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Locked Office

[REPLAY] Locked Office Escape is another point and click room escape game. In this game, you are locked in an office at work and you need to find a way to escape! Use your logic to escape from this impossibly hard point and click game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escapers? ok starting

pen, inkpad, paper used, now password for login..hint hmm

this game needs a deselect item badly. if you hold the item it seems to stay held?

found some keys

@jj, just press space to deselect an item

any idea for the login?

@jj, where did you use the paper? i just can read it

KEY spoiler

keys on top of door and 2nd key left side beside drawers zoom in then left under carpet

@ikke... there are 2 papers...one with a message...one blank

@ JJ how did you print?? how to use pen?? pls

@sue, where is second set of keys?
You must have the inkt and put it in the printer (some kind of box), then put the pencil in that spot on the printer

the paper and the ink cartridge go in the printer then there is power switch beneath the desk in the leg part of the desk

pop...out its hard to get the right views...that makes it difficult to find items..if you need help...i am here

navigation is horrible in this game, @sue thanks for the keys but now i can't find second piece of paper

key: on top of door and left side of drawers. zoom in drawers, then left side...corner of carpet its under carpet

yeah out! yay =)

thanks ikke for the hint and sue for the other set of keys and pen clue

2nd paper is on left side behind desk... its horrible finding the right spot

To find print paper... view with trash bin on left side and a little part of desk on right side... the click (more to the right side)IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DES WHAT YOU CAN SEE:: BUT CLICK THE BLUE WALL

sry sounds weird, cant explain better

sue, may you please turn your caps off. Comments page doesn't look good with capitalized words.

Many thanks.

@Yalcun, sry...happens while writing. didnt do it on purpose. got to watch my fingers better ;))

tab key helps for hot spots :)))

Thanks for your understanding sue =)

JJ, for replay games, game description says: "Please don't post game walkthrough till tomorrow!". For this reason, please delete your walkthrough and add it tomorrow ;-)

Many thanks.

thanks sue en jj, finally done...

YW @Ikke thanks Sue did not see the details...

I use tetris as password, but nothing happens...

Can't find the print paper ..

OUT very easy

hi i need help in finding pen inkpad

anyone there to help me

i'm out!!!

hi all good luck!

game is very buggy for me. I have to keep restarting!

I have finger prints on paper but still can't get out... help please

nvm i got it... I'm out

Navigation is maddening but aside from that an easy and fun game!

Where is the pencil please

The pencil is on the right of the computer (normal view on the desk, you can use tab key to find the spot.)
But where is the ink ?

Easy out

Locked Office Walkthrough:

Go to the black bin and click it then click the top of it,
click the box thingy and go to the desk.
click the right side of the desk then click the cylinder thing (pen),
Go to the printer (beside the computer) and where there is a square at the top
click the box you got from the bin and click the square
click the pen then click the box.
go to the door and scan your fingerprint.
It will say incorrect print (you HAVE to do this)
click the left site of the desk then click the paper
go to the printer then click the paper and then click the slit at the top of the printer
go to the bottom of the desk and then click the red (power) button then it should turn green
go to the computer, click the screen, and for the password type tetris
click go then on the window that pops up click print
in red letters it should say done. go to the printer and click the paper that just got printed
go to the door and click on the paper and drag it to the fingerprint scanner,
it should say Print Correct then it will say "Good Job, You escaped the office Play Again"

what is the password?

@pcwartz, the walkthrough says the password without mentioning how to get it. There should be some keys above the door to open a drawer and to find a CD inside. The CD goes into the computer to see a bit of a TETRIS game. That's your password.

Thanks for the help on #39

whenev er I use the tab button my screen goes down!! how can i get it to stay

OK i dont see pen...

Is anyone on right now...?

I'll just wait a bit for some people to get on or something so we can help each other :D

Still no one? Come on guys!!

Old school replay!!! So much fun to revisit :)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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