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God Tower - The Skill of God Walkthrough

God Tower - The Skill of God

GodTower - The Skill of God is another flash-based online riddle game. In this riddle, you have to find and use passwords to complete levels. To do that you have to use your brain and search for the clues.

Play God Tower - The Skill of God

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Got the first one but now stuck on the tarot card!

First one .... think capital city.

I didn't not understand that game at all, probably because it was in different language or something.

No gamer_girl, not in another language .... backwards (incl. the map).

Find the capital of the country where the plane is, and that is also a place that resides in an area of +4.30 GMT.

That first puzzle was horrible. The plane wasn't anywhere near that capital city. Even when you consider that the map is backward, it was just plain wrong.

The thing is, Ruby, is that there's only one country that is completely in the +4.30 GMT timezone.


1) Kabul
that is ll i got stuck on the third one

now i'm stuck on the third level.

so the first levels is screwed up, the second, is way too easy, and no one has beaten the third? wow some game

my boyfriend and i figured out level 3.

draw each of the times out on a clock. with the hour, minute, and second hands.

that should give you the password

to get to level 3 enter evilcat that should work ask about me if you have problems the e-mail is gifter_villanueva@yahoo.com.ph
now do anyone have idea for level 78?

to get to level 3 enter evilcat that should work ask about me if you have problems the e-mail is gifter_villanueva@yahoo.com.ph
now do anyone have idea for level 78?

i was stuck at lvl 12, can anyone tell me the password?

i'm stuck at lvl 12, can anyone give me the password, or help me how to figure it out

hey guys, please help me at level 5?

level 5 password is balrog

lvl 6=train
lvl 7 = stickykeys
lvl 8 = hut

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please help me for lvl 18 :)

what is the password for lvl 10 ?
i got the code but i can't find the country name.

help im stuck in #10

10# = tontarn
does anybody know what 11# is, the director aint dead yet

this is urgent, i really cant figure this one out

guys this is urgent im really stuck on level 11

11# sword fish is the movie n dominic sena is the director.
we need 2 check his death date through deathclock.com its comes out 2 be feb 5, 2023

lvl11 = 52023

im stuck on lvl 4

help on 12. don't know what to do

Please, i need lvl 4

lvl 12: acup

lol i finished 16 lvls in 1 day & i am searching for help in #17 , dun make me think i am genius LOL

how about level 3?

hey, im stuck on lvl 9, can you help me wif the answer? please.

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