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Vision Museum Escape Walkthrough

Vision Museum Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Vision Museum Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this escape game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Vision Museum Walkthrough
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Go up and collect the headphone from one of the shelves(in teh corner between the walls).
Buy the cd.
Take the red book from the yellow drawer.
There is a barcode reader behind a sofa.
Put it in the white shelf on the left.after opening it,read the cd.
It will open a drawer an you get a telephone.
Read the code of the red book with the phone.
Load the movie on the phone...watch the video....my pc take too long...get the code.put the phone in place...right white drawer...get the screwdriver.
Now...i go to work....enjoy and let me know...bye

Klikk on the screwdriver to open it. It will reveal a key. Use the key on the door in the floor next to the couch.
Pull the lever and then sit back and watch the show:o)

When completed the floor will be completly tilted.
Crawl up to the little gray area in the middle below the couch and use the skrewdriver to release the floor so it will level out.
Thats how far I hav gotten:o)

The middle floor is now lower than the rest of the room... In the wall to the right of the console is a hatch...Use the cellphone to open the hatch and get a gripping tool.
Turn right twice and look up... Use the gripping tool to pull down the cord...it will anchor it self to the metal hook next to the little door in the floor...Now I am royaly stuck again so bear with me...

1. Get Headphones from the corner of the room where the two cabinets of awards meet.

2. Connect the headphones to the machine.

3. Buy a CD, collect it from the chute at the bottom of the machine.

4. Go to yellow sofas and click table, click left side of sofa to find a barcode reader.

5. Go to the left side of the CD vending machine, click on the table next to it and open the flap, insert barcode reader here.

6. Enlarge the CD with about item, open it and click the disc to reveal barcode. Use on barcode scanner. Cupboard will open.

7. Go to cupboard and take phone.

8. Go to the right side of the machine and to the cupboard, place phone in slot, open door, take screwdriver.

9. Take the phone back from the door.

10. Open drawer on the right side of the machine to get red notebook.

11. Enlarge the screwdriver, click it to remove cap and reveal key.

12. Use key on hatch next to sofas.

13. Pull leaver and the floor will drop.

14. Click on screws on side of floor that has not fallen, use screwdriver to release the floor fully.

15. Enlarge the notebook and zoom in on black and white square, select the phone and use it on this square.

16. Now scan the phone into the reader on the wall to open the compartment. Take magic hand.

17. Face the sofas and click up, use hand to grab wire down.

18. I cannot remember but you may need to pull the lever under the hatch again to move up a floor.

19. Take phone and connect to projector

20. go to lightswitch and turn off.

21. Note the date from the projector after the video.

22. Use PDA on machine next to the ladder, type in the date and push to lower the floor again. Take PDA.

23. Go down the ladder and click the wire next to the hatch to take small hand/bottle opener.

24. Open the hatch again and use the small hand on the lever, you should have a bottle cap.

25. Enlarge bottle cap and flip over, use screwdriver to remove the inside, note the word.

26. Go to next hatch in wall, it asks for a keyword, go to the vision factory homepage and scroll to the bottom to find key word...hint: "drive a...."

27. Enter key word for gold key.

28. Return upstairs to silver door behind projector, place PDA in slot and enter the word/song name from the bottle cap and click enter.

29. Insert the key....YOU ESCAPED, not enjoy the cheesy boy band sequence lol


Use the screwdriver/key on the little door again...and pull the lever. Now the floor will rise up to the roof/attic and we meet the lovley boxing robot again...
In the back next to the ladder is a console...use the litte hand comp we got in the first scene with it, and all we now need is a password...

       Anonymous  4/4/07, 8:35 AM  

Does this game require Vista in order to play?

what's the keyword exactly? 'cause I tried for a thousand ways and every name but it doesn't work. I'm talking about that "drive a...." I tried it completely and nothing. I need help, please.

No i have XP Game is very very Slow just have to wait for it to load it fun game

password: drive alive

It doesn't work anyway: Drive Alive, drive alive, drivealive...

"drive alive" does not seem to work as password, no matter how it is typed in.
But thank you soooo much for the walkthrough once again.

Wow, that was fun. Either I'm getting better at this, or this one was really easy. I actually made it through only checking the walkthrough once.

Someone said:
Go to next hatch in wall, it asks for a keyword, go to the vision factory homepage and scroll to the bottom to find key word...hint: "drive a...."

Can´t find a hatch on the wall!!! Where is it?


hey to get the last hatch open you need to pull the lever in the floor again.....but i must say the drive alive password just doesn't work

hey just to answer the password problem with the second hatch, drive alive is infact the answer no capitals, one space, now after each false answer error comes up, this is because you are only given one chance at the password, so to reset it simply exit the current view and reenter the screen, then type in drive alive hope this helps!

if you still can't enter the pwd, be sure to open the red book and go to the website through it.

If you can't get the pwd to work, it is because you use it in the wrong place...:-)

Use the drive alive pwd on the hatch that opens in wall when you pull the green lever (turns green after you remove the bottle cap).

For the PDA-door upstairs, use the pwd from inside bottle cap.

Note; you need key from behind hatch downstairs to open upstairs PDA-door-thingy...:-)

the pw for the last hatch isn't dive alive,take the insde of the bottle cap,flipit over(by clicking on it0 and u will get he pw,

p.s. drive alive is not the rite one

i put the barcode reader in the white thing and opened the cd for it to read it but the hatch shut and locked on me. how do i open it back to read the cd and how do i make it read the cd without closing?

the password is "vision factory" . I looked up who sings the song junky town and it is the same singer who is coming to the museum in the game, Namie Amuro.
So I clicked on the link that has her picture. I typed "vision factory" and it worked.

The password for the golden key is "vision factory" indeed.. Thanks Caroline.
I couldn't have done it without the walkthrough..

Great game! I <3 GotMail.

Please note that the last password you have to enter doesn't have any cases, unlike the words on the back side of the bottlecap found earlier in the game. (Walkthrough step 28.) So instead of Song Name you have to write song name. Good luck! :)

Thanks a lot for the walkthrough. :)

Some of the good graphic design in this game!! Hurray for japenese techonoly... Loved the endning. Hehe..

The password is vision factory..its not drive alive.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to thank you for helping me through soooo many games! Wasn't sure how to post. Got it now! Hope I can be of help on the next game. Thanks!


vision factory is indeed the password but it wont work as the password until you have gone to the
website through the note book. Still it does not
say vision factory at the bottom of the page unless its in chinese or japanese neither of which i can read or speak hence why i chose the
english option! I just think this is another
marketing thing again which in my opinion shouldnt be put in the actual game where passwords are concerned anyway. still anyone
with password problems which will be most i should imagine you go to the website through the red note book then type in vision (space bar) factory all in lower case

I know this is really really old, but I just thought someone might find it amusing that at the end the band is saying "congratulations" calling you cool.

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