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Tomb Escape Walkthrough

Tomb Escape

Tomb Escape is another point and click adventure type room escape game. In this game, you try to escape from the tomb by choosing right directions. Can you able to escape the tomb? Good luck and have fun!

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hello all... so far only heavy rocks

i pressed a button but have no idea where it was...

i think that the button open a passage near the heavy rocks... its to confusing i hope its going to get better

mmmm talking to myself...

No-no, I'm herе too and I'm trying too. :-)

:) ho good... but im going around in circles this game is not getting anywhere

Tab key is working. Found and pressed another button.

i'm giving up... good luck

So, let me now talking with myself. :-)

After pressing two buttons new location is opening, with one more button. Then stuck.

Some TNT was found after pressing the third button in the new location (near heavy rocks).

There is a button behind TNT box. Used dynamite on heavy rocks.

After entering password and pressing OK all is on their places. And heavy rocks too.

Stupid game!

hi there


Tomb Escape Walkthrugh:

1. Go to left of rocks push button with 2 dots
2. Go to opened shadowy recess in wall (not low hole).
3. In recess push button on left wall.
4. Go through low hole.
5. On right-hand side push button on top of wall.
6. Go back. On left of rocks (where first button was) pick up dynamite.
7. Blow up rocks.
8. Walk behind where rocks were. Enter microsoft. Button depresses itself
9. Walk out (1 step). Look towards left of large shadowy section (where second button was). Go there. Anywhere else resets the whole thing and you'll have to restart.
10. Click again. You should see open door. Leave.

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