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Jigsaws Escape

[REPLAY] Jigsaws Escape is another point and click room escape game from Gamershood. Serial killer Jigsaw locked you into a room to play a game with you. The room is full of tricks and traps. Also, the room is filling with deadly nervgas. You got two hours to get out and find the antidote. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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where the hells the knife?
i dont get how to get it..
where is it?

nikie the knife is on the ceiling above the vent that is above the blaood not the tv then you have to throw the nut at it

by the way does anyone know how to open the safe i put the numbers in and pudhed pull but it wont work thanx

GOOD GAME..glad i played it..for the safe..u have to use keyboard arrow keys..left and right...u start off by going clockwise..then counter clockwise..then when u get to 11..u hit the pull button so in essence

11. pull button-The number 11. not Numbers 1.

anybody know where the heck the 5 is? b/c the safe won't let me turn the knob until i "find the notes before" so i assume that means i have to find the five...but I CAN'T FIND IT

The five should be on the cieling on the bulb..

How do you use the bolt and the wire to get the key in the vent? I can't figure it out! deedeedee!

dumbass all u have to do is drag the wire to the gold key

where the **** is the secret panel by the window on the lower corner wall???

oh how do u get the green key i tried wat the guy said 5-r 1-L 8-r 2-L 11-pull it won't work :*(

how do i get the green key i tried doing
i can't get it :(

Mandi- use your cursor keys to control the dial on the safe. From the the start click right cursor until your safe is on no.5- Then left until no.1- right no.8-left no.2- finally right no.11
Hope that helps

       Anonymous  11/21/08, 4:53 PM  

wut do u use on the fine to get the key?

       Anonymous  11/21/08, 4:57 PM  

how do u get the key what do u do if u cant see a gold key?

ok i see the bulb but there is no 5 all i see is the stupid v thing HELP

The V is roman numeral for 5 lol

i got shot at the end...did i do something wrong

i know i have played this before lets see !!!

died 3 times.... and just a few minutes playing.

dead lol trying again

forgot you had to be super quick with the grenade lol

died by using the key (same place you found it), looking through the hole in the door and by turning the wheel.

I found only a scrap of paper... and 2 ways to die ! I can't even reach the knife.
Totally stuck.

hey yvon
yeah knew bout the wheel and gun behind door lol if i remember rightly you have to cut grenade wire quickly but might be wrong

click in the middle at the bottom to see your feet (and a key)

throw the screw at the knife

I died 3 times (I opened the trapdoor in the floor).

lol dead again

there is another note under the door

amy, where is screw?

when you open the trap door quickly click inside to take the key for the telescope

screw/nut is behind the pipe at the bottom

there is another note outside when you look through the telescope

i have some wire which i cut with the knife.
wire is on left hand side of the window?? wait for the wind to blow

thanx amy.

i still need one more number because i cant use the safe??

nvm got it its on the ceiling

finally out yay


go to the pipe and get the nut from underneath

look at the ceiling and throw the nut at the knife to get it.

get the first note off the shelf.

get the 2nd note from under the door.

look down at your feet get the key.
open the trap door and quickly click inside to get the key for the telescope.

unlock the telescope look outside at farthest building to see another note.

whilst at the window wait for the wind to blow and get the green wire from the left.

combine the wire and nut to get another key out of the vent.

below the window to the left is a secret panel use the new key to get the number 2.

look for the last note its by the light bulb on the ceiling.

now you have all 5 numbers.
the correct order is 5 1 8 2 11

you must have seen or collected all notes before you use the safe.

use the arrows on your keypad going right then left etc then press pull on the last number.

take the door key

look at the little key hole on the door

enter the key and escape.

My nut and wore won't combine :( help please?

Nevermind got it

my wire won't connect to the nut ;>/

Jigsaw Escape Walkthrough:

1.Get the first note on the shelf.
2.Get the second note under the door
3.Get the key on the ground. put the key in that panel
4. Now, when you open it, quickly click the opening, and get the key inside.
5. It unlocks the telescope.
6. Go to the pipe, and look under it, you will get a bolt.
7. when you see the knife, throw the bolt at it.
8. Got to the hole in the window, and wait a while.
9. when you see leaves, and wind, get ready, and when a green wire swings from your left, click it. (you have to ahve the knife in your inventory,but don't drag it.)
10.While there, use the telesescope ont he farthest buliding, u will get another number.
11.Look for the five on the ceiling.
12.Now, look for the vent with the gold thing in it. click on it.
13. it is the key to a secret panel by the window on the lower corner wall. use it.
14.Now that you have all 5 numbers.
15. go to the safe.
16. and use the arrow keys to move the numbers.
17. the combination is 5 1 8 2 11
18. use the green key in the door.

I used the key on the floor but wasn't quick to click inside. Died instead and didn't dare to try again lol. Out with the help of the WT.

@Rizzy'o, don't combine the wire and the nut. Just click on the key in the vent (a little above it) and they are automatically used. Don't touch the inventory when trying.

Grrr... I was mostly finished with this game yesterday but it kept telling me that I didn't have all the numbers. Then I tried again, and couldn't cut the wire.

I hate the fact that when you click once, it drops the item from your hand.

A dumb pixelhunting game.

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