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[REPLAY] Neutral - Sphere Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Neutral. In this game, again you are trapped in a room and you need to escape from the locked room by searching and finding items and clues. You have to look everywhere in the room to find items. Then use them to figure out the game. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Sphere Escape Walkthrough
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got the picture, got the diagram to open the combo box (though it doesn't work), got the hook, got the little brown piece of leather or something like that, got the glass, got the box with the big and the little hole in it, got 3 white marbles, 2 green, 1 red and 1 grey.

Where the hell do I go from here?

Check out the books on the desk. I've gotten somewhat further along, but now I am completely stumped.

Look through the books. You'll notice that in one of them, the pages are ripped out. That's your hint for the combo box.

I believe I've done everything up to the puzzle that uses all the marbles. I'm completely stuck on how to get past it.

what is the deal with the painging on the wall. it look as though there is a whole in the wall around it.


Zoom into desk, Look around the right side and get WADDED-UP PAPER. Open up paper and note what is written and the pattern of the torn edge.

View top of desk and look at each of the three books, they all contain clues.


Tear in the red book, also color of swatch.
The hibernating frog being awakened by rain.
The cube diagrams.

Zoom out and go look at coffee table by couch. Pick up: KITTY PICTURE stuck to bottom and GRAY ORB. Note Picture frame.

Zoom out to view of pot plant. Get DIRT CLUMP and GREEN ORB.

Look under couch, get CRAYON. Look under couch cushions, get REACHING ROD, and WHITE ORB.

Look beside right of couch, get WHITE BOX and 2nd GREEN ORB.

Look at drawers in corner of room, get 2nd WHITE ORB. Open drawer and get GLASS.

Open red book, use crayon on it, note the flower and color.

Open bottom desk drawer, press squares like diagram according to its orientation if it were to match up to the tear in the red book. Get GOLD KEY.

Use Key on green drawer of desk. Get SCREW DRIVER.

Look over behind the potted plant and use screwdriver on vent. Get PALE BLUE KEY, TWO SCREWS, and 3rd WHITE ORB.

Go to drawers, use pale key, get the paper with the rabbit on it. Look carefully at picture, it is not a rabbit. It is a duck. Note color.

Go to desk, bring up cube, select an orb and use to punch holes in top and bottom as indicated in green book. Place under desk to reveal butterfly, Note color.

Look at blue wall and click in open space of wall to find panel. Enter in the appropriate symbol in the color slots. The code does change from game to game. Get SILVER KEY.

Use silver key on yellow door to open up bathroom.

Use the sink to fill glass with WATER. Look at glass and add clump of dirt. Rinse it out in sink to get FROG.

Look on shelves to back of restrooms; get SCALES PIECE, 2nd GRAY ORB, and LAST GREEN ORB (in plant). Next to them, pick up a SHEET OF TOILET PAPER.

Wet the toilet paper in sink.

Go to potted plant in main room. Use damp paper on smudge, note the number.

Go back to bathroom, use code on box. Get the PINK ORB and the BLUE KEY.

Go to desk, use blue key on blue drawer. Note the picture the device in the drawers is a scale, it is broken. Remember the positions and colors of the orbs in the picture, this is the formula to find out the value of the gold orb. Look at diagram of plant.

Look at hanging plant, use reacher rod on it and click around to revel 2nd PINK ORB.

Go to drawers, open top drawer, put piece in missing space and flip over the device, affix the piece you have to it with the screws. Set it upright.

You can use the scales to determine which orbs are heavier, and therefore are a higher value then each other. After experimenting you should find that:

PINK = 1, WHITE =2, GREEN =3, GRAY = 5
And therefore according to the photo you have, Gold = 9

Go to the Tulip picture on the green wall. Use the frog on it as indicated to do in the book to reveal a secret panel. Use the orbs, knowing their values, to complete the equations.

If you do it right it should read:


Press the gray button when you are done. The panel will retract. Step back, there is something on the ceiling now. Use the reaching rod to pull on it and bring down a ladder.

You're on the right track, but you're missing a piece to the puzzle. Check out the books on the desk for a clue.

Thanks for the walkthrough. The final puzzle was making me nuts!

Awsome game, I really enjoyed it and it wasnt even short!

I can't get the cube to get holes punched in it. How do you do that?

you have to turn the cube over by clicking on it, then click on a marble, then click on the bottom to poke a hole. do the same for the top.

i cant seem to click the clump of dirt while im looking at the glass. the window that pops up blocks me from clicking the clump of dirt...

How can I get the cube be placed under table so that make the butterfly revealed

Thanks anyway.
I DİD it.

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I cant open the combo box...it makes me nuts!... Is it supposed that the squares must fit with the parts extracted of the red book?, because i did that, and it doesn't work...please help me =S...how can i open it?

To annabelle5740: Did you fail to see them say: "Please refrain from an exhibition of complete walkthrough until April. thx :)"?
I think that is very ignorant and rude posting a walkthrough when they asked you not to, and I know for a fact you went against their wishes, because to play the game would have had to see them say that, they didn't want a walkthrough post until april.

Can anyone post the direct web address for this game? I cannot get into it either from this site or lazy laces.

hey guys im new to all this..but i think i figured out how to open the box...if you really pay attention to the piece of paper, u need to look at it from a diff angle... think of the buttons as a phone..only with 9 buttons tho... press 1 then 3 then 6 and finally 8 and click the box and you'll have a key to...I DON'T KNOW..lol

wow..finally done! .. that took forever...and i didn't even notice there was a walkthrough until 5 mins after i finished..lol

How do you get the cube under the desk?

where's the 3rd grey orb??

how do you put the box on the desk...it doesn't work

why doesnt the cup fill up with water when i put it under the sink

Do you put the cube down to poke a hole in it? I am at a loss.

CANT open the grey box!!! is it just me or what? Tried everything.... Have the paper with the same marks punched that in to the grey box . But it doesnt work! How do you open the box? Where do I press???? PLEASE HELP!

Never mind... Did it now.... ;)
But the next problem,, Annabelle wrote in her walkthrough:Go to desk, bring up cube, select an orb and use to punch holes in top and bottom as indicated in green book. Place under desk to reveal butterfly, Note color.

Bring up what cube and how??

hey! daoes anybody know how to open the bottom desk drawer, plsssss??? i'm getting crazy!!

I'm having the same problem...not seeing any cubes...

daniel, there's only 1 cube - and it's in the desk - in the drawer..

about the game... jesus, i could never find out about the scales.... until then, ok!... but after that...

good game

"Go to drawers, open top drawer, put piece in missing space and flip over the device, affix the piece you have to it with the screws. Set it upright."

...My screws don't want to fit up anywhere on that 'thing'... It's just flips over every time I come near to it with my screws... help!

i can't get the combo box open and it's driving me nut what buttons do i push to get it opened?

What does it mean by 'use crayon' on red book?
I'm completely stumped.

to use the crayon, go ot the red book, there should be a coloured square then a ripped page. click on the ripped page with the red crayon and a flower should apear.

also, my sink wont work for me! i tried to fill my cup for ages then gve up, tried to wet my toilet roll and that ddnt work either, any hints?

Use the frog? Huh?

how do i fill the glass with water?

Click on the (I don't know the english word for it... that thing where water comes out.. a crane?). You'll see water coming out of it, then click on your glass and click several times on the water/sink and you'll see it filling up.

i'm confused...how do you do the part on the blue wall? with all of the symbols and stuff? cuz i got the butterfly and duck...but what about the other ones?

I can only find 3 white orbs and I'm sure I need 4 for the last puzzle. I have 1 from next to the plant pot, 1 from the draws and one from under the cusions but I can't find the 4th.
Please help me.

by the way ... the cube diagram is on the side of the table (a screwed up paper) many people asked for the right combination

i cant find the vent. People have said its behind a flower pot but which one. e-mail me if u no on;

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i cant get my screws to fit into the little thing that weighs the balls how do i attach the piece?

how do you put the cube on the desk to reveal the butterfly?? i pierced the hole thru' the box, but i can't seem to place it on the desk. any tricks? which desk is it? the DESK with the BOOKS, or the One next to the counch?


is the cube the same thing that you have to enter the code into?

if so how on earth are you supposed to make a hole in it etc?



I separated the frog from the water and now he wont go back in
Can anyone help?!?!?!?


well how th f88k was i supose to figure dat out aww yeah lol i h8 grey balls they are soo anoying lol i lve pink is soo in this time ov year

Wow, a... well, no long but a little difficult. Thanks for the walktrough

Who said... "I can´t open the last drawer"? Is a stupid.

errr, i can only find three green orbs and you need four dont you? help anyone?

ahhh where's the gold marble??

how does one place a cube on the white disc type thing below the desk?

okay, as far as I see, you do not nee to look for the gold marble, it is already given in the puzzle, I mean in the equation that you're gonna solve.

by the way, you really need a fourth green marble, so I am stuck!

To place the cube, first you should punch holes to two sides of the cube by the reaching rod you have.

then, you should click that white small circle (whatever its name) under the desk in order to place the cube. Then, it spontaneously lights on and shows you the butterfly.

By the way, cool game.

normally, I think of myself as a rather smart person, but today, I think I'm dumb. why? because I can't find out to get the friggin holes in the cube. where do I put it so I can do this?

ugh... I got it. no one said anything about a "detailed screen" according to the author. noice!

for those of you that cannot make the holes in the cube when you "bring it up" by clicking on the object dont't. Click on the small magnyfying glass in the top right corner of the image!!

I´ve donde the holes in the white cube but can´t place on the white circle! It won´t stay there! What should I do?

Woops not so very good at english! XD but you understand what I mean!

hey, i have a question what do i do with the screws, and what is the order for the colorfull animal thing on the wall? and where is the leather strap?

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omg that was the hardest room escape game ever!
i only just found the walkthrough!!!!
might have been more useful before i finished it lol

Can anyone please tell me how i put the cube on the little circle thing under the desk.
I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
Good game so far but complicated...

I need urgent HELP!!!!
I cannot get the screws on that thing because evrytime i click on it it flips over??
Please anyone help!!!

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the numbers for the combo box are like a telephone. press 1, 3, 6, 8. you should get a key

does anyone know the symbols for the panel in the wall, STUCK?!?!

Im stuck on "How i get the butterfly picture, how to put the "white" cube under the table"

But to help you with some bits ill tell how to find the code on the grey box thats looks like a phone:
-By the white desk with the draws ,view it in a different angle
-You find a scrap paper there it will be the code
-Type the code (1,3,6 then 8)
-Click box near the bottom opening the box getting the key

For those of you who are having trouble getting the screws in the scale piece, Anabelle says to flip THE WHOLE SCALE, NOT the piece itself upside-down to put the screws where they belong! :)

I can't find one green orb! AHHH That's all I need to finish the game

panel code is orange butterfly, green cat, red duck, blue flower

panel code: orange butterfly, green cat, red duck, blue flower

I DON'T KNOW WHERE IS MY FREAKIN' FROG, i putted it in the glass of water and then....HE DISSAPEARD!

please help!

I didn`t get a frog. The lump disappeard and the water turned brown. And I can`t find te last green orb. Now what?? This is really difficult.

Ok found the last green orb. But I still don`t have a frog. And from what I can see I can`t finish without it.....

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no matter how many walkthrough i read, i still cant get the cube under the desk, with the white ORB. somebody HELP!!!!

@ Beariewinnieezz: You don´t need a marble to make a hole in the white cube. Just click on the middle of the dark side of the cube (big hole) and also on the side on top (small hole). As long as you don´t have two holes in the cube it´s not possible to place it under the desk.

Check out the couch. After that you should be able to walk right out of there..when you've done all the other bits that is...

Good luck

There is a green orb in the plant in the bathroom.

even with that walktrough,its full with stupid and funny comments,ahhaha my frog is gone...hey guys are u getting the real idea of that type of games?

http://neutralxe.net/esc/ is for those who really would like to test how logical are they thinking

This game rocks!!! Usually I play crap games and there no fun but this one rocked my world! Great graphics too! Loved it! (And me and my cousin are glad nothing popped out.)

argh!!! im so confused
will somebody please tell me what this cube is?
is it the same cube that you put the code (that you find behind the desk) in?
please try to use small words =P
any help much appreciated!!!

I have the butterfly the duck and the flower but PLEASEEE can anyone tell me where I get the other animal???

Where do I get the golden orb??

Fashion runway - if you are still wondering what the fourth animal is, it's a cat - there's a picture of two kittens w/an orange frame.

How can I put the frog in the painting?

Okay, I can't get the pale blue key to go in the top drawer lock. Glitch, or am I doing it wrong? I refreshed the page and I still can't get it.

OH! Okay, I figured out the drawer thing myself. Wrong drawer (yes, that was stupid of me.)
But I also got the frog thing.
Put the clump of dirt in the cup of water (go to bathroom to fill glass) and then wait until the water turns brown. Then go back to bathroom and dump the water down the sink. I just selected the glass and clicked the sink. And I got a froggie in the glass(:

I still can't get water into the glass! I can turn on the water, but I can't seem to get the glass into it... Any suggestions?

I did it. And I'm out:)

wow, all the balls did make it a little confusing, but thats why i love room escape games (:

my butterfly and flower are the same color.... help!

I can't find the glass!

@Nicole. There is a glass in the bottom drawer of the 2 drawer cabinet in the corner of the room.

What do i do for the passcode box in the bottom desk drawer

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hmmm...that was a bit confusing, I'll try again.

@Beckynethery. When you are in front of the desk with 4 drawers, click to the right of the desk to see behind it. There is a crumpled piece of paper to show you which buttons to push...you have to "turn it" to the left to get the right ones. ;)

Really nice game btw...and there is a walkthrough that seems to cover everything.

i cant get the water in my glass at the sink! what do i do

How can you place the cube on the desk? I'm stucked.

@Beckynethery. You have to turn on the tap to have the water running...then fill the glass.

@Nire1997. Make sure there are 2 holes in the box and it goes on the light under the desk. You may have to read the book first to do this...idk.

I dont seem to have enough green orbs at the last panel where you have to match all the orbs up. but i have three of each. Can anyone help?

Where's the gold marble?
I'm on the last steps and not come across any gold marble.
lol what the hell?


I don't know how to "put the frog in the painting." In the book, it shows the frog in between two red flowers, I've tried a million times to click him in there but nothing happens. Help?

Nevermind, I got it. I never thought to zoom in on the cup and take out the frog. Thanks anyways.

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still cant fill the glass. ive legit tried 400 times
what do i do, step by stem

for the panel with the symbols, I can't figure out how to get whatever I'm supposed to get with it. my picture of the cats has a green frame, my rabbit is blue, my butterfly is orange and my flower is red but it still won't work...

i can't fill the glass too.

@raizhay, color of the pictures differ for every game, but there isn't a rabbit... it's a duck (the flower itself is always red, but the you need to look at the square above it to know which color to use). You need to have seen all four clues before the code works.

@beckynethery and @Tasia, to fill the glass, open the bathroom door and move forward into it, then click the tap to the left to make the water run. Drag the glass to the running water to fill it.

what happens if the 3rd white ball/orb thing doesn't show up after i opened the vent and got the screws? that's the only orb thing i need yet for hidden panel....

how do you fix the scale

The step by step guide says you need four green marbles to complete it at the end. Yet the instructions only give directions to three green marbles. So where is the final green marble for the final panel?

how do you wipe off the smudge on the plant with the damp toilet paper? I can't get it >___<

how do you put the cube on the desk!?

i escaped!!... finally!!

ask me any questions to help escape the room cause i know all the answers.

please help me, i dont know how to get the gold key inside the box.

I'm still stuck as to screwing the holes in the cube... Is it the same cube we inserted the code?

i cant get to the butterfly, it said take the box and put it under the desk on the light but it didnt work :(

to reveal the butterfly:
you have to have the white box and i believe a couple marbles.

go under the desk where the light is... select the white box with the MAGNIFYING GLASS button in the corner of it.

once its on the screen, CLICK the box and it will rotate. then CLICK the bottom and top of the boxes after rotating and it will punch holes in it. (one on the top, and one on the bottom)

then it will let you place the box on the light to reveal the butterfly. REMEMBER THE COLOR OF THE BUTTERFLY.

to get the GOLD KEY:

go to the DESK, click the floor to the right of the desk. (it will reveal a side view of the desk)

click the CRUMPLED UP PIECE OF PAPER stashed under the desk. that is your CODE to the box holding the GOLD KEY.

go back. open the BOTTOM DRAWER. click the locked box.

select the crumpled up piece of paper to reveal the combination code. (note- it is somewhat upside down.)

enter the code pattern, rotating it until you get the right one.

1 x 3
x x 6
x 8 x

yeah, i have the code and everything, but i can't open the box? what do i do?

What's with this game?
I played it 4 years ago, why is everybody suddenly playing it again?

Anyway Tabby,
I don't know what box you're talking about. For the one with the 3x3 grid, the solution is just above your post and besides that, further up is a perfect walkthrough written by annabelle5740.
And if that's not enough go to YouTube and search there "sphere walkthrough" and the first hit is a very good video walkthrough.

How do you fix the scale?

A lot of people seem to play this game again and although there's a great walkthrough above, there still seems to be problems, so here's another one.


- Zoom in on the desk and click the top right of it to see the right side of the desk. Take the PAPER BALL (from top right under the desk). This paper goes in a special place above the inventory.
- Look at this paper and click it to open it and see GRID BOX HINT part 1.
- Zoom in on the desk and look in the bottom (pink) book and see GRID BOX HINT part 2 (if you look close you see the paper you found comes from the left page and in that way you see the paper from your inventory is upside down). So the solution to the grid box is;
- Open the bottom drawer of the desk and zoom in on the box, make the right buttons black (the X's in my solution) and then click the darker grey rectangle button to open the box and take the GREEN KEY.
- Use the green key to open the second (from the top) drawer and take the SCREWDRIVER.

- Zoom in on the couch and then zoom further in under the couch and take the RED PENCIL. Zoom out (1x).
- Click the left cushion of the couch to lift it and then take the STICK with HOOK and after you took it, you can also see WHITE BALL #1 there, take it. Zoom out.
- Zoom in on the floor to the right of the couch and take the GRAY BOX (next to the lamp stand) and GREEN BALL #1 (on the right).
- Zoom in on the little table to the left of the couch. Take GREEN BALL #2 from the bottom left leaf and take the MUD from the soil of the plant. Then zoom furhter in under that table and take GRAY BALL #1 from under the couch and the CAT PICTURE from the bottom side of that table. Zoom out (1x)
- Zoom in left behind the plant pot on the left to look behind it and zoom further in on the vent in the wall. Take WHITE BALL #2 and use the screwdriver to open the vent. Take the 2 SCREWS and GRAY KEY #1.

- Zoom in on the little cabinet and use the gray key to open the top drawer and take the DUCK PAPER. Open the bottom drawer and take the GLASS. Take WHITE BALL #3 from the floor to the right of the cabinet.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the desk and look in the top (blue) book and see the FROG HINT (it comes from mud when you make it wet and you have to put it between red flowers)
- Zoom in on the desk and look in the middle (green) book and see the GRAY BOX HINT (you have to punch holes in it with a ball and place it above a light.
- Look at your gray box and use a gray ball in the top to make a hole. Click the box to see the bottom and use a gray ball to make a hole there as well. Now you have a OPERATIONAL GRAY BOX.
- Zoom in under the desk and place that gray box on the light in the floor and see YOUR SHAPE and COLOUR HINT #1 (I think it's different every game, but mine was a red butterfly).
- Zoom in on the desk and look in the bottom (pink) book and use the red pencil on the right page and see YOUR SHAPE and COLOUR HINT #2. Beware it's always red because you use a red pencil, but that's not the colour. The colour is the square above it. I think it's different every game but mine was an ornage flower.
- Now remember your cat picture, that's YOUR SHAPE and COLOUR HINT #3. The frame is the colour and the cat is the shape. Also remeber your duck paper, that's YOUR SHAPE and COLOUR HINT #4 (the shape is a duck and in what colour it's drawn is the colour.
- Zoom in on the centre of the backwall and you see a rectangle shape. Click it to see the codebox. Zoom further in. You can't change the colours, only the shapes. So match the four shapes with the colours according to your hints, click the little button under it to open it and take GRAY KEY #2.


- Use the second gray key on the keyhole/knob and open the door and go in.

- Turn on the tap above the sink so the water is running and then use your glass on the water and now you have a GLASS OF WATER.
- Now remember the frog hint, so put the mud in the glass of water. Wait a while till the water in the glass is brown and then empty the glass in the sink. Now look at your glass and take the FROG
- Take a PIECE OF TOILET PAPER from the roll in the back. Turn the water on again and use it on the water and now you have WET TP.
- Zoom in on the floor on the top left and take GRAY BALL #2 and take the PART of the SCALE and take GREEN BALL #3 from the leafs of the plant.
- GO OUT and RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the plant, zoom further in behind the plant and use the wet TP on the stain on the pot and see the 4-DIGIT CODE (3675).
- GO RIGHT (2x) and back into the...

- Zoom in on the box on the toilet and put the code in (3675) and then click the rectangle button to open it and take RED BALL #1 and the BLUE KEY.

- Zoom in on the desk and open the top drawer with the blue key and look in the book. Take the SCALE PICTURE (it's a hint how much the balls weight) and also see the hint that to use the hook now on the hanging plant).
- Zoom in on that hanging plant and use the stick with hook just above the pot to let a ball pop up. Take that RED BALL #2.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the cabinet and open the top drawer and zoom further in on the scale. Put the the part of the scale you found on the right side of the scale. Now click the bottom middle part of the scale to see the bottom Put the 2 screws in the holes on the right and now that part is really attached to the scale and the scale if fully operational.
- And now you can put balls in the holes to find out how much they weight. You already have the hint from the picture; Gold weight as much as red+yellow+gray. You can try and see 2 greens equals 3 whites etc. etc. Take all your balls back and zoom all the way out.
- Zoom in on the picture on the left and put the frog between the 2 red flowers next to each other. Click it again to turn the pic upside down and click it again to reveal the balls box. Since you now know how much the balls are you can place them. Place them like this;
Red = Red
Grey = White +Green
White + White = Green + Red
Gray + Green + Green = White + Gold
- Then click the top right button and zoom out and see the hanging plant is gone.
- Zoom in on the ceiling, use the stick with hook on the hatch and a ladder comes down. Go all the way up the ladder and you're out.


I followed your walkthrough, it's awesome, thanks! :) It's really good and all the instructions are there! Good job!

where the heck is the gold ball?

There is no gold ball, you don't need no gold ball. All there is, is the picture with a gold ball on it as a hint and in the end there's a gold ball already placed (and no, you can't take it, it's already placed and that's enough) in the end-code panel.
That's all. SO, NO GOLD BALL, to find or to take. You don't need a gold ball, stop asking about a gold ball. Just read the comments or the two walkthroughs posted here. Or even go watch the video walkthrough on YouTube for this game, but stop with looking for a gold ball. There is NO GOLD BALL in this game!.

how do i get the clump of dirt off the plant ?

I can't put the scale together. I've tried clicking on the components in every possible order. :(

why won't it let me place my balls?


grrrrrrrrrrrr no matter how many times i just cant get animal panel to workk!!>:((( i restarted the game like 10 times and it didnt work, so the kitty pic with the coloured border, image from the holey cube, piece of paper with either a bunny or duck, and coloured daisy(not red) what am i doing wrong??

I'm at the bathroom part, and no matter how hard I try and I can't get the glass to fill up with water. I grab the glass and hold it under the stream but if I click, then the faucet turns off.

Nevermind haha. You have to click on the sink, not the faucet. Got it.

I've triple checked everything buy the blue panel on the wall wont give me the key! Anyone have any tips?

@shanlovecookiez I think it might be random, but on mine the red flower in the book was pointing to the orange square, so make the flower orange.

This game was beautiful but very hard, and didn't make sense. I would have quit if not for annabelle's walkthrough, it helped me when I thought I had nowhere to go. I would have give the game one star if not for her help, so whoever moderates the walkthrough comments, I want you to be aware.

I placed the balls in the chart, clicked the button, and the balls and chart disappeared into the wall. Yet the hanging plant is still there!

POP Found the ring in the ceiling. It's not where the hanging plant was... unless there was more than one hanging plant?

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