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Inspector Wombat Walkthrough

Inspector Wombat

Inspector Wombat is another point and click adventure game. In this game, you try to save the paintings and catch the cunning criminal in this point & click adventure game. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  11/27/10, 1:11 AM  

Rather hard to use stuff...

Let's see what this one is..

Could someone help me? I have a new computor and I have been playing escape game 24 for years. But for some reason the games will not load but the ads will! What is wrong?? Needing to escape!

Got a ton of stuff. Put cleaning fluid on cloth, but dirty vase and cup and paintings don't want to be cleaned. Moved stereo to museum but it won't play, says it isn't turned on, but it played at Susi's. Too dark in sewer but he won't take the light from Susi's. Stuck.

Oh my, looked at the walkthru and there are a bunch of seemingly random things to do. Apparently the music eliminated the goo on the paintings (huh?), that was the message in German. Be prepared to light the underground (subway) on fire several times, and pick the same door several times, and talk to Susi several times. Wonderful graphics and engine, game play was not good for me. Good luck!

Put cleaning fluid on cloth and use it with the tap in susi' kitchen.

The stereo has to be plugged in. Put it on the bench and use it with the socket.

Great, used stereo with outlet to plug in, now it plays music but the message is in German(?).

they tell you that the pictures are clean now

@Britta : no, cleaning fluid on cloth used with water in fountain outside museum

Warning, do not give flowers to Suzie as they are needed for a bizarre task later in the game. You will need to restart if you do.

Oke pommygranite

I give the flowers, thanks for the hint, start over again

       Anonymous  11/28/10, 1:56 AM  

you don't need to restart
u can just use cherry instead

Inspector Wombat Walkthrough:

i have completed the case! I did the case again but this time i wrote the instructions on how to do it! it's an excellent game which mixeds reality with fun. the ideas in this game are oringinal so if you don't want help or don't want to know exactly how to do it just flick through on the parts you really need help in! another thig i like about this game is that you don't use everything there is to take, it's just like reality! enjoy!

You begin in the place where inspector wombat works! You have a blackmail letter and letter from the director. They are written in a different language so you can't understand them! Click om the case and it will open! Take the: cherries; the plasters and the 2 cds that should be in there! Then take the magnifying glass in the pencil holder. That is all you need from this room at the moment!
Go outside and take newspaper lying nexyt to the manhole cover. After that, click on the sign with a U on it. You will go to the underground station. There should be a banana peel there. pick it up!
Go to the open door on the train. Examine the 'no fire' sign on the side of the train. when you get into another station
go up the stairs. You should be in another area. Take the coffee cup and the slice of cake. Go into the nearest door on the left with the word susi on it.
Susi should be standing there. talk to her, she has nothing interesting to say. Take the vase of flowers.
go into the kichen, on the table there should be a dirty cloth, a plate and a knife. take the cloth and the knife. Then take the washing-up liquid under the sink. open the top two drawers of the chest of drawers! you should take: a lighter; a ball; a pepette; a key and a corkscrew. There is also a diamond in there it has no link to your case and you can't take it!
speaking of case what is your case exactly, your find out when you read the flyer outside susi's house.
Go back into the livingroom and click one cd in your inventory. Use it with the stereo then play the other cd. you should then be able to take the stereo,so take it!
leave susi's house. Read the note on the pole it says that you should visit the museum. Click onthe hills in the distance. There should be a red flower on the ground pick it up and go into the museum.
A man will be standing there. Talk to him. keep asking him questions and you will have a rough idea what your case is, it would explain the blackmail letter. Examine all the pictures. what is wrong with them??
It's now time to go back to the underground. But before we do that. Quickly pop into susi's house. go back to the kitchen. Click on the flowers in the vase in your inventory. now the flowers should be separate to your invetory. use your opium poppy with the blender. then use your flowers with the blender. There's something else you should do though! use the dirty cloth with the tap then use the washing-up liquid with the damp cloth. You then use the washing-up cloth with the vase and click on the coffee cup.
the coffee should empty out of it. you have to again use the washing-up cloth with the dirty coffee cup! Go back into the street and finally to the underground!

whilst your in the train, quickly use the lighter with the newspaper! The train will come to a halt. click on the the window and it should say go to!
you should end up in a place with a door! click on the door. It's locked! you'll find the key you have won't fit. you have to click on the s and go to susi's house. she will give you a hair pin if you talk to her and tell her what happened! get back on the train and do the same as you did before. use the hairpin with the door. you will enter. you will see a man. that man will press a button and something wil fall on your head. the man will vanish. you need to cut your self out with a knife. you need to talk with this man! you need to do exactly the same again after you've examined his room, made sure he can't press the button again and get out of this place!
Take the wine, wine glass and the glue. There is a button on the top right corner of the table. use your plasters with the button, then use the flower purree with the plasters on the back. click on the ladder and do exactly the same. make a fire in the train, inlock the door with a hairpin and enter! But before you enter use the wine with the cork screw and use the oppium poppy powder with the red wine! alk to the wierd man! ask him ' what about some delicious wine?' he will agree so use the wine with him! he'll drink it and be on his way to jail!
You'll end up back in your office. The case isn't closed yet! you need make tose pictures in the museum back to normal! go back with the train to the museum! you need examine the piccy's closer! so be back on your way there!
your there, use your magnifying glass with one of the paintings! there is something on it!!!!! use the pepette with the same painting. then use the pepette with the vase or coffee cup. one of the two!
go back to susi's house! there you have the challeng of making the germs friendly! talk to susi!
she will say you brought it? but they don't have enough space! it's time to go back to the place where inspector wombat works! open the cupboard. there is a big dish take it and then use the the vase with the goo in it with the big dish! go back to susi's house and have a converstaion with her! use the the goo in the big dish with the red lamp. the goo will multiply! talk to susi again!
how can you make them friendly again? perhaps chocolate will make them good. Try the chocolate cake with the goo. any good? no? will what about warmth?? use the light with the tub of goo? still evil? yes? what about some good music??
go back to the museum. use the stereo with the bench there. Use the sterio with the socket then use one of your cds with the steros, the pictures will go back to normal and that will be the end of that case closed!

she wont give me a hair pin

1 - How the **** did you manage to solve that one? how long did it take you?

2- My inventory is gone the second time around - when I return to the mad painters office.

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