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Another point-'n'-click stickman adventure game like Hapland series. You need to point and click right places at right times to help the stickman to free the ballon.

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Free the balloon – LEVEL 1 WALKTRHOUGH:

1. open the door of the grey room with the bell in front of it, simply click the “doorknoob”.
2. click on the worker with the milkshake. another guy appear and goes into the grey room.
3. click on grey button in front of the the black lever in the grey room.
4. click the black lever. the box move to the left.
5. fire the gun below the other grey room on the left side. the box will fall down and the first rope will be removed from the ballon.
6. pull the black lever again and push the grey button for the next “bombbox”. move the box to the left (push the black lever again).
7. now you need a good timing to complete the first level: push the button on the left grey house (there is a cable with electric bulb on the end).
8. push the grey button in the house with the black guy and the lever to drop your bomb. you have to drop the bomb right after push the “electric bulb button (step 7).
9. done – your balloon is free.


1. Click the rock to the left of the man.
2. Click the button in front of the man to lower the bridge.
3. Click the door to open it.
4. Click the man to exit the door.

"The Factory" – LEVEL 3 WALKTRHOUGH:

1. Press the man to the bottom left.
2. Press on the truck lift so the man gets on.
3. Press on lever on the upper right 4 times. A red barrel appears and blows up the top 3 boxes.
4. Press on lever again (red barrel will appear). When it is on the end of the track, press the bar under it (the boxes the to the left will blow up) you must do this two times so that there will be one box left on the second level.
5. Press the lever in the truck.
6. press the buttom a little bit to the right of the lever (near mans hand).
7. Press the man on the lift.
8. Press on the man again
9. Press the box a bit left of the man
10. Press the man that just got lifted up
11. Press the 4 to the left of the man.
12. click on the hook to the left of the red barrel.
13. Press on the man that just threw the plane
14. Press on the plane again and you are catapulted to the roof.

"On the Roof" – LEVEL 4 WALKTRHOUGH:

1. Click man on 2nd level so that he moves the green box.
2. Click on arrow on bottom so that it moves up.
3. Click man at bottom so that he shoots the arrow.
4. Click on man who shot arrow.
5. Click man again.
6. Click sitting man on top.
7. Click man on right so he walks across platform.
8. Click him again to climb rope.
9. Click lever which opens the door.
10. Click man at top near red ball.
11. Click man sitting on green box.

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