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[REPLAY] Neutral - RGB Escape is another amazing point and click room escape game created by Mya from Neutral. You must use your point-and-click skills to find and place the correct items to escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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RGB Escape Walkthrough

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This one is going to take a bit of head scratching....lots of clues but dont know what to do.

Well I've found three coins (deposited in the box), a bottle of water and a little wodden guy, now what?

I've found four coins (II, III, V, VII.) Had a utility knife, but lost it when I got a coin. The wooden guy's head can be removed, but don't know why.

If you turn off the lights and look at the couch you get the pattern needed for the box. Use the symbols from the words around the room that correspond in the right order.

Where did you find the utility knife & coin #2?

To find the utility knife, you have to realize that the right-hand painting is not abstract art.

Coin II is under the sofa fabric.

If you turn off lights, word BOX appears on wall with pictures.

I found the clue in the dark and have tried using the clue's colors along with the corresponding symbols for the clue's letters to open the box, but when I press the grey bar, it just resets - not opens. What am I doing wrong?

BOX appears if you turn off lights

okay so i've opened the box on the couch and used the screwdriver in addition to everything y'all have said...anyone further?

put wooden monkey on wooden print thing

wonder what it does?

The box that appears uses the B from Bee the O from dog and the x from fox. That should help.

I managed to get through the door but the end says another secret door exists.

Must be some other combination of heads and feet to open a secret door.

ok what i have so far,
3 colored buttons need the grey/green one. i have a plastic toy thingy i used on the board on the cupboard, i have opend the box and got a bottle opener. and a piece of paper.i watered the plant and got a screw driver.

I can't find the knife even after looking at the picture and clicking all over it. what am i supposed to do?

that's where i'm stuck too

don't click the picture; look at the black mark on the picture. go to that spot in the room. the picture is a map of the room.

Thanks Mike. I was trying to use the colors that showed up in the dark.

fox=△△○ BRG
fax=△□○ GRB
bee=□○○ BBY
dog=○△□ RYG
so box=□△○
there are some combinations so I click the button by all combinations
My answer is BYG

thanks, i feel stupid now for not thinking of it.

Put the coins in the slot in the order on the paper from the safe (make sure you look at the paper the right way). That knocks the left picture off and the key to the sliding cabinet is on the floor.

anyone have any idea what order the coins go in? i tried by using the numbers on them but the keep coming back out

Uses the wire cutters on the right photo. Click on in in your inventory to flip it over and find the key to the right door. The turn off the lights. After you open the door use the middle photo to find the 3rd statue.

look at the picture so that it matches the machine and you will see how the coins go in.



Use the screwdriver to operate the coin machine to get your coins back if wrong!

where did you get the wire cutters?

Wire cutters on in the locked sliding door. Next to where you find the water bottle.

anybody know what to do in the closet full of tissue boxes?

thanks mikezaun that helped me finish it. really cool game

thanx but how do you unlock the cupboard?

nm got it

nevermind i found it

Hmm, I found an interesting secret code, but I don't know where to enter it...

tissu boxex looks like black-white picture.
click the tissue box where orange color

I almost have this game done with....I have turned the key that goes in that closet door. Now it wants me to change the colors of the shapes that are in a row.....any ideas on how to get this.....please hellllp meeee!!

Puzzled with the door have a row of buttons that I can change colour?

how do you water a plant? which one??

and the plant is left of the couch. u need bottle opener to open bottle.

to open the closet. u need to use the key then turn light of. if u look at where u the middle pic was u will find the code in colour

Jameen and redroobar:

Turn off the lights again now that the wall is bare.

Yes thank you that helped and now playing with the tissue boxes

you'll notice that the keyword on the wall has its letters written in different colors. Also, the clue words have letters in different colors. You need to match the colored symbol with the colored letter. For example, a red 'o' is different than a yellow 'o'.

Where would I enter the secret code, 103752?

It is obtained from properly heading the statues.

Yes cool game....

I noticed that the coins share the same numbers, which leads me to think that there is a ten coin somewhere...

i can fin all the coins but the orange one!!!can enyone help me?

Haha, got the secret exit!

look at the clock....

ok dalton....give us all a clue...please

Behind the door... so obvious. Heh.

can anyone help me find the red coin?

Can't figure out how to open locked cabinet door? Anyone help me? I've done the coins and have 2 pics on the ground but no clue to getting the cabinet open?

Finished the second door...but how did you find the code 103752?

jrogue you need to look in the corner....

Alright Thanks now there's a clue that says "I Love Box Tissue"?? I've clicked on the tissue box, pulled tissue out of the box any clue to what I'm missing

i opened the door is that it or is there more????

Never mind I found my way out now for the second exit LOL

i turned the key
the clue on the wall I LOVE BOX TISSUE
and so on


After the statues are placed push the button then turn off the lights and look at the wall with different colors imbedded with them

But then what do they mean?

The colores are just the same as the unlock colors but with numbers now ????

Are you sure the numbers aren't supposed to be 013572 instead to go with the colors?

anyone found the secret exit yet?

Not me still working on where to enter the numbers from the last clue?

what numbers?

JRogue, I noticed the imbedded colors too - still trying to figure it out. How did you remove their heads, by the way?

The numbers you get when you place the statues with the correct heads on the base then turn out the lights and look at the wall where the pics were

click on the head in this order
R, L, L, R, L, R, then click down and push the button underneath

Hey redroobar did you figure out what the numbers mean yet?


think it's something with the painting on the easel or the clock?

The easel shows you how to take the heads off I've try'd the clock but nothings working

or another tissue box?

not finding anything in the tissues

hi jrogue use the picture to locate the correct box and then pull out all the tissues..

I already found the statue but what's with the numbers though

me to am well stumped.
and do green and red make yellow? dont think so. hmmm

i found a blue coin

where did you find a blue coin?

Whaaaaaa too much tissues behind the door :'(

i unlocked the door entered once than turned around and closed the door. put the blue coin in box with screwdriver and it gave me all the coins back now i don't know what to do

casey where did u find the blue coin??

well it must have something to do with the numbers on the coins

I think your right but I'd still like to know where the blue coin is though????

carol you are so close...look at the numbers on the coins....

enter the door beside all the boxes off tissue then turn around close the door blue coin on door

she told u go out the door and turn a round and shut the door. its behind the door
.also we now have 5 coins and five colours all matching colours on the wall

found it yeah!!!!!!!
the code that was on the wall
and so on
wooo hoo

lol that was fun. would never have found that blue coin though grrrrrrr

the numbers on the coin is the code we all found earlier.
blue coin X=10
III= 3
VII= 7

Grey coin at the back of the exit door!!!

on the easel I think


If not the easel then the first tissue box by the candle

Using the new coin on the machine gives back all coins, I guess we have to use a new order, the numbers on the wall ;) Only one problem, missing one coin ... I guess the colored eyes of the faces have something to do with another code, red, green and blue ... Another layer in the box?

Your time to search on, I have to go now :(

I really enjoyed that game going to put this under favorites!! Thanks for the help carol, casey, and redroobar

red was in tissue box.
yellow was on clock.
brown on easel.
and grey in the couch

yes u too. and thx guys realy enjoyed that one

Can't wait for the next one well night all I enjoyed it mabey I'll catch you around again and we'll puzzle through another one!! LOL

themer u only need 5 coins and put them into the box. using there corrisponding numbers ( that it showed on the wall)

Where to find the third statue?

would be fun. gnight. 9am here.
i forgot to sleep with playing :)

3rd statue is behind the righ locked door. in a tissue box

shoot it's 3am here LOL

Escaped, thank you all :)

Who's going to write a complete walkthrough? :D

Thanks Carol...
But soooooo many of the tissue boxes LOL :)

i manage to behead 1 of the status with blue eyes, but can't find any code. The rest just won't wk even i've turn them in the rite way...how did u all got d code??

redroobar is writing the walkthrough

redroobar i think. though am sure they dont want a walk through up just yet. said to wait till august.
damn would of gone insane having to wait that long.

Your not the only one carol LOL

think its second row on the bottom 3rd box up. shows u on the middle picture that fell down

mel do u have the 3 statues?
if so behead them all and put the correct heads on the correct bodies. and hit the button. then check your wall again wou will see the code

Duuuh... silly me... :P
Thanks Carol.

the clue on how to behead them in shown on the easel.
think its right. left left, right, left. right

Ok starting walkthru - needs explanation in places, so add on the end please....

Search room for for words and symbols and note colours etc.

1. Get bottle of water from cupboard
2. Take figure and pull out the tissues from the tissue box until a coin pops out. Get coin off floor(red)
3. Examine clock for next coin (yellow) and easel for third coin (brown)
4. Examine paintings they all come in handy. The right one is a diagram of the room. The black corner is where to go. Click the carpet to get a knife.
5. Look under the sofa and on the edge of the sofa is the hidden fourth coin (silver). Slash the fabric with the knife.
6. Wiggle the middle picture until it falls
7. Turn off the light and look around at wall. A clue on the box.
8. Read Jackies comment in the blog. Using the clues of fax fox bee and dog you can now open the box on the sofa.
9. Retrieve bottle opener and clue
10. Open bottle of water and water the dead plant in corner.
11. Go to coin box and put coins in in the order on the scrap of paper (note the paper is on its side)
12. Go back to the plant and get the screwdriver and use this as a lever on the coin box.
13. Look another picture has fallen down. Look in the corner for a key.
14. Open the cupboard and get the wire cutters.
to be continued...

15. Back to the painting and cut the wires. Examine the back and get the key.
16. Go to the doors and put in the key to activate the buttons.
17. Zoom out and turn off the light and turn around to get the sequence for the buttons.
18. Back to the door and click the buttons to the correct colours.
19. A load of tissue boxes....Back to the paintings and it indicate the box to examine.
20. Back to the cupboard and examine that box and pull out all the tissues. A toy and a key.
21. Place the three toys on the brown stand.
22. Not sure how this works but using the diagram on the easel you can get the heads off and reveal a numbered code (someone please explain).
23. Exit the door with the key (if you keep going you will end the game) instead turn around and close the door and retreive the blue coin.
24. Re enter the room and put the coin in the box. Pull the lever and get all the coins back.
25. Retreive the coins and look at the numbers. You will put them back in the box in order of the new code.
26. Pull the lever and exit.

Ok worked out the heads - rip them off as per diagram RLLRLR turn them upside down and press button. Do this to all three.
Now swap the heads around with different bodies.Place on stand and press button. Turn off the light and look at the far wall.
Frog head on first body Cat head on middle body and blue eyes on right side. Turn on eyes, turn off light and you will get the numbers to put the coins in sequence.

Even with the walkthrough I still can't open that damn box! I'm very confused!!!

Thank God i've finally found d true exit!!! Thanks guys!! ;D
Luv playing these games!!! ;D ;D ;D

       Anonymous  6/20/07, 8:49 AM  

I couldn't figure out the sequence for the coins once you get them back from the box, so ended up just exiting through the original door. Anyone can help?

can someone please help me i still dont understand how to open the box on the couch

google72: answer to...."can someone please help me i still dont understand how to open the box on the couch"

Blue -square
Yellow -triangle
Green -Circle
click on box...... The box will then open.

Lorena: answer to "I couldn't figure out the sequence for the coins once you get them back from the box, so ended up just exiting through the original door. Anyone can help?"

Look at the number code on wall
change it into roman numbers
then you have...
now look at each of your coins..

X=10= Blue
III=3= Red
VII=7= Yellow
V=5= Brown
II=2= Grey
Insert each of your coins in that order...and click the screwdriver inserted handle again.

Secret Door...Opened!

This is a GREAT game. The puzzles were difficult but completely logical. Good graphics, good length. I think I'm gonna post a massive walkthrough of my own since I enjoyed it so much. A+ game!

Cool game.

I put all the coins in according to their sequence on the sheet of paper and the picture won't fall down and give me the key that i cannot continue without...some1 plz help me.


1. Go right, click on planter, note formula 1 (including all colors)
2. Click left cabinet, take bottle of water
3. Click tissue box, note formula 2, click tissues until red coin drops
4. Click table, take red coin from floor, take figure 1
5. Click clock, take orange coin (at the 9 o’clock side)
6. Go right, click easel, take brown coin (top right of easel)
7. Click plant, note formula 3
8. Go right, click center picture until it falls down
9. Click right picture (which is a map of the room), note black corner
10. Click to right of the sofa, note formula 4, click the corner (per map), take knife
11. Click bottom right side of sofa, use knife on circular area, take grey coin
12. Go right, turn off light
13. Go left, note word on wall (including colors)
14. Go right, turn back on light
15. Go left, click box, use word from wall and various formulas to click the three appropriate shapes, push button to open [BOX SOLUTION: red B = blue square, red 0 = yellow triangle, yellow X = green circle]
16. Take bottle opener, take diagram
17. In your inventory, magnify bottle and use bottle opener on it
18. Click to the left of sofa, use water on dead plant
19. Click away, then return the dead plant, take screwdriver
20. Go left, click device on wall, use screwdriver on lever, insert coins in the order shown on diagram (brown, orange, grey, red), click latch
21. Go right, note left picture has fallen down
22. Click to left of sofa, take round silver key
23. Go right twice, use key on right side of cabinet, take figure 2, take wire cutters
24. Go right twice, click right picture, use wire cutters on four corners, take picture
25. In your inventory, magnify picture, click to turn it over, take black key
26. Go right, click door, use black key on left keyhole
27. Turn off light, go left, note writing on wall (including colors)
28. Go right, turn on light, click on door
29. Click switch on right side to activate lights, set lights to proper colors to unlock door, open right door [DOOR SOLUTION: the colors of the lights must be set to match the same order of the colors of the letters on the wall: pink, blue, blue, blue, pink, red, red, yellow, green, green, green, yellow, green, green.]
30. Go left, click center picture, note location of orange box in diagram
31. Go right, click tissue box that corresponds to the orange mark from the picture (2 from the right, 3 from the bottom), click tissues repeatedly, take figure 3
32. Go right, click wooden device on top of cabinet
33. Place the three figures on the device based on the shapes of their feet, push button, take red key
34. Go left, use red key on left keyhole, open door, enter hallway
35. You can click white space to exit room (ending 1) OR...
36. Turn around inside hallway, close door, take blue coin, open door, return to room
37. Click device on wall, insert blue coin, click lever, take back all five coins
38. Go left, click button on wood device with three figures to light up eyes
39. Go left, turn off light, go left, note light pattern on wall, hmmm no help...
40. Realize that the heads of the figures need to be rearranged in order to cast a specific light pattern on the wall that will reveal the final clue!
41. Go right, turn light back on
42. Go right twice, click easel, use diagram to learn how to remove the heads from the figures [HEAD REMOVAL SOLUTION: The top figure that looks like an 8 represents a figure, the triangles in the middle are directions, the bottom two circles represent a figure with its head removed]
43. Go left, collect three figures
44. In your inventory, magnify figure 1, click right, left, left, right, left, right, bottom, click button, take head
45. Repeat this process to collect the heads of figures 2 and 3
46. In your inventory, rearrange the heads and the bodies and put them back on the wood device in the proper order [REARRANGED HEAD SOLUTION: the heads need to be placed in this order from left to right: green eyes, red eyes, blue eyes]
47. Click button, go left, turn out light, go left, note the numbers on the wall
48. Go right, turn light back on
49. Go right twice, click device on wall, insert coins in the order indicated by the numbers on the wall, click lever [FINAL COIN ORDER SOLUTION: 10, 3, 7, 5, 2 = X, III, VII, V, II = blue, red, orange, brown, grey]
50. Enter new hallway, exit room! Congratulations, you’ve reached the TRUE END!

good game. quite challenging tho

hey can sum1 plz tell me where to find the yellow coin and the other 2 wooden statues plz?!

I still don;t get the box solution how do you come up with the combination of colors and shapes for in the solution?

Marie Claire, the solution to the box puzzle is the first word written on the wall that you can only see when the lights are out. It's where the middle painting was before you knocked it down. It says BOX, and the B and O are red and the X is yellow. Then you just look at the various formulas around the room to see what symbol the red B represents, what symbol the red O represents, and what symbol the yellow X represents. Then you just push those symbols in that order and hit the button to open the box. Also, be sure that you are using the YELLOW X because there are two X's in different formulas in the room...FOX and FAX. See above for the location of all four formulas if you are missing one.

I tried the head solution: noted the numbers, ma when i get to the lever i can't get coins back! Heeeeeelp

Thanks Sam, I didn't realize before now that the letters had colors too, lol.

When putting the heads back on the body's just look at the feet and what animal those feet belong to..then you can put the head from that animal.

where ist the orange coin in the beginning? please help i can't find it!

got an open bottle, but cant water the plants...
any ideas?

guy, te code is not 1-0-3-7-5-2
is it 10-3-7-5-2
did you notide those numers are in the coins?

I have another solution, i put the heads off and put in order, like the name's game RGB. When you switch the button it gives a key that opens the door!!

RWAR, now thats thinking outside the box to find that knife..took me ages. Nice 1

Ok, I have clicked all over the damn keyhole on the right side of the cabinet and it won't let me open it with the key!! HELP PLEASE!!

ok so i've clicked and clicked and clicked that tissue box and i've yet to get another figure...........

Please help me to find the BLUE coints? Where is it?

See my walkthru when you exit turn around and go back. The blue coin is on the back of the door...

       Anonymous  6/24/08, 5:25 PM  

I can't fimd the knife could someone help

good game

2nd exit behind coin machine put in order: X:10 III:3 VII:7 V:5 II:2 (i think) :D

OK now i dont wanna do the 1st exit anymore

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