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Escape Green Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] Escape Green Room is another point and click escape the room game from 2keysGames, who is also creator of Escape Magenta Room, Escape Pink Room and Escape Library games. You are now locked in a green room and you have to search there to collect items and use them on right places for escaping the room. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape Green Room Walkthrough

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Is there someone who plays the game.


I have a myriad of things, but know not what to do with any of it. I would rather the things hard to find than nine million things and don't use any of them. I used the scissors to open the green tean and get a wooden block. I could have like 7 of them, but keep putting them back.

yes, i am. think the trick will be knowing what to use/keep in inventory.

you don't have to pick up all the objects.

there is a key under the carpet.

with these key you can open the lock and you can put the brown blocks on ıt. sorry for my english

You can get some dynamite from the history book. Find dagger from picture and put in cover of book.

hellooo. am I THE ONLY ONE,

What lock?

Nope. I'm here, but I can't figure anything out. I don;t know what to keep or put back. Anyone have a walkthrough yet?

there is a place on the ceiling . I opened it with the blue key.


How did you open the door? I can only see through the keyhole.

OMFG help me wat i got the key but wat llock are u talkin about T.T

i find a puzzle in the cabinet on the 5th shelf. but i cant solve it.

you can use the scissors to fall down the picture. yhe lock is under it.

ebru, thanks.

Great, more blocks I have no space to hold.

Yeah, they fell out but now where have they gone???

Don't forget, the note said we have to put everything back before leaving, by the way.

There is also a puzzle on the right of the bookcase that is difficult.

is anyone playing? anyone here? where is the place on the ceiling

Hope I haven't ruined it by breaking pot plants :-)

which picture are u talkin about ebru

I broke the pot plants too..
If you go to the screen where the record player is, you'll see a tiny spec on the ceiling. keep clicking it to find where the key goes.

I put the boxes in it. I have 2 boxes left.

oh nvm about the pic i found out buh it has silver medal things wat do i do noww

the picture is behind the gramaphone

Looks like you can move book case on rails...any one managed to do it?

damm i cant find the spec on the cielingg =_-

I can flip the switch on the bookshelf but nothing happens

oh thankss i found out buh the key dosnt go in it

       Anonymous  9/6/07, 2:26 PM  

Does anyone know where the two boxes are that fell out of the ceiling? Also, how do you turn all the lights off on the puzzle on the bookcase?

The second block that fell from the ceiling is on the left side of the filing cabinets and there is also 2 dollars you can reach with thte crowbar.

The first is to the right of the couch

how do u get the key to open the thing on the cieling?

where are you?

this is hard

Moved chair away from bookcase with crow bar. But still doesn't move.

I m not sure but it must be under the carpet

On the book shelf there is a blue book which explains some new language. I am guessing we have to spell some words with the blocks by turning them to say something in this new language.

How do you find the puzzle on the bookcase??

I have nine block. Is this right so far?

there are two seats near the desk. I moved it to the left. and ı opened the grate with the lever.

omg when you click on the key hole where you can see outside there is a lady walking...wait a while and youll see her


Third shelf down to the left of the shelf. Click it and you will see a square of lights.

ı have 17 blocks

switch moves bookshelf when you solve to puzzle and turn all lights on.

how do u get the block thats on the green spinny chair

where do you put the blocks?

ebu, was that 17 as in after 16?? Are you making the blocks? How do you have so many, or more importantly, why do I have so few??

ıs there anyone solved the puzzle


Just keep spinning the chair and then click it as it turns around. It takes timing.

Thanks...those puzzles drive me crazy...random clicking time!

aww thanks viper <33...ill try

yes ı have to find only one block.

I GOt the stupid box finally and my name is koala...lol koala is an animal XD

turn the gramaphone several times. there is one block in it.

under the gramaphone you can open the cover with the screw driver. there are two blocks and a gray key.

ther is a glass ball on the shelf. I broke it with the hammer and ı got one block

ebru, do you remember where you found them all. I have
1 - plant
2- ceiling
1- tea box
1 - spinning chair
1- right of couch
1 - in desk
1- behind desk
1- behind fax paper

there is also one under the blue hat on the shelf

1 is under the cap..if u keep clicking you will get one...WHERE DA HELL DO U PUT THE STUPID BOXESSSSSSSSSSSSS

i need help with the green light buttin thingy please help cuz i deperateley need it. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you mean in the gramaphone itself or the table it was on?

Where do you put the blocks down? I have 9 in my inventory, but I don't have any more room to pick up any others.

there must be a block left of the gray drawer too.

ı mean it self. you take the two parts of the gramaphone than you take the boxes and the key.

can someone give advice on how to beat the light challenge part?

i don#t know how to open the grammaphone. help me, please.

Above the gramaphone is a picture. Cut it down with the scissors. There is a cabinet behind the picture. Open it, and the blocks go inside.

theresa you dont have to pick up all the items.

can someone just answer me

imid move the gramaphone several times. take the first part. than take the second part. there is one block in the first part. and there are two at the second part which can be open with screw driver

answer me

thank you ebru

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chase which light do you mean?

Where are the blocks in/behind the desk? I have 16 blocks but I need 2 more and I'm not sure where I found the ones I have...

not at all

nevermind i completed that part and moved the shelf im almost done. i have all the boxes. and i meant the puzzle that is on the shelves (if you click the left corner of the third shelf u can get it to the puzzle)

ı m still looking for the last block. can anyone solve the green puzzle.

i did

@ebru: did you find the block in the magic ball?

sorry chase my english is not enough. can you tell me the puzzle's secret. ı couldn't find it.

Hey im playing this game right now...

in order to move the book case you have to finish the green puzzle thing...you have to get all of the stupid green lights to light up before that switch will work. but then there is a door behind it that i dont get...

As for the two boxes that fell out of the ceiling, one is beside the gray dresser thing...and the other is behing the bottle in the room to the left.

you put the boxes in the safe behing the picture behind the music thing...then you can go get more items...but thats all i have right now

imid if you mean the glasss ball ı did

yes i need to find a code and then i beat the game

Every time I try to pick up the key under the carpet..It makes a farty noise..

a box is also, if you look on the top shelf of the book case you will find a magnifing glass and a magic ball...collect the magic ball then break it with the hammer and there is one in there

to beat the green thing just keeping clicking everywhere randomly lol it helps.

Nevermind.. i'm retarded.. Inventory is full..

Ant tips on the green light puzzle?? Am stuck there.

Anyone know where all the blocks are?

put the blocks to the safe and inventory will be empty

dark lady how did you light up all the green lights.

oh and also in the bottom of the megaphone is the key that opens the door behind the bookcase...

but the room is dark with little electrical surges

Ebru...to be honest i just kept clicking around...

i had NO idea and i managed by PURE luck to figure it out, but that is the only way the book shelf will move

Same for me. Just got lucky

I don't know if anyone posted this one yet..

1 cube is under the hat on the 4th shelf from the top. You have to click like hat a few times for it to fall out.

has anyone found all those freakin boxes...i cant and its driving me nuts

UGH THE STUPID puzzle is drivin me crazy and still havent found all the boxes

can someone help me. ı still couldn't find the last block.

*sigh* this is by far the hardest game i've yet played...

I LOVE IT, but its driving me nuts at the same time...

im missing i think 4 boxes...and i've look everywhere (well obviously now if im missing some)

stupid gameee rawr..needa do homework soon -_______-

ı'm bored and sleepy.

Has anyone got a pattern for the green lights?

sameee -__- chace are u done yet? and viper did u make the list of where the boxes are

Me too!! Hand is getting sore eyes glazed! Must be some logic to it.

it's too late ı have to go bed. maybe next time we can solve another game. thank you, all......

awww kk ya so true imm gonee..bye ebru and byee everyone <33333333333333333333333

its only 4:40 where i live so ill see if i cant figure more out and make a walk through...

night all, thanks for talking to me and helping me out

hey, is someone here?
i know there must be something in the bucket, but i don't know how to get it. can you help me?

I think i'm done up until the green light game. i'm stuck. anyone figure it out?

i wish i knew how to get into the bucket...

as for the green light game, youll find a pattern on how the lights turn on and off, then you just puts around till you figure it out...

have either of you guys found ALL the boxes yet

the password to blocks is hind in book with esperanto
(sorry formy english)

Have got 16 and still stuck on green puzzle!!!

HERA...tell me where all the 16 boxes are...


make the gren thing have the top row and the right row blank and the rest grren then click the top right corner.

1 on the left side of couch
1 in spinny chair at desk
2 in the roof
-one on the left side of the cabinits
-one behind bottle on the right side of couch
3 in mega phone
-one in the horn (shake it alot)
-two in little box beneath the horn(use screw driver to get them and then use the blue key to unlock it, you also gain a silver key)
1 under blue ball cap
1 in the glass ball
1 inside the tea box...
and i have another one, but i dont know where the rest are????


Koal, I made a list of 9 but I have found 5 more due to the huints. They are
1 - plant on sill
1 - under one of the two plants
2- ceiling
1- tea box
1 - spinning chair
1- right of couch
1 - in desk
1- behind desk
1- behind fax paper
1 - in magic ball on shelf
2 - in recorder
1 - under blue hat

in flowers on the window - youmust dropit on the floor

Can only remember 13..
2 in gramaphone
2 in ceiling, they drop, find one behind bottle one behind grey cabinet
1 in cap on book shelf
1 in globe on bookshelf
1 in broken plants
1 under plant
1 in fax paper
1 in desk
1 in tea...use scissors
1 on swivel chair
1 in grate...need to move stool to reach then use crowbar...or screwdriver.
Any others...am still missing 2.

that light game is like a crazy game of othello

her you found two more. You should only be missing one if you look at the 30 other lists of blocks

I got all the lights, but one. Do I get a prize for that. Maybe the shelf only opens half way? No?

well then where in the world is the one that NO one can seem to find...

Thanks Viper..missed one left of couch...now need one more and to solve that blimmen puzzle!

out of room (the keyhole ih door) - you see woman - she drop paper - use paper and glue - take block

i'm missing one stupid block and i search everywhere. but i solve the puzzle. i don't know how, but i'm trying to find a patern for the puzzle.

YAY megipoland!

Except my woman is not dropping paper???

here here hera

I think you have to hit her with the megaphone

how many times does she have to walk by before she drops the paper

Find a page with numbers and set the names of the numbers on the blocks.
Mine was: 664299.

I think you are the one yelling and it gets louder with the megaphone. But I have no idea what to do after that.

Got her to drop something but how to pick it up??

k she dropped her purse and soemthing fell out but i couldnt get it and then she walked off again. im confused

After ... use a camera and take the papers.

Megaphone makes her drop the papers. Flash her with the camera, then pick up the papers and glue them together to makethe last block.

AH now that makes sense...i finally got it, now what to do from here???

Remember the number and set it in the safe behind the bookcase.

numbers??? from where, in the booklet thing...

Take a book of esperanto and open on the page with numbers.

I am STILL stuck on green light puzzle........
thanks for help on last block.

i'm dying here. i have 17 blocks
1 in tea box
2 in flower pot
3 by couch
4 under plant
5 in speaker
6 in hat
7 in crystal ball
8/9 ceiling (drop to floor)
10 in desk
11 behind fax paper
12 beside desk
13/14 in vent
15/16 in gramaphone
17 on spinning chair

where the HECK is the last cube? i've been at this for ages!!!

okay...i have that book and that page but all i have is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 100, 1000...

i think im missing a sequence of numbers here somewhere...

I also don't seem to have any numbers other than 0-10, 100, etc. in my esperanto book.

K look out the key hole...wait for a bit and a lady will walk across, now you need two things to make this work...

the horn from the megaphone and the camera...

at first you hit/yell at her with the megaphone...she will drop her purse and soemthing will fall out of it...you need to imediatly flash the camera at her in order to get the paper...

if you manage at that, get the glue...next to the ball cap and glue the paper together... and La voila...there is the LAST BOX

Darklady, you must to find your sequence of numbers by turning the blocks and set the words like: ses, kvar, nau,..
And this number you'll need to the safe.

ok. now i opened the safe. but i don't know what to do with the hydraulic jack

darklady, I solved it by writing down all the esperanto numbers and then just figuring out which ones would possibly work with the blocks that I have. there was only one feasible option with the letters i was given. numbers are spelled out left to right, top to bottom. i hope you can use this "solution" as well.

Use hydraulic jack on the bookcase and get the ladder.

Can anyone give me a tip for green light puzzle??????????????????????
Got code and everything else thanks.

Hera, I think there is no hint for this. :(

yes. i do that. and i put the ledder in the left corner of the dark room. but how can i open the "door" (i dont know how this is called in englisch) to get out. i try the crowbar and the screwdriver and the hammer but it dont work

Use a lighter and a triton block from the history book (opened with a teeny sword from the picture).

thank you everybody. i'm out

here is a list of where all the blocks are located at. 1. Left side of couch
2. tea bag box
3. on floor after knocking 3 plants down
4. in door of desk
5. behind fax paper
6. beside left desk leg
7. in loudspeaker
8. in record player
9. in record player
10. in grate
11. in grate
12 in ceiling, one falls behind bottle beside couch
13 other falls beside filing cabinet
14. Glue cards from woman to make another block
15 under hat
16. in crystal ball
17 behind planter
18. block on chair beside desk

I have all the blocks put in the safe now I am stuck trying to figure out the number code for the blocks

       Anonymous  9/6/07, 5:28 PM  

I want to thank everyone for the help. Still can't get the green puzzle. Maybe tomorrow.

It's easy. You have only a few possibilities: nul / nau, kvar / kvin, ses / sep and unu, du, tri, ok.

got the light to come on just had to keep going back to the book and looking at the number page.kathleen the green button puzzle is more of a trial and error puzzle where you just click different ones till you get it. I got it by getting all of them green except the ones going from the bottom left corner to the top right corner then I started to click them and they all came on but it is more a trial and error you just have to keep trying till you get it.

Whoo hooo finally out. The only thing that was really hard for me was just trying to get those green lights on by randomly hitting buttons till they were all on

you can find the solution for the light thing here......


just enter all the lights that arent lit and hit set and solve.

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dude, you are the man, thank you thank you.

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The green lights by AliceInDlbrtlnd:

"Look at your starting lights and note all the positions that are off. Then click on all of those off positions, whether or not they are off at the moment. If that doesn't work, do the same thing again -- note all the ones that are currently off, etc. This has worked for me every time in 1 to 2 iterations."

Been away and came back....and beat the green puzzle...well with help :-)
Thanks, am out!!

HERE IS A WALKTHROUGH I tried to do the spoilers but it did not work for me SO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS THEN PLEASE DO NOT READ IT YOU WERE WARNED first check under seat cover and take the scissors form under the right seat cover then go one room to the right and use the scissors on the picture on the wall to reveal a safe and if you have noticed there are alot of boxs with letters on them so we might as well start getting them to put in the safe behind the picture that you just cut down. The 1 box in the the green tea box open it with the scissors then click the top to open it after you get the box return the green box to where you got it. box 2 is to the left of the couch click the floor right under the coffee table but also beside the couch in the corner the 3 box is in the potted plants just keep clicking them till they fall and break open then you will get another box. turn to the right and pick up the right flower pot and click on box number 4 box number 5 is in the gramaphone speaker click it several times till it falls off then look at it and click the center of it till it turns over and it falls out and do not put the speaker back you will need it later and while you're here you can throw those boxs in the safe to make more room in your inventory. Now click on the bottom right file cabinet and take the hammer crowbar and screwdriver and you can return the scissors back to where you got them from. now turn right again and click on the 2 shelf from the top on the left hand side and take the crystal ball and look at it and hit it with the hammer to get box number 6 and after that you can return the crystal ball after you clicked on the box to get it otherwise when you close the screen out you will have to do it again. now click along the same side but now in the fourth one from the top and you will see a hat and a bottle of glue grab the glue and pick up the hat and click on it till box number 7 falls out now click on the left top corner of the multi colored throw rug to find a key sometimes you might have to zoom in to see it better and now that we have the key lets turn back left to where the gramaphone is if you look up towards the ceiling just above the safe you can see a little half square click it to find a trap door now use your newly found key to open it and watch the two boxs fall out and you will have to hunt them down and find out where they went so first turn right and look at the wine bottle and click on box number 8 and box number 9 is along the wall by the left side of the file cabinet now go ahead and throw those in the safe and then pick up the bottom part of the gramaphone and use the screwdriver on the gold plate till one side falls and a key hole appears now use the same key that you used on the spot above the safe in the key hole on the gramaphone and the side will open revealing boxs number 10 and 11 and a key now you can put the gramaphone bottom back where it came from and return the hammer and screwdriver. now turn right twice and click on the big desk door on the right side and get fax paper a camera and box number 12 now look at the fax paper and click the center one to knock it over and get box number 13 and the bottom left drawer has a lighter to take and box number 14 to take from the left side of the desk between the square opening in the desk leg. now you can click the left stool to the left till it wont move anymore and then use the crowbar to pop it open and click on the opening to get boxs 15 and 16 and if you click on the chair by the desk it will spin around revealing box number 17 you have to just keep clicking while it is spinning around and time it right to get this one and now if you have been looking around everywher for the last box and you can't find the box it is because it is not in the room it is outside so now you have to click and go to the left once and click on the key hole of the door and remember when I told you to hold on to the gramaphone speaker it is because you will be using it here after awhile a lady will walk by and when she gets to the middle use the gramaphone speaker on her to startle her and make her drop her bag and you have to be quick here or she will pick it up again quickly use the camara on her to blind her then click on her bag to get a few brown cards use the glue one the brown cards to make box number 18 which thankfully is the last one that you need to find and now you can return the gramaphone speaker glue and crowbar to thier spots now look at the shelf and you will see a single blue red book on the 2 to last shelf pick it up because you will need it now go back to the safe and click on it to open it again now place the rest of the boxs in there now open the book that you have and look through then go back to the page that talks about esperanto numbers and look at the last letters for the numbers now look at the letters in the safe the numbers go in pairs of three so all you have to do is start at the last letter of each pair of letters and click on them till you have seen all of the letters on the box but do not click to fast or the same letter will just keep popping up and after you have seen all of the letter for that box bring up your book and look for a three letter word with one of the letters then click the other two to see if it will make the word and this is the 2 time that I am going through this and it seems that the letters change spots every game and after you have done it right the light in the top right corner will light up and turn red now we need to find what this did so we need to get out of this view and return the gramaphone speaker and crowbar now turn right once and click picture by the door and you will see a 2 knights and a troll click on the trolls sword to take it now leave and pick up the green and red book on the fourth shelf from the top it is the one standing staight up and down on the right hand side and now that you have picked up the book go ahead and look at it to see a sword eblem on the cover take the sword that you got from the troll and put it on the sword emblem on the book to open it and get triton block which is another word for alot of dynamite now click on the left hand side of the shelfs third one down from the top to find a board with green lights the object of this puzzle is to get all of the lights green and this puzzle will be the most annoying puzzle to do you might be able to do it a scientific way but I did it by trial and error and once you get it after some cussing and hair pulling and maybe even some computer tossing they will be all green now you can click on the lever on the right side of the shelf first shelf from the top to move the shelf over reveaing a door with a lightning bolt on it now you can use the key that you found in the side of the gramaphone to open the door on the other side of the door is a safe and a spot that you can not reach so lets do the safe first and if you were smart the numbers you got for putting the letter right you wrote them down in order from left to right because now you need them to open the safe and you need 6 numbers so if you didn't write them down go back and do it you will also need the book too so that you can see what each one stands for so go ahead and put in the numbers that you got and open the safe and get a hydralic jack now leave the room and use the jack on right bottom corner of the book shelf to raise it off the ground and pick up the ladder now go back into the room that you left and put the ladder by the brown door at the back left hand side now click on the door to get close to it and place your dynamite on it the light it with your lighter and wait for it to blow up and click on the door again and your free at last WHOO HOO

Is the walkthrough written by Roger from Lazylaces?
If I'm right, you should tell us about that.

THANK YOU AliceInDlbrtlnd posted by Gorka, The green light sequence worked after HOURS......of playing. THANK YOU!!!

CHECK LIST FOR BOXES...for a quick peek

1.green tea box
2.left of couch
3.potted plants
(get key from mat as you will need it)
4.leafy plants
5.gramaphone horn
6/7.gramaphone box (2 & key)
8/9.ceiling hatch (2) drop to side filing cabinet & behind bottle
10/11. shelves crystal ball & hat
12/13. desk cupboard & fax rolls
14. beside desk
15. desk chair
16/17. ventilation grill (move stools left)
18. lady through the keyhole

I've been clicking those stupid green lights for an hour and now I no longer care about this game.

hi, i know this is silly with all the walkthrough.

But how do I ''put the ladder by the brown door at the back left hand side''.
There's only one brown door, right? the one near the bookshelf?

GREEN LIGHTS - bit more info draw a grid diagram 4x4 and mark the boxes where the light is OFF (grey). Click only those lights shown on the diagram boxes from top to bottom ignoring any changes to the lights.
Draw a new grid diagram and note the OFF lights again on the boxes and again click only those from top to bottom.
You may need to draw another diagram to complete
with thanks to AliceInDlbrtlnd
You can do this anytime your patience has got the best of you

That got me....it is at the back in the 'safe' room....

Thanks redroobar!!


The link for the help with that *(&$#(*&$# green puzzle is coming up server busy for me and I have been trying for more time I put into a WHOLE game because I basically for the first time found most of the boxes without help. I give up. I can't get the dang on lights to come on I get so far as to get all but 2 then I nothing. OH well so close but so far.

how do i get the numbers for the safe
i cant get the words right!

Check first block. What letter have you got: N, K, S, U, D, T or O? Try guess the first word. It's one of this: nul / nau, kvar / kvin, ses / sep and unu, du, tri, ok. Chcek second and third blocks.

For anyone else who may have been confused about the ladder. Go into the dark room (the one with the safe) and put the ladder in the back on the left side (on top of crate). Then place the dynomite on top, light with lighter and boom your out.

Help I have come so far but cannot get the boxes from the chair have moved the left on to as far as it will go then used the crowbar on it but nothing is happening?

I don't know how to get the top left corner block.. i believe I'm missing the one "under the plants?" not the broken plants though.. how do I get that one??

okay nvm... I guess I was missing a different one, I didn't remember getting the one by the large plants

Just in case someone is stuck on the safe letter part here is what you do:

Open the esperanto book and go to the page about the numbers. It will say zero\nul one\unu two\du etc.

You have to be able to flip every letter in the safe to spell out the words regardless of the amount of letters in the word. In the walkthrough posted the author states the words are in pairs of three which is incorrect.

Here is what my safe looked like, it should be pretty self explanatory after you see it:


Notice how Kvar(four) wrapped around from one line to the other and how the middle line actually contains 3 words (part of 4, complete 3, complete 2). Also notice how the number 3 is used twice.

This then becomes the combo for the safe so again for me it was 143830.

Hopefully this clears it up for anyone still having problems with it.

And again just in case it wasnt completely clear. The book is just used to give you the esperanto names for the numbers. Write them down on a piece of paper so you dont have to keep juggling back and forth from the book.

ANY of those words might possibly be used, you have to figure it out depending on what letter blocks you get. Just make sure the entire grid is spelling out those words. When you get it right the box in the upper right corner will turn on.

For the green lights I recommend you a hint by AliceInDlbrtlnd (posted above). It takes you 1-2 minutes. :)

LooooooL Gorka!

I just did that and completed the puzzle in literally 10 seconds ahahaha.

People Ignore my last post and do what he said.

Note all the off positions, make a grid on paper or whatever if you cant memorize them. Click all of those positions. Now make another grid and mark the second batch of off positions and repeat. I just did this in 2 tries heh.

Good job to the person who initially figured this out!

Annnd for my last post (i promise) concerning the light trick. It will work no matter what if you click all the off lights 2 times in a row.

Randomly click all over the board.
Note all the off lights, click them.
Note the next batch of off lights, click them.
Finished :p

how do i get into the room behind the bookshelf

also how do i get the blocks out of the gramaphone thing?

Thaaaannnkk you Metro! I worked on this green light puzzle for over an hour last night.I got cranky and turned it off.Today, I did just what you said in your last post (click 2 times in a row)I had it in 15 seconds and went on to finish game.Good game

Np Vbranam:

Please note i did NOT figure that out, i just clarified a bit (if that was even necessary it was explained fine). If anything my post just backs up the initial one.

This was a very well done escape, one of the best so far. Try Tucoga's room 2, that one is fun as well.

reddc i did the same thing. it is not the stool you use the crow bar on, but the vent above

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thanks for your help jusridinround that's great.

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