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Odd Pawn Walkthrough[REPLAY] Odd Pawn is another challenging online riddle type logic game. You need to see what is presented in front of you and then figure out how you can use that in order to answer the question on hand. Sometimes you need to look really hard to find both the question and the answer. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

Note: Please don't post exact answers, just post hints for levels!

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this is one of the best series of riddles definitely worth playing

stumped on level 4. i don;t know anything about image tools?

Gimp is a very good (freeware) graphic program. And with that you can make play with contrast and brightness.
But you don't really need it for this level. Just look at the bottom left of the picture and tilt your head a bit and you can read;
The answer is e****

I just logged in and noticed a new 2012 chapter available "Harry odder and the champer"

Got to level 12 and bombed!

Really great game though

Is anyone playing the newest "Harry Odder" chapter?
I could use a hint for level "Ron"

Not there yet, still bumbling along.

@Cindy, is it 'Chapter One' the one you are playing now?

stuck on Ginny
An author, an astronaut, a bunch of politicians, a composer, a pilot and a ganglord ......

I was on chapter one but bombed completely on 12 so am looking at the new one until a bit later when inspiration may return :)

For Ginny,
There is something else to look on all those pics.

Thanks Edgar, looking for the 'alphabet' of square variations now

LOL I did look at the forum and it is all harry potter variations but still good

And Edgar I am on chapter 1 the XLII level and stuffed if I can find more than one number but I got 2 eggs from that?
Do I need to remember the far earlier password that was mentioned?

Level XLII??? LOL Leroy! You've got to be kidding me!
I started Chapter One a while ago and have made it to XIII (the one with the BTTF reference). Any help on that one?

It is an old riddle edgar LOL but I will step back to that level. I only just came back to recently (Xmas break etc)

has anyone got anything on bellatrix lastrange, I|noticed that some of the pics have the same name but dont know what to do with it

This is strange... After solving Level XII i went redirected to Level XIIII(sic), skipping the 13th! Was that normal?

its a long time since I played chapter one and have lost the notes on it but there was a strange level xiii and the real one came up later in the game, I think I may have to replay it

@ger, for 'Bellatrix'
Ignore the pics (or what/whom you see on them). Focus on the letters instead.

Cant be that obvious can it? Edgar you talking the same level?

@ger - @leroy

My level XIII has something very wrong in it. I've found the egg-pic with Marty's text, but the obvious, if I search characters, is not working... :(

Aaah now we are talking the same level LOL

No Leroy, I'm not talking of the same level. I said 'XIIII' (with 4 I's!) since it's the way it's written there.

What should it be Edgar?

Dammit! Now I'm so confused! LOL!

got a word from some of the letters but the xs are confusing me a bit

Ehm... you mean the answer?
I guess it should be 'aunt'

its ok got it now

@ger, take all of the letters and replace the ?'s with them, by the central X.

Im not giving answer Edgar LOL but you will kick yourself.. I think an egg might be there as well

Another one??

Did you see the connection tween the pics in Bellatrix it gives an egg....

It is a simple answer edgar but how do I put it? You want mail?

I stepped thru and I cant look at eggs now I think

Wow, I am still stuck on old Ginny
Basic Masonic but nothing fits!


@Cindy, PH has the decoder.

OK you got it?

I sent mail edgar but only open if you havent solved the level LOL

By the way on one level you will get a password to use later! When you do find can somebody mail it to me? LOL that is what might be stopping me at the moment

Thanks Edgar
I'm obviously barking in the wrong garden, let alone at the right tree!

Thanks Leroy! I did try that but changing the URL of the pic only, LOL!
*kicking myself indeed*

Got it at last!
Who would have thunk that a pigpen and the masonics had so much in common - kinda

LOL even the little comment at the bottom of the pic said no google required and McFly? Main character out of Back to the Future

Well @Cindy, pigpen cipher has a masonic origin, as far as I know.

I must admit the clues in the source code may be a bit vague but they are welcome

Still a very good riddle though Momma

You live and learn :)
Thanks a lot for getting me on the right track

For Hagrid, it is only a 6 letter word.
The 7 confused me and had me trying all sorts of combinations
(strange that they use the same answer in two puzzles)

Nothing for Level Ron yet? :(

Anyone still around?

Harry Potter
I know they are all P,,,, numbers and there are two missing on the bottom row. Is there a secret combination for putting them into the answer box?

For Harry Potter,

Basic conversion into letters. 4 digits = 4 letters.

I was doing that but missed the obvious - too focused on my coffee and where it came from :)

Ron Edgar?

Level 'Ron' from Harry Odder chapter, Leroy. Are you playing it?

Still moving slowly in Chapter One as well...

Nah waiting for you to get to that level in chapter one LOL

I assume you both going to the forum at Oddpawn for clues?

I am not Leroy.
Currently a bit stuck in Level XVII with the 'colors' connection. Got an egg though, but it makes me go 'Ewww!'

OK let me look

Look up a movie Edgar I cant see all due to the donation fund image (go back page and understand..)

American english thing?

Got the right movie, Leroy.
Roth's characters gave me the 'ew' egg...
Film's name gives the 'Has nothing to do with the answer, try harder' egg...
Don't know what else to try!

email again I cant find suitable hint

Not sure that is the answer but...

ewwww egg LOL means the bad egg in the pack

out of interest the last attempted answer is at top or bottom of box?

It was 4 eggs what I needed. Never thought of doing the same for all 4 pics.
Thanks again Leroy!

At top.

Cool now I do know the answers LOL

Leroy, I just made it to the second checkpoint.
Got a pic with number equivalences to letters.
It's maybe what you need. Will e-mail it to you now.

And onto level 21...

TY LOL nice pic isnt it

Well, after 9 failed tries and 3 eastern eggs, pretty much stuck on level 22.

I go look OK LOL Edgar you got mail

wiki presidents?

Edgar remember the gaps tween words?

Gaps? No idea Leroy. Maybe I've had enough of this for the day...

two words is the answer edgar I am now used to changing urls but this riddle not like that as I remember

LOL also look at the title above the pic

Bedtime for me Edgar Take care and catch you soon

See you later Leroy.

and thanks for all the help here.

can anyone help with hermione not sure how to input the answer

@ger, that level is defective.
If you solved the puzzle correctly, the level answer still needs a little modification to your results.

its not giving me any indication that each one is the right answer Im not getting any eggs at all

Right cows say the amount of correct numbers in the wrong position.
Left cows say how many numbers are in the correct position.

Once you have solved it (Mastermind, right?) swap the 2nd & 4th and enter it like that in the answer box.... the 4 digits.

thanks edgar that makes more sense now

Finally got to Ron

an arbalest (crossbow)
a panther (Bagheera?)
a bus terminal (fancy one too)
a football club - does anyone know which team wears red and white striped shirts with black shorts?

Clues are "do you like pie like I do" and 'This is the ..... speaking"

Hi, I'm so stuck on CHAPTER ONE level 48. I found an egg which tells me that all of my words are wrong, now I'm searching for homophones, found the first one but can't find the other four. Any hints?

Hint for the Ron Level: "this is the ... speaking" should ring a bell. think about who is speaking. he uses his "nickname", maybe others have "nicknames", too.

Thanks Chipsi,
Found out the 'nickname' for the club (southampton) but still can't see the tie in with the others.

Chipsi do you remember the numbers in image from LXII? Ive tried so many things in Gimp and can only find one number Save me Pleeaase.

Chipsi I will help at 48 if I ever get past 42 LOL

Hi, Leroy, yes I remember the numbers and I sent you a mail.

@Cyndi each picture represents an 'nickname', first is c*******, now you need someone who has this nickname given. you are looking for s***** k****** like z***** was one.

TY very muchly LOL

Nuchos grazious LOL now on XLIII

Now stuck on Snape level, I decoded the letters, I am sure I did it right but the last three letters don't fit don't know what to do with them.

I'll give it a break for a while and come back (hopefully) fresh to try again. I doubt that the dude in the UK who was shooting folk with a crossbow is the right track.

@Cyndi there is a list on wiki sorted by countries, there are all in that you need.

Thanks Chipsi,
Found the common link now :)

(geez, the UK is a dangerous place!)

@Cyndi now come and help me with Voldermort, found six eggs and no idea what to do.

Still wading through my own eggs this side.
Will try to hurry the brain along

Sirius Black is giving me gibberish!
If XOB = jan then everything else is just a jumble. Even tried double de-coding them but still nothing legible

Why do I do riddles? they make me feel so stupid

you already found jan, use what jan gives you with a cipher you already used twice in this game.

I've been using the Caesar cypher all the way along.
(although I did have to guess the last word in the Disney one so maybe I'm going skew)

Yep, checked on Black Chamber and they also get gibberish

I also cant get anything on sirius black its a head wreck of a level

on Sirius Black decode the jan thingi with the oddpawn cipher

chipsi sorry what oddpawn cipher

Okay, supper cooked :)

I tried MDIJ and ZUIM with the PAWN and got more gibberish.

What am I missing?

momma cyndi stuck at the same place lol

Thank you Ger!
Makes me feel a lot less blond to know I have company :)

going to log off for a while as its time to dine but will be back in a while so if anyone can leave a hint as to what this cipher is thanks in advance

sorry wasn't here for a while. oddpawncipher is the one from the Draco level.

Wow Chipsi
How did you figure that one out? You are a genius!

It then took me a while to figure out it was about a boy band who has its own 'day' - what is the world coming to?

decrypting Snape is rather easy.
It is a road with a three digit number but doesn't give me anything. Maybe the fictitious date mentioned is key?

thanks chipsi for the hints on sirius black

Did you get to Snape now?
I can't figure out what to do with the de-coded message.

@Cyndi convert the last three letters with LEET

Did that Chipsi,
Got three numbers
The problem with LEET is that it seems to be subjective. I tried the two variations of the number and neither woked

Cyndi send me a mail and I'll send you the correct numbers

Hi Cyndi, e-mail is sent.

Thanks Chipsi.
Stupid geeks and their inconsistencies!

got 5 quick eggs on Voldemort and now going in squircles

Voldermort was tricky. You should have three words now which give you a sentence. google last word to find a list, search in this list who said this sentence

Thanks for dragging me through it all Chipsi. You really do have the patience of a saint :)

The last level was a bit startling as it was so easy. I was expecting to break my brain on it and got it in less than half a minute!

Second riddle game I have finished now :) Getting addicted.

congrats @Cindy!!!!!!

i really need help on level 48 chapter 1. ive been on it for 2 weeks now!!

@sammylou I really like to help you, but I can't. stuck on the same level since ages.

Anyone still playing?

Hi, @PurpleLogic I'm still playing it, when I have time to. Do you need help?

@Chipsi I am so stuck on Snape. I understand the first part I****S***E but not the leet for the kyo part. If you can explain how to leet it or lead me in the right direction i would ever so grateful

Okay, I think you already found a leet-converter, wiki is also usefull. the last three letter are numbers. Don't forget, that l in leet is not only 1, sometimes it could also be 7.

@chipsi, Thanx for the nudge, but i am obviously LEET dead. Still unable to leet kyo as any numbers

Good morning @Purple, your last three letters are wrong, they are SPOILER, now convert it. If you still have problems, send me a mail.

@Chipsi TY so very much. I was so going round in circles.

can somwone help me!? im on ch.1 lv.10

Please Help!! Level 9, he liked it at la bodeguita del medio

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