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Azada CheatsAzada 1 is another really nice downloadable puzzle type casual game for weekend fun! Trapped in a magical puzzle book, the adventurous Titus needs your help to release him from his spell. To do this, you must solve the tricky puzzles of Azada. Crack the series of puzzles and fill in the missing pages of the enchanted book to free Titus from his prison. Loads of unique puzzles to solve, boss puzzles and surprises along the way, hidden clues unlock levels. Have fun!

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This game is great, there are puzzles to solve and mini games to keep you playing for hours. 5 Stars to BFG

Loved this game until I got to the Robot. I like thinking games not arcade speed type stuff. The stupid arrows disappear if you try to do them too far in advance, when the robot gets too close there isn't enough time to change the arrows. Is there some kind of cheat to skip games you hate. It's not my idea of fun to try this over and over until I get it. If there's no cheat key to skip the game, I wasted my money as I can't go any further in the game. So if you're like me and don't like arcade stuff, don't purchase this game.

THe idea is to click on a square just a short distance away. I only did 2-3 arrows at a time...now..every time I play the robot I win. I am having trouble however with the tower of Hanoi puzzle with the 5 rings..there are 2 puzzles of this sort..one with 4 rings that is easy to do the other with 5 rings..stuck on the 5 ring one..can't move the last ring.

The other puzzle I have trouble with is the darn marble puzzle...getting only 3 left on the marble game has proven to be next to impossible for me.

Are there any cheats or walkthrus for this game yet?

Help, I am stuck on the map puzzle with the longitude and latitude. I ahve the coordinates but can't figure out the map, it says to click on the coordinates but nothign happens when i do. Thank you

Help working on the map puzzle with longitude and latitude coordinates. the puzzle says to click on the map coordinates but nothing happens. Thank you

I was frustrated by the Pawns and Robot puzzles, too. As you progress through the game, you earn orbs that allow you to skip over any puzzle. I always skip the Pawns, but will try the Robot a few times first.

Help I am stuck on the circle puzzle that only shows you one ring at time I can't seem to get them lined up right.

To solve the circle-puzzle, here you go:
sticks= 1-2-3
rings= a-b-c-d (a=smallest one)
a to 2
b to 3
a to 3
c to 2
a to 1
b to 2
a to 2
d to 3
a to 3
b to 1
a to 1
c to 3
a to 2
b to 3
a to 3

I am stuck by the matchstick puzzle, where you have to end up with 4 squares, and move at least 3 matches. Anyone have the solution? All other puzzles have been so easy so far, so it has to be so obvious, but I can't see it... Please help!

msjinx: To turn 5 squares into 4, you end up with something like this:

┌┐ ┌┐
└┘ └┘

except with the corners touching.

Oops. formatting was off, but the preview looked fine.

┌┐ ┌┐
└┘ └┘

Sorry; that's not working. To turn 5 squares into 4:

Number the top horizontal matchsticks 1,2,3. Move number one to the right of 3. Move number three below and parallel to 1's new position. Take the top left-most vertical match and complete the square by moving it to the far right and joining 1 and 3.

Got to end of game, but am now stuck in the final room, with no hint available, as the book seems to be completed. I have the formula for the potion, and THINK I have poured the proper amounts into the potion bowl. The only place to bring the bowl seems to be on the front right table by the papers, as that's the only place I can find the magic stars swirling. However, I keep getting the message that something else needs to be done first. If the potion in the bowl is incorrect, how can I empty it to refill it properly? Or is there a different problem?

matchstick puzzle I have to make 3 out of four help please

Dont understand circle puzzle. Am quite stuck. I can't get the directions again. Can some one help me with tis one.

I am stuck in the library. can anyone please help me what to do with the map? I have found coordinates to the map and now what?
Have tried to click the to places on the map- nothing happens...Please help

Thank you Angela, that was big help for me. solution so simple, and I knew it, but coldn't see it *hihi*

The coordinates for the map have to be entered at the same time, not seperately.

Now if someone tell me how to get the crystal out of the tank in the next chapter. I can't figure out the sequence.

The coordinates for the map have to be entered at the same time, not seperately..

BUT HOW ????IT IS IMMPOSSIBLE IN THE SAME TIME, pleas tell me how u did it!!!!!!!!

Am finding it impossible to enter the coordinates in the map in the library room; how can I enter the coordinates at the same time? Besides my coordinates instructions are "Protocol D 124 and Protocol L 62N" as I move the curser around there are no lines to zero into the quadrant (am now thinking the game did not load correctly). Besides N dissapears when it get to 62.0 Am so frustrated cannot go futher than the library.grrrrrrrrrrr. heeeeeeeelp

Just got the game and really enjoy the puzzles. Can't seem to figure out how to get out of the kitchen in Chapter 2. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Library map cordinates...
My coordinates were D124 L62N...just had to click on 124.62 and it WORKED!!!

Need help on a puzzle it's matches you have four of them and you have to turn them into three how do I do it please help

If you are still stuck with the map coordinates, add the 2 together. For example: Mine was E 120 / G 38N So I went to 120:38N and hey presto! Now, I cannot for the life of me balance the scales!

Azada Tips [ courtesy of Gamehouse ]


Here are some general tips first:
# Save your magic orbs for puzzles that you really want to skip, they are hard to come by and you will probably wish that you had saved them for later
# If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can click on the book icon and go to another page and finish the easiest ones first and come back to the more difficult ones.
# Read the instructions carefully even though it may be a game that you already played the rules may have changed. For example on the "pawns" game you are asked at first to end up with 4 pawns and later on it asks you to end up with only 2.
# You can go back and play any completed mini game, by going back to the parlor.



# Matchbox-on top of desk( left side)
# Match- wastebasket on the floor
# Paper-underneath desk
# Key- inside the box above the desk
1. Take the match and strike it across the matchbox
2. Take the lit match and click it onto the paper, the paper will reveal a time
3. Click on the clock that's on the wall
4. Turn the hands of the clock to the same time that is written on the paper
5. Red secret box comes out
6. Click the key on the red box and grab the glowing scroll


Click on the following items:
# Locker
# Yellow tape :paint can on the 2nd shelf
# Hammer-red box
# Flashlight-2nd shelf
1. Use the flashlight in the darkened room to locate the light switch
2. Light is right next to the door, click on it
3. Take the hammer and hit the vase that's close to the door and the key will appear inside of it.
4. Click on the locker and then click the key onto it, when the door opens the batteries are inside.
5. Click on the remote control that is on the chair and insert the batteries.
6. Use hammer to click on the loose floorboard that is between the two chairs and some wires will appear, use the yellow tape on the wires
7. Hit the remote control and the TV will come on and produce the scroll


# Bobby pin-inside of bathtub
# Red handle-pipe by the door
# Pipe-same location as the red handle
1. Click on the outside of the bathtub and it will show a locked grate
2. Click the bobby pin on the grate and it will open
3. Place the red handle inside the grate on the pipes
4. Place the pipes on the correct location inside the grate
5. Turn the red handle, it will turn on the faucet in the sink and there will be 2 symbols on the foggy mirror
6. Press the wooden chest that is on the side of the bathtub and you will see some symbols appear.
7. Press the symbols that you see on the mirror in the order in which they appear and the scroll will appear.



# Radio button- is in the pot that is on the stove
# Small blowtorch on the counter
# Small propane tank-drawer
# Click on the radio and put the knob back on.
1. Open the fridge and it contains a frozen box inside
2. You have to click the propane tank and the blowtorch together and they blowtorch will turn on
3. Press the lit blowtorch onto the box that is in the fridge and you will see a date appear. If you see a number 18 appear, you have to go to the calendar on the wall and keep clicking until you find the date May 18. Look at the radio station number that corresponds with that date and then click the radio and tune it to that station and the scroll will appear.


# Chalk-on the blackboard
# Click the chalk onto the blackboard and a number will appear
# Screwdriver-left side of the cabinet
# Microscope-on the desk
# Tap on the computer and place the screwdriver on it and a circuit board appears
# Paper clip-bottom right desk drawer
# Place the paper clip on the computers circuit board
# Keypad will appear, type the number that is
on the chalkboard
# Grab the lens that is on the top shelf of the cabinet
# Click the lens onto the microscope
# Click the top left corner and the scroll will appear



# Click on the box with the rope around it
# Movie projector-right side of the screen
# Clock-right side of projector
# Lighter-in front of projector
# Click on the side of the projector and a candle will appear
# Take the lighter and burn the rope that is on the box
# Pick up the lens and paper that is inside
# Attach the lens to the projector
# Place the paper in front of projector and an image
will appear on the wall
# Press the 3 arrows on the wall to reveal the scroll


# Yellow gun-on counter
# Take the yellow gun and press it against the window to wash it and it will reveal a number
# Click on the cabinet that is next to the doll a numeric keypad will appear. Type in the number that was on the window
# Click on the red box and grab the piece of the railroad track
# Click on the train that is by the window sill and place the the track and the train there and push the red button.
# Take the key and unlock the cash register to receive the scroll



# Pick up the jars that are on the cabinet and place them in inventory, make sure you match the labels on the jars accordingly. Only three jars go in inventory
# Click on the boiling pot
# Click on the crystal ball
# Voodoo doll-left side of the wall
# Click on the window
# Penny-by the stove
1. Click the penny on the crystal ball and 3 alternating symbols will appear
2. Drop the jars in the order in which they appear in the crystal ball into the boiling pot (a page will appear on the table)
3. Place the page on the boiling pot and a voodoo doll appears, the voodoo doll will highlight certain parts
4. Click on the false teeth ( they are over by the edge of the cabinet) and the pin cushions will appear
5.Take the highest needle in the bunch and click it into the voodoo doll
# You must click the voodoo doll that's on the wall in the same place that are highlighted on the voodoo doll that is over the boiling pot
# You will know that it's correct when you see a glimmer each time you hit the right spots. You should have to do it 3 different times Scroll will appear


# Telescope-left side of the counter
# Flashlight-left side of the counter
# Mug-right side of the counter
# Click under the cabinet and a numeric keypad will appear
# Click on the drain that is on the far right side
# Put the mug on the drain and a ticket with a number will appear
# Enter the number that appears on the numeric keypad
# A book will appear that has a Morse code written on it
# Look for the control panel that is on the left side of the counter and reproduce the Morse code that appeared in the book . For example, if you see one solid square and then 2 smaller lines followed by another solid square you need to input it in the following manner:
a) hold down the large black button-a dark square should appear
b) hold down the small green button to make the small line appear
c) hold down the green button again
d) hold down the black button again and the radar will appear
# Press on the steering wheel of the boat and you will see a handle appear on the right side of it, press on the handle to make the engine turn on.
# Start turning the wheel as to move the bearing as specified in
the instructions and a boat will appear by the window
# grab the telescope and click it onto the boat outside scroll will appear



# Water bucket- by the gnome on the left side
# Clippers-left side of the shed
# Shovel-by the gnome that is on the right side of the shed
# Press the big rock that is by the gnome that is on the left side of the screen, it has a piece of paper attached to it
# Use the shovel to dig under the rock
# Click on the door handle and then use the clippers to break the chains on the door to the shed. Once the door is open pick up the paper
# There's a boot-right side of the shed click on it and it has a piece of gum on the bottom of the boots
# Put the gum on the bucket and fill it with water
# Take the bucket full of water and and place it on the rock a plant will begin to grow and move the rock. Grab the piece of paper


# Red folder on the desk
# Lens - on desk close to chair
# Scissors and tape dispenser-bottom drawer
# Click on the books that are on the left side of the screen
# Click on the paper that is on the wall right next to the eye chart
# Click on the drawing next to that one. It looks like a circle full of confetti
# Click the scissors onto the red folder
# Click the tape on the red folder
# Click the red folder onto the confetti circle and a number will appear
# A numeric padlock will appear next to the confetti circle
# Insert the lens into the machine next to the confetti
# Retrieve the lens from the machine (You have to use it twice)
# Place the lens onto the blurry paper next to the eye chart and read all 4 numbers that appear on it and type those numbers into the keypad.



# Click the middle washing machine
# Click on the first dryer and pick up the coins
# Click on the panel box that's facing the machines
# Click on the panel box that's facing the dryers
# Pick up a block that's on the floor next to the 1st dryer
# Pick up a block that is on the shelf on top of the washers
# Click the panel that is next to the dryer and place coins in the slot and press the middle button and a red bar will appear
# Deposit the coins again and press the last button and a blue bar will appear
# Place both those bars in inventory
# Press the middle washer and insert one of the blocks in it and then place a colored bar in as well. Deposit coins into the washer and wait for it to stop. Once the machine stops pick up the colored block and place it into the panel that is facing the washers. Repeat the same steps for the second block
# Once the second block is in you can proceed to the next level


1. Press the water pump that is next to leaking faucet
2. Click the crate that has a letter stuck under it
3. Grab the duct tape that's next to the broom on
the right side of the floor
4. Click on the newspaper clippings that are on the wall and you will see 3 colored trays. while you're in that bubble pick up the clothespin that is in the top corner
5. Press the pipe that is next to the crate and the water faucet will appear
6. Click the duct tape on the faucet
7. Press the valve on the water pump and the water dries up
8. Get the corkscrew that is on the steps
9. Get the bottle that's on the far left side of the floor by the other bottles
10. Open the bottle with the corkscrew by placing the corkscrew over the bottle
11. Pour the bottle in the middle tray that is next to the pictures
12. Hit the switch that's on the wall close to the pictures and the room will turn red
13. Pick up the picture that is under the crate and dip it into all 3 trays starting with the first one. Then grab the clothespin and hang the picture on the wall on the water pump



# Ball of yarn- on the floor by the file cabinet
# Pick axe-behind the desk up against the wall
# Mouse-basket next to file cabinet
# Click on the 4th drawer of the file cabinet
# Click on the telephone( then the receiver twice in
order to pick it up)
# Magnifying glass- on top of the desk by the papers
# Tape-on the glass by the window
1. Click your mouse and the ball of yarn together
2. Click the phone receiver and the mouse together
3. Click the mouse on the tape ( mouse has to go over the tape not the other way around or it will not work)
4. Place the mouse by the hole in the wall (left side of the screen)
5. Once the mouse goes in and comes back out you can retrieve the key from it and click it on the file cabinet. A document will appear place,the magnifying glass over it and look at the picture that forms. Look for that spot in the room and use the pick axe over it to get the scroll. The space on the floor is usually between the desk and the file cabinet.


# Log-bottom of the TV screen
# Knob-under the table9 it looks like a pincushion)
# Lighter-under the table
# Piece of paper-on top 1st bookcase (By the horn)
# Belt-above the furnace, by the wood beam
1. Place log into the furnace and then click the lighter on the furnace to turn it on
2. Insert paper on the slot next to TV screen it will say"error"
3. Place the belt under the TV screen and the screen will now read "ready"
4. Insert the knob into the side of the TV screen and press on the knob, the screen will read "processing" when it stops two letters will appear for example:F and K
5. Go to the books in the library and click the corresponding letters that you received and two sets of numbers will appear. The number on the left is the number that should appear on the left of the map coordinate that you will be looking for on the map. The number on the right will be for the right coordinate
6. Click on the table and the map will appear, use your coordinates that appear on the books and look for it on the map.
# This one took me a while because I wasn't paying close attention to the coordinates. You have to make sure that the number that appears on the left is either positive or negative. If it has a negative sign make sure that the coordinate on the map says negative or you will be looking for a while. The coordinate on the right make sure if it says North or South. For the longest time I thought the "s" was a number 5...lol
7. Once you find the right coordinates move on to the next chapter



# Skull-base of the Sphinx
# Hieroglyphics -back of the wall above the sphinx
# Click on the vertical tomb that has the 2 scales
# Click on the tomb with the mummy lying on top of it
# Click on the the mummy's head that's on the coffin
# Round wooden piece-in front of the coffin
# Place the skull on one of the scales
# Click on the end of the coffin and an hourglass will appear
# Place the round wooden piece on the wooden apparatus that is located on the side of the coffin and it becomes a dial for the apparatus.
# Move the dial so that it points to the first symbol on the wall. Then press the hourglass as many times as is written on the wall, move the dial to the next symbol, move the hourglass again, repeat until the whole code is entered.
# Once you finish the code and the skull appears by the mummy's head just place the skull on the other scale
# If you're not able to do understand the last part of the instructions there is a way to sort of go around it. Just click the dial on every position until the light shoots to the progress bar for every correct answer. Once you click the dial correctly once it will not penalize your next incorrect attempt. Just keep clicking until you get all the correct codes.


# Click on the easel
# Click on the machine that's on the table a green square with symbols will appear
# Follow the pattern that is on the easel onto the machine
that's on the table
# Press the fish tank and buttons with symbols on them will appear
# The goal here is to program the machine to pick up the crystal that is on the far end of the tank and drop it into receptacle on the left in order to pick up the crystal. I will give you the solution to my puzzle and also how I arrived at that solution just in case the code changes with every game.
Each button corresponds with an action. From left to right:
# Button 1- moves the crank to the right
# Button 2-moves the crank down
# Button 3 moves the crank left
# Button 4-moves the crank back up
# Button 5-grabs the crystal
# Button 6- releases
You should experiment with the commands ad see what they do. Press the first button and the press the green key and see what it does. Repeat that process with every key
# Green button on the right executes the commands
# Red button on the right clears the program
# You have to enter a total of 14 commands to make it work. The code for the one I did was: 1-1-2-2-2-5-5-3-3-3-3-4-2-6

Once the crystal has been successfully picked up, click on the receptacle that is on the left side of the tank to get the crystal. Place the crystal in the silver candle holder looking thing that is next to the machine. Grab the scroll



# Necklace-on the desk next to the binoculars
# Metal stick-next to the box that is on the edge of the desk
# Metal stick-far left side of the screen on the floor
# Click on the blue hand that is on the wall
# Rhere's a machine with a pointed needle located right under the inventory sheet, click on that and place both metal pieces under it. Once you place both pieces hit the lever to activate the machine
# Once the metal pieces have been soldered, place it on the yellow and black fuse box that's on the wall. Keep clicking on the stick until the red button turns green.
# Take the necklace and drag it on the wall until the noise gets louder and the amulet starts to have orange rays coming out of it.
# The second metal piece appears, push it into the fuse box until the other light turns green.


# Click the scale that's on the floor( right side of the screen under the torches)
# Click the gold statue that's on the black column
# Pick up the stones that are located between the 2 torches on the right side of the screen. The goal here is to place stones that equal the weight of the golden statue. The way you achieve this is placing stones and the scale and trying to figure out if their combined weight equal the weight of the golden statue.
# You can only place a maximum of 3 stones on the scale at a time
# I can't give you an exact number on this one because I had to do it several times and the answer was different each time. Once I placed 2 stones and the other time I placed 3 stones
# The best way to figure it out is to place the idol on scale and watch where the white line falls under the scale, that's you want to strive for. The white line has to fall just under the scale for it to be correct
# Return the golden statue to the first black column. Once you weigh the stones keep putting them on the 2nd black column, once its correct the wall will open up and a code will appear.
# Once you're finished with that, you have to translate the writing using the dictionary found on the wall, then move the dial according to the translated writing. The code for this one changes as well but I will tell you the one I came up with and maybe that will help someone.
# Take the circle and watch the markings, starting from the top being the number one. I landed on these markings. 7- 2- 8- 3
# You can do like I explained on "The Tomb" puzzle above and keep clicking until you move the progress bar. Then click the scroll



# Red balloon-floor next to helium tank
# Stick- right side of the fireplace
# Tail- left side of the fireplace
# Darts- on the table
1. Pin the tail on the donkey and a number appears
2. Put red balloon on the helium tank and a number appears
3. Click the stick on the pinata, candy will fall on the floor along with a piece of paper. Click on the paper and a number will appear
4. Click the fireplace and a code will appear
5. Click on the dart board and place darts on the numbered areas that correspond with the letters on the 4 papers that you found. Your goal here is to spell the word ABRACADABRA


# Key- on the radiator
# Metal stick- by coil that is close to the radiator
# Bell- middle of the desk
# Bell-by the black statue
1. Put the key in the music box
2. Bigger bell goes on the soldiers clock
3. Combine small bell and silver stick and place that on the music box, a time will appear
4. Ring the clocks in the order that appear on the paper.
For example if it says:
# cuckoo
# wake-up
# wake-up
# soldier
You have to ring clocks in that order, the cuckoo clock and the soldier clock by setting the minute hands to 12. Ring the alarm clock by setting the hands to match that alarm time shown on


# Click the paper that is on the right side of the screen
# The clue says red twice and green once. Collect the three retorts, a blue, red and yellow and the bowl
# Click the red twice on the paper and then combine yellow and blue in the bowl and click the bowl on the paper.

Most of the mini puzzles in the game are straightforward and self-explanatory. I will give you tips on the ones that I consider the hardest or just the ones that a few simple tips might help you finish the game faster. If anyone has a question that has not been answered in this walkthrough, please feel free to e-mail me with questions and I will do my best to answer them.

SQUARES: Click on the dots and the machine will do the same. Take your time and
watch the steps the computer is doing. If you click the wrong one the computer
can get ahead of you by forming many tiles quickly.

SLIDERS: This game looks hard at times but if you get in the habit of moving
the pieces most of the time at the top or bottom of the screen, it should allow you
to move your piece out

TORN-UP IMAGE: Just a simple puzzle, always do the edges first and you should finish quickly.

CONNECT THREE: It's a match 3 game which most of us are familiar with. In this one
you have to click the tiles not slide them lie in most match3 games. The pieces don't have
to next to each other to click on them, as long as the edges are touching you can
match them. If you don't find too many matches just keep hitting refill and it will
change the pieces on the board

ROUND AND ROUND: I've never played this game before even though I had seen versions of it. The main thing to remember if there are pieces that are close together, do the ones that are in the corners and at the bottom first. Move the pieces higher by locking them into the highlighted squares.

THE PIPES: Just remember that you can use the small floating pieces to close the ends of the pipes.

THE ROBOT: You should calculate your moves quickly but smartly. Don't forget to program the arrows on the floor on top of the batteries. You can lay down arrows many steps at a time but if you hear beeping and your arrows start to flash, it means that you have to reprogram those buttons because they are about disappear and the robot will hit the wall.

BUILDING BLOCKS: Main thing to remember is that the bottom tile is always yellow, the 2nd tile is always grey and the 3rd tile is always dark wood. If the picture on the right is a bit confusing then follow the numbered sequence on the bottom left.

THE CHEMICALS: Click on any color and watch the paper on the right, it will have a series of symbols on it. Let's suppose you click on the color red and an x comes on the white page then the color red is not the first color of that code. You then click the color green on the page, now a check-mark appears next to the color green. That means that green is the first color, now you need to find the second color. Click on yellow, if an x appears next to the check-mark then yellow is not the second color.

The page will now start on a different line. Click the green first because we have already established that it is the first color. Then click on the color purple, now you have 2 check-marks so you know that green is the first color and purple is the second color. Keep experimenting with colors until you get 4 check-marks. Once that is completed a number will appear on the screen just turn the dial on the lock to match the numbers on the screen.

PAWNS: The best way I found to achieve this one when it asked you to have only two pawns left was to eliminate the corner pieces first and work my way so that most of my pieces end up in the middle

MATCHSTICKS: This one gets me most of the time, the best tip I can give you is move the sticks around until one of them falls in the right place by flashing and just work around that piece and pay attention to what the instructions say about what shape it wants and what are the minimum amount of pieces that you have to move.

EYE CHECK- second set of numbers is for the books only use keypad and lens once
IN THE GARDEN-put the seeds from the shed on the rock before the water

LAUNDROMAT-Use duct tape on water pump not faucet-turn on faucet which moves crate off picture to develop

Cannot solve 5 ring tower. any suggestions

This is one of the best games I have ever played. I am a "Big Fish" member. I had the $7.99 membership and I've changed to $6.99. I've been a member for over a year now and have some awesome games that I've paid a minimal amount for.
This one has me mesmerized. Thanks goodness my husband is intelligent!!!
Thanks, "Escape the Room" for your marvelous clues! It's nice to have them when he's not around. I really needed the "element" code and I found this board. I sure am glad you all are here!

I can't get the metal stick in the Clockwork puzzle. The hint above says that it's near a coil next to the radiator, but I don't see a coil near the radiator. The closest coil is in a box at the middle of the desk. There's a metal stick in the box also, and it looks like the one I need, but I can't click on it. HELP!

REBECCA your my hero. I did what you whrite and YES YES YES.


Please help. Stuck on the symbols puzzle. The one with the hearts moons clover. Lets call it the lucky charms puzzle.
Thank alot.

I need help on the puzzle I call lucky charms. The one with the hearts clovers stars etc.
Thank you

Please help .. whatever I do in libery .. it won't work .. my
Protocols are: F/ 140 & L/ 10 N .. I have added them together have sutracted.. have tried everything .. I can't get it .. please please help

Library ..have had to give up .. started again ,, and stuck again in library .. my co orindates at now book E -84 & book S 65
Please please help

I am stuck on the Alchemy game. I cant seem to get the right combination for the rocks on the scale. HELP Please

I am stuck on the circle puzzle in level 3. Can't get the directions back. Help?

I am stuck with the matches and have no orbs. I already lost with the boxes now I am in the triangles, can anyone help?

I am stuck on level 3 with the circles. My time is stuck too at 6:40 time remaining. I looks like the whole thing is frozen. Help. I am thinking it is a defect with the game. ????


Use this game like SUDOKU! The rules are the same. only different pieces in a row.

I can´t go on in CHAPTER 5 , matches game. Whatever i will do, it will not be the right pattern.
PLEASE help and write a detailed workout for this little game.

Thank you VERY much.!

this helps with the matches

Great game, great site. My question is, does the game freeze on anyone else, I play for about 5 minutes and then it freezes up, I need to reboot to play again, does someone know how to fix this?

MATCHSTICKS: I noticed that there were 12 matchsticks in the one that asks for 3, and 16 in the one that asks for 4--that told me they were separate squares (joined at the corners)--it's kind of weird the way it will/won't let you drag and place the matchsticks, but the end result is the 3 or 4 squares with corners touching in a horizontal string.

I could use some help too. When I get in the Tomb I do fine up to entering the code--as soon as I flip the hourglass in sequence the dial resets and says "You may have to do something else first"--I can't find anything else to do! :-(

ok, anyone else encounter this in the LUCKY CHARM SUDOKU? Where the only choice the wheel gives you is most DEFINITELY already in the row..as in one of the pieces the game has there?

I fancy myself pretty good at Sudoku...so I must be missing something else...

Fabulous hints and solutions, btw!

Ah...disregard last question. I see! It will give you a green symbol if your selection is POSSIBLE, not necessarily CORRECT. Good to know. I basically ignored the choices and only made selections when I had it narrowed down to one.

INTERESTING WRINKLE RE TOMB: Well, on mine you don't use the hourglass in the code sequence at all--I discovered the lock works like a combination lock, and the right series of left and right turns to the code symbols opened the coffin--took me about 3 minutes once I got the principle at work!

5-RING TOWER (of HANOI) SOLUTION can be found here.

Hi, I have finished Azada at the end it leave a password for new books, does anyone know if these are out or where I can get them. Loved this game sooo much.

I can't figure out the pipes!! I've got all of them blocked off except for the top row, 2nd from the left & the 3rd row 2nd from the right. I can't for the life of me figure it out!! Help!

Trying to do the balancing act and have gotten as far as I can with the walk-through (thanks for that!) However, when I go to put stones on the scales to equal idol, there's a big round rock in the way that I can't seem to move. What am I doing wrong and what should I be doing right? Thanks!

MSJINX - the solution you gave to the Circles puzzle at end of Chapter 3, what is the order of the sticks? Is it Left=1, Bottom=2 and Right=3? And please explain what you mean by your solution. "a to 2" How many times do I rotate the circle or what do I line up with? Would really appreciate your reply as I am so s t u c k!!

To answer Fierynight, when you put the idol on the left side of the scale, you'll notice a white line under the right side. Note where the line is in relation to the right side of the scale. Move the idol back to the left pillar. Start moving stones to the left side of the scale until the line under the right side is in the same position it was in when the idol was on the scale. You can only put three stones on the scale. When you get the right combination of stones, click on them and they will join together. Move the new, big stone to the right pillar.

I'm stuck on the puzzle game. Not even sure what I'm supposed to be doing. Help

sorry should have said circle puzzle

Anned1 - Circle Puzzle at end of Chapter 3 can be solved by lining up all the dark colours in the 3 outside circles and then play around with the inner little circle until they are all lined up. It does work, I've just done it. If you look closely, you can see the dark colours when you go off a circle and into the next one. Good luck!


thank you you're right it does work.

I LOVE this game. Have just finished level 10 and final puzzle. Now what???? When I start the game up now it says "resume" but doesn't go anywhere. If I hit New Game it asks if I want to delete my progress. I am afraid to do that until I find out what I do now. Please help. And THANK YOU for all the help - Great Game, Great Site


Help!! I am at the marble game where you have to leave 2 marbles and I can't seem to get it. Can any one help? Please!!!

Im sorry I have to leave 3 marbles...

How to change player names. When I first started playing the game, I didn't see a place to name a player. I just started playing. After I saved the game and then resumed latter, I saw a message on the bottom of the screen that says: "If not 'player' click here." When I clicked at the bottom of the page, a screen appears where you can enter a new player name. Judy

Any suggestions for the 6-ring Tower game? Help would be appreciated!!

I have a question about Balancing Act in chapter 9. I feel that I am missing something to do with breaking down the code. I've gotten past putting the idol and the stones on the pedestals, but I can't figure out how to crack the code to finish the puzzle - what simple thing am I missing?

Everytime I try to turn the wheel, I get a prompt saying that I need to crack the code, but I can't figure out how to do that.

Pawns help: the point of the pawns, whether you have to get down to 2 or 3, is to get all of the pawns into the middle of the board so that you have options to remove them. Leaving anything on the outside just makes it impossible to win.

Rings help: The point of the rings is to move the smallest ring farthest way from the rings that you want to put on the far right side. I do find this harder than the pawns game. You just have to use the smallest ring as your guide and eventually you move the smallest ring around more than the others.

Thanks for the Ring help!

I am at the final screen where you have to mix the red yellow and blue potion. I got the red on the paper but i think i mixed the blue and yellow wrong. how do i empty the bowl or how do i get it on the paper. I tried clicking it and nothing has worked

I am stuck with the Maze. I seem to be the only one. I tried using different symbols. But I finally reached an end. I was not close enough to the diamond. I couldn't reset it. It seems like I just have to wait for the time to run out. Any suggestions?


an anyone help me with a solution for the 6 ring puzzle please??

When Phil ask for help on the Six Ring Game, for some reason I got it confused with the Tower Game. Since I spent a lot of time writing out the directions to the Tower Game, I am going to post it anyway.

right tower= R
middle tower= M
left tower = L
You can only move one ring at a time:

1. L to M
2. L to R
3. M to R
4. L to M
5. R to L
6. R to M
7. L to M
8. L to R
9. M to R
10. M to L
11. R to L
12. M to R
13. L to M
14. L to R
15. M to R

That's it folks. This came from the Azada Guide that you can download from
Big Fish. However, they only give you 5 min. They do not cover all games well. But in 5 min you can screen print a few pages.


why is it wen i try to place 3rd match at top of fish, it returns to its original starting point? any help, please? i know to move the 3 from bottom to top to turn fish around, but the top most match wont stay. ty fr help, and other tips on page, you guys n gals rock!!!

Please help me with the second tower puzzle that has 6 rings, I looked up the Tower of Hanoi for help but it did not work for me.
Could someone please walk be thru this one.

thank you sooo much for the help on the towers, it worked great. I really appreciate you quick reply.

I just finished the game and released Titus! He gave me a 'word' to use to that will help me when I access the 'other book'. How do I access the 'other book' and move on? Thanks.

PLEASE HELP---I am stuck on the pipes. I did build a pipe path from the beginning on the left side to the end on the right side. While I did have some open pipes, *none of them were connected in any way to the pipe path I put together.*

Do we need to include ALL the pipes in the puzzle? Any suggestions. Please.

can someone plz tell me how to unlock for chapter 3.
thank you

For Judy RE: PIPES...You do need to use all the pipes. They are either connected to the end, or to the stoppers (the little pieces with the tiny wheel).

Okay I got the end of all the puzzles. That matchstick one was a doozie. But he says something about Magic Book for the future. What is this for? Do I have to do that last room several times? The random puzzle several times? I am hoping the game continues. Thanks

My theory is that the clue at the end of the game will help unlock a sequel if it is released. If someone knows something different please let us know.
On the ROBOT game: While I found this frustrating in the beginning, I eventually found the groove. I recommend planning your entire strategy ahead of time (write it down if it helps). Then, tap your foot to the robot's walking rhythm and wait until he is four paces away from the box where you have to put the next arrow. Remember to breathe.

I love "Azada" and I love this site. I was actually able to finish the game because of you nice peoples. I left the game yesterday to find solutions to matchstick puzzle games. (I just don't get those) Before I found this site I found "Walkthrough Azada". Sally has a post that solves the matchstick games via video. It is remarkable and here is the link

the marble game is nothing more than happenstance. Keep everything towards the middle and remember you can jump diagonally.

I cannot get past the Round and Round - colored squares and empty squares -- there must be a system!

bluebetsy did you ever get out of balancing act and if so HOW???
I have found the dictionary but can't figure out what to do next.

Has anyone worked out how to get the crystal out of the tank yet? Stuck on the sequence and it's driving me nuts

You people are the best!!!!!!! I just finished this game and I could NOT have done it without all of your help.. I am left scratching my head over the clue "Magic Book" if anyone knows anything please let me know again THANKS a BUNCH!!!!!!!!!

I found this game to be enjoyably addicting. Once I played around with the puzzles they became a breeze. I am on the last screen and I know what to do. However, the rings don't lock into place to complete the picture. When I move them into place and let go of the mouse they shift slightly up or down. Has anyone else had this problem?

help, how do i get the orb, as i need to skip the robot games ..




be able you to give me please resolution to solve the implement, because i am blocked with the pliers in the aquarium.I wait for an answer as quickly as possible.thank you

Please can someone give me hint as to how to get down to 2 pawns? I have tried everything and cannot seem to get them all inot the middle. Help I'm in danger of losing all my hair and my husband wants his tea!!

humphrey hedgehog- try working towards the center(get rid of all corners) and use diagonal jumps--- then fix tea--HELP!! i have freed titus and am stuck and confused in last room!! i keep playing puzzles in hopes of unlocking the rest of the games on the shelves alas, there seems to be no end... is there a sequel? i have even finished with all orbs intact - what is up? pay it forward..

In the numbers game, about the third time I encountered it, I couldn't get anything to work. The clue was "Find 2" and I tried everything (9-7; 5-3; etc). Now in Private Eye, I can't chip out the floor tile. When I use the pickaxe in most locations, it says it doesn't work; when I click where the photo shows it just does nothing. Do I have buggy software; if so, can it be fixed?

In alchemy - I have the necklace and I have been all over the yellow/black area. Could you be specific where to place it?

I am on the chemical page, I have the colors correct but cannot figure out the number.

I have played the connect three game several times with no problem, but a couple of times the stupid thing is never over, the board just WILL NOT clear...this time I had 34 minutes when I started and the game timer ran out. Any suggestions?

Hello everybody!
i start to play azada and suddenly after 1hour it stops!!I think they want money to continue to the other levels..Does anyone knows the unlock key number??You could answer me here or private..mhadjimichali@soon.com

This game is interesting but i'm having a prob with something that should be easy...the jigsaw puzzle.
I tried to put it together and it won't let me take the last piece that's in the box. I tried it from top to bottom and changed the sides now I have it in the same upright position as the last piece in the box but it still won't let me have that last piece to finish it.Please help, i'm getting frustrated:(

When you are done with level 10 it gives you a word to remember. Does anyone know when or where you can get the upgrade for this game?
I enjoyed the game, but I felt that is should have been longer for what I spent.

How can we translate the code in Balance Act ???

I found a great site for all the tower games!!
You can set the thing up by reading the instructions on the right hand side of the graph...which you need to scroll down to see...
You can put as many disks as you want beginning and then where you want them to end and it'll show you step by step!!


Good luck guys!

more info on the circles puzzle please

I really need help with "Final Approach" and "Round and Round" in Chapter 4. I'm sure I'll have greater problems as I progess, but for now I'm stuck here.

i have did the circl puzzle,it takes you back in and gives you a peice of the picture.you then need to find the magic in the room.i have sat for ages and still cant find it.please help

I, too, don't understand the "round and round" puzzle AT ALL. There is nothing about it that even begins to make sense to me...And I've done many, many puzzles...

is it possible to earn more magic orbs? If so how?

sorry for my english. do you know another game like azada? at the end of azada a man said that there is another puzzle but where? ivan

Is there some way of NOT having to play the robot? Must admit it has me beaten :-(

I've noticed that I am not the only one here who CANNOT find the code for the Chapter 9 Balancing Act -- got the stones and Statue/opened the back door, but no code has appeared! Any help, please, please, please???? Thank you!

azada, i have just recently downloaded this game and its really intreging. And i'v managed to pass the levels and in chapter 1 i came across the chemicals game but i passed the level by using an orb and now im on level 4 and im stuck on the chemicals one where you have to find the order of colours to put on the paper and i really don't know how to do this part, could anyone help please

great game. am loving it. am at the birthday party and have all clues except am stuck at getting the darts to click more than once on the dartboard. do they separate? if so, how?? the tips here are great and have had to use them to get past some of the stickier puzzles. thanks for a great game.

I have come to the end of Chapter Three and I saved the game before doing the final puzzle. When I try to 'Resume' it brings me to the final page (where the puzzle is) but I can't click on 'Play' and clicking the puzzle hilites the puzzle rings but nothing starts. Does anyone know how to contact Big Fish about this? My only recourse is to start all over again.
Thanks in advance for any info.

I am trying to make the 4 match boxes into 3. I cannot do it! HELP!!

I'm stuck on Chapter 7 and can't figure out the sequence to get the crystal out of the tank. Can anyone help me......Please!!!

help stuck on chapter 1 on sliders???????????

help stuck on chapter 1 on sliders????????

cant complete chapter 3 final puzzle of circles ?tell me how 2 do that ?????????

I think I am playing an entirely different Azada to this description. some of the stuff is in there, the rest,...HMMM..I have both Azada 1 and Ancient magic and I am very confused...did they release two differing versions of the first one?

I'm stuck on the boat...I have the morse code, and push the black button, then the green, but after I push the black again it tells me I need to find out what to transmit. The code is showing up correctly, but every time I put in the third dot/dash/whatever it says I'm not doing it right. According to the tips on this site I am...any ideas?

Thanks! Also, does anyone know if a sequel has been released yet, and if not, another game similar to this one? It's my favorite!!

I am so stuck on the crystal I pick it up get to the end but can't get it out please help

Please Help....I can,t get the crystal out of the fish tank I pick it up move it to the left but cant seem to get out HELP

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