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Hacker Puzzle Walkthrough

Hacker Puzzle

There is no link to page 2! How on earth will you find page 2 without a handy link taking you to it? You have to think like a hacker! To get to page 2, you'll have to play around with the web address (URL) of this page. Change it a little, then go there. If you're right, you'll get the next page. If you're wrong, you'll get an ugly error message.

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       Anonymous  10/23/06, 5:58 AM  

Sian= quite easy. to get to;


page 2 = hacker/2.(html)

page 3 = hacker/three.(html)

page 4 = hacker/iv.(html)

page 5 = hacker/evif.(html)

page 6 = hacker/ssiixx.(html)

page 7 = hacker/7777777.(html)

page 8 = hacker/neptune.(html)

page 9 = hacker/neun.(html)

page 10 = hacker/oct.(html)

page 11 = hacker/jack.(html)

page 12 = hacker/tWeLvE.(html)

the next one should be

page 13 = hacker/169.(html)

but it comes up black i dont know if thats the endor its wrong or a clue?

       Jenn  10/23/06, 6:45 AM  

Try highlighting the page !!!
I'm stuck at number 15!

You have to highlight the black screen to get the clue.

Page 14 = hacker/number14.(html)

After that I'm stuck.

       Anonymous  10/23/06, 7:49 AM  











       Anonymous  10/23/06, 7:52 AM  

for buchanan look up a list of presidents. after that should be sedecim. that is latin for 16. find a translator on the web.

       Anonymous  10/23/06, 7:54 AM  

forgot my name Sian, yeah i eventually found number 14, the 15 is french the next presidents , then latin number bla bla bla bla i found the science one the best one potassium based on the periodic table

CONGRATULATIONS !!GREAT JOB!! You have completely solved the TopTechSite Hacker Puzzle!

i have done it by cheating only on lincoln...lolz...

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