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Supermarket Escape Walkthrough

Supermarket Escape

GH Super Market Escape WalkthroughA new game by GamesHandbook is ready for you. "You have been caught shoplifting and the owner will not let you leave the supermarket until you help out some customers." Good luck!

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Got the basketball, drag it to the young girl, then click on her to make her shoot. Need to get it through the hole into the cage.

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I have the basketball, and have got it through the hole. I also have a bottle!!! but thats it, now im stuck ??

where the ball is, I has bishe rnru DS with the eyeglasses gets, elsewhere I found so far nothing

from the first screen get the red bottle of the shelf and put it in the trollye for the man at the counter

alos get a scate board from the screen with the kids playing ball

i assuming i have to give it to the man by the glasses and stop the boy running, the man kicks it.

ok put it on the mans foot and leave the sceen...go back to sceen and click mans foot. when the kid goes to run out the man will kick skateboard and knock him over

if the woman keeps checking the pants on the rail..a peice of paper falls out now am stcuk

Hmm, got a shade from glasses, 2nd column 5 rows down, but what to do with it?

Can catch the apple that the man throws to the woman while it's in the air.

no idea but the isle where the lady keeps putting stuff in her trolley the guy there with glasses has a shade missing

ok i put the shade in his glasses... what is the point of all this ?...
Makes no sense lol.

ok click the shade and keep hold of it and go into the isle with the guy in who needs it. he looks at u for a second u have to put the shade in his glasses before he looks away

If you go to the screen with the 4 people shopping, the shade from the sunglasses goes onto the mans sunglasses in the bottom right of the screen, but now im stuck

When the woman with the hat starts flicking through a book, wait for a page to be missing and use the paper on it.

lol no idea. all i need is one more item and figure out what to do with the paper.

my woman with the hat is not flicking through a book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess she does not like me watching. she wont touch the books just stares into space,

heinz, i think u need to get her on the right of the aisle (somehow) and then click on the book in front of her.

Anyone know what to do with the apple yet?

If you click on the top book, second from the right, she picks a book up x

ok got it

lol done

put the apple on the far pyramid of apples and enjoy the awesome ending... Best escape game ever!!

Thanks Leventi, nope no sure what to do with the apple, go to be something to do with the lady trying to pick an apple up?

anyone know the last one?
am guessing its to do with the guy throwing a tomatoe

where did u get the apple?

Good game :)

ok am out,
thx for help guys

You can catch the apple fromthe man throwing it to the lady

How do I get the lady to read the book?

I can't find the shade for the guys glasses. Anyone who knows where it is?

you can find the from glasses, 2nd column 5 rows down, but i cant put it in the guys glasses. am i doing something wrong?

       Anonymous  7/19/07, 10:33 AM  


1)Scene with the man reaching for the ketchup:
pick up a bottle of ketchup from the right-most shelf
2)Scene with the glasses:
pick up the lens from the glasses in the second column, fifth from the top.
3)Scene with the kids:
pick up a basketball, and pick up the skateboard near the back of the room. Take the basketball and give it to the girl. Click on the girl. She will throw the ball and miss. Keep clicking on the ball and the girl until she gets the ball into the basket. She will miss many times.
4)Scene with the blenders:
catch the apple the man throws before she does. You might need to try it a few times.
5)Scene with the check-out:
place the bottle of ketchup in the man's shopping cart.
6)Scene with the 4 shoppers:
Select the glasses lens, and place it in the man on the right's glasses. He only looks towards you for a second, so you might need try it a few times.
7)Scene with the clothes:
Click on the lady many times. She will touch the pants on the clothes hanger. Eventually a piece of paper will fall out of the pants she pulls. Pick it up.
8)Scene with the apples:
Place the apple in your inventory onto the top of the leftmost pyramid of apples.
9)Scene with the glasses:
Place the skateboard near the man on the right's foot. Go to a different scene, and come back. When the man on the left starts running, click on drag on the skateboard and place it in the man's way. He will trip on it.
10)Scene with the books:
Click on the cover of the second red book on the right. She will pick it up. Click on the pages in the book two times. She will turn the pages. Select the piece of paper in your inventory and place it into the book.

       Anonymous  7/19/07, 10:40 AM  


To place the lens in the man's glasses:

1)Go to the scene with the 4 shoppers.
2)Click on the lens in your inventory. The lens will appear on the top right side of your playing screen.
3)Go to a different scene and come back to the 4 shoppers scene.
4)Quickly click and drag the lens from the top right side of the playing area and hold it over the man's face.
5)As soon as he looks towards you, position the lens over his right eye and let go

If you fail, repeat from step 2 until you do it. It can be tricky.

i got it!!!!
(from argentina)

I cannot get the lady to read the book!!

i dont really like these games
some of them are fun but
they take way too long to get certain things
(glasses on the guy,Catching the apple,getting the paper,etc.)
i find it to hard and annoying
but i won!!

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To get the lady to read the book she has to be on the side with the books.

Just go in and out of the screen(by clicking on either side of the screen)until she is on the book side.


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