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Phantasy Quest 1 Walkthrough

Phantasy Quest 1

Phantasy Quest WalkthroughPhantasy Quest 1 is a point and click type adventure game, where you awaken to find yourself alone on a beach. Nearby is the wreck of your ship. Use your mouse! Just click anywhere on the game screen. Some things you can activate simply by clicking on them, while others you may have to use an item that you have collected in your inventory. Good luck and have fun!

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Must be a bug, but in the first screen clicking on the lowest button completes the game and gives a score of 126, again such a buggy thing :(

Try to find another way :)

I have a coconut, a bottle (used) and a stick. Now I'm stuck. Can anybody help?

Use the stick to pull down the mast on the ship. go in the ship to get the lantern and use the lantern to light the fire pit. Not sure what for. Also cleaned my coconut. Can figure out out to get to the other side of the rocks.

You can swim! Just find the arrows in the ocean.

yes, I know. The bottle was from the other island. But now??? Idon't more, I have fire, I washed my coconut... hmm??

and I swam too far and were dead two times... :(

Use the lantern on the hole in the ship hull.

Water to bottle, bottle to tree

Use the latern in the hole in the ship and get a plank. Use the plank on the rock to get to the other side where the cave is.

aaah! thankx, I have build a bridge!

Use the lantern in the hole in the ship

i can't get through the gate, it said i already opent it, but it won't open..

well that was the quickest one I have ever played all I did was pick up the coconut and then it said well done I won (very strange)

Walkthrough (the hard way):

2. Swim W, W, N, N
3. Take BOTTLE
4. Go N, up the stairs, and up the ladder. Look through the telescope to see how to open the gate.
5. Go back to the main island (S, S, E, E from the beach)
6. Go to the waterfall (E, E, E, N from starting position) and fill your BOTTLE.
7. Go W, W and try to take the stick. A tree will wake up and ask for water. Give him the water from the bottle and take the STICK.
8. Go W and use the STICK on the sail to enter the boat.
9. Take the LANTERN.
10. Use the LANTERN on the hole to get a PLANK.
11. Go E, E and use the LANTERN to light the firepit.
12. Go E, S and use the PLANK to cross the water at the two stones.
13. Enter the cave. Go L, L and take the SKULL.
14. Go back once and go R, through the single door, through the top door and through another single door to exit the cave.
15. Go W, W, W and use the stick on the boulder to create a shortcut. Go E, E and up into the sandy part to enter the village.
16. Click on the wall to the right of the gate to uncover the lever, then pull the lever. Click on the left mask to open the gate.
17. Go N, E. You'll see a pirate ship sail away. Take the CRAB.
18. Go W, W, and into the hut. Talk to the chief, then give him the SKULL. You'll get a piece of the MAP. Leave.
19. Go E, S, S, W, W, W, S back to the talking tree. Take the BERRY.
20. Go S, E. Roast the berry over the fire.
21. Go back to the village (W, N, N, E, E, E, N, N) and enter the Witch Doctor's hut. Talk to him, then give him the BERRY for the other piece of the MAP.
22. Go E and get into the boat.
23. As soon as you land, go onto the dock and take the ROPE.
24. Enter the ship and use the CRAB on the pirate to move him away. Take the PIRATE CLOTHES.
25. Immediately equip the CLOTHES by moving them onto you, then go back to the beach.
26. Go E to the Slippery Noose, then S. Enter the pawn shop and trade your LANTERN for a FISHING POLE. Leave the shop.
27. Go back to the dock (N, W) and use the FISHING POLE on the water to catch a FISH.
28. From there, go E, E. Use the ROPE on the tree to create a way down. Go down and take the GOLD COIN, then go back up.
29. Go S where you'll see a CAT in a tree. Use the FISH on the CAT to capture it.
30. Go back to the pawn shop and trade the CAT for the SKELETON KEY.
31. Go into the Slippery Noose and trade the GOLD COIN for the RUM.
32. From outside the Slippery Noose, go E, N, N. Give the RUM to the guard and he'll fall asleep.
33. Enter the tower. Use the SKELETON KEY to open the door and prepare for the final battle, such as it is.
34. Use the COCONUT on the Evil Pirate, then take his SWORD. Use the SWORD on him to finish him off.
35. The End.

i picked up a coconut, then a bottle, and next thing i know i get the girl with a "congratulations!" score 135 of 125.......HUH?

It looks like the creator left in a cheat shortcut just to test the ending or something. It's kind of strange.

cant manage to open the gate it say you heve already openned the gate but it is still closed

       Anonymous  5/2/18, 2:51 AM  

caught the sequel from the random section with a link to the 1st part

but couldn't play as game didn't load for me...

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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