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Galves Adventure Ver.1 Walkthrough

Galves Adventure Ver.1

Galves Adventure Ver.1 WalkthroughGalvesAdventure Ver.1 is another really cute point and click game from Eyezmaze, who is also maker of some other Eyezmaze games. "The adventure of Galves' adventure is a game which baby Galves go off an adventures. He meets various animals, makes them act something for Galves to go forward. Finally completes the game after defeating the last boss Lion. Simply clicking the indispensable components. You have to think about good timing and the right order." Enjoy!

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1. Click on the gopher. He'll make the shoe stone fall to the second level.
2. Click on the 1st and 3rd cave doors on the second level. They will open.
3. Click on the barrel. The rope'll attach it to the elephant's trunk.
4. Click on the elephant. He'll raise the barrel.
5. Click on the baby. He'll go underneath the barrel and get the lips stone. (If the elephant has already lowered the barrel, click on the elephant again to raise it again.)
6. Click on the baby again. He'll go underneath the spider web, where the spider will wrap him up.
7. Click on the crab. He'll come out of his whole with his pincers raised.
8. Click on the barrel. The elephant will raise and lower it. Click on it again. The third time the elephant raises it, the rope will break and the barrel will create a hole where the pipe is underneath the first level.
9. Click on the pipe underneath the first level. This will make a cloud.
10. When the cloud is directly over the boulder, click on the pipe near the center of the third level. This will create another cloud and the two will combine.
11. When the cloud is directly over the gopher hole near the treasure chest, click on the pipe that's hidden behind the tree trunk on the second level. It's just to the left of the cave door on the far right. If you time it right, the cloud this pipe makes will combine with the other two clouds and create a thundercloud.
12. When the thundercloud is over the cork, click the cloud. This'll break the cork and allow water to flow everywhere, making everything lush.
13. Click on the bear. He'll get the first heart on the tree, and in the process fling the baby to the shoe stone, which he will get. (If you click on the heart instead of the bear, the heart will fall to the ground and then the bear will eat it, and in the process he will NOT fling the baby.)
14. Click on the remaining heart on the tree to the right. It'll fall under the spider, and the spider will get it and put it in his web.
15. Click on the bear again. He'll walk over to the left tree, get the other heart, and in the process fling the heart in the spider's web to the open cave door.
16. Click on the crab. He'll climb up the vine.
17. Click on the crab again. He'll unleash the baby from the spider's cocoon, and the baby will walk through the open cave door (hopefully you did this in step 2!) behind the waterfall and come out the other open cave door and get the heart.
18. Click on the baby. He'll hold up the heart over his head.
19. Click on the possum. He'll grab the heart and the baby (if the baby is still holding it over his head), and they'll have a fight and the baby will be tossed out onto the third level.
20. Click on the gopher. He'll go back in his hole.
21. Click on the baby. He'll try to open the treasure chest, and he won't be able to. Note that his pacifier blinks.
Quickly, go on to the next step!
22. While the baby's head is still cocked, click on the baby's pacifier. He will use his pacifier to unlock the chest and get the gold diapers!
(Gold diapers, FTW!)
The baby will then start crawling again, fall in the hole, and continue crawling until he's squashing the gopher.
Quickly, go on to the next step!
23. Click on the gopher. He'll move the baby back up to the third level where he will get the hand stone. You should have gotten all of the stones, and the boulder will turn to a red ball.
24. Click the gopher. He'll go back down in his hole.
25. Click the baby. He'll also go back down in the hole, and come out on top of the elephant.
26. Click on the elephant. He'll suck up water through his trunk, and spew it out into a rainbow.
27. While the rainbow is still showing, click on the baby. He'll slide down the elephant's trunk and climb up the rainbow.
28. Wait for the thundercloud to get over the lion, and then click it. It'll zap the lion and reduce him to 35/100 health.
29. Now you can play the mini grow game.
Don't worry, if you mess up and don't get the correct ending, just click on whatever the ball turned into, and it will reset to the beginning of the mini grow game.
If you really want to know, the correct order is hand, lips, shoe. Doing this will turn the ball into a dragon.
30. Click on the dragon. He'll fly off the top of the screen, and then come back and hover where the baby is.
Quickly, go on to the next step!
31. Click the baby so he gets on the dragon. The dragon will deposit him on the very top level near the top of the waterfall.
32. A fairy queen will show up and present the baby with two options. Choose the yellow ball. This'll transform the baby into a cupid, and the cupid will battle the already wounded lion and defeat him. (You don't need to do anything here.)

Thanks beppe1 have you started SSSG13?

..not yet

Adorable little game.
Thanks once again beppe1...

i am at the point where the ball turns into a dragon. every time i click on the dragon, it turns back into a ball and i have to start over again. any suggestions?


Make sure that you are making the dragon correctly. The three icons (Hand, Lips, Boot) should all say Lv. Max and have green backgrounds.

The dragon will have wings and when you click him he will fly.

Congdevilations ending:

When you get to the red ball part.

First make a Stegosaurus (boot-hand-lips).

Click the stone on the upper waterfall ledge and it will land softly on its tail.

Then turn it back into a ball.

Than make a Cyclops (lips-hand-boot),

Click its left arm and he takes the stone and throws it on the lion. The lion loses 2 points.

Then turn it back into a ball.

Now make a dragon (hand-lips-boot).

click the baby when the dragon is under you.

Choose the dark ball.

Now you can actually kill the lion and finish the game devil style.

Thanks for the tip mike i likes that way. Has anyone ever noticed when u get the crab to take the diaper off the baby you can see his penis and balls? There HUGE for a baby and at the end of the cupid way i thought the two babies were ganna have sex

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