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Escape Magenta Room

Escape Magenta Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Escape Magenta Room is another point and click type room escape game from 2keysGames, who is also creator of Escape Library and Escape Pink Room games. You are now locked in magenta colored room and you need to escape there by finding and using items with clues.Look everywhere carefully to find somethings and use them on right places. Good luck and ave fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape Magenta Room Walkthrough

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I have 3 rags of paper, second safe, fire in fireplace.

I can't light the fire for the life of me... I've tried match on matchbook, matchbook on match, nothing...

Put a letter form the window first.

anyone got a walkthrough yet got same as gorka helppppppppppppppppp

Ah. Thanks Gorka!

I assume we have to get the antennae in the proper position to get the TV to work...?

Oki, I have 4th rag of paper. Move a table.

where do you get the match?

Form the bull


Hi Gorka, have only two rags of paper (one from the spice bottle, another one from the box in front of the bed) but where is the third ?
Also i threw a dart on the dart thing and a fork also. But no idea what this means.
I looked at a dart thing in the Internet and where the dart gets stuck there is the number 18, the center oh this round thing is called "bulls eye", maybe it has something to do with the bulls head at the wall....

The rags of paper are in different places.

Argh, I'm stuck. Fire burning, three darts in the dartboard, four scraps of paper and one mysterious lunchbox.

Tried the antennae in every possible combination but still the TV is not working...

I cannot find the fourth rag of paper.
If i enter the numbers of the three i have got to change the binary code into decimal numbers i get : 64, 1 and 16, but i still need the fourth.
These four numbers must be the code of the safe.

Use a fork on the dartboard too :)

Sort of cheating, but I found this on a website. Can't vouch for it though...!

0000 = 0
0001 = 1
0010 = 2
0011 = 3
0100 = 4
0101 = 5
0110 = 6
0111 = 7
1000 = 8
1001 = 9
1010 = 10
1011 = 11
1100 = 12
1101 = 13
1110 = 14
1111 = 15

       Anonymous  6/27/07, 12:47 PM  

which table do you move for fourth rag?? arrgh!

Fun game though! Makes you think, I like the fact that not all items are used....

@j.b : where did you find the other two darts ? Please :-)

       Anonymous  6/27/07, 12:48 PM  

all darts are found on "Nuthouse" poster :)

where is the 4th piece

Damn, I had to restart and now all the scraps of paper are in different spots than I left them... plus I'm either going crazy or they have different binary numbers on them this time too.

Ah, found it. They're in different places but in the same areas.


So far mine have been:
- in the vicinity of the bed
- hidden somewhere in the clothing
- inside something on or near the table
- under a bench cushion

Thx aaron, i have got it (i zoomed in)
Now i am still looking for the forth rag of paper.
Here is an url for binaries..

Just enter the number of the rags and you have the decimal numbers.

hmm the url is here, sorry :

it always is cutting the end of the url, no idea why.
the end of the url is : teme.htm

So we need last rag...

I found four, but with different binaries/decimals...

I think the numbers on the scraps of paper may be different for each game...?

I still cannot find the fourth :-(
j.b in which of the clothes did you find one ? I think i clicked everywhere, but i am stuck.

Once I found it in the zipper pocket of the leather jacket, and once where the label should be on the neck of the suit jacket.

Yippieh i found it (it was in the neck label of the suit jacket) thanks j.b !
Now i have 4 numbers, i will try to apply them....

how do you open the lunch box thing, that's under the seat cushion?

You're welcome!

I think there must be a fifth number out there... of my four, one has a smooth edge so it's definitely the first piece, but none of the other ones has a smooth edge to make it the end piece.

I can't find the one under the cushion

You have to move something out of the way first...

i know that, but how do you open the box? it needs a key, or something to pick the lock.

How do you get the match from the Bull?

No, sorry, I meant that for Vern, looking for the scrap of paper.

I don't know about the lunchbox yet... I'm pretty stuck actually.

You must be right, j.b this sounds logical. I also would like to know what the fire means, the sound makes me crazy :-(
And i am stuck again....

the match is on the edge ot the bulls nose. it's small.... prob best if you zoom in.

The match is at the border of his nose at the left side, maybe if you zoom in you can see a little part of it.

Is there a trick to moving the table? I've been clicking everywhere and nothing is moving.

i can't get the fire to light, and i can't figure out how to use my 4 numbers and there aren't enough spaces on the floor safe combo

Vern - did you take everything off first? Then close the extensions...

try numbers on safe behind dart board...

       Anonymous  6/27/07, 1:53 PM  

To move table: click on both sides of top part of table to drop them down, then keep clicking on bottom right of table to move it out of the way.

To light fire: put wood in fireplace, then put letter from window on top of wood, then use match to light it...although, the fire doesn't seem to do anything yet :-\


Ok, Ive tried every combination of the binary nos on the safe (using the table that JB posted)btw I think that table is good cuz I couldnt find anything differant. Anyways, that didnt work sooooo Im stuck.

@devin, yes there is not enough place for the items, you always have to put them back to their places to fetch some others etc...a bit stupid.

i tried a few times on the other safe, and tried putting all of the binaries together to get one decimal

this is pants!! there must be a 5th part to the binary!

I think that j.b is right, that there must be another rag. Because right now i only have 5 digits but the safe on the bottom has 6 digits.Hmmm...

I told you that an hour ago :)

Has anyone gotten anywhere with the TV at all? I've tried changing the antennae to see if that helped the reception, but I haven't gotten anywhere yet...

Also tried adding metal objects to the top to see if that helped, but it didn't.

That is true, Gorka deserves the credit. Did you find it Gorka?

Jb and Zazie I believe you both could be right however in my case that would only work if the rags were upside down for ex I have 1010 = 10 or 0101 =5, 1000=8 or 0001=1, 1011=11 or 1101=13 and 0000=0. So, if the Nos are correct then I would have 10 8 11 0 which is 6 digits but if they are reversed then I have 5 1 13 0 in which case I am missing one. So, I guess Ill continue scratching my head just like the rest of you!!

Sorry Gorka :-( But i am a bit troubled....

No, I'm still working on it :)

Okay well with my rags of paper I was able to get 6 numbers and I've placed them in the safe all different way and haven't gotten it yet :o( this is frustrating


If you look at the paper with drawings you will see that two of those numbers begin with 1000 and neither starts with an 8 so the chart you need to use is the website someone posted. Just use 2(binar) and 10 (dezimal). Also all three of those use more than 16 numbers to make the 6 so there most likely is another piece of paper like said before.

mike thanks

Argh, just had to restart AGAIN! I keep hitting random links that take me away from the game...

Anyhow, I'm taking a break from this for at least a few hours. Good luck everyone!

Me too i will stop now and restart tomorrow if i can. It is late here (in Austria), i will look tomorrow.
And thx for all your help !!

Oki, I opened the safe :)


with try and error :)

Gorka, are you serious? I'm waiting for your help.

but how did you use the site that is posted on here for the code? did you find a fifth peice? or did you use the numbers that J.B. posted?

ah tell it ! hoooooooooow

I have 0000 (first) 1011 0011 0100.
I have used windows Calculator to convert numbers.
0000 1011 0011 0100 0000 = 045888
0000 1001 0100 0011 0000 = 046128
And I have checked 045888, 045889, 045890,... 045903

hmmm okay will try that I dunno what you mean by windows numbers though

wait I just noticed you have five sets of numbers did you find a fifth peice or did you add the first set to the last cause I have 0000 as the first set also

Sorry, my english is no so good, so it's hard to explain it well.

No, I have only 4 rags. I have used 0000 as last numbers, so I have checked number with 0000 and 15th next.

okay but when I put it in like you said I only get 5 numbers and I tried to change the 6th number to ever single number on there and it didn't open hmmm, did you have to do something different to open it or did it do it on its own? And don't worry your english is perfect

also I forgot to mention I'm trying to use the site that JB posted cause I don't get what you mean by windows calculator

What is on your first rag?

its 0000 like yours and the others are 0011, 1100, 1110

and when I use the site I get 15584

start / programs / accessories / calculator

Oki, so your first number is 0.

help me... my first number is 0110 and the rest numbers are 0111, 0011 and 1001...but what is the combination for the safe :(?

Oh okay then I will try that and see what I get

I thought that's what you mean't by the calculator but I didn't know what to do for the first rag lol

do you add them together?

Yes. I was something like 015168 or 015169 or.... I don't remeber.

was that fr me gorka cause it didn't work :o( I am so sorry I ain't figuring it out quickly

HA I got it finally I used the link that JB did and just added a zero in front of the numbers I got lol thx so much gorka and JB thx for posting that link

Lucky you :)

German, we can tell you exactly. You must try nubers 0110 0111 0011 1001 0000 = 422800 and 422801, ... 422815
0110 0111 1001 0011 0000 = ...

yea lucky me but I can't see what is with all the moneys I can't grab it all to see whats under it :o(

ha ha nvrmind I'm buring it thats what the fire it for ha ha

Just like me :)

and I escaped lol pretty cool

but when i use the codes of jb my numbers are 6 7 3 9

but I never found out what was in the safe on the wall though I just hacked the door with the axe and got out lol, did you get into the safe on the wall gorka?

I'm still explaining code to safe on my Polish blog :)

I'm confuzzled, lol. My rag with the flat edge is 1110, then I have 00010, 0000, and 0110. What do I do with these? I've tried inputting them in the link from JB in different orders, but to no avail. Please help! Thanks!

That second one should be 0010, lol.

THE "FIRST NUMBER" IS THE FIRST I TAKE OR WITH SMOOTH RANT (sorry for my english but in my country is a middle of the night - 00:55)

Gorka jesteś z Polski?

hmm I was wondering if the first rag is not 0000 then what would the first number be then? What if it was say 1010 then it would be 10 right?

then how would you figure it out if the first rag set was not 0000

ok had to restart -.- now my numvers are 1110 0100 0001 1111 ... can you please tell me what the combination would be if this was the right order? because somewhre else i found that the order always i sBENCH - COATS - BEDROOM - OTHER KITCHEN - UNKNOWN

that's what I'm trying to figure out german cause I restarted it and was wondering what to do if the first rag is not 0000 to see how to decipher the code cause mine was simple I just had to add a 0 at the beginning of my code

German right now your number become 58399 but I dunno what to put as the first/last number so try putting that number in and change the last until it pops open if that don't work change it to leave the first number open to change then your set of numbers and change the first to each number and see if it pops open ex: 583990, 583991, 583992.... or 058399, 158399, 258399.... hope I explained it right

Wow !!! It helps a lot :)

okay i restarted the game and now I have 1011, 0000, 0110, 0010 and the last number (0010) is the one with the straight edge on the left side but I can't open the safe again I went to the link I used last time and put my numbers in and got 45154 and tried changing it and it didn't work help gorka what am I doing wrong this time :o( I still can't figure out how you did it, cause last time I just had to add a zero in the beginning

put four noughts at the end.

I got out but never opened the safe

What is your number form first rag?

do what? how i had to hack the door last time to get out, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do the safe code again since my first rag is 1011 in the inventory but that one with the smooth edge is 0010 so I dunno what to do this time cause I'm trying to help a friend beat it but dunno how to do the dafe again

that is the safe on the wall.

the rags numbers should be placed in the order of these areas where they were found:
in bench
in coat
near bed
near kitchen

The one in the bench has a straight edge and the rest are wavy so add four noughts to complete. Change to binary

So start with 0010 and end with 0000.

thank you for your conversation.

time for bed.

night night

This is way too confusing. I've tried everything and I can't open either safe. I've gotten all 4 rags using all variations and nothing happens. I've used the website and still nothing. This game would be much better if just a tad bit simpler....I've restarted again and again and can't get any farther....

okay so unknown will always be 0000 right I restarted it again to write down each number and where I found them and in the order you said I got bench=1110 coats= 1100, bedroom=1111, other kithen=1101

Nolans 970704, 970705 ...

yup tried it didn't work :o( hmmm maybe I should try JB's link I tried the Ron's hard web numbers and got the same code as you gorka but it didn't work in the safe and I changed the last one +1 all through the numbers and didn't work

Check numbers from the rags one more time.

nope I had them right I worte it down as I found them in the inventory they are set up in this order instead of the bench, coats, etc... 1111, 1101, 1100, 1110 with the smooth edge on at the end

So, put it off and check one more time :)

I did I tired different arrangements and got different numbers and then I tired the 970704, 705, 706 etc... and still didn't work hmm I guess I will run around the room for a minute and go back

aww man for some strange reason it went to a different site darnit now I have to start all over again :o(

Good morning guys, see you have been busy!!!!Only found three rags, so will start again and hope I have better luck....as I have all day I will try and sort out a walkthru.

okay my new code is 952096 but still ain;t workin this game is sooo retarded I'm getting very frustarted over it

Hey Redroobar :)
Change place. I'm going to bed.
Now it's easy, you know the order. So have fun :)

goodnight Gorka thx for all your help even though this game is a bugga and won't let me open the safe ha ha

Hi Nolans Mama are you still around? Still stuck with fourth rag...found desk, clothing and spice bottle....where else to look?

yup still here umm here are all the places I know of oh nvmind the last one is always in the bench take all the items off it and move it to the right as far as you can put the stuff back on it and open the middle part of the bench

Thank you..my table wentleft! By the way where in the world are you...I am Australia

Oh I'm from florida its only 9:26 pm here :o) oh and the reason why I said to move the table to the right is because the lunchbox is in the left side of the bench :o)

I'm hoping you can help me here cause I beat it once from pure luck but I wanted to do it again so I could help my friend beat it but I'm stuck at the safe on the floor and no other forums are helping any :'o(

No, no, no It's 3:30 am :)

Gorka? What are you still doing up go to bed get some sleep!!! lol

Hi Guys its 9.30 am (Friday) here!!! Still working on my code...1100 1011 0011 0010 cant remember where I got them! Thought you had gone to bed Gorka...where do you live?

I must complete project of school :)

uh oh Red that's gonna be a problem you need to know where you got them from for the code

bench (always has the straight edge)
Bedroom(viewing bed)
Kitchen(viewing table)

I will see what order they are in my inventory so we can see if they are in the same places so you can figure out the order

I'm from Poland. But I'm going to CA (to my friend) in october.

OKay in my inventory the papers are in this order, second box had the one from the coat, third box had the one from the kitchen, 6th box had the one from the bedroom view, 10th box had the one from the bench

Where are your papers placed in your inventory

Oh wow Gorka we have two family friends from Poland :o)

Thanks Nolans Mama - 2nd 3rd with straight edge 5th 7th....I may try again and keep track :} and Gorka go to bed!

So, give me a call, when you will be in Poland :)

yea I geuss so red cause there in different places then mine :o(

Tomorrow I have deadline, so I must finish it.

Hi Guys, will go a do some work and get back to this (I work from home, so do not have a boss to tell me what to do!) Great talking.

oh you lucky bugga I'm still stuck at the safe :o(

I've been playing this game for 5 hrs now I beat it once thx to gorka but it was kinda pure luck that we had the same first set of numbers :o) now my first rag is 1110 and my code ain't working

Just like me. But deadline in agreement obliges.
Thx for great time.

I still can't get the dern safe open ha ha its driving me crazy I have the code switched it every which a way and still doesn't open for me

Oki, gave me your numbers (with the smooth edge, from cloths, form bedroom and form kitchen).

same as before 1110, 1000, 0111, 0010 and it gave me the code 952096 and it didn't work no matter how many times I changes the last digit I'm trying to do it again so i can help others in need on a different forum their ripping their hair out trying to do it

I tink I'm gonna restart it again and try to do the new number I get maybe that will work lol

Did you check all numbers to 952111 ?

no how did you get that? I restarted it and got the safe open from the new set of numbers but I just wanna know how you got that number cause I got 952096 from the site JB posted

I have 952096 too, but you must check all numbers from 952096 to 952111.

okay well I escape since I restarted it and got a new set of numbers thx for ya help now get back to work so you can get to bed, thx for all your help :o)

Oki, see you next time :)

okay guys, I got it. My numbers were Bench 0101, coat 1101, bed 0110, and kitchen 0001. So I pot 0101110101100001000 into a binary converted and got 382480.

I kept trying higher numbers, I am sure there is a forth rag missing, and at 382488, the safe opened.

I lit the fire and burned all the fake money and found a gold key. it opened the tool kit in the bench where there was a hachet.

I chopperd at the door and the marks spelled "game over"


The key is add 'up to' 15 to the end of the number you got from following the directions above, then try all 15 possibilities.

exp. if it's 199999 and adding 15, your code could go up to 200014.

but most of the time you would only need to change the last and second to last rows upward.


ps: haven't figured-out the wall code... :-(

Hi Nolans Mama, think I give up...by the way one of my favourite games is 'leaving your room 5' just put it in site search if you havent played it...

ok, I've tried again and again. My code is 45340, I added a 0 on the end of that to make it 453400. I've added the numbers upward and still nothing. HHHHHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPPP...

If you get the four sets of rag numbers and put them in the order:
put all of those Binary numbers in one line followed by 0000 you should get a six digit Decimal number.
That is your starting number, and it can only go up to 15 more.


safe code:
look at the name of the ex-girlfriend.
and the numbers that belong to it on mobile.
My English is not good.sorry

thanks Dora.
I've been through this game and got out without the wall safe.
The name of the girlfriend is different each time. If you look at your own mobile, type out the name as a number, it opens the safe and you get car keys and the last rag with a number.

Thank you for writing plain explanation Lily.
Because they use translation software, my words become the strange English.
I cleared me at a guess without understanding a code at the beginning.
I thought for hours and felt fine thanks to the hint of the author.

great... and ther is the 5th piece of paper!!...yeah...

You must burn all the money from the safe, and there is the key for the bench

plz help me gorka i new 2 the game i got nothing how do i play

hit the bulls eye and u get a code

1. take first piece of paper from black coats
2. take second from bench (take all things off and move a table)
3. take third from bedroom (on the bed or middle shelf (left site)or in the box near bed)
4. take fourth - kitchen (pink teapot or metal pan or spice)
5. read the letter (on the window), note name of ex-girlfriend (is different each time), type out the name as a number in your mobile - it takes the wall safe code, inside safe the 5th piece of paper.

Good job Megi :)

She's right I just figured that out through my main forum and I found the fifth rag of paper another note and some keys


For easiest results, follow EXACTLY:

1. Take note off of the window. Note the name at the bottom.

2. Move to the room with the fireplace. Get darts from the poster of the crazy man. Also grab match from the Bull's nostril.

3. Move to the kitchen. Pick up the fork.

4. Go back to the starting room. Click the dartboard. Throw the three darts and the fork at the dart board. The board will fall, revealing a safe. The passcode to the safe is your girlfriend's name (signed on the bottom of the note you got at the beginning) when you match up the letters to the numbers on a cellphone keypd.

5. After entering the code, get the note and the slip of paper with the binary code on it. leave the keys.

6. THIS IS IMPORTANT. The note reveals the location of the rest of the binary slips of paper. WRITE DOWN THE CODES IN THE ORDER THAT THE NOTE STATES. I.E. 1. Bench, 2. Jacket or Lapel, etc....

7. While in the starting room, click the second drawer on the lefthand side of the desk. Pick up the empty matchbox.

8. Collect the rest of the slips of paper, writing down the binary code in the order that the note states. In order to get the "bench" code, you must remove EVERYTHING from the kitchen table, including the tablecloth. Click on each side of the table so that they point down. Then click the right leg of the table. This will shift the table little by little until you can click the middle bench, where the slip of paper is. Also, click the left bench to reveal a locked toolbox. You can also now put everything back on the table since it is out of the way.

9. Use a binary converter site to convert the binary code into decimals. I used http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~gurwitz/core5/nav2tool.html and it worked great.

10. You now have the code for the safe. Go to the room with the safe. Click the wood, and then put it in the fireplace. Click the breakup note and put that on top of the wood. Take the match and click the wood (you must have the empty matchbox in your possession otherwise the fire won't light.) Once the fire is lit, select the safe.

11. Put in your translate code. Inside the safe is a pile of money. Click on the money and when it's in your possesion, move it to the fire where it will burn up. Keep doing this until you get the Golden Key that is under the pile of money.

12. Use the golden key to open the toolbox. Get all the tools.

13. Use the axe on the door. If te axe doesn't work, use one of the other tools you collected. You're free!

please people....help....i have got 4 rags...ok... and what to do next??? how to open the safe?????????

please people im playin this game almost 8 hours......im gonna go crazy........


i think im going to sleep...

im tired...its 23.00 here in croatia...well...goodbye people...

i'll be back tomorow....

ps...sorry cause of my english...sorry...

I got all 4 rags and got the match, what do i do with the rags and how do i start the fire?

Hey thanks for the walk through it was very helpful i kind of got scared when is started to spell out game over!tee hee

hey you guys should try escape from pink room and escape from library. they are just as fun!

I have the 5 peaces of paper. in the right order they make: 1100 1000 1111 1111 1000 what results in 12 8 15 15 8.
Thats 2 to much. What do i do now?


You have to put them together in the right order to get one big number. not 5 small ones. I used the calculator on my laptop and using your numbers I get 823288. This is/was your code.

To use the calculator:
click view on the many of the calculator, then choose scientific. click "Bin" enter all your binary codes in the right order you get from the paper in the safe.
then click Dec. There you have your code to the safe by the fireplace.


Respond pleasee.

To move the table, you have to take everything of it. And then click both ends so they face down. Then click the right side of the foot of the table. It will move slightly to the right (it is smartest to move it to the right. not the left) keep clicking like this 'till it is out of the way, then put everything back on.
The note on the jacket is ether on the blue jacket in the side front pocket. Or on the brown jacket in the collar of the shirt. Click the collar and it will appear.

The codes are different every time you play...So I can't tell you what it is..

Mine is 779014 It's too hard for me 2 figure out how to open it I don't think it is fun part. I been sittin here for more then hour.

OH! Finally, I got it! Thanks, Higi!

NP ^^

i've clicked everywhere on the nuthouse poster but i still can't get the darts..help

oh, found it. oh his head. lol

this game is so fucking stupid and who ever made this game is stupid 2 i played it for 3 hours and didnt get anywhere so now i begining to think that i'm stupid for playing the game

Help me please i've got down to these numbers 2 4 14 15 6 but this is too long for the safe so please please help me love amme :)
p.s.I have not got a scientific calculator.

help i can't get to my code will you do it for me please in order: 0010, 0100, 1110, 1111, 0110.

AM: Your Code is: 151286
Greetz Eljot

hey AmMz2k7 i have the exact same numbers as u i got the same answer too. and i am stuck ur right they wont fit i am about to quit. PLEASE someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!

thanks eljot ongi yesss finally thank you

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hey lulei watch ur langauge please

okay sry it turns out i dont have the same #'s i have 1100 0010 1111 0111 1011 so what is my code please help PLEASE!!!!

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the safe code is the name of your girlfriend at the bottom of the letter on the window. convert the letters to numbers like you would on a cellphone.

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