and grab key

stand up (anywhere to left of safe)

go right (above picture again), choose the key from the safe from your inventory, and click door (right below door's window)

click on tied sheets in inventory

count the balls on the railing and click between third and fourth ones from the left (in gap or on railing)

click sheets

You did it

before clicking sheets, if you want to see a reference to Legend of Zelda, click on paper in trash, then click on the next one; click on trashed document in inventory to see reference (if you have flashing words problem, keep clicking quickly; you should be able to read it as it flashes)

In te first screen, take the key on top of the wardrobe. Go right, take the top blanket. Put it on top of the blanket on the bed to tie them together. Use the key on the left cabinet next to the bed, the code hint is SP2O5I6L0ER. Go to the left, open the balcony door with the key, tie the blankets on the balcony and you're out.

Didn't like this one bit!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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