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Escape Culver Walkthrough

Escape Culver

Escape Culver WalkthroughEscape Culver is another new released point and click type room escape game. Like in the other escape games, you are in a locked room and you need try to escape from this room by finding and using items with clues.

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ok, so i have a key, a decoder, a comp sci note, a wallet, a screwdriver, a heat gun and a blade of some sort. help?

Okay, so if you haven'tdone it already, line up the decoder with the comp sci note to get a four digit number for the lock on the desk.

Also, get the hockey stick shaft from on top of the window.

Attach the hockey blade to the shaft and use the heat lamp on it to connect it

hey! where did u get the note and the screw driver? tnx

The tile under the bed and the screw on the yellow thing

Where is the hockey blade and heat lamp?

has anyone gotten 2 tha code on the laptop part yet cuz i'm stuck

How do you get to the laptop code?

got it! tnx joec! but wheres the blade...help...
the heat gun is in the closet, click on the clothes

I dont know where the blade is. Your welcome ironangle

u get tha laptop code after u get tha glasses out of the red box. then turn tha lights off and use tha glasses to look at tha computer area. then when u see tha letters, click on tha laptop screen and put in tha code.

ironangel, tnx joec didnt work on mine

What didnt work ki ki? and how do u get tha toolbox open?

what is the code!? lol i have it all figured out, all of the letters i found are e o r d u what looks to be a cursive s.. and b.. some1 plz help me put them in order..

oh nevermind jus wrote a mistake. u get tha toolbox open with tha yellow key. do u have it?

kiki do u know the laptop code? i have all the letters i just dont know what order to put them in :(

i dont know tha code either. i jus know tha letters

Yeah I do, I tired that earlier but it didnt work.

Ok here's a partial walkthrough:
1. Get a key in the shelf (in between the green and black books)
2. Get a decoder from the curtain by pulling the end of the left side curtain.
3. Get a screwdriver by clicking on the bottom left side of the bed. Then click on the bottom left side of the tile which is different from the other tiles.
4. Click on the upper left side of the big yellow box near the bed. Use the screwdriver on the small dot on the box. Get the computer science note.
5. Use the decoder on the computer science note to get the 4 digit code.
6. Use the 4 digit code on the blue lock on the desk.
7. Get the wallet in the opened drawer.
8. Click on the bottom left side of the poster near the bed. Write 5490 as the password and you will get a stick blade.
9. Click the right side of the closet. Click the blue thingy until something will let out.
10. Click on the upper side of the window until you get a hockey stick shaft.
11. Click the stick blade then the hockey stick shaft then use the heat gun to produce a hockey stick.
12. Use the hockey stick to get the red box.
13. Use the key in the red box then get the green thing.
I don't know what to do next...

lmao this is making me sooo mad.. i tried thinking of everything.. i typed in the letters that only showed up in the green lens.. i typed in letters that only showed up in the red lens.. i typed in the block letters and spelled euros, and i typed in the white letters.. and nothign works >:0

ya im lost right after i found the letters on the wall...SEORUBD...no clue..

Are the letters on the computer screen suppost to show up

no u have to type them in

the password is "rosebud" and the letters didnt show up on the screen i just clicked on the laptop screen typed it in and pressed enter. then youll know what to do after that

r u serious! wow, that was easy

After you type the letters in and press enter what happens. What does it do


think citizen kane..


ive got the rosebud and everything done and it made a noise but it didnt do anything,whats next after you type it all in


1. click on black book on top of the desk and take the key
2. move right and click on the curtain (get decoder. also get hockey stick on top of the window)
3.move right again and click on colored tile under the bed (click on it again once it zooms in to reveal the screwdriver.
4.move right and click on the cabinet door.(click on the differently colored towel on the second shelf to reveal heat gun)
5.move right two times and click on the little dot on top lef of the heater(use screw driver and take the note)
6.move left and click on the padlock on the top drawer. input 1789(this is what you get when you pull up the computer science note and use the decoder)
7.the lock will automatically open so zoom out and open the top drawer. click on the inside and take the wallet(ignore rooster thing it does nothing :(
8.move right twice and click on "scarface" to roll up the poster(click on the bottom left portion of the safe)
9. input 5490 on the safe(these are the first 4 numbers to the credit card in the wallet)
10.zoom out from the safe if you get stuck click on the top of the screen the poster will roll back down dont worry you arent stuck!
11.click on the stick blade in your inventory and then click on the stick itself use the heat gun to connect the two items(keep it on there until it snaps back to the inventory)
12.move right and use the hockey stick to knock down that red tool box on the cabinet
13.use the key on the box and take out the goggles
14.turn off the lights and move right
15.use the goggles to look at the wall the letters are dbosuer (unscrambled this spells "rosebud")
16. turn on the lights (if youd like)and go back to the desk with the computer. if you zoom in on it and click in the center of the screen and type "rosebud on your keyboard and hit enter (or return) and a secret compartment will open up revealing the final key!
17. move left, click on the doorknob, and put the key in the door

note* you can also skip the entire game and type in rosebud right from the beginning and take the key and leave.... but that defeats the purpose of the game

I can´t even turn around!!! Do you have to click anywhere special or what?! Tried to restart the game but I still can´t go to the right or left!! How do u do???

wats the password on the laptop and on the lock i am stuck can someone plz help me???


Oblivian47. U have to switch on the computer, on the right hand bottom corner of the computer there is an "on-button".

i finlly beat it the computer password is rosebud

look, after i get the key, i cant move around.....

pls someone help me!!!!!

If you can't type anything in, move your mouse around the computer screen. There will be a place in it where your mouse will look like an 'I' instead of that pointy thing. When it is like that, you click, then type, then push enter. Simple as that.

the button is on the bottom right of the computer...the little black thing shaped like a button...that turns the computer on whewwww

s to easy in thye beggining open the laptop then put the password: rosebud then get the key then go to the door and put the key then walah!! finish so so so easy!!!HAHAHA

It doesn't seem to be Firefox compatible.

adfas, do you have latest flash plugin installed in your computer?

ugh, it keeps freezing on me.

help!!! i cant turn around its annoying me!!


You should have arrows. If not, try to load one more time. I had the same a few times.

its easy, click on the laptop, and click on the bottom right hand area of the laptop, and it ill turn on, then type in rosebud and hit enter, a key will come out, then click on the key, and move to the left and click on the door then drag the key into the key hole....voila

oh AND by the way, that was just the quick and easy way, u can go through the whole thing, thats what i did, but it takes a whike lol, but if u dont want to ruin the game, then dont do what i tould u before, go through the whole thing if u dont ant to ruin the game

it wont let me click on the lil black dot on the yello box nxt to the bed

y wont It let me clIck on the dot on the dox next to the Bed

How u do it is this way. follow my instructions. THIS IS HOW TO BEAT THIS GAME!!! ok here u go...

1.) Get the key between the green and black books on the desk.

2.) Then turn one time to the right.

3.) Get the (SUPER SECRET AWSOME SPECIAL) decoder thing. (green). Its behing the yellow curtin on the left.

4.) Above the curtains is the hokey shift shaft. (get that thing)

5.) Turn again once to the right

6.) Just about dierectally under the pillow, on the floor is a tile that looks darker them the others. (click on it and a screwdriver is under it.) GRAB IT

7.) Turn AGAIN once to the right

8.) open the only thing openable (the bottom cabnit on the right). on the third shelf up (click on the towels) and grab the heat gun that is there.

9.) then turn to the window again.

10.) Click on the dot on the AC thing.

11.) use the screwdriver to un-screw the screw and grab the piece of paper.

12.) Use the decoder on it and get a 4 diget code.(1789)

13.) That code is for the blue lock on the desk. i think u know what to do.

14.) grab the wallet out of the desk.

15.) click on the wallet in your inventory and a card will come out. the first 4 numbers u see are (5490).

16.) turn back over to the bed.

17.) Click on the poster. Then click on the safety pin code number pannel thingy (tHE THING THATS BEHIND THE POSTER.)(click on it.)(it might take a couple clicks, so aim for the thing closer to the right side of it)

18.) grab the hokey top thing.

19.) turn to the window

20.) just click on the hokey shaft, and then on the hokey top part.(it should appear in big form on the game.)

21.) use the heat gun right where the top part and the shaft connect. THERE U HAVE A HOKEY STICK!!!

22.) use it so get the red box off of the dresser next to the bed.

23.) open it and get the red and green glasses inside.

24.)what you do is turn off the light (next to the door) and decode the letters around the desk area.

25.) The letters are sebdoru

26.) Click on the lower right part on the labtop to tun it on.


28.) type in "rosebud" (without the quotaions i put)

U will get a key. turn to the door. click on the door. then put the key in the socket.

VUALA!! u wont the game u friggin genius!!!

hey guys i was reading through your walkthroughs when i discovered that if you just go straight to the laptop and click on the middle of the screen and then type "rosebud" you can skip all the steps and then push enter or return and then the key comes out and then you can espape through the door.

P.S it sorta defeats the purpose of the game though

ughhhh i dont get this game!!!!!


i would have gotten it without help if the s looked a little more like a "s" lol

this game takes the p***

i have just busted my balls to finish this game and all i get is a congratulations. bollocks!!!

ok if anyone doesnt know like you click on the labtob screen after you see the letter r o s e b u d and then click on the labtop till you see enter password or w/e and then type in rosebud and on the left side of the labtop should open and a key should come out then you go to the door and put the key in it and TADA.

the code is rosebud

i dit it was a pretty challengin game but i did it yay me!

when you get the glasses look all around the computer with the light off and then click the computer type rosebud get the key and unlock the door

the keybord code is rosebud 4 ll yall who r stuck

omg that was soooooo friggin hard- how do you people understand how to do that?!?! :O i even found it hard just trying to figure out how to follow your instructions man that was hard if you figured that out your a friggin genius + that was soooooooooooooo not easy ppl stop saying it was!


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