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Hoshi Saga Walkthrough

Hoshi Saga

Hoshi Saga WalkthroughHoshi Saga is another really funny addicting point-and-click puzzle game. "Hoshi Saga" means "Search a Star" in Japanese. Point and click every places to find stars in 36 stages. Good luck and have fun!

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Funny little game but clever. It seems simple to start but gets harder and needs a bit of logic to work out each game.

stage 11 hard.. dont have stages 12, 35-36.

finished. 36 was such a let down.

Help with 33 - I CAN NOT PASS it! Please help - hint, anything!!!

gavinfx - type: 'iwillfindastariwillfindastar...' to create a star.

how would i control stage 11? anyone...

i.mae: Found this solution for you:

Guide the point over to the star by clicking your mouse. Don't hold it for too long or the point will hit something and break. It will try to move away from your curser, so keep it on the left side of the point.

maria thanks... but how does one control the speed of it? every other stage was a cinch but stage 11. i wouldn't know what stage 12, 35-36 are like yet!

ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt i got it!

i know i know... i'm corny. but now i'm happy.

thanks maria again!

are you freggin serious! there was no stage 36... hmmrp!

Does anyone know how to do stage 18 with the circle of circles?

Look at ten o'clock.

i need help with level 21.. clickin everywhere n nothing seems to be happenening..help plz ??

shit i got it out of nowhere !!!
thnx anywayz

I aslo need help on 21, and 13,14 to name a few. I dont even understand what you have to do on 21

Gorka what do you mean 10 o'clock? does any know what to do in lvl 23?

leanne in 21 its so random u hav 2 click on the upper left part ..click alot at theline separating the dark n light fields try lol ..
in 13 kepp drag the whirl upwards as if ur climbing it..in 14 use the moving line as a hint n click on the point that wave...
and in 23 click n drag around the darker parts ..keep makin circle as if ur surrounding it..need help anyone ?? :D

13: Pull up the ribbon.
14: Click on the line and make the holes
21: Cilck on the upper grey area, left hand side.
And... 10 o'clock was for stage 5 :)

18: Start from the top. Go right and leave 5 circles. Light next and leave 5 again. And so on ...

i dont get 29, anyone?

Try to connect it, like you draw a star on the paper.

in 29 connect them like ur drowing a star fast way

/_/ \_\

HELP for 33

I have finished all the rest with no help, but I'm stumped

gosh, any advice on 31 or am i just retarded?

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I can't seem to do anything in 21 - help

31: Move the cursor on the circle as far as the pointer will come up to maximum.
33: Make a star with vertical cut.

is there any advice for 30?

33 Spolier

Move the cursor over the bulb back and forth......

The pressure increases and explodes the bulb revealing the star

21 Spoiler
In the top gray bar, about 1/3 of the way across the screen, you click a ffew times (You should hear the tap tap tap)...the bar breaks revealing the star

Still looking for help with 33

Yeah, i can get the circle to dance around a little on 31, but I can't get anything else to happen

Ok i figured it out. that is probably one of the most infuriating things I have ever done!

please help for 30. I am going nuts here. lol

30: Type "I WILL FIND A STAR, I WILL ..."

help with level 28 and 29

28 click the buttons to move the lines arount until you make a star
29 connect the dots (crossing over) until you make a star

Totally stuck on 31, 33 and 35. Any hints?

OMG I am so stuck on 29 I know I'm suppose to make a star by crossing the lines like making a quick star but apparently I ain't putting them in the right places HELP!!!

OKay EDIT I figured it out he he I read the comments below the game :op

I'm stuck on 33 with the lines going across the screnn I'm stumped

33: Use your mouse pointer as a knife and the lines. Move it up and down, up and down and i'm sure, you will find the right place.

hi gorka, nice to speak again I need help with 35?

35: Turn on the light and wait a minut. Turn it off and you will see a star.

1. Click on the blocks
2. Click like a madman on the white background
3. Turn the lever
4. Click on the white quarter cirkels
5. Image 5
6. Click on the flowers
7. Move your mouse over the glass-splinters
8. Click on the pieces which dont fit the star to make a star. Image 8:
9. Shoot the right star piece to the left starpiece. Image:
10. Move your mouse over the small cirkels. Image:
11. Click gently under the small star piece.
12. Click on the small circle, and try to avoid the stars floating around.
13. Drag the twirlie thing upwards.
14. Click on the small dotted line, this works as a radar. Click on the apearing bublbles to complete the star.
15. Touch all the triangles.
16. Through the circles in the air a few times.
17. Drag the upper left corner.
18. Click on the moving circles when they are in this order:
19. Move your mouse over the background untill a star forms.
20. Move the blocks untill a star forms.
21. Click here a few times:
22. Keep pressure on your mousebutton.
23. Twirl your mouse counterclockwise around the faint dots.
24. Attach the end of the baloons to the small square below.
25. Click at the right time when the pieces allign.
26. Its in her panties! :O
27. Keep pressure on your left mouse button and it will appear.
28. Click 2 times on the right dot, 9 times on the dot to the left, 12 times on the other dot left, 6 times on another left dot, and 8 dots on the final dot untill a star appears.
29. See the image how to attach the small dots:
30. Type: I will find a star very quickly over and over again.
31. Move your mouse rapidly over the big black cirkle. (you will see the meter go further and further)
32. Drag the right side up.
33. Hold your mouse button and slice it like a sword.
34. Click the arrows to make this image:
35. Turn the light 30 seconds on, then turn it off

Good luck :)

I have tried to do level 33, i don't know how many times, and is the only one that resists to me. What do i have to do exactly??pleaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!!!!

Same here I've tried holding the mouse button down and I go up and down all over the the lines and nothing happens :o( gawd I must be a dork since I can't figure it out

i need help with 11.. i can get it onto the star, but even there it's crashing... someone?

ok got it.... finally

i ned help with 5

can any1 help me with stages 11, 14, 19, 25, 28, 29, n 33??? plz n thnk u!

stage 1 reminds me of super mario bros on the original nintendo system.

probaly one of the best games I have played on here so far...at least one I didn't have to use the walk throughs much!

33 spoiler....
After reading comments the 33rd level seemed to give everyone including myself the most trouble. I found it directly in the middle of the screen. Click above or below the lines in the middle and swipe across the "rainbow". You just have to keep doing it until you hit the right spot. I think this was the most retarded of them all because it took no thought process, just random swipes at the screen.

aggghhhh 11 is killing me!!!



hold the mouse button at upper right corner, then cut (like a sword) to the botton left corner.

the star is on righ of midle

33 solution, better than words


If you can't play the game that is because it has been moved.

In order to play please use this link.....


thk you and hope you enjoy it.

I have completed hoshi saga 1 and 2.. if you need help can you decribe which level it is you want help with rather than numbers? otherwise its annying trying to work out which level is which thx


Click the blocks untill you find the one with the star.


Click around and you will punch out shapes, the star is in the bottom right area.


Spin the reel around untill you pull the star out.


Click the circle and then mouse over the arrow. Repeat.


Spin the different layers around o find the star. It is in the top left area.


Click on the seed, and then the brankches untill one of the buds blossoms and wait for the butterflys.


Roll your mouse over every shard of glass at the bottom.


Click the extra points to break them off and make a five pointed star.


Drag the bottom arrow back, and shoot it at the other arrow.


Roll your mouse over the dots and lines will appear. In the left side the star if formed.


Guide the point over to the star by clicking your mouse. Don't hold it for too long or the point will hit something and break. It will try to move away from your curser, so keep it on the left side of the point.


Click the circle to make it draw a star, avoid letting the circle touch the spikes.


Keep dragging the line upwards and the star will eventually appear.


Click the dotted line. Click all the spots where waves emerge.


Mouse over all the triangles to break them. they will form a star once they are all broken


Drag the circles to the top and drop them. One of them will form a star after bouncing a few times.


Click the top left corner and drag it to the middle.


Click to make the dark circle darken another circle as it spins around. There should be 5 blank circles inbetween each dark circle.


Move the curser around untill the star lines up, and then click.


Drag the boxes into the middle and put them in the right order so they form a spinning star.


Click a few times near the top left untill the block cracks and then braks and a star falls down.


Click and hold the mouse untill the star is formed.


Move your curser in circles around the splotches, and they will "unspin" and one of them will form a five pointed star.


Drag the circles on the baloon strings to the diamond and wait for the baloons to life it up.


Click to make the bottom peice jump into the beice above it. Repeat.


Click to zoom in. Drag the womans underwear down a little bit to reveal a star tattoo.


Click and hold.


Click the dots to make the lines rotate. Make them form a star.


Drag the bottom circles to form a star. If you mess up push the button.


Type "I will find a star" over and over untill it forms a star. May take a few tries. Spaces aren't needed.


Roll the curser on and off the circle over and over untill the weight is to the max.


Click the tree and drag it to the right to tilt the world. The star will slide onto the screen.


Click and drag from the top right to the bottom left to "slice" the bars.


click the arrow so that when extrended the point will form the parimeter of a star. Three of the arrows are loacted near the bottom right.


Click the light and leave it on for about a minute. Then click the light to turn it off, revealing some stars and the big dipper.


Credits. You are done Good job :)

i hate stage 12!

Who wants help

This will alleviate your troubles with 33.

Nobody seems to be describing it right but picture the 'bars' not as 'bars', picture them as a three dimensional star-shaped roll of cookie dough that you need to slice in half, so that you can see that the end of it is star-shaped.

on 35 i just turned my pc clock to midnight :P and it worked

Hey if anyone needs help then there is a smiple cheat that can get you through any level.

all you have to do is go on the level right click and select the "play" option , do this again and voila!!! you have got through to the next level !!!!!!

stage 40 anybody? it's in saga 2

Thank you so much Eduarodo!!!!!!!!!!!! one try for stage 33

stuck with level 34 anyone help please

i'm STUCKED at stage 36 pls help!!! lol SUCCESS!!!

can anybody help me in hoshi saga2 level 9 cuz the bomb is not coming

i have done my sex after winning this hoshi!!!

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