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Defuse the Bomb Walkthrough

Defuse the Bomb

[REPLAY] FlashGames - Defuse the Bomb Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Flash Games. You are again in a room and you have to search the room to find items and clues to defuse the bomb and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Defuse the Bomb Escape Walkthrough
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Found flat screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, 2 pc of paper, notebook, paper scraps,silver key, notebook,mysterious note and pencil. Now what???
Anyone out there with a walkthrough?

walkthrough beware

Start the game.
Click the cabinet in the corner.
Open the top drawer and take the FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER.
Go back to main room.
Click the bookcase to the left.
Click the top of the brown box and take the PHILLIP SCREWDRIVER.
Go back.
Click the garbage can in the right corner.
Click the blue paper in the garbage can.
Take the NEW KEY inside the garbage can.
Go back.
Click on the door to the right.
Use the NEW KEY on the door handle.
You are now in room 2.
Click the desk.
Click the cabinets.
Click the lock.
Change the combo so it reads “6336″ then hit the circle on the lock.
Go back.
Click the desk.
Click the cabinets.
Open the top cabinet and take the SCISSORS.
Go back.
Click the desk.
Click the laptop.
Type in “FMMZ7fb432ndao34f”. and click the enter button.
Click Shut Off.
Type in “4005814374TYL5L4F3850295838520ASHVUIRISMVCIAIFN3″ and click the enter button.
Go back.
Click the bottom right corner.
Get the OLD KEY.
Go back.
Click the left door, you’re back in the main room.
Click the bookcase.
Use the old key on the lock on the cabinets.
Open the right cabinet and take the DUCT TAPE.
Click the right door, you’re back in the second room.
Click the grate on the floor.
Use your PHILLIP’S SCREWDRIVER on the top two screws (after clicking the screw once, click it again to removve it).
Use the FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER on the bottom two screws (same as above).
Click the handle on the grate.
Use your DUCT TAPE on the dark hole.
Go back.
Click the left door, you’re in the main room again.
Click the door at the back of the room.
Click the lightswitch.
Use you PHILLIP’S SCREWDRIVER on the screws, and remove them.
Click the corner of the lightswitch (with the liney things).
Use your SCISSORS on the purple wire.
Go back.
Click the bomb/box in the center of the room.
Use your FLAT HEAD SCREWDRIVER on the screws and remove them.
Click the center of the bomb/box.
Now be very accurate, and cut the purple wire. If you cut the purple wire, the timer will stop!
Go back, it’s time to escape.
Click the door to your right, your once again in the second room.
Click the grate.
Click the grate’s handle.
Click the grey down arrow in the vent of the grate.
A dialog will pop up. Click “Down”.
Congrats, you beat the game (too bad you used a guide cheater)

Melrose, where did you get those letter/number sequences to type in?

the new code to switch of the computer is "3g75gd09bfm68"

wallu is a swat

what is the password to the computer?? i typed it in but it didnt work =S ... and i cut the purple wire in the bomb thing but it didnt work

The correct password to the computer is FMMZ7fb432mdao34f. Just copy and paste the password. But i do not know what the password is after that because the password other people have given does not work!

The shotdown code is simpler
comes from the 3 notes found around the game

i cut the purple wire but it sent me back to the beggining

       Anonymous  6/7/08, 8:19 AM  

There were some things not explained in the basic walk-throughs:

When you click on the book case-one of the books appears. You can open and read this book page by page, and it explains which color wire to cut (purple). It also explains all the other colors and why NOT to cut them! That is how you determine which wire to cut.

In the wastebasket, there are several small scraps of paper. If you take the time to put these together-it gives the answer to the first computer code. You simply add what is on the pencil (FMMZ) to the beginning of the code. To see the pencil after you pick it up, drag it to the question mark. You can see any item in inventory this way.

The way to get the longer, second computer code is from the 3 small notes scattered in both rooms. I was able to pick up Small Note #1 and Small Note #3, but the Small Note #2 is located in the bottom drawer of the computer desk in room two; and for some reason I could not pick that note up.

Each of these three Small Notes has a portion of the longer computer code. You simply translate the symbols shown on the notes to their corresponding numbers on your computer keyboard, top row. (Below the F keys). Put them in order as Small Note 1, Small Note 2, and Small Note 3. That is how you obtain the longer second computer code, which is a combination of numbers and letters from these three Small Notes.

As for the computer desk code; the only way I could figure out how that was obtained was from the strange single page note picked up in the game. This note has several misspellings, and if you write down each wrong letter in a row you get:

ANSWER IS 'FMMZ' (Same as on pencil).

(Don't forget to include the small z located right after the name PM3D. The name is only PM3D, it does not include a 'z').

If you translate the letters to numbers from their order in the alphabet, you get 6 13 13 26.

(F = 6, M = 13, M = 13, Z = 26)

Just remove the 1, 1 and 2 because you can only use one number, and you are left with 6336.

Hopefully that explains all the little tricks in the game, that weren't detailed in the original walk-throughs.

       Anonymous  6/7/08, 8:24 AM  

PS: When you open the locked cabinet in the first room, you are able to pick up duct tape and a small knife. The duct tape is used under the grate in room two, but there was never a use for the small knife that I could find.

you use the knife to cut through the patch and get the second little note. the patch is on the inside of the cabinet where you got the knife

       Anonymous  6/7/08, 6:57 PM  

OH! Thank you Shea. I did not know that!

That explains why I couldn't pick up the Small Note #2 from the lower computer desk drawer.

No one mentioned using the knife to get this note in the walk-throughs, so I am really glad you explained that.


Yay i won
that was hard

       Anonymous  6/7/08, 7:25 PM  

To clarify:

Small Note #1 can be found inside the light socket under the small table in room one.

Small Note #2 can be found under the patch, inside the left door of the book cabinet in room one. Use the small knife to cut the patch to retrieve the note. (Thanks to Shea!)

Small Note #3 can be found in the lower drawer of the computer desk, after putting in the lock combination.

Sorry for confusion earlier--I mistook Note #3 for Note #2.

Also, when you enter the lock combination for the computer desk drawers, be sure to use the center numbers as the code.

       Anonymous  3/3/09, 10:57 AM  

how do you unlock the cabinet in the first room?

too long, too complicated (btw. 5 times the identic walkthrough in the comments? is this necessary?)

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