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Bloxorz PasswordsBloxorz is another addicting and challenging puzzle game developed by Damien Clarke from DX Interactive for AddictingGames. In this game, you need to drop the block in the hole in order to complete stages. Use your direction keys to move the block. If you like this game, you may also like Silversphere. Good luck and have fun!

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[written solution and password for each level incl.]

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Level 7
Password 189493

Can anyone beat this level and if so please help me out. I got the X but that didnt help.

Level 7 you do need the extra square position so lying on that square so you can roll over onto the lower pathway and work your way up.....

Once you get the hang of this, it is quite interesting. A least there are no time constraints, so you can plan your moves. Remember when the cube splits, hit the space bar to select which cube to move next, this comes in handy...

arkadaşalr 9.bölümü geçtiniz mi

meşut öldüm gülmekten :D

26. levelin şifresini istersen bak burada: 426329

Meşut, only in english please;)

level 27
password 660141

level 28
password 769721

Stuck on 18 now
PW: 284933

Hi Mikezaun - as you may have worked out do not hit buttons twice...then you keep your extra tiles...this is important in later levels...


A few more ... but I'm stuck on that last one ...


Never mind, I just got past 30. Here's the code for 31 ...

32. 879021
33. 614955

33 is the last level, then you start again

Thx for adding those :)

stuck on #9 need help

Hey can any one help me with level #27.... 660141 I can't figure this one out....HELP!

For 27 manage to skip the X and choose between one of the two rounds

I am stuck on 30......any suggestions

i'm totaly stuck on 30 too, help anyone?

OK cracked 30....go to bottom right X, then top right X (bridge disappears) then down to bottom and a bit of fiddling around to position to roll across bottom (you will hit the X again and lose some squares). Now to left X to open bridge. With the extra square you can roll up to the bridge and then position the block to safely cross the top.....

Really stuck on Level 28. Can anybody help?

       Anonymous  6/26/07, 11:21 PM  

need help on level 11 please

Hallo :) I'm playing Bloxorz these days and I'm stuck at level 25. I can't figure out how to work my way to the hole without disabling the pathway to it... Any help please?

Stage 25: first activate the cross at your starting position. Then manouvre the block to the lefmost part of that position, so you can get to the section of the above-dot. Activate the dot once, so the 2 tiles at the right of the hole appear, go back to the section of the cross to change your position, go to the 2nd dot (on the bottom), and you can get your block in the hole.

Good luck!

I need help on level 11. Been stuck on it for days :(

yes anyone I need help on level 11 too! please ... anyone?? help

Yea level 11 - anyone ?? help please!!!!

11 Island moves lay R roll up stand top L corner lay down, roll R stand top square above hole, lay r and roll down...

Okay...H E L P!!!! I can't get past level 7.

7....Will use north south to show up and down. Fall south, roll L, up, flip R, roll down & stand up on X. Fall L, roll up & flip L down path until upright on edge.Fall south, roll R, stand up on bottom edge, fall right. Roll south and then flip right.Fall north & up. Fall R on X roll south. Up fall north & roll R. Flip north. Roll R & up. Fall R & roll south. Up R then fall south, roll L.....
Anyone else need help? Will check each day...

I need better instructions for number 11. I couldn't follow the other ones.

11 Again....Do not hit the button...Flip to end of path to R and up. Fall north and roll L. Flip south & up to end on bottom L corner. Flip R and up to end on bottom R corner. Fall north and up. Fall L and roll up to path. Flip L and end up on top L corner. Fall south and roll R and up north. Return R down path. Fall south and roll R and up top R corner. Flip L and finish on top two squares on left corner. Roll down to path to island and flip L...

does anyone know how to beat 23?

Anyone know the lvl 13?

I really need some help with number thirteen!

nvm i got it

now i'm stuck on 15

23 Just a little hint - you need to split the cube twice. Fall R and roll north. Up to left, fall south. Roll R eight times onto button. Up north. Lay left & roll south once. Up on button and you have two cubes...press space bar to select right cube. Roll around via orange squares to top right button. Retrace steps to far left button. Join up with other cube and up north on X. Lay flat south & roll left. Up north and lay right. Roll south and up right. Flip south and then roll right eight times (sound familiar?) yes split cubes again, so use your space bar to select your cubes.

15 Hi Wally still stuck? Did you split the cube? Just flip R and then up on (). Use space bar to select cube and experiment...

im so stuck on level 30 the hint didnt help at all!

30 You can only stand on grey squares. Call them from L to R - A B C D E. Fall south roll right. Flip south, roll R twice & up (D). Flip R & up (E). Fall south and roll R onto X. Retrace your steps. Roll L and up (E). Flip L twice, roll south twice and up (B). FalL north & roll right six times onto (E). Flip north, flip R, roll north and stand on X. Flip south, roll L & up south fall L on orange squares, roll south. Flip north fall R and roll south & up on X. Fall south. Roll L and up on (E)Fall L and up (D) fall south roll L and up on (C). Fall L, roll south and up on (A). Fall north roll R and up on X. Retrace steps. Fall south and roll L onto (A). Fall R roll north up on (C) fall south roll R and up on (D) Fall L and roll south & up on (B) Roll R, past (E) to new square. Up fall L, roll north, flip R. Fall north at end of bridge roll R and up on top path. You can now enter the island.

       Anonymous  7/1/07, 9:30 PM  

level 13? please :D

Im stuck on 13 anyone wanna help plz

i got to the end of level 11 but i cant finish it to put the bock in the hole
how do i do this?


how do i finish level 14?

level 13 instead sorry?

13 ...move anti clockwise round tiles...to get into position at the top fall north, roll L, up south, fall right roll south up fall north roll r to edge, up fall left and now roll up to top edge and can flip across the top...if you need any more say so...

help for level 26??? plzzz, im like dying. haha (:

p.s. thnxx

SOS!! level 26 puhleeez?? haha, thnx, lov yaa, byee (:

I dont understand all this ROLL UP SOUTH FALL NORTH R stuff...im stuck on level 13 help me...in something that i can understand

level 18 annyone?

Stuck on level 28 all others solved through 27, any suggestions? please

13..mikezor...up arrow, left arrow, down arrow, right arrow, down, left, up, right twice, down, left up to top edge, left to far side...sorry you didnt like my visual description....I try...

26...Upx2,leftx3,down,leftx3,down,right, up, rightx2, upx2, rightx2, down, rightx2, down, rightx2, upx2 to split the cube...

28..You need to do a full circuit of the tiles. Do not hit the button.
Left, downx3,right, down, left, up, right, downx2, rightx2, downx2, rightx3, upx3, left, up, left, up, left, up, left, down, rightx2, down, right, down, right, down,rightx2, down, left, down, leftx2, upx3, left, up, left, up, leftx2, up, leftx2, down, left, up, rightx3, down, right, down, right, down, right, down right....should be able to finish.

18 Do not hit the three buttons on the main island....right, down, left, up, rightx2, down, left, up, rightx3, upx2, downx2, leftx3, down, right, up, leftx2, down, right, up, rightx3, downx2..you now have the bridge to the X....do not hit the other buttons..hope this helps. I will do part 2 if requested...

Can anybody please help me with level 33?
I'm stuck!

do a backflip to complete 33

level 33?? I'm lost and frustrated. Can't give up with the last one..

       Anonymous  7/7/07, 11:42 AM  

For anyone who comes back to this page to play Bloxorz: If you need help and the "left, right, north, south" walkthroughs do not make sense, search Bloxorz on YouTube. There are videos for each level.

they have a video on how to complete eachlevel on youtube.com, just enter "bloxorz" in the search bar then click the level you want

I can't get passed level 5 can someone help me

Can someone please help me with level 19??????

Can anyone help me with level 19 please?????

       Anonymous  7/21/07, 11:39 AM  

@Kaeli: You can find a video walkthrough for every level in YouTube. Just search for Bloxorz.

how do you get past level 6, password 524383? I can't figure it out. please help and don't just give me a password

I'm stuck on 27, anyone with a solution please?

Sorry, got 27 now. :-)

need help on level 9!!!! plz!

help level 9! plz

the keys you have to press to get past level 9 are: right, down , right, right, right, right, right, right, up, right, down, left, left, left, left, left, up, space, down, right, right, right, right, down

how do you beat level 7

can anyone help me please with leavel 13 im really stuck thx x

im on level 30 ... need help!!! any hints or tips?

im on level 30 ... need help!!! ant tips or hints?

this game totally rocks! it is pretty easy and fun when you get the hang of it but it gets really hard! also addicting...

hey i'm stuck on lvl 12 anyone help?

PW 958640

Hi, can someone please help me with level 29!!!! I am really stuck so if anyone has any information please tell me!

There is a walkthru on YouTube..see earlier comments, or I will look in the morning...leave a message

i need help on level 13 can someone help me please

There is a write up for 13

help bloxorz stuck on level 27 any help please

Can someone help me with level 19? Thank you.

Help with level 19? Thank you

19..R8, D1, R1, U1,now go back to reposition L6, D1, R1, U1, R5, now roll down D5, L5, D1, L1, U1,go back to repostion R6, U1, L1, D1, L5, head for next button D4, R3, L6, U2

im stuck on 11.
please help

11 new version do not hit the button R4, U1, L1, D3, R4, U2, L1, U2, L3, D1, R1, U1, R2, D1, R1, U1, L3, D2, L3, U2 etc..

Stuck on level 12, Understand D1, R2,U1, L1,etc. Help! Plz!

12 has a lot of single moves, so look on YouTube - find bloxorz

please can i have the codes for 25, 29 and 30.

See Tevapatra 24/6 - not numbered but are 24-30

I know level 33's password, comment back if you want to know. Trust me I'm not a spammer. And level 33's the last level.

Hi, Here are all codes for all lvl's.


I played out the game without codes i simply writed them down here. Now you see i helped every1.

I'm sure that i will not play that game a second time. it was like "WAA STUPIT SQUARE! GO IN THAT BOX!! FEEL MY ANGER!!"haha :)

i do not get either 1 of redroobar's directions for 11.

i am stuck on level 18. i have got to the hole area but i dont know how to get it in. excuse the inadvertant sexual pun.

im stuck on level 1 can any 1 help plz its too hard :'(

i need help!!!!!plzplzplzplzplz help me on 13!!!!!!i passed everything else till 22 but not 13! plz help!

hEY , I've been playing this game for like a week now since my comp sci teacher allowed us to play it during class and i wud just like to say this game is so ease once u get a hang of it like im already done and i just started on monday it is now sunday. it my be ease at most parts but is still extremely addicting and fun. i had trouble at 29 but once u try a few times u figure out how to do it. so to all of u who r having trouble at like level 11 u just plain out suck.

how to pass level 33? it drives me crazy...please help!!

ha ha hey i beat the whole game and there is nuthing u can do about it i am the smartist person here ha ha mikezaun.com u cant get pass level 7 ha ha u must be slow.me and frankie beat this game and u cant ha ha u guys suck at games you should stick with playing with your selfs at night.:)

I just can't get past level 30. How do I beat it???

For Anyone who wants help i know how to beat all of the lvls 1-33
so ask me for help if you need it.

rjh, to beat lvl 30
here is the walkthrough
R=right L=Left U=up D=down
S=Space bar

D,R,D,D,R,R,U,R,R,D,R,R,R,R,U,D,L,L,L,L,U,L,L,L,D,D,L,U,R,R,R,R,R,R,U,U,U,R,R,R,U, R,D,D,D,L,L,D,L,D,R,U,U,R,D,L,D,L,L,L,L,U,L,L,D,L,L,U,L,D,L,U, R,U,D,L,D,R,U,R,D,R,R,U,L,D,D,L,U,R,R,R,R,R,R,R,U,L,U,U,U,R,R,R,U,R,U ,L,L,L,L,L,D,L
Thats how to beat lvl 30

       Anonymous  5/16/08, 5:36 PM  

PLEASE HELP ME! I can get pass lv. 12.. Plz help me!!!! It has taken me a fickin hour already.. help me plz!

       Anonymous  5/16/08, 5:43 PM  


       Anonymous  5/16/08, 5:45 PM  

Password for lv. 12:


I can't get passed level 21 can you help me please

       Anonymous  6/6/08, 5:09 PM  

okay... i got to level 33 and i can't get past it... HELP plz

katie xoxoxo

I'm stuck on level 33. It's driving me crazy. please help. Anyone...

I won the WHOLE game and I messed up like 12 times. thats all. but I fon't blame anyone for having hard time cuz its tricky hard and everything. so Here are all the codes to all the levels.
Level 01 - code : 780464
Level 02 - code : 290299
Level 03 - code : 918660
Level 04 - code : 520967
Level 05 - code : 028431
Level 06 - code : 524383
Level 07 - code : 189493
Level 08 - code : 499707
Level 09 - code : 074355
Level 10 - code : 300590
Level 11 - code : 291709
Level 12 - code : 958640
Level 13 - code : 448106
Level 14 - code : 210362
Level 15 - code : 098598
Level 16 - code : 000241
Level 17 - code : 683596
Level 18 - code : 284933
Level 19 - code : 119785
Level 20 - code : 543019
Level 21 - code : 728724
Level 22 - code : 987319
Level 23 - code : 293486
Level 24 - code : 088198
Level 25 - code : 250453
Level 26 - code : 426329
Level 27 - code : 660141
Level 28 - code : 769721
Level 29 - code : 691859
Level 30 - code : 280351
Level 31 - code : 138620
Level 32 - code : 879021
Level 33 - code : 614955

If you have any questions just write " yasmin : " before you write the question so I know its for me. and i will know its for me cuz I know this site and they email me comments. so post any wuestion the check weekly and your answer will be there! good luck and I hope you pass the level , and if you hate it just watch this video. LMAO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OBlgSz8sSM

yasmin. Need help with level 11. Thanks a lot

I have successfully beat EVERY level. Im on 30. (and im only 12) So if i can do it so can you. if you need any help email level: ___ 2 me @ moko02@yahoo.com and illl give you help or hints. :))

Can you tell me the level codes after 33 pls.... Thanx..!!!

Help me please i made it to 32, but i can't figure out level 33!

what is the password of level 24??
plz tell to me!!!!

''YASMIN'' I need help with level 33, I'm totally lost! =(

''monique06'' the pass code for level 24 is 088191

hey peeps i've compleated all levels on bloxorz and password
for 33 is 614955

good luck =]

hello i like cookies i like them too

lvl 33s quite hard common guys u gotta addmit it

....................so whos alive here? lol

hey who plays ruenscape? i do

hey monique level 24s pass is 088198

there now start playing


i talk soon bye

plz tell me if i have help anyone here i realy good to hear u say [that help thx]

=] ok se ya

i meant *it* not i


       Anonymous  3/3/09, 5:06 PM  


someone help with level thirty

       Anonymous  3/15/09, 11:35 AM  

hey david level six is pretty hard heres level thirty 280351

I am stuck on level 33 help please

hey jeff do you have a myspace

if so please tell me ur username plzzzz

hey i'm stuck on 33 and need HELP ASAP!!!!!

hey level 33 passcode is 614955 trust me i did it and it worked

Stuck on lvl 33

This comment has been removed by the author.

I have passed levil 33 here is the code for levil 90

mute the bloxorz music and listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MB2R8o4JSo
it usually drains the fustration if u listen 2 dis, play out bloxorz like u wood but listin mor 2 da moosic. i oftin complete lvls easy cos im not concintratin 2 hard on my next moov. works alot wif most puzzle games.

hey mikezaun, the blok u gt from da X dos help. get da blok, den stand upright on da blok and follo deez instuctins (u for up, r for right, etc)
i'll leev it 2 u from there.

       Anonymous  5/8/10, 5:48 AM  

im stuck on leveelll ..... the passcode iss 028431

im stuck on level 20 someone please help

       Anonymous  11/20/10, 7:04 AM  

i need help completing #17

       Anonymous  1/26/11, 4:37 PM  

yasmin i am stuck on nuber 33 can u PLEASE help me!!

On top of this page is a walkthrough (under 'play this game').

And this is what is written about level 33 in that walkthrough;
Solution: Rx4, U, L, Dx3, Rx2, U, L, U, L, Ux2, Rx2, D, R, D, R, U, Lx2, U, R, D, R, Dx2, R, D, L, Dx2, Rx2, U, D, Lx2, Ux4, L, U, L, D, R, D, R, U, L, U, Lx3, Dx3, L, D, Lx2, D, L, U

This comment has been removed by the author.

idk how to pass lvl 9!! pls. help if you can thanx!@

1ª- 780464
2ª 290299
3ª 918660
4ª 520967
5ª 028431
6ª 524383
7ª 189493
8ª 499707
9ª 074355
10ª 300590
11ª 291709
12ª 958640
13ª 448106
14ª 210362
15ª 098598
16ª 000241
17ª 683596
18ª 284933
19ª 119785
20ª 573019
21ª 728724
22ª 987319
23ª 293486
24ª 088198
25ª 250453
26ª 426329
27ª 660141
28ª 769721
29ª 691859
30ª 280351
31ª 138620
32ª 879021
33ª 614955

Aproveitem ja passei tudo..

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       Anonymous  12/19/18, 10:15 AM  

(RE)HI all ☺

thx for the info about a working link - we updated the game with the original link from AddictingGames

btw, we have at least 2 possibilities to contact us with a higher chance that your info will be read: top right in navigation bar or via the orange banner at right side on each page - thx

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin

thx for all your creations, Damien ☺

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