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The Saw Walkthrough

The Saw

The Saw WalkthroughSaw - Das Spiel is German scary point and click game about the movie Saw. You have to escape the room before it is too late. Use the things you can find and solve the puzzles. Of course you can just sit and wait your death. It is up to you. Live or die, make your choice. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game contains bloody scenes and for this reason it is not suitable for children!

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       Anonymous  8/17/10, 8:47 PM  

Anyone here? Seems you need to register to play

hi, shellzbellz im here...

Yup I just tried and you need to register to play....Don't feel comfortable with putting my email out like that

found lot of stuff,but cannot understand the lang..

You can put a random email address. They don't want confirming your email addresses ;-)

       Anonymous  8/17/10, 11:14 PM  

Goodmorning, i found out that it´s not even nescesary to even put in an Email adress. You can just type in anything, it doesn´t matter

       Anonymous  8/17/10, 11:21 PM  

Ah, goodmorning Yalçin, i didn´t realize it was you who posted a comment before. Hope you´re fine..

       Anonymous  8/17/10, 11:23 PM  

Found a bunch of stuff as well, but only you won´t see what exactly it is what you find

       Anonymous  8/17/10, 11:28 PM  

Died already twice this morning and it´s not even 8.30 am yet, lol

Lol @Full! Not the best start of the day!
Did you realise that you can drag your items to the eye and see what they are? I could loosen one key and put a tabe in the recorder. Unfortunately I don't have sound so I don't know if I'm missing a clue.

       Anonymous  8/18/10, 12:56 AM  

Morning to you Ellie. I can´t replay now but i will later and try to use your hint for the "eye", thanks.
Btw, as for the sound, you don´t miss a lot. Tipical scary sounds etc..

Here are some translations for the first part:

"The Cellar; Chain with 3 locks around your neck. Find the keys. You have 10 minutes to reach the first floor."

- Note in wallet; "The first one is smaller than the last one and bigger than the middle one."
- On tape recorder; A lot of things, but the important ones are; "There are 3 keys in the room find them" and "do it before 14:00" (this is a hint for the clock on the wall).
- Letter from chest: "Money doesn't make me happy, but it's good to have some."
- On wall in cupboard; "Give me air and you will see."
- When you go in the hallway and you haven't opened the locks yet; "You can't go there, the chain will strangle you."

Have to go now, maybe later I'll do part 2 and 3 too.

I died a few times too. Found a key in the clock (put it at 2) and a key when opening the code lock. You find a clue in your wallet for the code.
I also removed two bricks from inside the cupboard and got a battery. I removed another brick from the wall and used it on the mirror.
I'm not sure I'm gonna try again though, a bit tired of dying.

yippie... i escaped the first part...now im in part 2;D

Saw - Das Spiel Walkthrough

Level 1

1.) wait till the light goes on (dunno if this works automatically, i always click twice on the far right red button)
2.) turn left, look at the clock click on it until it's 2 o'clock, you'll get a key
3.) open the envelope and take everything (dunno if you need the tablets later one, you definitely don't need the tape and the player but oh well nevermind ;))
4.) open the box, take everything you find there, the code for the safe is 326. you'll get another key there.
5.) take the thingy unter the shelf (i don'T recall what it was tehe)
6.) turn more left, now take a closer look at the big..uhm...dunno what the english word is for that. you need to take out 2 pieces of the wall (just look where they are, can't describe exactly it's easy though)
7.) once you've pulled out 2 pieces you can pick up a battery at the bottom
8.) turn left a bit more now, take the big piece of stone into your inventory
9.) drag the stone onto the mirror and pick up the piece of mirror
10.) use the piece of mirror on the 2 pictures on the wall, you'll find another key behind one of those
11.) pick up the pictures from the bottom
12.) drag the piece of mirror onto the "eye"
13.) open the hmm...whatever they're called with the 3 keys (just try out which one works)
14.) leave the room and head straight to the door
15.) put one of the pictures below the door and push it so that you almost don't see it anymore
16.) use the black thingy (is it a wire?)[i don't recall where i found that it *might* be the thingy under the shelf but i'm not sure. but it's not hidden so i'll guess you'll figure it out] on the keyhole
17.) pull the picture again, there's a key on it now
18.) use the key with the door
19.) click the door et voil�, level 2 will begin :)

Level 2

1. pick up the tape and play it [optional]
2. if you haven't done so already, drag the keyring from your inventory (you have it since the beginning of the 1st level) on the eye icon, and click on the lower right of it - you should now have the keychain AND another key in the inventory
3. scroll right and use the 1st door
4. take the flashlight from the wall
5. look at the bucket, and take the leg and battery from it
6. look on the toolbox, use the key from step 2 on the padlock, and take the vicegrips and tooth
7. back to the corridor
8. scroll right and use the 2nd door
9. take the hand from the blender and the spoon from the table
10. move the dish elsewhere (you don't need it) and take the 2nd tooth from under it
11. back to the corridor
12. drag the flashlight (from inventory) on the eye icon and drag both batteries onto it, now you have a working flashlight (one battery is in the bucket on this level, the other one is in the cupboard in the prev. level - you need to press 2 loose bricks to get it)
13. scroll right and look at the boarded-up passage
14. use the vicegrips on the nails holding the planks until all are gone
15. enter the room and click on the face of the girl, use the spoon on her eyes to get 2 eyeballs
16. click on the dark area above and to the left of her head, and use the flashlight on it, then get the flask
17. leave the room, BUT be sure to get all four planks (in the corridor) that are now in front of the doorway!
18. scroll right and enter the last doorway
19. use *all* four planks on the hole, then click on the planks
20. scroll right and click on the heads
21. use the eyeballs on the eyesockets of the rightmost head
22. click on the mouth of the middle head and use both teeth on it
23. click on the mouth of the leftmost head and take both items
24. go back to the 2nd room
25. use the flask, vial (from step 24) and pills (from prev. level) on the blender and push the button
26. use the flask from the table on the blender
27. use the shot glass (???) from your inventory (from step 24) on the flask
28. go back to the room with the heads and use the ladder on the right
29. you've finished the level!

Level 3

1. go through the door on the right
2. examine the jacket, get fishing hook
3. pickup belt
4. examine dead body, open the wound with the piece of mirror, take key
5. go back, use key on first door, look at the signs on the wall
6. first put the foot, then the hand into the dark
7. get the plate
8. put the belt onto the eye, combine it with fishing hook
9. through the hole, look into the barrel
10. use belt+hook on the package
11. back on the corridor, put package on eye, open it with the vicegrips, take plate
12. go into the room left of the hole, put the buttons in the order of the signs, get third plate
13. back through the hole, turn right and put the tubes in the correct order with the plates (you hear a clicking sound when its corret)
14. take the package, open it and take id card
15. go to the door and open it with the id card, grats, ya done..

it may just be me or its a little buggy I've had to restart several times cause the key from the ring kept disappearing before I could use it on the tool box and I put the picture under the door used the black wire and there was no key on the picture when I pulled it out

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