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Old Castle

Old Castle WalkthroughOld Castle is another point and click adventure game from DooDoo.Ru site. In this adventure, you have to explore old castle to find and use somethings in order to leave from old castle. Good luck and have fun!

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Takes a while to load....going by the comments in the Russian forum it may be interesting (pity I cant read it).Cant get past the first door! A spinning plaque, movable levers and a handle (hidden top left)...

I have rock, knife, rope and 3 parts of signpost.

Hi gorka, used the handle on the well and cut it and got a coin...where did you get the sign posts

Use the stone on the signpost (in front of the castle). Where did you find a coin?

did you find a handle? Not sure where I got it ... maybe by the well?

Yes, I found it and I used it on the well. I cut the rope with the knife.

It may not be a coin, where did you get the rope

Ahhh used knife left side of door and now have brick with numbers

I have the torch. Put the rope and the stone on the stick and use the knife on it.

Well.. it's 3 am. Time to go to bed. My mind doesn't want to work :) So... see you tomorrow.

I am so stuck. I have the rope, knive, and stone. I removed the stone and can see the numbers, in the room with the spinning plaque. Now im lost! Any ideas? :)

Where is the stone to remove with the knife, precisely. I can't find it.

Oki, I know, how to unlock the door. Treat 1 on the square like the arrow. Start with firest lever. Place 1 on the brick and turn the square. When 1 it is at the top - lever up, when at the bottom - lever down. If it's in the right or left position, whirl again. Do the same with lever 2, 3 and 4.

Hi gorka thought you had gone to bed....tried to open door...do you have to have all the levers down? or what?

OY! I can't get through the door!!! Maybe I'm being dense or something, but I don't understand what "gorka" said about the brick with the numbers and the levers and the whirling square. . .

april the brick with the numbers is on the left of the door - you may need the knife to open it and the whirling sqaure is on the right

Thanks redroobar, I've got the brick open, the torch is lit, but I just can't figure out gorkas directions on how the brick works with the levers and the spinning square to get the door open. . . If you have any hints, they would be greatly appreciated. . . I've googled the game, and can't find any walkthroughs. . . haha

Oooh! Nevermind! I just figured it out! Thanks though!

Im stuck aswell we need to wait for gorka

april can you explain?

what he means is:
start with all levers up.
set brick to 1
spin plaque, if the one is on top then leave lever up if it is one bottom pull lever down.
If the 1 on the plaque is not in top or bottom position then spin until it is....
then change brick to 2 and repeat

K I'll try. . . I'm not exactly sure what it was I did, I wasn't expecting it to work.

Press the uncovered brick to "1."

Then go to the wheel and spin it until the "1" is on the top.

Spin the square again. If the "1" is on the top or bottom, move the first lever on the wall up or down. (Up if the "1" is on top, Down if the "1" is on the bottom).

If the "1" is on either of the sides, spin again until it's either on top or on the bottom.

Now spin the square again and move the next lever accordingly, using the same rules as above.

Do this for all four levers.

Now you change the number on the brick to 2. Continue using the one as your guide for up or down. (I think. If that doesnt work, then use the two, three and four, subsequently).

Continue that for the four levers, and move the brick to three. . . Keep going until youve finished with the fourth lever, on the number four brick.

Then click the door, and get ready to get stuck again, lol. . . I can't figure the next part out yet. . .

. . . Hope this helps! It makes sense in my head, but I'm not sure if I communicated the directions clearly. . .

where did you get the knife.. i can't find it..

found a key bottom left of door

Why can't i find the knife.. I'm starting to feel a little bit stupid here... :o(

I only have the rock at the signpost...

knife is hidden behind rock as you go up the path to the castle where you see the moon

thanks april and airbourne, still stuck...

redroobar.. thank you so much

where did you find a torch?

lourdes you need the stick from the signpost and rope from well and pebble and knife. drag stick and rope together. drag pebble and quickly the knife to create a spark.
Still cant work out the door code

someone spanish??

redroobar. thanks...but y cant take de stick...

you need open the door:
you click on the stone (on the left of the door - it is the front wall, and the stone is near the levels). first you use your knife, and then you click whith your mouse. ¿do you have it?

...then you put all the levers up.
then you put the number 1 in the stone.
you click in the square.Look the number up and the number down

if it is a 1, you leave the lever up. if the number 1 is down, put the first lever down.

now put in the stone the number 2. clic in the square and look for the number 1. is the same whith the four levers.
then clic in the door

ok, im lost, wandering around inside... i have a key, the two signs, a knife, and a torch, fond the place to put the key, but the skeloton keeps making me go away, also found a lever and put it in the wall, but idk if it works... help?

and theres some letters on the brick wall

I tried to spell open by clicking on the letters and pulling the lever, but it didnt work...

thank you lourdes.....got the door open good explanation

spell castle ..not sure how but bars lifted.

sorry wrong bars

It's got something to do with Zodiac signs, but there's no M...

Any coincidence that the dark marks on the bricks of the walls look like Zodiac signs as well...?

I cant find the key, I know its the bottom left of the door but I just cant find it. can anyone tell me where exactly, please.

leanne: on the floor. It is a very little green point

I still can’t find the key. Am I by the right door (the locked one)? I swear to god this game is bugged. O.K, that was a tantrum, if I was a toddler I would be lying on the floor screaming and kicking my legs, lol.

Sorry guys, my english is not so good. I had hoped that redroobar will translate you what I wanted to say :)

and now...someone knows what is the next step?

I still can't figure out how to open the door. On my spinning thing there's a 2 on both the top and the bottom.

I cant find the key either! Where is it supposed to be?

vexingmodstwo, use always the position of number 1

On the door with the signs of the zodiac complete the symbol of the libra with the knife. Type Libra on the wall and pull the lever.

THANKS THOMAS!! (And everyone else...)

We have the same on our polish blog :)

okay, I chose the letters LIBRA, opened the gate, and got the bucket. Now what? I tried to go back to the Zodiac door but there are bars in the way and the handle is missing. Anyone get through this? Am i supposed to play the sun game on the wall with the well / hole? If so, how?

when I click in the door whith the zodiac sings, it becames biger, but at that moment I cant use de knife. What am I doing wrong???

In order to open the second gate, you must put the torch with the rope in the slot like a lever and use it to open the gate.

lourdes, You are doing nothing wrong, you must use the knife from the more distant view, not the close up one. If you use the knife, it will make the mark.

ok, I am at the door with the spinning thing. is there even supposed to be a key for this door? I did the spinning thing like I was told too and it says that I need a key or something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

thank you, thank you, thank you viper. I have opened one door whith the green key. When the skeletor has apeared, I have used the bucklet, and now I am in a room whith gold...Any idea??

KM, did you do 1 - 4 without error?

yes. I just cannot get the key.

This is where I am except that you can get gold, use the knife to ge the candle then the holder, and pick up the scoop and get flour, but I do not know what you do with it, or what the nail combination is.

There is no key for that door. If you do all the numbers and put the levers like said above, you should be able to walk forward. If it says you need a key, put all the levers up, the brick at 1 and start again.

Ok. I will keep trying. Thank you.

KM: the key is here: look at the wall whit leters in it. Turn left.
do you see a door?. the key is just on the floor, next the door, at left.I hope you to find it (sorry about my english)

ah! and it is green. Look for a very litle green point.

lourdes, KM is not at that door yet, that doo is after entering the first door with the brick and levers.

I feel like an idiot but I cannot get these levers right.

KM, let me try again step by step:

Put all levers up, then put the brick on one. Spin the square. If the number one faces up, keep the first lever where it is. If the number one is down, put the first lever down. If it is on either side, leave everything alone, and spin again until you get one of the two choices listed above. When you have done something with the lever, then move the brick to two and then spin the square and repeat in that order. If you spin with the wrong number on the brick, start again from the beginning. Hope that helps.

KM, one other word, each lever corolates to each brick meaning brick one works lever one and brick two works lever two and so on. Also the lever one is the one closest to you and not the door.

Thanks,but that is what I have been doing and it just keeps saying I need a key or something. Oh well. Keep trying.

If you think the lever thing is frustrating, just wait.. I gave up.

its a loooong game....solution for the nails is random, but each line of numbers is a sequence i.e.2 4 6 8 the next number is 10 (this isnt one of the lines) so for the three lines of numbers on the scroll work out the last number of the sequence (shud be between 1 and 9) If you can solve 2 of the lines you can then try the third number randomly

Here's a walkthrough for getting into the dungeon:

From the start, turn left
Grab the knife on the side of the gravestone
Go forward
Grab the stone at the base of the left wall
Go back twice to the starting screen
Use the stone on the sign twice and then grab the pole
Turn left
Grab the handle at the base of the well, put it on the wheel and use the knife to get some rope
Use the rope on the pole you got earlier to fashion a torch
Go back, then left, then forward to get to the entrance
To the left of the door is a brick that will display the numbers 1-4
Make it show the number 1
Spin the board until the number 1 on it is facing either up or down - sideways means spin again.
Once the number 1 is either on top or on bottom, make the leftmost lever have the same position - up or down.
Then push the brick to display 2 and repeat for the next lever over.
Repeat for 3 and 4.
Once 4 is done, go forward into the dungeon.

Now the walkthrough for the first section of the dungeon:

The first order of business is lighting the torch
Use the stone on the torch and QUICKLY use the knife on it as fast as possible
The stone will no doubt fall off before it lights. This is normal
Continue striking the stone and soon you will have a lit torch
Go forward into the dungeon
You will see a wall with letters on it. Turn left
As you advance, look at the bottom left of the door - there is a green key, grab it
Turn left and go forward. There is a lever at the back of the dead end - grab it
Turn right and go around the corner to the left
At the end of the hallway is the zodiac door
Look closely at the symbol for libra - it's missing a line
Below is my very poor ASCII art libra symbol:
Use the knife on it to add the bottom line
Go back to the wall with the letters on it
Spell out L-I-B-R-A and turn right
Pull the lever to raise the gate

Walkthrough for the second section:

Go forward to the dead end with the hole and numbers on the wall
Grab the bucket
Back up all the way to where you took a left turn to go to the zodiac door, but this time turn right
There is a door here, only it's guarded by a very angry ghost
Try to use the green key on the door and he will appear
QUICKLY put the bucket on his head to put him out of his misery
Inside the storeroom, grab some gold from the treasure chest
Use the knife on the candlestick to get a piece of candle
Grab the candlestick holder
Go back to the wall with the numbers on it and the hole in the ground
Turn right to see a very painful hallway
Use the candlestick holder on the bottom left spike to stop them
Go into the game room
Use the gold on the table to activate the game
Go back to the storeroom and take the bucket off of the ghost's head
Go back to the game room and place the bucket underneath the goblin
Unplug the barrel to fill the bucket with wine
Exit the room and place the candle on the spike next to the door
Light the candle with your torch
Go back into the room and play the game until your knight is face to face with the goblin
Put out your torch in the bucket with the wine
Leave the room
Grab the candle you lit earlier
Re-enter the room and you'll notice the goblin retreated
Now finish the game
Grab the skull, the ring off the skeleton's hand, and the piece of paper off of the fallen goblin

Third walkthrough:

Go back to the zodiac door
Use the knife on the ring multiple times until the gem is pryed loose
Use the empty ring on the + symbol on the door to unlock it
Inside the throne room, use the knife on the woman's picture
Turn right and hang the woman's picture on the nail in the wall
Take the key and gem inside the knight's helmet
On the opposite wall, put the two gems in the eyes of the lion
After the earthquake, take the note from the lion's mouth and both swords from the two suits of armor
Make your way back to the other end of the dungeon
At the gaping crevice, use the swords across the gap and place the signs on the swords to create a bridge
On the other side of the gap, turn right to find the other locked door
Unlock it with the key from the throne room
Take the chair and throw it in the fireplace
Light the fire with your candle
Go back to the game room and get your bucket
Back in the fireplace room, hang the bucket over the fire
Set the clock to 7:15
Place the lion's note on the table
Use the knife on it to shred it up

Fourth walkthrough:

Use the magnifying lens to zoom in on the note
Arrange the note in this manner:
CAESAR was the EMPORER from ROME (100 - 44 BC)
LOMONOSOV was a SCIENTIST from RUSSIA (1711 - 1765)
Now go to the storeroom
Take bottle #4
Place the bottle on the left side of the scale
Use the scoop behind the sack of salt and use it to scoop some salt onto the right side of the scale
You will get warned by the skull that you have 3 tries - this is normal
Take the salt off the scale
Go back to the fireplace room
Put the salt in the bucket of hot wine
Take the feather and dip it in the bucket
Use the glue on the paper on the desk to glue it all together
Take the completed note to the throne room
Give the note to the picture on the right to lower the throne
Take the crown in the alcove and the coin on the ground

Great thanks to Momruoy for this walkthrough;)

I got a little frustrated anyway the answer to the last bit is go put the coin on the number wall go back to the throne room and put your answer in the slot where the throne was its "ups" in any order.

i'm not getting the whole 1-4 bricks. i understand the concept but it's not going through. i.e brick 1, click the square, the 1 lands on the bottom, so i pull the first lever down... brick 2 same concept but it lands on top so 2nd lever is up... so on n so on. so this is what i get; 1 up - 2 down - 3 up - 4 down... then click on door... not happening for me!!!! =(

cant even start the game.....anyone else have the same problem?

i can't light the stick and rope now there combined i put the rock on but it keeps falling off....help wud be lovely

please tell me how you got the torch to light ,nothing i do works.

never mind just now got it sorry , i dropped my knife on the pebble and it lite up right away,cool.

Can someone please just tell me how to do the levers? I've done everything that's mentioned by everyone, but still can't get through

Soooo, in the throne room. . . where is the gaping crevice that you put the swords and signs over? The only obvious place is the part that is behind the throne, but it doesn't seem to be working. . .

K nevermind. . . But now I'm stuck in the room with the nails on the board. . . I can't figure out which three nails will get the box open. . .

Wow, I just finished. . . With a lot of help from the other site. . . I still have no idea where the "ups" came from, but wow that game was tough. . . Get ready for the sequel!

Ok I have a knife skull crown (2nd)two scrolls and a coin with 21 on it. I am in the throne room and an alcove has a thingy that needs a code typed in.
Now the walkthru wasnt quite right the last bit give note to the picture in the throne room. You get a crown from an alcove. Put this crown in the shape on the back of the throne. The throne sinks and you get a new crown and coin in an alcove.
On the wall are letters and numbers. Read page 12 in the lazylaces who say they have the code. I dont understand. Help....
PS if anyone is stuck with the nails tell me your numbers on the scroll (three lines)and I will work it out

Apparently the code I am looking for is ups...havent tried it.

plz help

Yeah,me too.I am really enjoying the game but I spent an hour on the nails before just giving up entirely.Somebody got a clue on which nails it is?In the room with the scales?Thank~you!

i need the nails...how do you read the paper with all the numbers on it? but i need the nails in the room with the scales.

You can figure out the nails by figuring out the next number in each of the three lines on the torn paper

my numbers are

row one: 14 34 12 10
row two: 93 36 18 42 12
last row: 1 5 3 7 5 9

for the nail puzzle

Z P J F D:
This is an alphabetical puzzle that is also reverse Fibonnaci.
Z is 26, P is 16, J is 10, F is 6, and D is 4.
26 - 16 = 10.
16 - 10 = 6.
10 - 6 = 4.
6 - 4 = 2, your answer.

D is 4 O is 15 O D O O:
so 4 15 15 4 15 15
the answer to this line is 5.

1 1 2 3 5:
This is straight up Fibonnaci.
1 + 1 = 2.
2 + 1 = 3.
3 + 2 = 5.
5 + 3 = 8, your answer.

1 5 3 7 5 9:

This works, except for the 5 and 3, which become 4 when halved.
The actual pattern is +4, -2.
1 + 4 = 5
5 - 2 = 3
3 + 4 = 7
7 - 2 = 5
5 + 4 = 9
9 - 2 = 7, your answer.

12 6 11 5 10 4:
The next answer is 9.

13 11 7 5 3 2:
These are all prime numbers, though working backwards. The answer to this one is quite controversial - it's 1, which is not a prime number, nor is it composite.

14 34 12 10:


the answer to this line is 4.

17 35 16 15 13 10:
For whatever reason, the answer to this line is 5.

17 38 19 21 13:
the answer to this line is 7.

19 33 16 13 11:
the answer to this line is 6.

31 29 26 22 17 11:
A cute pattern, the number you subtract between each value in the pattern increases by 1.
31 - 29 = 2.
29 - 26 = 3.
26 - 22 = 4.
22 - 17 = 5.
17 - 11 = 6.
11 - [7] = 4, your answer.

38 44 32 20:
the answer to this line is 8.

77 47 30 17 13:
This is reverse Fibonnaci.
77 - 47 = 30
47 - 30 = 17
30 - 17 = 13
17 - 13 = 4 - your answer.

80 50 33 20 16:
This is 7.

81 51 32 21 13 10:
This is backwards Fibonnaci, with a twist. As Maja posted about the 80 50 33 20 16 series above, this is Fibonnaci and subtracting another number. In this case, 2.
81 = 51 + 32 - 2
51 = 32 + 21 - 2
32 = 21 + 13 - 2
21 = 13 + 10 - 2
13 = 10 + 5 - 2
So, your answer here is 5.

84 28 42 14 21:
This is somewhat silly. Each number is half of the number that comes two before it.
84 halved is 42.
28 halved is 14.
42 halved is 21.
14 halved is 7, your answer.

85 26 16 14 10:
make 85 work with this somehow; the answer here is 2.

85 52 33 19 14:
This is another reverse Fibonnaci puzzle.
85 - 52 = 33.
52 - 33 = 19.
33 - 19 = 14.
19 - 14 = 5, your answer.

89 34 14 10:
the answer to this line is 2.

93 36 18 42 12:
the answer to this line is 6.

12 6 11 5 10 5 _
80 50 33 20 16 _
Z P J F D _

Any help?

I can't see the numbers on the spinning thing.

I figured out how to get the UPS code for the box behind the throne.

The circle coin you put in the wall will the hole is 21. Alphabetically 21 = U

If you use the pattern behind the shakepere painting it crosses out all the numbers except the 4 4s. Add them to get 16. 16 = P

If you add up the crossed out numbers you get 19. 19 = S

Still not sure where the 7:15 for the clock comes from though.

For anyone still struggling the levers: the key is to use nr 1 on the revolving square as the up/down indicator. So:
a)All levers up, brick on 1, turn square.
b)if nr 1. on square is up: left lever up. If nr 1. on square is down, lever down, if nr. 1 is left or rigth, turn again
c) when the left lever is set to either up or down, put brick on 2 and turn the square
d) use nr 1. on square as indicator as in b) and put corresponding lever up or down
e) do the same for 3 and 4, keep using nr 1. on the square as your indicator.
For me it worked after lighting the torch, but I'm not sure if this is necessary.
Now stuck after cutting the libra sign with knife. Can't find the wall with letters anymore and keep running into ghost with red eyes??

Like Sandra I'm stuck! Finally found the sign, fixed it with the knife and can't seem to find my way back to the wall with the letters anymore! Have been looking for half an hour! HELP?!?!

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have tried and tried but the door with the levers will not open for me no matter what i do. can someone help me?

Unlike a lot of the people whose comments I read, I read everything before I ask for help.

Whenever I got stuck, I came back here and followed the walkthroughs to the T.
Now I've got my little note that I've glued up with my wine-salt concoction, but the painting of the man on the right in the throne room won't take it.
He keeps shrugging his shoulders and making this dismissive sound.

...I tried cutting him up with the knife because I got so frustrated.

...nothing happened...

Any who! I'm at yet another wall in this god forsaken game and have no idea what to do. I didn't see anyone else having this problem, so I thought I'd voice mine.

Where did I screw up, guys?
Help a sister out! Please? :) :p


       Anonymous  9/25/08, 5:01 PM  

Hey Kate the Great. I'm thinking maybe you dont have the paper put together right. Make sure the names and everything match up tp wat the walkthrough says. with the whole ceaser thing etc. Other than that, im not sure what could be the problem. Also, for anyone who got to the end. After typing in the "ups" thing behind the thrown you need to take your candle to it and then your finished. They forgot that part.

Thanks Raychl, but I checked and double checked that.
I'm going to start all over from the beginning.

I'm determined not to let this game kick my bum!! Lol.

I am in the dungin and I have the green key. I am now at the door with the sign Libra. I don't know what it means a line is missing. Can someone help me? I also can't seem to find my way back the the wall with the letters. I am stuck in the hall ways. HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE!

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