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Strawberry Tomato Escape

[REPLAY] Gotmail - Strawberry Tomato Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by IDAC for Gotmail. In this escape game, you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Strawberry Tomato Walkthrough
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Ist for me!

cant find game

ok. click highlight then at top of next page click little box. now waiting...

I was wainting 3h for loading :)
But this is very good game.

I tried waiting, but I won't wait 3hrs for any game to load. Gorka, I commend you for that.

Well.. I like gotmail games.
I was checking gotmail side for this one every day by the week :)

I'm finished. Super game.

Hi Guys, as I dont understand Japanese, I open up to a black page lots of writing with yellow highlight...is this the game? Nothing seems to load....PS yes love the GotMail games, cant wait...


maybe it's because too many people visit the site at the same time, i couldn't see the game too, but now it works.

Thanks Jin, I have to go to work, so try again later.....we are on the same time as Tokyo, so hopefully they will go to work aswell!


1. Turn left and click on the door and an orange basket. Take an outlet.
2. Go back and look at the picture on the right wall. Remember red symbol and a number.
3. Go back twice and turn left. Click on a vase twice and find a panel with a lock.
4. Go back twice and look at the second picture (symbol + number).
5. Go back twice and zoom the shits. Remove a white shirt and look at the third picture (symbol + number).
6. Go back and find a lock on the big picture. You need 5-digital code.
7. Go back three times and turn left twice. Look at the 4th picture (symbol + number) hidden behind the fireplace.
8. Go back twice and click on the big vase. Remove it and get a stick from the mouse hole.
9. Go back and turn left. Look into the fireplace. It’s to dark.
10. Go back and zoom the wardrobe. Use a stick to open it. Take a black T-shit.
11. Zoom the glass-case. Click on the knob on the left hand side of it and open the glass door. Take a right glass with a jelly.
12. Go back twice and turn left. Zoom the high cabinet and open it. Take a pot with a tree.
13. Go back and open the middle cabinet. Zoom it. Find a red stone (under the mug or in the left drawer).
14. Go back and look at the 5th picture (symbol + number) hidden behind the cupboard.
15. Go back twice and look at the bottom cabinet. There is another lock and you must find the way to press two buttons in the same time.
16. Go back twice and click on the left. Use a stick to get a fan.
17. Go back three times. Click on the table Remove the left chair. Look under the table. There are three holes. Turn around an outlet and connect it to the socket.


18. Look at a fan and connect it to the outlet.
19. Go back. Zoom a fan and press the button. Note a letter.
20. Go back three times and find a hole on the floor between the tables Put a red stone to the stick and put a stick to the hole.
21. Go back twice and zoom a stick once again. Click on it and that click a red stone.
22. Go to the fireplace and take a statue of clay. Look at it – it’s dirty.
23. Go back and turn right. Go to the table and put a statue into the candle holder. Look at statue and note a letter.
24. Go back and take a statue back.
25. Take a stick.
26. Go to the door and use a stick on it.
27. Go to cellar and turn left. Take a second stone from the left of the stair.
28. Go back and go to the waterfall. Wash a statue in the water. Look at it and find a scheme of chamber.
29. Go to the glass-case. Put a statue into the support on the shelf.
30. Go back and find the sunglasses on the cupboard.
31. Go to the double door and click the window. Use the sunglasses on the water. Note the symbols. Turn the symbols to the numbers and get 5-digital code.
32. Go to the big picture and set a code. Pull the picture down and look at the board. Use the letters to find right point. Click on it.
33. Go to the place indicate on the board and find a hiding-place in floor. Get a model of the house.
34. Get new order of symbols (sunglasses on the window) and new numbers (5 small pictures). Set a code on the lock in the model of the house and get a third stone.
35. Go to the cellar and put the stones into the holes in the round pedestal and a pot in the center of it.
36. Leave the cellar and go back. Take a branch from the bigger tree. Look at it and note a sap.
37. Go to the pillar (next to the fireplace) and put a sap from the branch on the pillar. Open the window.
38. Go around. Look at the flower on the table. Check the pillar. When the beetle will appear, take it.
39. Look at the beetle and click on it a few times. Use it on the lock in the cabinet.
40. Go to the safe behind the big vase. Take a spoon.
41. Go to a fan and turn it around.
42. Go back and click the chair twice. Use a spoon on the glass with a jelly.
43. Go to the cellar and find a flower.
44. Leave the cellar and go back. Take a nut. Find a key in the nut.
45. Go to the double door and use a key. Go outside.

To Be Continued ...

Sittnsolo, to get a fan use a stick. And it's behind the cabinet not on the table.

Gorka, The cabinet where the key is or where the jelly glasses are?

I found it!

the left cabinet, behind bottom part

I'm looking for the glasses, I put the cleaned statue in its holder, but I dont see any glasses appearing! Help!

Look on the top of left cupboard.

I need some help. I am not able to zoom in on anything. The only way I've tried clicking on an object and bringing it into view or right clicking and zoom in. Neither is working. Any suggestions?

Gorka, I turned the fan around backed up clicked the chair twice, a sunset comes up so i clicked the jelly glass with the spoon and it says I dont feel like eating yet?

Chprice zoom = click on it to be closer

Sittnsolo have you got T-shirt?

Yes Gorka I got the tshirt

I'm finished! Yeaaaaa

Thanks Gorka, I've tried that and the only thing in the room that it zooms in on is the cabinet and the picture that needs the code. Nothing else will zoom.

I really want to play this game, but i am waiting and waiting... There are very much different doors at the page, is that right??
How long did it took for you before you could play the game?

Chprice, you can zoom in on 5 small pictures, big picture, all cabinets, ... I used an improper word. Sorry for this.

where the heck is the game? i have clicked on everything there is to click on. i get a black screen, but there is nothing loading. i don't know if it is the right screen. can someone please help me? i have a feeling the post that have now been removed might have been the ones that would have helped.why remove them?

I was waiting 3,5 hour for loading this game - there is very, very, very heavy site traffic and it may run slow for you. The only way is beeing patient. :)

I know what you mean jusridinround. I have tried at various times to-day to get game on but after i ckick for english i get a box with red line not quite full :(

The game start loading when near this red line is 0% When you have only red line you must to refresh.
(sorry for my english). I hope that you understand :)

       Anonymous  8/20/07, 7:32 AM  

In Firefox, link takes me to a black screen that just says "※WindowsVistaをお使いの場合はゲームができない場合がございます", so I figured I need to use Explorer, but Explorer takes me to a black screen with more text but no game.

Gorka, thanks. I knew what you meant. That is what I did. I think maybe the game just didn't work for me. I will try again and hopefully it will work. You've been most helpful.

can I get a hint as to how you push both buttons at the same time? I have tried using everything that I have found but I am not having any luck.

Km77, you need the beetle to do this. You will get it almost at the end.

I could use help with the glasses. The cleaned statue is in place, I have two letters and the 5 #s. I can't find a way to look at the top of the cupboard, and all of the doors are empty. Thanks.

Nevermind, I kept placing and removing the statue until I could click above the cupboard.

I have same probs as chprice I can't zoom in on pic near fireplace or big jar I just keep hearing the knocking sound you get when you can't zoom on an item

Yet another game I think I am missing something on because I can't find the game......I don't know any other languages so navigating is not easy.....some1 plz help :)

can anybody tell me where the Flower is? I have looked all over the cellar and cant find it. Please help. Thank you.

The flower will appear on the tree.

I can't seem to click on anything in the map of the house. I've clicked the square that the two letters cross in a thousand times and nothing happens. I can't find a spot in the floor for the model of the house either!

Can anyone tell me exactly where I can find the fan? I'm having a difficult time locating it.

I clicked the grid where Y and H meet and nothing happened and the spot on the floor won't open (although I can see that it's a bit darker than the rest of the floor.) Help!

i'm stuck on the hole in the floor as well. i clicked where the x and the y meet and got a glowing red dot. when i went to the well i can not find the hole in the floor. there are two places in the other room that are darker than the rest, but they won't move either. please help i have only been trying to play this game for three days....haha

I'm stuck at this one: "34. Get new order of symbols (sunglasses on the window) and new numbers (5 small pictures). Set a code on the lock in the model of the house and get a third stone." I put in the numbers in the new order, but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

funky, can you tell me where the hole in the floor is?

Funky, did you check new numbers?

Jusridinround, it's hard to say. I had one on the left side of the fireplace and one on the left side of the big sphere.

Dog gone it! I have the well in my diagram. and I’ve clicked every where in the basement. Haven’t cut this game off all day for fear I can not get it back. Now I’m stuck. Does anyone have any clues? I truly would appreciate it!

well duh I now understand that it is a grid and the well is just to show you the perimeter. thanks gor for your help. it was greatly appreciated!!!

Gorka, I am stuck on #36. "Leave the cellar and go back. Take a branch from the bigger tree. Look at it and note a sap."

I have clicked all over the (gooseberry) tree on the table (next to the candle), even at different zoom levels, and i don't get any branch! Am I doing something wrong??

Mpopky, take a branch from the tree in the hole in the cellar.
The tree needs time to grow up, so you must leave the cellar and go back.

I found it, thanks Gorka!!

I'm done! Thanks again Gorka!!

You're welcome :)

gorka: No, I didn't get that part. Thanks!

My goodness I am about bald from pulling my grey hair out!!!!
Think I have 3 or four blonde hairs left that have not turned grey from this game..grrrr
Can someone please tell me where the hole in the floor is?????
I sure would appreciate it...`

I can't find the flower. I know it's supposed to appear on the plant, but I've walked around the room a lot, gone in and out of the cellar, etc. and it still hasn't appeared. I'm checking both the plant in the cellar and the gooseberry plant. Am I missing something?


Are you talking about the hole in the floor for the stick or the hole in the floor where the model house is hidden?

OK, I didn't have to look at a flower to make the beetle appear (my flower didn't bloom until later).

I'm out, thanks for a great walkthrough, gorka!

Hi Mercy,
Thenk you for responding....
the hole where the house is hidden pleaseeeeeee?
And THANK YOU so much

Grammyapples, did you mark a red point on the board (the map of the house) under the picture?

Yes I did and a red dot id=s blinking under a P but guess I don't understand quite what it means as I have been in cellar and upstairs clicking floor all over like crazy and nothing,,,,(duh me)

The board is the map of the room. There are four circles in the corners - the pillars, big circle on the right side - well in the cellar and red dot - secret place in on the floor. If you have red dot on the right hand side, search close to the wall with door to the cellar. If you have it on the left hand side, go to the fireplace and search on the left side of it.

Thank you very much Gorka.
Still clicking but think I will continue in the morning.
Thanks again.

I'm stuck on #23: Put the statue in the candle holder. I clicked all over the place but nothing happened.

Did you put it in the candle holder on the table near the plant?

Thank you Gorka, without you there are things I would have never found they were so well hidden!

i can't put the statue in the candle holder, should i clean the statue? then how? help, plz

Thx Redroobar, but I'm sure you could did this by yourself. I know you :)

Jin, you can put it without cleaning. Just try to do this.

I used the Tshirt to clean it, not sure if that worked...

Hi Gorka, you are awake!..it took until today to open up this game and was well worth it, though it got a bit weird and not logical towards the end...

Haha.. I have night shift with my work. Too much work and no time to sleep :)

thanks gorka and redroobar,
i couldn't put the statue in the holder without cleaning and i couldn't clean the statue with the T-shirt,
maybe i have to play the escape games more :)
now i opened the door and cleaned in the water.
again i'm stuck, i can't find sunglasses,

Yes...they are hard to find..top right corner of the tall cabinet..you 'zoom' a couple of times...and you can wash the statue in the water

JiN, I'm sure, I put the statue in the holder without cleaning :) Clear statue is necessary for the sunglasses. Look at it carefully.

Oh yes I remember, you find them after you place the statue on the pedastal

Where was your hiding-place in the floor ? I'm curious how many places are there in the game.

i got the sunglass !
thanks gorka and redroobar:)

oh my, what is sunglass...
sunglasses, actually....
how poor my english is.....:(

finally i'm out
thanks for every help here..!

You are very welcome and good to speak to you, at least you are on the same time zone (poor Gorka is early morning)...and I am going to remove my comments, as they arent relevant to the game....

ok, i have to remove my comments too..:)

I had to clean the statue with water first before i could place it in the holder...

Jaap, you're right. Now I can't too. Maybe they changed something. When I was playing, I could put the statue in both holders without cleaning.

Hi, can anyone tell me where to get the red stone? i have clicked everywhere im supposed to and i still cant find it!

Kira, did you check the middle part of the cabinet (all mugs and left drawer) ?

Hey gorka
Yeah i checked under all the mugs on the lower shelf in the cabinet, the ones on the higher shelf dont move. Neither of the drawers will open. I have clicked everywhere on them!

Kira, try to open the left drawer in view with opened door of the middle cabinet.

Just tried that but it keeps zooming out...

Do it in that view, when you can move the mugs.

Did it! Fantastic! It was driving me insane! lol Thanks!!!!

For me, the fan definately has a letter P on it, the statue defiantely has the letter H, yet on the map board i have no red dot, and yes i have clicked on the intersection of the two letter (which happens to be somewhere near the front double doors and nowhere near the two previously mentioned spots). Any idea what i am doing wrong?

never mind worked it out, you need to pick up the statue from the shelf and place it in the candle holder on the table to get the second letter.

Gorka!!! some help please!!!! I cant get the statue on the candle holder!!! the candle holder is on the table with the gooseberries right? help me!!!!

can somebody tell me how to clean the statue??? with the tshirt? how???

Finally washed the statue with water.... :D.... Now i can't find the sunglasses... It's supposed to be at the highest compartment of the tallest cabinet right?

Did you then put the statue on the pedastal before looking for the sunglasses....

Thanks redroobar.... I'm out now... Challenging game. Wouldn't have get through this without Gorka's walkthrough and you guys' help! Wonder when the sequel will be out!!!

1 correction to Gorka's Walkthrough: you HAVE TO wash down the statue before using on the candle holder. I've clicked the candle holder pixel by pixel using the dirty statue, but nothing happened /except my finger... :)/.

So the correct sequence:
... 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 23, 24, 29 ...

Have fun! :)

I cannot find the fan. I've looked and looked and feel like I am blind. Any help??

Never mind I found it, finally.

Thx ZsoLa. When I was writing this walkthrough, it wasn't necessary to wash the statue before putting it in the holders. But I checked this yesterday and something changed.

I am finally able to play the game. Yippee...

please help me find the fan!!

its ok i got it :-/

i can't find the statue at the fireplace.

where is the water to wash the statue with?

In the cellar.

ok i cant find the sunglasses. how and where do i click to find them?

its ok. dont worry. i found them

ok all done now. im out. so whats next? it does say to be continued....

I can't open the house. I got all the new numbers for the code, got the new code and entered it into the little house... but nothing happens. Do I need to do something to the house?

There is a stone in this small house.

All you have to do is setting new code with new numbers.

Where do you find the statue? Is it hidden or obvious?

I am at the intersecting squares and have found the hidden spot in the room, but cannot get anything out of it. What am I doing wrong? It is darker than the rest of the floor. UHHHHH!!!

Cowboy, the statue is in the fireplace. You have to shine a beam in it by putting the red stone in the stick and putting it in the hole on the floor between the two tables (You will not see the hole until you put the stone in the stick). Then you must click the stone to cause the beam to light the fireplace.

How do I go down in the cellar??? Is it there where I shouldclean the statue??? Please HELP!!!!

Hmm Managed to open the cellar door. I`ve put the statue in the holder but now I cant get it back????

Go one step back.

Thank you! I´´ve managed to do it just after I asked.. ;)
Now I have BIG, BIG problems finding the sunglasses? Can u help?

Are they IN the cupboard (in that case wich side?) or on top?

Cant believe it! I just did it... SORRY folks! ;)

Look at the clean statue and find a scheme of chamber. Put the statue into the holder on the shelf (over the glass-case. Go one step back and look up at the cupboard for the sunglasses.

Gorka you said:
39. Look at the beetle and click on it a few times. Use it on the lock in the cabinet.
What cabinet do u meen?

Right bottom part of the cabinet with two drawers

Thanx! One last thing...Where do I find the nut?

On the same tree, where the flower was.

THANK YOU GORKA! Both for the walkthrough and your private help!!!

I`M OUT! ;)

You're welcome :)

please could someone help me find the fan????

There is a fan in the left hand side of the bottom cabinet. Use a stick to get it.

gorka ive looked in there and its completely empty. I've tried clicking all over. I've got the jelly stick t shirt stone outlet and tree. Is there something else i should have before I can see the fan

Sandi, there isn't in the cabinet, it's at the back. Click on the left of the bottom part of cabinet to get there.

cheers Gorka I found it

       Anonymous  9/1/07, 2:33 PM  

Gorka plz help, I don't know how to use the map with the letters. I've located the place on the map with the letters but couldn't find it on the room, it's under the double door, the right side. What should I do.

Well.. have you got a red dot on the map? Can you show me the screen form this map?

       Anonymous  9/1/07, 4:35 PM  

here is the map Gorka...and no red dot :(

       Anonymous  9/2/07, 3:27 PM  

Gorka, I'm still on the same game waiting...can u help me plz

Sorry, I did't see your post.
Click on the square on intersection of your letters.

What letters have you got?

It's so late. I'll be here tomorow. I hope you will finish this game.

       Anonymous  9/2/07, 4:58 PM  

letters are H and Y, no matter what I press nothing is happening. Does it have to do anything with the position of the stick or the tiny red ball? or does it have to do anything with the statue and the map on the back? Many thanks for your help Gorka...I will check for your post tomorrow:)

Did you put the statue on the pedastal?

       Anonymous  9/3/07, 4:23 AM  

Yes, redroobar. I put the statue on the pedastal, and I can't take it back. The letter H appeared on the statue.

Hi Missright :)
I played it once again. I had two stones in the holes in the round pedestal in the cellar and a statue in the candle holder, when I marked a red dot on the map. I had w T-shirt too in my item.

Now I had no T-shirt, a statue in the holder on the glass-case and a flower pot in my item. I could mark a red dot too.
I have no idea, why you can't mark a red dot. Try the game once again in the new window.

       Anonymous  9/3/07, 8:31 AM  

Hi Gorka, and thank you for responding. I'll try now and let you know.

       Anonymous  9/3/07, 9:09 AM  

Gorka, I have loaded a new game and the map is still the same: no red dot! what browser are you using? I'm using Internet explorer

There is no red dot on the map, you must to mark it. I usually use Internet Explorer but this game I'm playing on FF. On IE I had a black screen.

Hi. I can`t find the water to wash the statue in and the celler door, someone please help me :)

Never mind, didn`t know I could take the stick back, now I am trying ti wash the statye:)

I can`t get the picture of the wall, I used the code acording to the symbols. Please help me:)

Angie, pull the picture down.

I can`t pull the picture *grrr*

Never mind:) I got it:) had one number wrong:)

I`m out:) Thanks gorka:)Any other fun games like this you can point me in the right way to ? :)) I`ve played some of them allready.

       Anonymous  9/5/07, 9:51 AM  

Hi Gorka, at last I figured out how to mark the red dot :) I know that I have annoyed u the last few days... anyway, How can I take the sap out of the branch? and where to put it?

I cannot clean the statue. i can't get it into the candle holder please helpo halppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help meeeeeeeeeeeee

missright: I just put the hole branch to the big brown log thing one the left side of the window you must open to let the beetle in.

yanet: You must take the statue down to the celler and clean it in the water on the right side of the "founten"

Hope this helps.
Sorry for my english:)

Thx Angie. I was very busy, but I can see that I have good replacement :)

       Anonymous  9/6/07, 6:09 PM  

Many thanks Angie and Gorka, you've been both very helpful...the thing now is i couldn't find any flower in the celler! Please help

Missright, if you did every thing and you ate a jelly, you must wait a minute. After that go to the cellar and look at a flower on the tree.

Hi, im a escaperoom fan, im tryingg to push that two butons at once, and I clik on red ball on stick but nothing happen,


for the house code,revisit the 5 pics and then put on the sunglasses to get the order.fantastic game. couldn't do it without your help

notice to where the statue is pointing to when placed on stand...up to the sunglasses;)

i need help!!! i dont know wut to do with the statue!


Go to the celler and wash it at the running water on the right of the round pedestal

just starting..but i think there isnt any one here with me...

       Anonymous  7/28/09, 3:13 PM  

Fun game, but I am not sure it's working properly. For example, I've entered the five-digit code under the picture, it says UNLOCKED, so it should be working properly, but there seems to be no way of pulling the picture down: I've been clicking all over it and around it for ages now, and nothing happens. Also, I haven't found the way to press both buttons at the same time. It doesn't matter any way, because of the picture (being unable to pull it off the wall) I am forced to abandon the game... (:

Which is the way to the cellar? where's the door located at to use the stick?

@Margarita, the door to the cellar is the one to the left of the big window with two blue tables in front (there are only two doors in the room and it is NOT the one where you can see t-shirts hanging). Click on the handle using the stick to open it.

Thanks Ellie :)

and now im still stuck on finding the flower

@Margarita, to find the flower you need to eat the jelly first and then it is on the tree in the cellar. But you need to do lots of other things before you can eat the jelly. I'm not sure of what you've done so far. Try to have a look at the walkthrough, or I'll come back later to check how you're doing (maybe not until tomorrow).
Did you put all of the three stones in the cellar and got the branch from the tree? Did you catch the beetle and get the spoon?

So far I did what I can especially putting the sap on the pillar. I dont know what to do with the jelly then.

@Margarita, did you catch the beetle on the sap?
First you need to open the small window to the right of the sap pillar.
Walk around for a while and the bug will be there (you might need to look at the flower on the table- not sure).

Take the beetle and use it in the lower cupboard next to the cupboard where you found the jelly. The beetle will press the button to open another locker/safe that is behind the big vase.
You'll get a spoon from this safe to use on the jelly. (but you need to turn the fan on the floor around before eating, and be zoomed on the right view in the window, clicking the chair by the fan twice will take you there).

I looked everywhere and still no flower

Margarita, there will not be a flower in the cellar until you eat the jelly. The flower I said you might need to look at to catch the beetle, is the plant on the table.

Did you catch the beetle? Do you have the spoon? Did you eat the jelly?

I give up sorry
probably because my internet's not working properly...

now that was a long one & a toughie, too
(it's easy to miss a spot in these)

thx Gotmail for all your phat creations ☺
(only bummer, you don't produce them anymore...)

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