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The Island: Stranded Walkthrough

The Island: Stranded

While at sea, you and your crew find yourself in the middle of the storm. The storm waged and the ship began to fall apart. Luckily you survived and woke up in a strange island. All you need to do is survive.

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       Anonymous  9/15/06, 4:08 PM  



1.go south 2.go south once more 3.head into the woods 4.further in 5.take a right 6.further in 7.go in the shack 8.under the green sheet metal there is a match box take it 9.go back to the fork in the road 10.take a left this time 11.go on in 12.go upstairs 13. take the dead guys key 14.click the dark gray dot on the door 15. take the dynomite 16.go back to where you started 17. this time go north 18.again 19.click to the next piece of land to place the board down 20.click again to go to LEVEL 2!


1.click the cave with all the bricks inside 2.click the bricks 3.head on in the cave 4.enter the darkness 5.take a left 6.pull the power switch 7.click where the blood is 8. take the note 9.head back to the fork hall 10.take a right 11.click the engine thing 12.click the little box 13.click the green door 14.open the elevator and enter 15.go right 16.take the cord on the table 17.go back to the fork hall 18.go strait this time 19.go outside 20.click the engine and !!!YAY!!! you beat The Island... for now...

hope this helped

every time i try to leave the building, after getting the key and dynomite, i step on a mine and blow up. argh, can't get out of it!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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