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Escape from the Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Room

Escape the Room WalkthroughEscape the Room is another point and click type room escape game created and submitted by Andrew Gibson. Like in the all escape games, you are again locked in a room and you try to escape from room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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I have done a couple things, but am stuck now. I have extracted the red "thing" out of the pictures eye and it said something clicked, but I can't find what clicked and I've used all the items I have in my inventory. Some help please?

I found a small key, a battery cell and alumninium foil, how did you extract the red eye?

The spine of the bottom green book is bulging but I have nothing to open it with

You see the long cut wire screen? There is a place to click next to that little box and you put the battery in it. That gives you a screwdriver. Use the screwdriver on the red box that's bolted down. Use the key on the box when it is in your inventory. You get a blunt knife. Use foil on knife. Use sharp knife on green book to get tweezers. Use tweezers on eye. Then I don't know.

Finished! The tab key works, this might help you find the places you need to find more objects.

how do u get the key?

tape under table to fix wires

OK, quick walkthrough for people like me who can't leave a game like this alone until they beat it:
1) go left from door screen, get foil
2) left twice, click the dot on the yellow pillow, get key
3)left 3 times, open middle drawer, get button cell
4)right 1, click just to the right of the box, use battery cell on box, go back, click box, get screwdriver
5) left 1, use screwdriver on plate below red box, get red box, open with key from pillow
6) click knife, then click aluminum foil to sharpen knife (wtf?)
7)use knife on light green book on the bottom of the stack
8) right 2 to picture and table, click left eye of the picture to zoom in, use tweezers on left eye
9) go back, click just under where the left leg of the table meets the table top, get duct tape
10)left 1, use tape on wire
11) left 3, open electromagnetic box, get master key
12) right 1, use master key on door. done

nice easy 12 step program, like AA

Chippy - use the TAB key to find the hot spots. Hint: check out the sofa.


1) Move right, second drawer get the battery cell.

2) Move right, click to the right of the electric device (or use tab key), then put the battery in it. Then click back.

3)Click the device, get the screwdriver.

4) Move right twice, click on the yellow pillow, get the key.

5) Move right twice, click the aluminium foil.

6) Move right twice, take the screwdriver and click the metal plate below the red box. This gives you the red box.

7) Click on key and then on red box. Receive the knife.

8) Click on knife and then aluminium foil. Receives the sharpened knife.

9) Click on sharpened knife and then on the horizontal green book, receive tweekers.

10) Move right twice, click on the red part of the red eye, this will zoom in. (or use tab key). take tweekers and click red eye.

11) Click under the table (right next to the left leg) and receive duct tape (use tab key to find it otherwise).

12) Move left once. Use duct tape on wires.

13) Move right 4 times, click on magnetic box. Get master key.

14) Move right once. Click master key and click on door.

       Anonymous  8/24/07, 12:03 PM  

Alright here is a walkthrough,
1. Turn Right and grab the battery from the middle drawer
2. Turn Right again and click on the right side of the weird looking box on the table
3. Insert the Battery
4. Click the machine and grab the screwdriver
5. Turn Right two times and click the speck on the upper right side of the yellow pillow
6. Turn right 2 times and get the foil that is lying on the ground
6. Turn Right twice and use the screw driver to remove the metal box
7. Use the Key on the box to get the blunt knife
8. Sharpen the knife with the foil
9. Use the sharpened knife on the green book on the bottom of the center of the book case to receive the tweezers
10. Turn right twice and click on the red eye on the picture frame (this can be hard to click so use the tab key if you come across any problems)
11. Use the tweezers on the red eye to extract it
12. Click just to the right of the top of the left leg on the table
13. Take the tape
14. Turn left and use the tape to mend the wires
15. Turn left 3 times and click the metal box
16. Click the master key and turn right 1 time
17. Use the master key on the door to escape!

Quiet easy one, escaped without help :p

o and use the coate hanger to open themower and then the gold key to get out.

well have clicked near the left leg for ages now but no duct tape also used the tab button (what a waste of time that wss)are you sure its not the right leg I should be clicking as so many people get the right confused with the left?

reddc, it's on the right hand side of the left leg, near the top.

terrible ripoff of afroninja

Well, my sister and I were trying to firgure this out yesterdday, and we couldn't find this page, and once I found it today, I realized it was created today lol. Thank you, Beautib, I read the first 2 sentences of your second post, and I figured the rest out myself lol. it was actually pretty easy ;]

that was a pretty terrible game...just random clicking was all that was involved, especially on the machine thing with the battery and finding the duct tape.

i agree with daniel... very poorly made

i've seen better. this game is just illogical. foil to sharpen knife??

Actually, it is possible to sharpen a knife by using it to cut up aluminum foil.

So....What was the actual use of the red eye?
I have no clue...O_O

I finished it without help, but I still don't know what they red thing in the eye was for...
That's going to drive me nuts..o_O

thx this was easy

i figured out what the red thing does

the red thing lets you open the electromagnetic box after you put the duct tape on the wire at the end

ye its ovius tht it opens the electromagnetic box but how dus it do that

ive been cliking the table to get the duct tape for 15 min.....it suks..nothing happenend and the tab key just made the page go down

master key is next

and im out!!!!!!!1

how do you use things every time i click on them it says " key selected but then how do i use it?


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