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Terminal House Escape Walkthrough

Terminal House Escape

[REPLAY] TerminalHouse - Terminal House Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Gump for Terminal House. In this game, you try to search around the room to find items, clues, hints and solve puzzles in order to escape the terminal house. Good luck and have fun!

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Terminal House Walkthrough
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Camera is connected but now I need the code. I can't translate the japanese numbers in the book :-(

At the end of the book you see letters. Those resemble letters I think. The code should be 78542917 then.
Try it out, because I get no data out of the camera :( and need help to :P

is there anything over the can dispenser?

where do you click for the hook under the sofa? i can't seem to find where to:(

oh my geeze. where is the golden coin that your supposed to get after u play the camera game? or how many points do u need to get it. because i can't find it, and i got a score of 230

yea where do u click on the couch to get the hook?

were do u click to get the hook under the sofa?

have to be looking at the projector and the sofa and click on the bottom of it where the metal rack and sofa meet

towards the left side of it... um not the actual side though. um.. almost a straight shot back from the leg of the table thing that the projector's on.

i can't get the computer to turn on now!

how do you get the computer on?

to turn on the computer, u plug in the camera and press the space button... the long one at the bottom

I don't think I'll ever beat the arm.

       Anonymous  1/19/07, 10:49 PM  

it it sooo hard to beat the arm!! seriously, i just quit after that because i realized wasting my time!
anyway for those that still want to play here is what you do:
to turn the computer on press the space bar(thats the long one at the bottom) if it doesnt turn on then refresh the screen because you might have a bug(worked for me) once you get your computer on type in the code. If your pictures were good enough then click on the big button on the right. it should slide open and you can pick up a coin. go to the drinking machine and pick a drink. zoom out and get it out of the slot. click on it, open the top, then click it again to drink it. now get the blue key that was taped ot the projecter screen and focus it to the little hook on the wall above the green desk. now this is the hard part...the arm wrestling... you have to press your arrow keys according to which circle is coming down. only press the arrow keys when it is on the circle...

lol.. completed the game in 5 minutes ^^ ty for all the tips

how do u get the hook from under the sofa

how do you look under the where exactelly in detail do you click?

I cant beat the freakin robot arm i have been trying for like 2 weeks

Plz tell me if their is a easier way. TY!!!!!!


In detail, where exactly do you click to get under the couch?

i beat the arm guys u go far from the projector and clik right under the left stub under the sofa the bgames hard. email me at

how can i turn on again the machine for the gold coin it not respond pressing space bar

this is about the other game "save pooky" where is the last freakin puzzle piece


       Anonymous  1/20/07, 6:38 PM  

to beat the robot arm u have to keep pushin the buttons and somehow forme a prple thing kept coming down and it helped a lot!!!

i cant get under the damn sofa!!

i cant get the golden coin
its hard...

i can get to the arm but i freakin can't beat thatn stupid arm. and when you get to the hookl part you click on the couch then you click under the couch and theres a hook right there. but how in the world did you beat the arm i can't even beat it once i have no clue how you beat it twice

ok i got to the robot arm now i have to beat him right so i was doin good then this purple thing came dwn and i lost it sux

i finally beat it im so happy its over

to get the hook from under the sofa, you have to be in the zoomed out view (where you can see the front of the projector. click on the couch shadow directly behind the rear left-hand leg of the projector cart.

I found the arm wrestling to be extremely easy, and I even beat it without the energy drinks. All you need an ounce of hand eye coordination and press the correct arrow keys at the appropriate time.

i think i have tried beating the robotic arm about 10 times. i have used the red drink, and even used both before, but no luck. is there something i missed??

HELP!?! Can someone tell me why when I click the "play" button for game, I get a white screen only?? Am I the only one who can't seem to get the game up to play?? What am I doing wrong??

dang u guys suck at the arm wrestling game!!!!! i beat it on my third try!!!! it was FREAKING easy!!! omg

i used 1 energy drink and beat the robot arm!! this is hilarious to c so many ppl that cant beat the arm!!!!!

dang i exited accidentally and now i gotta start over

i cant get under the couch is there a certain place to click


yes, wen u have the projector facing u click in the shadows under the sofa right wer the shadow and the post of the stand meet...really easy

where do u click on the projector to plug the cable in. i cant seem to find it

the password for the printer doesnt work!!!

i beat the regular arm wreastler no problem but that robotic arm i cannot beat at all. i took the red energy drink and everything i dunno wat elso to do ne sugestions.

how many points do you need from the pictures to get the coin?

i got 3 freat photos of santa running fast. then i took the camra and hooked it yp to the labtop. then i pressed the space bar'/NOTHING HAPPNED!!!!!. i am so mad!! some1 please help me!! spoilers welcome!!

I had to restart the game to get the computer to work after I had hooked the camera up, because there was a glitch or something. And I found it really easy to beat the arms if you just clicked like mad. Don't try to match the blue dot with the red dot, just click like crazy on the correct column until the dot explodes and move on to the next one. Trying to time it to match up exactly is kind of waste of time when clicking too much doesn't incur a penalty.

So like... in the UFO thingie... yeah i managed to get a red with cows for 7800 points.. i've beaten game.... but for kicks i went back to play more... i have NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER seen a caveman or a santa in this..... why the hell did this part have to be soo BORING and tedious?!?!

i cant get past the arm i get stuck i f**** suck aT THAT PART

i cant connect the camera how do u


i cant get the drnk the machine is jammed or something. is it even that important??

i cant find the bloody blue key!!!!!!!

how to look under the sofa

gahd!! the robot arm is just hard but yeah do the energydrinks even help that much??

how do i get the hook from under the couch

arm wresting: if you just bang on all three arrow keys simultaneously, it's easier to beat.

to get under the sofa, you have to be zoomed out from where you lift the cushions. if you line your pointer up against the edge of the projector stand and click on the bottom edge of the sofa, you should be able to get under it.

it is a boring game , however, there is a big hint:
dring as much as you can energy drinks max. 5 times so you get the max power and you easily beat the arm. so you should take shots 5 times to get the coins and drink it takes time and it's boring but it works

i beat it, its easy!!

To beat each of the arms in the wall easily, just hold all three keys down on the arrow pad at once before it starts. You win.

I don't get it.. when i come to the arm and click on it, i get "do you fight?". I select YES and the PHOTO screen comes up where I take pictures (even if the camera is still connected to the money machine). When/how do I get to see the bubbles you all talk about?!?! I've restarted the game too, no help.

Wtf! when i try to fight the arm, i press yes, and then it takes me to the picture thing! and if i have the disk out then it doesnt work!!!! help i need suggestions!!!

how do i connect de camera 2 de machine

how can i connect the camera to the machine

Could someone please post a screenshot of the damn pipe puzzle solution, pleeaasse.

If you can't beat the arms just keep getting coins. you can drink more than one energy drink, if you get 5 of both red and blue you can beat the robot arm in about 5 button pushes

There are no cavemen or santas and the freaking ufos never abduct enough to turn red!!!! I can't get 10000 points!!!!

Put in the red disk, wait till you see the UFO ubduct 2 or more cows or people. then it turns red or blue. snap the pictures then. you will get over 10,000 points with 3 red ufo's. go to the machine and drink a red drink with the gold coin you get. when you fight the robotic arm, keep going as long as possible because 30-40 seconds into the fight, you will get super strength. you will know when you have super strenght when you see purple streaks move down the screen. then it will become so much easier to beat it. so stay in the fight as long as possible!

Only took me 2 trys on the robot arm it was easy

i cant figure out the camera part

I give up.. the robot arm got the better of me .. ive been clicking for what seems hours and got so frustrated i almost flung my laptop.. i think ive got clickers finger now lol.. *looks for a valium and heads to a less agitating game*

If you are having trouble with the robot arm, just keep pressing all the keyboard buttons at once.

If you keep up a fast pace of tapping you'll be sure to nail every dot and win.

What red disk? How do I drink that blue drink? This is so friggin hard!!

You need to have good enough pictures to be able to drink the blue drink.

The red disk comes later on in the game.

How far have you gotten whitneyalam?

lol, if you get blue and red drinks maxed out, you get a special cut scene.

i cant get the usb cord in the computer thingg.

It it sooo hard to beat the arm !! seriously, i just quit ... its past midnight and i'm sleepy ... good night all.

Try to take pictures of fast things: Santa=good cows=bad cavemen with spear=ok

U need to open(click) the slot on the right side of the computer get the money

To get the hook under the sofa just click the bottom of the sofa

U can drink the drink by clicking it 2 times when it is in ur items place. That is how u examine it. Then you click it again for the top to open. Click it again to drink it. It looks like its still there but it isnt. then click close at the bottom left.

Remember when ur against the arm you have to click it when the moving circles are in the circles that stay there

Also u need to remember when u put the C.D in the projecter u have to press the button first

       Anonymous  8/1/08, 11:49 AM  

thanks Rich the BGC

You have to get atleast 100 points on the first 'photoshoot' to get the 100 coin, it said in the diary; 100 10,000

I was so close to beating the arm! Blech, lol, I just realized you have to hit the key when the circles hit the other circles, I was like, 'Ohhh, thats why I'm losing every time,' lol xDD

       Anonymous  10/31/08, 12:16 PM  

Just hold down all three arrow keys at once to beat the arm. Don't let go til it says you won.

Icant look under the couch. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!:(

       Anonymous  3/28/09, 5:28 AM  

to beat the arm hold down all 3 keys without letting go. to find the hook you need to put the blue cd in the machine/projector connect the camera with the usb cable then click where the metal legs on the projector meet the bottom of the couch without zooming in.

       Anonymous  3/28/09, 5:39 AM  

push down hard on the keys for the arm so you dont mess up. to get the coin its when you get anything more than 30 points you get a coin its to the of the keys on the computer and click on it, it will open and you get your coin

Darn game! The stupid robot arm is giving me a headache. IT's not that I can't beat it... its that the game hangs for just a split second and I lose. It skips every now and then just when Im winning...

       Anonymous  7/5/09, 8:58 AM  

How do you plug the projector in? and where?

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 8:30 AM  

i cant bloody get the computer on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soz everybody i need help!

       Anonymous  10/30/09, 8:33 AM  

u plug the progector in the plug near the progecter

What the freak!!!!
I can't press the freaking space bar on the computer/yellow cupboard!
If you don't, I will...
XXX-cut off-XXX

The hot spot is a tiny little spot between the rack and sofa. ridiculously small. How high a score do you freaking need to get the coin. Do you have to restart if you fail or is the hot spot some pixel I can not find.

*calls the creator a bad name*

I second the bad name!:P
I suck at photography! (I was never good at it)

And it's not only a matter of photographing, but also how fast you can react! This ugly viewfinder moves so irrationally that it's hard to keep the thing calm!

I can always get 9.800 points, but never 10.000.
And it happened that I had a red UFO w/a caveman and still only got 2.500 points. That's very unfair.

Ohhhh, I like this one! Great intro sequence and the idea of the arm-wrestling challenge is most inventive. (although I must say it's bloody annoying too!)

1. Go to the little cupboard and get the camera and the book out of the top drawer.
2. Read the book (double click on it) Take a note of the large letters at the end.
3. Look under the sofa to get a long hook.
4. Look under the sofa cushions to get a blue disc and a USB cable.
5. Examine the camera and click to open the USB port. Connect the USB cable to it.
6. Use the hook to pull down the screen. Get the little blue ket taped to the bottom of the screen.
7. Go round to the drinks machine and use the hook again to get the cable from off the top.
8. Go to the projector and plug it in using the cable.
9. Open the disc player (you need to click the button) and insert the blue disc.
10. Face the screen and turn the lights off.
11. Select the camera and click on the screen.
12. You now need to take three good photos. Photos that score good points are of fast moving targets, so the little cavemen make good shots.
13. When you've got your three photos, turn the lights back on and go to the little machine on the yellow cupboard.
14. Focus in on the right hand side of it and connect the camera up.
15. Click the 'space bar' button on the machine and it should as for the code.
16. As someone as already said, the letters in the book equate to the code, i.e. a=1 b=2 etc. so the code is 78542917
17. Enter the code and click the 'space bar' again. Your photos will be downloaded and you'll get some points for them depending on their quality.
18. If your photos are good enough you should be rewarded with a coin from the slot on the right hand side of the machine. Don't forget the camera and go to the drinks machine.
19. Insert the coin and choose a blue drink.
20. Select the drink and click to pop the top. Click it again to drink it.
21. Face the little green table and focus in on the little hook on the wall.
22. Click the hook with the blue key to reveal the arm wrestling machine.
23. What you need to do is hit the spot that decend on the right of the screen at the point they hit the circles. You can use the mouse or the arrow keys, but this is hard! Practice makes perfect and the energy drink does make it easier. (honestly it does!)
24. When you eventually win! collect the red key from the little drawer.
25. Go to the cupboard and unlock the bottom drawer. Collect the key and red disc.
26. Go to the projector and insert the red disc.
27. You'll now get a different scene on the screen that includes UFOs. You need to get three good photos again. As the UFOs scan up the cows (or are they horses?) they change colour, the more they change colour the more valuable they are. If they scan up a caveman or santa then they go red and are worth the most points.
28. Download your photos into the machine as before. If you score over 10,000 points you'll get a gold coint.
29. Use the gold coin in the drinks machine to get a red can of drink.
30. Drink the drink and then site down at the arm westling machine again.
31. Take the second key and put it on the hook again. The arm westler will now change to a robotic arm.
32. You'll need to fight and beat this arm again (oh no!)
33. When you've won get the gold key and unlock the door! Freedom!


Hillarious: "Can't move in the darkness" it say when you're trying to turn while the lamp's switched off. WTF - how dumb you must be to be unable to turn in the dark??? :D

I got quite easily to the point where the arm wrestling part comes - and that's where the game loses all its entertainamnt capacity and turns into something with no fun factor at all. Giving up quite easily at that point. I know I'll never beat that thing.

Putting a "puzzle" in an escape game that requires these kinds of skills is the best way for a 1-start rating.

Haven't heard from Gump in a long time. Is he still around? I really like his planet series, but his website hasn't been updated since 2012.

I find you get much higher scores for having 2 complete characters in the frame.

Ok, try to get as many cavemen/cows/santas in the shot at once, as close to the middle of the frame as possible, not too far left or right- up and down don't seem to matter. And after 5 blue drinks I can beat the arm in with two seconds without trying..

Thansk Elmer for the 5 drinks hint. I allmost stoped playing this game. With 5 drinks you have to only hit that ring like five times

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