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TTT - Tim Tang Test Walkthrough

TTT - Tim Tang Test

Tim Tang Test is another online riddle game, which says it is the longest and hardest online puzzle in the world with 200 levels and more coming levels. "Remember, the answer to each level gives the url for the next level. It is placed right after the last slash in the url. For example, the answer for the next level is level1.html, so what you would do is replace the level0.html in the URL with level1.html, so the next level's url becomes ttt/level1.html. Once you find the answer to that level, you replace the level1.html with answer.html, whatever the answer is. It's not case sensitive so don't worry about capital letters, Level1 or lEVeL1 both will work." Good luck!

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A new site has been designed specificially for the Tim Tang Test!

Head to timtanghints.com for a message board with hints to some of the tougher TTT riddles!

How dumb that I am stuck on level 1! The answer MUST be 312. It's the only number not used, and if you move from one egg across to another, the middle number stays the same while the outer two numbers reverse. It's still 312! But it keeps spitting me out of the program! If it's not 312, then the game is stupid because it doesn't follow its own patterns!

Can anyone help with level 1!

How can the answer NOT be 312?!?!?! This is highly frustrating!! If it's not 312, then there is no logic to the stupid problem!

Someone please just tell me what to do with level 1....it's going to bug the livin' daylights out of me!


Do you even know how to get past this???

I have found SEVEN different patterns making the answer to level 1 312, so if it's not, then the game is pointless. It's not a logic game, it's just a guessing game. (SEVEN patterns!!!)

it is 312, ur just messin up royally

I'm not the brightest so what's the answer to level -2? Hey, I'm lazy, I feel like doing it the easy way since everything I write is wrong... oh man. I'm being driven mad! Help please!!!!!!!

Help me! I REALLY need the answer to... um... level -2. I think something's up. But a better answer is that my speakers don't work so my whole answer is messed up... oh man

can anybody PLEASE help me with level -1 i dont get it at all? what the hell is the math symbol... hints please.

can anybody PLEASE help me with level -1 i dont get it at all? what the hell is the math symbol... hints please.

help on level to on TTT

umm...the answer to level one is probably what everyone thinks it is unless i made a huge mistake, it's just you have to put 'level1' instead of 'level-1'
i know the answer to level 2 but its not working!

Answer to level-5 = 300 level-4 = ten level -3 = abestos(i prolly spellt it wrong) level-2 = mario level-1= im stuck...help anyone?

level -1 is donkeykong

anyone know the answer for level 21?

no hints, PLEASEm i already know you have to "be fast" i get it!!

just the answer

pleeeassee I need help with level 3!! it's driving me mad!
level -1 is donkeykong

please helpp!

the answer to level three is pi

help with level 4 please ... what's missing ???????

The answer to level 21 is to be fast.

no i am just kidding it is Bonus, then you have to enter circle, then earth.

i don't get level 2! can someone help?? :)

stuck on level 2, toddler level..... errrr, any helpful hints would be welcome!!!

Does anyone know the answer to 5?

toddler level 2, hint: all the arrows represent the letter "i", google the other letters in order to create one word, and focus on the last ones

i know the answer is the name of an occupation that starts with a b and has double letters but i still dont have a clue

answer to lvl 5?

does anybody know the answer to the toddler level g?
N0NE of my answers are working and i've been on this for about an hour and a half...PLEASE HELP!

the answer to level 5 is bookkeeper.

can some one tell me the answer of level 4 pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?

What is the answer to level b toddler level

hey the answer to level one is 312 .........but the username is 1 not T1 as im sure uses are using...........i did the same

what is the awnser to level 3 pleease i would be so gratefull. :)

lvl 20 hint

I am so stuck on level three... help?

put a mirror infrom of level 2 and there is the answer and ppl keep saying that level three is pi but it is not HELP

look at number 3 alphanumerically PATTERN is the key

Level 4 hints please..... not answers just hints....

on level 1 the username is 1 and the answer is 312

i liked the old tim tang test better

new number 6 any 1

level 1 -> 312
level 2 -> pepsi
level 3 -> 14

PLEASE tell me the answer to the 4th level [no hints -.-" `put radio between red lines then substract 18 from R add 1 to O, they are perfect squares 25 is the next perfect square 25 -> Y` what the hell means `put radio between red lines` -.-" ?!


"First (A), then four later (E), then four later (I), then six later (O), then six later (U)... six later and it's the first again! (A)"

The percentages show the amount of VOWELS in the words they are in:
-trEE (50&)
-lEAvEs (50%)
-rAdIO (60%)
but... water 100%?

The answer is the word WATER in another language made by only vowels.

new level 6 what is the answer
the level with radio, leaf, and tree it has something to do with water

translate water to a different language

Answer for level 4 is EAU (the french word for water)


11a, cannot get, it says in the source, its not 261957 or 269157, WHAT IS IT?!

The eau answer doesn't work :(, and other suggestions?

can i get help in level 3 perfect pattern

can i get help in level 3 perfect pattern

I have a notice for you...
There will be a lot of hard levels that cannot be compared with the first ones,so, if you can't solve the first four levels on your own, or if you feel frustrated on the first levels, you better give up, or you will feel more frustrated in the future.

These are some advices that will be very helpful in the future levels:

1- Don't over think.
2- Use lateral thinking, A LOT!
3- Let Google and Wikipedia be your best friends.
4- Ask for hints in the chat box.
5- If you're stuck on a level, stop thinking about it and leave it for a few days, sometimes the answers come by themselves when you have a clear mind.

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Everyone, for level 4, it's not EAU, it's OUI! It means yes, he is nodding is head saying yes.


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