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Exmortis 1

[REPLAY] Ex Mortis 1 - Dark Mystery Game is a very creepy, very scary flash adventure game developed by Ben Leffler. Exmortis begins with you waking up in the woods with a lump on your head and unable to recall how you got there. All you recall are the dreams. Regaining focus, you see a house up ahead and decide that shelter there is better than freezing to death in the woods. Think of the house at the end of Blair Witch and you'll be right at home. Good luck and have fun!

Warning: This game is very scary and contains some bloody and creepy scenes. For this reason it is not suitable for young players!

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Exmortis 1 Walkthrough
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too violent for me !!

okay, now I'm curious. Is that gross?

Hi mgkanda
I don't need heads in microwaves and all that blood
enough of that in the real world!

Wow...yes, very gory. Found a knife I can't take and a head in the microwave. Pentagram in the hallway...this promises to be very creepy indeed.

Hey, Swiss. I understand. I think I'll give it a go, though. The diary was pretty creepy and I have to admit I'm intrigued lol. Going upstairs, wish me luck!

Lots of reading. Surprised no one else is playing this, actually.

I played this a while ago. Remember to click all the symbols you find. I got stuck because of that.

A key in bathroom

Now I can open door of girl room, there is her ghost

Thanks @Peke! I'm stuck now.

Hi @cece! Glad someone's here. I'm where you are. Got to little girl's room. Key is to door downstairs, leads to library and stuck.

Any ideas on safe code?

ooh! found ladder up to the attic! Click above upstairs left bedroom door.

I'm stuck, stuck

A ladder for attic!!

opened the safe and...more reading. You still here @cece?

But only found a symbol

And a code :)

@cece did you find any symbol by the severed arm in the library?

hello all

nvm, just went and found it. Have 4 now from the head, attic, safe, and arm. Didn't find any in the bathroom or on either of the beds. Want to get in that cellar.

Only have 4 symbols and in mirror the word "remember"

Hi @naminutku! Join in!

Also, this game lacks in inventory. I want that knife I can't take and would love a hammer. If a ghost wants to hold the door shut, fine but, I'll bet that wall would come down in a hurry if I had a hammer. Not too sturdy.

@cece me too. What's with the clock and the pentagram?

I need a push in the right direction. I'm stuck.

got in the cellar found axe but it asks for order of the symbols

@sales How??? I want in!

Sales where exactly is the axe, please?

@naminutku You're in the cellar too? Somebody help. :(

found a key

Where, where axe?!

go back in the room off hallway and click on locked door, ive died now we need the order of symbols

Okay, you're all in the cellar? Can somebody please tell me what I'm missing? Clicked everything (I'm pretty sure), have 4 symbols, and can't get in.

dont go in the cellar unless you have the order for the symbols i just keep dying

@sales Still can't get the cellar door open. You're referring to the one that says "the handle moves but, the door won't budge" right? I must be missing something.

I wonder (if I ever get in) if the order needs to be found on those books in the library. Some of them don't really match up though.

I played this series this past summer ( well not the last ) the last one you have to buy.

I'm sorry if this message pisses anyone off but I was very disappointed after investing all the time on the first ones. They are very good however.

I dont found axe, no place for symbols... Round and round, I think to quit it

Well, I apparently missed something and since there are no new games yet I'm starting over.

in cellar again note the order off the pentogram

Sales, where axe?

make sure you look at all the books see the ghost and go to room off hallway and next door will open axe is in there on right wall

and out

Thanks @sales! I'm at the pentagram puzzle now. Not sure which is which? Don't want to die.

Side note: This is a pretty great game. I'm not that into the gore but, it's definitely creepy and cool.

HA! I did it! out!

I have to admit my heart was beating a little harder when I was in the tunnel with the axe. Heeby Jeebies.

If anyone else has a hard time with the cellar - You need to go directly there after seeing the little girl. The axe is in plain view on the floor when you walk in.

well didn't have a clue for the order of the symbals so made a run for it.....thought I'd escaped haha it actually made me jump hehe

Ex Mortis Walkthrough:

The Woods

You have just regained consciousness in the cold isolated woods. You have no memory of who or where you are. All you know is that you have a splitting headache, and the only way you will make it through the night without dying of exposure is by finding shelter. You are in luck though as you see an old house in a clearing. It looks aged and unoccupied, so you decide to shelter there until day break.

[ Click on the front door of the house and you will approach the front door. ]

Front Door

[ Click on the right door to enter the house. ]

Main Entrance

You're sheltered from the gale force winds inside the house, and going on looks the place doesn't look any better from the inside than it did from the outside. You think you can hear a soft dull whispering in the background, but you just put it off to the wind playing tricks. The door behind you has buckled and jammed, so you can no longer use that exit.

[ Click on the staircase to go to the second level. ]

2nd Level Hallway

You see a window with moonlight streaming through the sweeping clouds.

[ Click on the right of the window to turn to the right end of the hallway ]

The walls and roof thumps hard and dull, like someone or something is trying to bring something to your attention. You notice that there is a hatch on the roof. This might lead to an attic which could explain where the thumping is coming from.

[ Click on the hatch, then click on the ladder to enter the attic ]


You coil back in surprise and horror after entering the attic. A human torso is strung up by it's arms, literally ripped to shreds and missing it's lower extremities. Who could do such a thing? It is now that you realise that you have stumbled upon something sinister and ghastly. But this house may hold the answers to who you are and what you were doing in the woods.

You notice something smeared in blood on a wooden plank near the front of the body.

[ Click on the symbol written in blood to view the symbol up close ]

Once you have returned to the attic scene (hit the down arrow symbol) you notice something else sketched in to the right hand wall of the attic.

[ Click on the scrawled writings on the wall to review the PIN code ]

The numbers read 3489. You remember these, as they may be important later on. You return to the 2nd Level Hallway, where you entered the attic.

2nd Level Hallway

[ Click on the door in front of you to enter the main bedroom ]

Main Bedroom

Another scene that tells of the murder that stains the house. A bed that is soaked in the blood of it's victim. A roof lamp that sways in no breeze. A gramophone that is not powered, yet spins waiting for a record to be played. A painting. A painting... of a landscape familiar to you. You just can't pick why that is.

[ Click on the painting on the wall ]

You find a safe built in to the wall behind the painting. Wow - that's pretty original, don't you think? I bet you didn't see that coming!

[ Click on the safe ]

You remember the code from the attic. Maybe that will work?

[ Enter the code: 3489 ]

Success! The safe swings open, and before you lies another symbol and what appears to be a human heart. I hope you're taking note of the appearance of the symbols. This could be vital later on.

[ Click on the book and read all that is written ]

The book titled "Exmortis" describes a time before man roamed the earth. When ancient beings of great ethereal power ruled it's kingdoms. It talks of their greed and lust for power - a nature which eventually lead to their downfall. It talks of the last surviving ancient - and entity named Vlaew, who's cunning saw him survive his fellow Ancients, until his physical form was taken from him by treacherous lesser demons. Now he only exists in spirit form. Over the millennia, he consolidated his power with entities banished by man to form a legion of demons in one spiritual presence. He called this consolidated terror the Exmortis, and he ruled them with promises of return to the world one day to rule and return the Earth Realm to the glory of his days before man.

The book talks of how this will become. It talks of a single man who will be "anointed" with the blood of five, be transformed in to the hand of Exmortis - the physical link between the Earth Realm and the Spirit Realm which Vlaew now resided. The hand is destined to lead the Exmortis armies and lay siege to the World of Man, returning Vlaew to his rightful place of rule.

One particular passage here seems crucial to remember. It reads: "Devoured the crimson life of five, marks of Vlaew given to thee. Mirrored below the soul survive, what was, what is and what will be."

Return to the Main Bedroom scene.

[ Click on the door on the far wall to enter the Ensuite ]


The bathroom is splattered with blood and the bathtub is filled with the thick viscous liquid as well. There is not much here to help, but closer examination of the sink could prove fruitful.

[ Click on the wash basin to retrieve a key ]

There is nothing left to do at the moment on the 2nd Level of the house. Return to the Main Entrance.

Main Entrance

You now want to explore the rest of the house to see what else you can find that will help explain your presence here.

[ Click on the hallway shrouded in the shadows to enter the Dark Hallway ]

Dark Hallway

You enter the dark hallway, and pause for a moment to gain your confidence. Suddenly out of nowhere, and apparition screams in to existence at the end of the hall - disappearing as quickly as it came to be. Could this have been a hallucination? Or perhaps it is a warning of some sort? In any case, you decide to press onwards despite being confronted by this unsettling sight.

[ Click on the end of the hallway to enter the Ground Floor Hall ]

Ground Floor Hall

You are presented with a junction point, split by an old grandfather clock ticking away the hours. There is something strange about the face of this clock.

[ Click on the clock face to view it closer ]

(Take note of the numbers on the face of the clock. Pay particular note to the roman numeral VI - specifically the V. This is a symbol/character which will pop up in the next room.)

[ Click on the door to the right to enter the Kitchen ]


You enter the kitchen, and the first thing you notice is all the blood. It stains the floor trailing under the door, as well as forming a pool on the bench top immediately under the microwave oven. What's more disturbing is that blood is dripping from under the closed door of the microwave. With a deep breath you decide to examine it closely.

[ Click on the microwave door to open it]

You find a severed head within, and there seems to be something smeared on the forehead.

[ Click on the severed head to get a closer view ]

Upon closer examination of the severed head, you find a familiar symbol smeared on the forehead. It is exactly the same symbol as the character V from the clock face in the Ground Floor Hall. You can't stand to look at the remains of the poor soul, so you close the door and search the kitchen further.

[ Click on the top cupboard second from the left ]

All the cupboards are empty with the exception of the cupboard second from the left. You find a bloodied knife within. While it seems like a worthy weapon against whoever is committing these heinous atrocities, you decide to leave it and look for a larger weapon.

After not finding anything else within the kitchen, you decide to push forward past the door that the blood stains trail under.

[ Click on the door in front of you to enter the Loungeroom ]


More blood in this room. It seems that this is where two people were murdered, as blood stains as many chairs. The only thing that you feel is worthy of examination in this room is the diary sitting on the dining table.

[ Click on the diary to read it's contents ]

The diary tells a tale of a hunter who stumbled across the house, and after some time he found himself somehow drawn back to it. This man found the book from the safe upstairs and read the passages within. The diary continues to tell the tale of how the Exmortis entities held him a prisoner in the house for years, draining him of his sanity and humanity. Before long, this man was brainwashed in to believing that he would become "more than human" by partaking in a ritualistic sacrifice of five approaching campers, marking them each with a special symbol. So far you have found three of the symbols.

A question burns your mind. Could you be one of the surviving campers? Could you have escaped this house of horrors, only to inadvertently return with no memory of what you were running from? If that is the case, you have to get out of there even if it means braving the freezing conditions outside.

You decide to return to the Ground Floor Hall and explore the adjacent room.

Ground Floor Hall

[ Click on the door to use the key to enter the left to enter the Library ]


Another murder committed in this room built to be a tome of knowledge. A severed arm rests upon the desk to the right, and you notice that it too has a symbol smeared in blood on the desk at it's fingertips.

[ Click on the symbol near the fingertips of the arm to get a closer look ]

A bust sits above the old smoky fireplace, and you swear to yourself that it's eyes move and follow you closely around the room. Beside it the mirror has been stained in the blood of this victim. Spelt upon the surface is the word "remember." Is it meant for you? Or someone else?

In the bookshelf to the left, you find a volume of encyclopaedias.

[ Click on a certain shelf on the left to view closely ]

You look at the spines of these books closely. They are catalogued alphabetically and upwards from A. The A looks familiar (it actually looks like the symbol left at the fingertips of the severed arm.) This could have some significance.

Stepping back from that particular shelf, you turn your attention to the shelves on the right. A particular book stands out here, so you examine it closely.

[ Click on the marked shelf of books on the right to view Xavier Rehayem's diary ]

The diary recounts the tale of the author's daughter Gwen Rehayem, who was taken possession of by the mighty entities of the Exmortis. It continues to tell of how Xavier made the ultimate sacrifice, attempting to save his only daughter by taking her life in the second bedroom upstairs.

Leaving the Library, you return to the Dark Hallway.

Dark Hallway

You decide to check out the Cellar purely out of interest, not really necessity.

[ Click on the door on the left wall to enter the Cellar Entrance ]

Cellar Entrance

There is nothing in here except rubble and waste. But there is a door however.

[ Click on the door to get a message from the spirits ]

You hear whispers from all around you. "You must first remember, only then shall you pass" they advise you. Remember? That's the second time you've been instructed to remember. What do you have to do with this house? What should you remember? Then it hits you - there is someone who may be able to help. The apparition of Gwen Rehayem.

Go back up to the second level, but instead of turning right to go to the main bedroom, turn left and you will be at the door of Gwen Rehayem's old room. If you have read Xavier's diary, then at this point you will hear a ghostly sob at the door (which is now ajar)

2nd Level Hallway

[ Click on the ajar door to enter Gwen's Bedroom ]

Gwen's Bedroom

You enter Gwen's Bedroom, and suddenly your heart thumps heavily as another apparition stands before you. Just as Xavier Rehayem described in his journal, the ghostly apparition of his daughter stands in the corner watching silently over you. You look at the bed, still wet and stained with her 100 year old blood - and you think 'how is this possible?' But really, everything you have experienced in this house so far defies explanation - why should this room be any different?

You decide to try and talk to the ghostly form of Gwen to see if she can shed some light on what you should be remembering.

[ Click on Gwen to interact with her ]

She steps forwards, and her face distorts grotesquely as a shrill scream echoes past her ghostly lips. The sound bounces of the walls of your skull, as your brain struggles to cope with the sensory overload. Your vision distorts, and before you can escape the room you black out.

Suddenly you snap back in to consciousness, or were you brought back? You decide it might be time to get out of the house, but the front door is no longer accessible. That means the only way out of this place is via the cellar - as per the tattered diary you read earlier.

Cellar Entrance

You return to the Cellar Entrance only to find that this time the door can be opened. What ever force that was holding it closed before, is now allowing your passage through this area.

[ Click on the door to enter the Cellar ]


You enter the cellar, but suddenly the door behind you slams shut and locks! It seems that something is leading you down here, and what ever it is - you can almost feel it breathing down your neck.

In the cellar, you see an old air filtration unit, but oddly the piping leads away from the house above and in to a wall surrounded by makeshift boarding. Against the wall to the right, you see a bloodied axe. This could be a good opportunity to arm yourself against the resident maniac of the house.

[ Click on the axe to arm yourself with it ]

Now the only problem remaining is getting out of the cellar. The door has locked tightly behind you, so it seems that you will have to break through the boarding. Using the axe, you tear in to the wooden planks.

[ Click on the wooden boards three times to create a hole big enough to pass through ]

Behind where the boards had been, you notice a stairwell leading further down. It seems that this is the only exit, and you decide to take it.

Underground Tunnels

A tunnel system under such a rural house? This seems highly unusual. Admittedly these tunnels seem very very old, and were probably here before the house was. A strong gust blows back through the doorway, which means there must be an exit down here somewhere. You push on forward.

[ Click the exit ahead to move forward ]

You enter another tunnel, but this one has an exit ahead and to the left. Unfortunately, the exit on the left is a dead end if you don't have a key to unlock the door, so it is best that you explore further ahead to see if you can locate this key.

[ Click the exit ahead to move forward ]

A rocky tunnel, but ahead you see a faint flickering glare. You press forward to investigate.

[ Click the exit ahead to move forward ]

Out of the darkness, you hear a voice "I'll kill you, you son-of-a-bitch!" Gripping on to the axe, you realise that this could be the murdering bastard you've been expecting to pop up. Suddenly he lets out a blood curdling scream as he rushes at you with knife in hand. But a knife is no match for the reach of an axe. Just as he is in striking distance you lash out at his jugular.

[ Click on the attacker when he is in range ]

(If you die, you can try again by restarting at the first Underground Tunnel in the above sequence.)

You time your swing perfectly, and just as he is in mid leap, your axe blade slices his head off cleanly. His crumpled body falls to your feet, but the force of the blow sees his head fly backwards down the tunnel until it comes to rest on the ground in front of you. You take a closer look at the head to see if you can recognise him, when suddenly a symbol appears on his forehead.

But that must mean that this was the fifth victim and this can not be the murdering fiend. Staggering back, you realise the implications this has for you and your sanity. "Then who am I?" you ask yourself, but you already realise what the answer to that is. The first main question has been answered. You now know that the murdering fiend is actually you. You are not the victim, nor were you ever one of the campers. You are the person who stumbled across this house way back in 1997, only to be kept prisoner by demonic forces. Spending year after year here, losing your sanity and always clinging on to the last thread of humanity.

So how did you get outside? How did you lose all your memory and regain some semblance of rationale? Too many questions and not enough answers. You push forward knowing that the answer lies behind one last locked door.

[ Click exit ahead to move forward ]

You come to a dead end in the tunnel, but you spot a small hole in the stone wall.

[ Click on hole to find a key ]

This must be the key for the locked door. You go back to the locked entrance to try out the key. You notice that there is a sign on the top of the archway "Temple of Exmortis" This would explain why there is a house built out in this wilderness. It seems that this used to be the site of worship for the recluse Cult of Exmortis which died out so long ago. Buried beneath the earth for many centuries, it has been kept from intruders and the light of day in wait of the rising of Exmortis once again. In wait for you to become the link between them and the world.

[ Click on the door to use the key and enter the Temple ]

The door closes and locks behind you. It seems that here will be the place where you face your destiny. A ghostly face materializes in front of you. The face of Vlaew. "Welcome back child. You have served us well up until this point. Now serve us again. Become the hand of Exmortis!"

You look ahead and find a pentagram imprinted on the brick pillar. The five symbols listed below it.

This is where you choose your destiny. Do you become the hand of Exmortis by solving the puzzle, or do you run for your life by taking the exit to the left of your view?

The Puzzle

So you have decided to succumb to the Exmortis and sit at the right hand of Lord Vlaew.

The key to this puzzle is the passage in the book of Exmortis. The passage is recited one more time when you approach the pillar. "Devoured the crimson life of five, marks of Vlaew given to thee. Mirrored below the soul survive, what was, what is and what will be."

The keys here are the phrases "Marks of VLAEW" and "Mirrored below". Taking the symbols you have collected and placing a mirror below them you will see that they look very similar to the letters L, W, A, V and E. All of these are letters used in the name of the Ancient, Vlaew. Clues to this are in the clock face from the house - the roman numeral "V" was the same as one of the symbols turned upside down. The encyclopaedia volumes from the library also used the symbols representing A and E in a mirrored capacity.

So now we know that the order of the symbols collected are V, L, A, E and W respectively. But the puzzle isn't going to be this straight forward. The painting on the wall in the Dark Hallway had a picture of a pentagram with numbers at each point. You must place the appropriate symbol at the appropriate point on the pentagram starting at the top left circle and moving around the circles in a clockwise direction.

Essentially, the sequence you will need to click on the symbols to place them appropriately is V, E, L, W, and finally A.

Suddenly the end of the dark temple passage lights up. It's blinding intensity finally captures and engulfs you. You feel your last remaining humanity slip away, but the power of many surges through your veins. So this is what immortality feels like. You arch your back, scream and then it's all over. You black out - your transformation from slave to conqueror is over. You have become the hand of Exmortis. The end of the game flashes with your evil triumph. First the Cult of Exmortis gained strength from luring many followers. And then it crushed all human rule - returning Lord Vlaew to his rightful throne of the Earth Realm.

Congratulations, you have finished the game. If you want to see the other possible ending, click "Play again for alternate ending"

Running For Your Life!

Making a run for the forest - now that's a bold move. One that the demons of the Exmortis will not like one little bit. You've taken the doorway to your left of the temple, and a booming voice filled with rage and malevolence fills the tunnel. "Foolish man! You will pay for your defiance!"

You listen, and off in the distance you hear a roar. Screams. Terror! And it's getting louder - it seems the Exmortis is coming for you. It invested too many years preparing you to become their link to let you deny them when the time was at hand. If you know what's good for you, you'll make a beeline for the Woods, and you'll make it snappy before they catch up to you!

[ Click the exit to the right of the tunnel ]

Another tunnel - but from here it should be easy. Just keep clicking the exits to get out of there. You'll eventually reach a door.

[ Click the door to exit in to the Woods ]

The Woods

Congratulations - you've escaped the tunnels, the only place the Exmortis has any physical influence on your human form. Now all that's left for you is to make your way back to civilisation. That's if you can survive the freezing conditions outside long enough. You see a makeshift track wind out in front of you.

[ Click the track to follow it forward ]

You continue on the track, noting that an eerie mist settles over the surrounding forest.

[ Click the track to follow it forward ]

The path narrows, but continues onward.

[ Click the track to follow it forward ]

Finally, you've come across a larger track that seems to be well used. You are certain that following it will lead you back to civilisation.

[ Click the track to finish the game ]

Suddenly you fall backwards as something jumps out in front of you. Losing your footing, you slip and hit the ground hard knocking yourself unconscious in the process.

The dreams haunt your unconscious state. Suddenly you snap out of it. Not knowing where you are, or why you are there - you realise how cold you are. All you can remember are the dreams (or are they memories?) It is dark, and you don't think you'll make it through the night unless you can find shelter. Wait - up ahead in the clearing you spot a house. You decide to shelter there for the night - anything is better than freezing to death in the woods...

The End.

Be aware: do not try to resize the browser window with CTRL+ or CTRL-. Took me half an hour to evaluate why nothing happenend when I clicked.

Wow reading that walkthrough was a bit like reading a book, well done for years ago when you wrote it lol

way too dark to play this. can't even see the symbols we are supposed to "make note" of.

Creepy. Gory. Disturbing. Great!
Should come with a map though, needed the walkthrough because it was all so disorienting.

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