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AN Escape Series 2 - The Closet Walkthrough

AN Escape Series 2 - The Closet

[REPLAY] AN Escape Series #2 - The Closet aka Escape the Closet is the second episode of p-n-c Escape the Car room escape game created by Shawn Tanner for Afro-Ninja. Like in the first part of this series, you have to escape from the room by finding and using objects with clues. Good luck!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape the Closet Walkthrough
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go right once and there is a letter on the wall, read it and learn by memory ,click on the lines at the bottom to get a clue "The key to time is in time itself".(for the moment …mah..)

go right once more, open the jacket and get the gold watch
take the empty coat hanger
click on the bottom of the screen to go down, you will see a toolbox and a picture
pick up the picture, get crowbar and tin snips from toolbox .

use tin snips on hanger and use hanger wire on watch to open it, pull the tab on the side of the watch to set the time on the watch to the time on the clock in the picture (about 3:35 short hand just after the three and long hand on the 7, you will have to play around with it to get it right) when you have it set right, the side of the watch opens giving you a key..(eeh!..)

once you have the key, click on the top of the screen to face the ceiling, use crowbar to remove the boards covering the panel, use key on panel to open it

after opening the panel, you are now in another room with a light that is flickering and a lever. pull the lever and go back to the room..it has changed.
pick up envelope on the shelf, open it and read the letter (look the date!!!)
get personal organizer from pocket of blue coat
go right to read note on wall (this tells you what the password is for the personal organizer, which is 111787, the date of the letter in the envelope! )

go left to face the coat again and click on the bottom of the screen to see the floor, pick up shoehorn(useless for me) and then use the personal organizer to get the key to the box (input the password, key is inside the organizer)

take ring out of box, go to door

click on ring, and click on the ruby part until it comes off, combine ruby with the wire from the coat hanger and put it in the space above the doorknob...

out to enjoy the Saturday night.

escaped in 6 min and 19 seconds thanks to your walkthrough...
thanks man!!

Great little game and nice walkthrough Beppe!


The Beer Glass Collector

Wow.. Did R. Kelly do this?

1:47 is my time




just got 1:14


It took me almost 11 minutes (without walkthrough).
Easy and funny game. Nice feature that you can see your time ;)

wow,i escaped in 19min thanks that
was great
verry nice game

It´s there any difference between the door in the 1st room, and the door in the 2nd room??... any... bonus... or... ???.

Dude thankz to ur walkthrough I escaped in 1 minute and 53 seconds, u rule.


I don't understand people who play Escape the Room games and just play it along with reading the walktrough. You have to at least try solving it for your self, just use the walktrough if you're completely stuck

Turn twice
get the coathanger
click on the front center of the coat
get the pocketwatch
click on the bottom of the screen (to look down)
examine the photograph, look at the clock in it
click on the toolbox
open the toolbox
get the wirecutters
click again to lift up the tray in the toolbox
get the crowbar
in inventory, click on the wirecutters, then click on the coat hanger
Click on the pocketwatch to examine it, then click on the wire rod, then click on the cover latch of the watch (at the bottom of the watch)
click on the watch dial
set the time to 3:35
click on the key
click "return", then click out to normal view
click at the top of the screen to see the ceiling
click on the crowbar, then on the boards
Click on the
key, then on the hatch lock
PULL THE LEVER! (in caps, in case you didn't know what to do with a lever. :) )
click the hatch to go back down. OOh, blue!
click the shirt pocket
Get the Personal Organizer
click down to see the floor
Read the letter, note the date
Click on the personal organizer
Enter "111787" and click enter
Get the key
click return
click on the box
unlock the box with the key
get the ring
examine the ring
click the stone 5 times until it falls off
click the stone in inventory, then combine with wire rod
zoom out, turn to the door, and use the gem on the stick to open.

Great game, great game. Although it wasn't that hard. This game is like the only game i kinda solved by myself without walkthroughs haha x)

I was on another site doing this and i could nottt figure it out, i got to like the veryyy last part, and i entered the date as the password and shiz and it didnt work.. this would have been the first thing i solved without help. Gaygaygay.

WOWEE!!!!!!I DID IT!!!!I PASSED THE GAME IN 10:30 WITHOUT HELP!!!!!MY FIRST TIME EVER!!!!WOOPWOOP!!!GO DIAMOND ITS UR BIRTHDAY NOT FO REAL REAL JUST FOR PLAY PLAY!!!!!!!!really easy game.if i can pass it w/o a walkthrough u can too =3

I got the game in 1:16!!!!!!!!!!! in your face (just kidding ;)

I got the game in 1:16 sec. yeah!

I got the game in 1:16 sec. yeah

I got the game in 1:16 sec thx beppe1

I said a lot sry peeps

just did the game 59 sec. Wat!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it in 48 seconds beat that

505-9219 is the presidents phone number, if it`s not you o me 50 "dolla"

did it in 1:14

thanks 4 the walkthrough

54 seconds, but I'm not sure if I can beat 48

27 seconds BEAT THAT

I thought this was really good.

4 minutes and 54 seconds for me!!

I could do it again in a better time, but I couldn't be bothered!! XD

after about three weeks... IVE FOUND IIIIIIT !!! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

what's the horn for? i hate random objects :P

took me 14 mins without walkthrough.....took ur help... for combining ruby with wire... it took most of my time..

o yah 38 seconds for me. relle easy game ecspecially when u have photographic memory but then again being coulor blind doesnt help either.

o man 27 seconds is almost imposible ur a lier negro u bitch!!! lier lier lier ill kill u in ur sleep

1:00 exactly.. and thats real not like 27 seconds..

1:45 i dont think thats to bad and at least im telling the truth 27 it takes about 10 seconds to pull the lever in the loft u idiot

yey 1:17 my best one so far i always forget the code for the planner slows me down a bit but not by much

1:00 exactly o yes woot woot canny good like

56 getin better
but i cant be bothered to try again lol

       Anonymous  12/11/07, 5:17 PM  

1:00 flat!

2 points
First, I agree with Haftor (back in feb) if you need a walkthrough from the time you hit the start, why play?
Second, Myléne if you don´t know what a horn is used for, keep playing point and click!!
Loved the game (without walkthrough)- stupid comments (well most)

thax to u i got 43 seconds. u rule

i did it in 15:21 is that bad?
i did it w/o the walkthrough!!yey!

I luv this game lol :) I got 7min 29

WOO HOO! Thanks to bppe1 and his walkthrough, i escaped in 5 mins and 19 seconds! Thanks beppe1. If anyone wants to add me on msn, its RETRO.caitlin@hotmail.com

WOO HOO! Thanks to beppe1 and his walkthrough, i escaped in 5 mins and 19 seconds! Thanks mate!

woooooooooo i did it in 15 seconds

im amazing

       Anonymous  5/15/08, 3:23 PM  

I escaped in 1 minute and 45 seconds... YEAH!

hey ppl!


35 seconds bay bay!

       Anonymous  7/2/08, 7:55 PM  

Wow this was even easy enough for me :) Woo!!

I Got It In 45 seconds nd neogro
No Way You Can Get It In 27 Seconds

Gjorde det på 2 min. Tack för hjälpen.

       Anonymous  8/14/08, 12:11 PM  

ohh baby, 8 minutes without walkthrough. normally i don't understand this games, i'm proud :D

wow i got 18 at first without then 6 with then 2 16 the best time i play this all the time and couldnt figure it out but thanx to u i did

i escaped in 1:53!!!!!!!!!!!

i got out in 3:37 without the walkthrough it was heka eaz

I got out in 1 min. and 16 sec.! I LOVE this game!!!

Yes i beat my record again! 1 min. and 2 sec.!!!!!!

this was stupid its not that exciting so i think you should make one funner!

O/m/g i know on Addicting games this isn't supposed to be a scary game but I WAS SO FREAKED OUT!!!! i am with all the escape games... XD
I was shaking so much - 6:51

on my first try i got 8:39 WITHOUT WALK THOUGH. <:op no way NEOGREO COULD HAVE BEAT IT IN 27 seconds!!!!! that impossible.

       Anonymous  7/28/11, 6:04 PM  

1:27 baby :) i was ashamed..it took me 10 minutes WITH walkthrough...well not really..because i did most of it without the walkthrough

haha, 7 mins, 36 secs!!! woo! thanks soooo much, these things are really helpful :D
am now going to try again....

2 mins, 34 secs!!!


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