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$wag is another point and click game. You have to help the thief to search every places and find somethings to thieve. So, this is not suitable for the kids.

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       Anonymous  10/24/06, 3:52 PM  

GREAT game!!! Sometimes goes a bit slow, but it's worth your patience! Nice Job with the voices!

       Anonymous  11/6/06, 9:39 AM  

Cool game! I hope someone creates another $wag game with more items to steal more places to go and more useful objects

       Anonymous  11/24/06, 3:05 PM  

can someone post a walk-through!!

       Anonymous  11/24/06, 5:36 PM  


Room1:Use device, press button till Freeze.
Use Fridge to get key, leave room to the right,
take watch, use key with door.
In the dialog with Phat Ed you get your first burglar tool, depending on wich job you have.
THIEF -Lockpick -Red House on map
LOOTER -Hook and rope -Purple House on map
LOWLIFE -Crowbar -Green House on map
CROOK -Steel Axe -Blue House on map

Every crib got one tool you need to get in.
You can buy a new tool after each crib done from tool-ted in the main area.
To get to the cribs, click on the map in your inventory and choose one. You have to be in the main area (where your apartment is) to get to a crib. Once you are in, you can't go out. And you won't have to.

CRIB Lockpick:

Use lockpick with frontdoor.
Go to the upper room and take the hammer. for a funny movie use the hammer with the nuke.
(leave room to the right twice.) In the room with the metal door go down [click behind the hud if necessary *sry*] and you'll find one of Roy's lil' brothers, Rufus. HAMMER - Give it to Rufus. KEY - Use with metal door. LEMON - Use with blender. Use Blender to get lemon-juice. LEMON JUICE - Use with empty can.
Use PURITY-BOMB with EMPTY-CAN. USE strange metal container to get GUM-BALL. Use GUM-BALL with SHUT-DOOR. TAKE CAN. USE CAN WITH SHUTDOOR. for a funny movie use the hammer with the nuke.

swag locactions:
ring: give hammer to rufus
medals: in room left of rufus
bfg: big gun on the wall
cd player: the stereo in the room behind metal door.
helmet: on table in room behind metal door

CRIB Steel Axe:
Use SteelAxe with Metal-Grille. When the windmill isnt moving, you won't get electrified.
Back to the beginning.

swag locactions:
unreal thing: triangular thing on shelf with brain
aids cure: follow instructions
glasses: upstairs
microscope: room right of safe
kings skull: in safe, use blowtorch on bird to get combination

CRIB Hook and Rope:
Go to the left, near the bust to get to the BALCONY. Use HOOK AND ROPE with BALCONY. Go further, down stairs. USE HACKY-SACK with VASE. TAKE KEY out of VASE. USE KEY with DOOR upstairs. USE LITTLE CABINET to get a CD and a NOTE. USE NOTE with CELL-PHONE. USE CD with SOUNDSYSTEM. USE SOUNDSYSTEM to hear four notes that you need to play on the piano to get the GRAMMY. G-E-C-Cis
swag locactions:
microphone: in first room
golden record: in room with hackey sack
wine: use phone number from bedroom on phone, it automatticly appears in your swag bag when you do this
painting: in bedroom
violin: in bedroom
grammy: play notes on piano

CRIB Crowbar:

Go to the room with the sleeping dude. TAKE the SPLIFF. Go further to the room with the three monkey heads. USE SPLIFF with THREE MONKEYS. USE BOWL-LID. TAKE OPIUM. USE OPIUM with HOOKAH. Go to the kitchen. TAKE LIGHTER and KNIFE. USE KNIFE with FUNKY SEAT. USE LIGHTER with THREE MONKEYS.

swag locactions:
golden buddha: romm with 3 monkeys
secret stash: slash bean bag in tv room
lava lamp: can someone remind me where this is
necklace: can someone remind me where this is
goldfish:can someone remind me where this is

       slash  12/10/06, 2:33 PM  

my own walkthrough with everything including the places of the objects to steal

-first choose an option
option 1 crook (steel axe)
option 2 lowlife (crowbar)
option 3 looter (hook and rope)
option 4 thief (lockpick)

-after all the talking about the past freeze the man and open the fridge and recieve keys
-go left and take watch and open door with keys

- go to first house and use axe on chain when windwill is stopped
-go to kitchen ant take juice can and crackers
-upstairs take glasses
-go to lab and pick pippete and strange triangle
-use can on scientist stuff and choose three colors:green,red,yellow
-get the aids cure
start going left and stop when you reach the end and pick scope and gas can
-use gas on blowtorch and take it
-give crackers to parrot and use blowtorch with him
-open safe and take skull

-use crowbar on bus and use keys on exit door
-use keys again on apartment door
-take necklace and goldfish and go front
-go in the room and take spliff
-go out and continue going left
-go in the other room and open bowl and take opium and lamp
-use opium with hookah (sweet dreams!)
-take tv and enter the kitchen
-take lighter and knife
-go back and use knife on seat
-go in the second room use spliff and next use lighter on three headed monkeys and take buddha

-go to 3rd house and to backyard and use hook and rope on balcony
-take micro and go left and go down the stairs
-play piano (5th white, 3rd white,1st white,1st black) and take grammy
-take record and sack
-use sack on vase and take key
go left,left again,up the stairs and use key on door
-take violin and painting
-take number from drawer and use it on phone in the grammy room

-go to last house
-use lockpick on door
-go to upper room and take hammer
-go to bedroom and before going in take medals
-use hammer on brother
-use key on steel door and go in
-take lemon and radio
-use container and recieve gum
-take gun and go to room in front
-take helmet and purity bomb
-use lemon on blender
-take blender and use it and use bomb on can and take it
-use gum on door and then use can

hints: buy things at ted's shop

funny things on the game:
ron's phrases especially when he steals
ron's twin brother
explosion in the 4rd house after using hammer on bomb
dealer's voice
dealer's answers to everything that ron steals
the past scene
the diamond scene
the conclusion (cutscene)

how do u do the part with the aids cure? i cant get the green red and yellow to create aids cure or mix together.

in the house wich u need hook and rope to get in i got all prizes except grammy and it freaks me out! i listen to the sound system with CD then i got tp play on piani and i have no idea what to play! please help me please

yess got it!!!! tyvm slash thanx!!!
lol i didnt see your comment at first just after i checked all comments i saw yours and its really clear and bright i finished game!!!!!!!!! thanke as you

how do u leave the house [hook and rope]?

in the lockpick house it won't let me go into the brothers room

help!imstuck in the crowbarhouse after the part were you get the fish and pearl necklace!i cant find the exits!plz som1 help me.

um where the fuck is the SPLIFF?!?!?!?!? i cant fuckin find it in the room where the dude is!

I used the information from the walkthrough for the scientiest house but it's not working ! Why?

how so you combinate green red and yellow

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