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Bathroom Escape Walkthrough

Bathroom Escape

Bathroom Escape WalkthroughBathroom Escape is a little room escape game. You are locked in the bathroom and you have to escape from the bahtroom. Use the item to get the hidden thing. Good Luck!

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mah...i finish without finding all the objects.I just put the wet paper on the plug...then the hairdrier..then boom..i've got the key and i went out to play another game.

Walk through
1. pick up hair dryer
2. plug it in and click it. reveal DB
3. turn right.
4. look at pottery thing, reveal CA
5. turn right
6. click upper right of toilet tank.
7. click combo box.
8. code is CADB or 3142
9. open box & get screwdriver
10. turn right
11. get toilet paper roll
12. turn right
13. click below sink to open counters
14. use screwdriver on left inside of cabinet.
15. get facet top.
16. use facet top on facet.
17. run water
18. place toilet paper in running water.
19. use wet TP on open electric socket
20. click hair dryer
21. kaboom
22. get key.
23. use key on door

Ummm Okay yea this is way to easy unlike the Escape Da House 3 I got ticked off that I couldn't get the silver key at the end to complete it grrr

when i tried to type the combination nothing happened pleaz help how do i get the combination in?????????????

Is this game broken? I can't get the magnifying glass to work so I can open the box.

Well... you don't need it )

Wow I'm a dumbass, it was a puzzle just to figure out how to zoom in on objects...

how the hel do you enter the combination onto the combo box

Take the box and click on the magnifying glass.

my favorite part in every escape game are the kabooms of destrution how about u guys?

I agree CatGirl11. Definitely puts a little extra something into these games!

i can see to get the magnifying thing going so i can open the box help!!!

i don't know how to get the magnifying thing going so i can open the box!!!

Magnifying Thingy?

seriOusly...dis game was simple...
only if u knOw how think rAtionally..

icant find a combo box

what is tolit tank

i found it

simple walktrought:
1.in the left of the mirror is a piece of wet toilet paper. take it.
2.take the hairdryer and plug it
3.put the wet toilet paper on the open electric socket
5.take the key use it on the door and you're out

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where do i get the screwdriver?

I can't find the toilet paper.

1. click on hair dryer
2. click on wet toilet paper
3. plug in hair dryer
4. put wet toilet paper on the top of the plug in
5. click hair dryer
there will be an explosion and a key will appear
6. grab key
7. move to the right
8. put key in keyhole

how do you get the hairdryer to plug in?

ya and exactly how do you plug the hair dryer in?

You know the soggy toilet paper you use in the end you can find directlyg at the very left in the white area there is. Kind of dumb but still sooo much easier haha xP

dude... i cant even find the hairdryer..

OR the toilet paper... HELP!!

plug in hairydryer, pick up the blob of white stuff, i think its wet paper or something along those lines, hairdryer explodes, pick up the key and use it on the door and your FREE

I keep clicking on toilet tank and nothings happening!!!!!!!

Too simple! didnt need the cheats either! needs to be more of a challenge!

Short but fun :D.


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