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[REPLAY] -Escape- is a kind of room escape game from Godlimations, who is the maker of Trapped and Pursuit. Escape are also now a mix of co-ordination. Dialla and its assassinated friend Mickey sit now together locked up in an cell and it is to you get her. Like always this has been very looked after and does not seem also these this way complete easy become. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Escape Walkthrough
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completely stuck, got the bible, the watch, one coin, mickey carnet, the cover of the toilet, the shampoo and the blanket

Put the coin in the sink and then the towek over the drain.

towek = towel

look in the Bible also

Got a nail and the guy in the other cell has a tap handle, but cant work out what he wants...

Think expensive

I'm out. Great game

Got the sink handle....

I'm stuck in the storage room. What do I do now that I have the lamp in the hole? I tried using the photo but nothing's happening.

I can NOT find the nail that is supposed to be behind her bed.

put the nail in the wall above the lamp. use the toilet seat to knock the nail in more. Then put the photo on.

I'm out. Really good game. Pretty crazy. There's a whole other room escape after you beat the big guy.


Screw it. I got shot to death at the end and reaaalllly don't enjoy that sort of thing in my escape games.

got 2 chips yellow and blue in 2ns room stuck on all codes

Need help. I can't put the towel over the drain and also have problems with putting the nail into the wall.

You have to talk to the guy, give him the watch for the handle, clog the sink with the coin, turn on the sink and then put the towel over the drain.

The nail is for the next room.

Red chip on floor.

Use the room color hint. You know what color you are in now (room 3). Only two possibilities.

9260 is the code for the safe. You get it by clicking the link if you only have the blue and yellow chips in.

I think I'm missing something. I'm trying to ask te guard about the missing handle, but all I'm saying is that the toilets are very clean... Can anybody help me?

oops, I've been asking the wrong guy... got the sink handle now

ivAllways loose in competition with the guard. Why does this bit** need so long time to recharge the gun?!

Am I being stupid here..but the chamber code...last must be pink and 1st and 2nd either blue or green right. Its not working!

where did you found the yellow chip?

help i have the blu and red chips but cant do anything else!!

i cant get the toilet seat off please help :(

i have done it, im out

laura the yellow chip is behind the clock and you have to put the chips into the the chamber near the safe

use the penny on the screw on the toilet seat to get it off

I cannot find the blue chip at ALL..any help??

This game gets so far loading then stops it happened on the last game they bought out as well

i keep dying trying during the shoot out. the bombs things suck. how do you stop them?

You cant stop them but you can hide in the right hand corner as soon as so you see the "can" rolling on the floor.

that doesn't make any sense...you can die in the fight with the big dude even though you've supposedly taken immorgamsics

Help cant work out how you give watch to other prisoner

Am I the only one that thinks the voice acting in this game is AWFUL?

Um............ The code for the Chamber thing isn't working.

The colors are Green, Blue, then Pink, right?

Ok... I just sat there and tried every possible combination and NONE of them worked.

Nevermind... It would probably help to have the key lol...

Help cant work out how you give watch to other prisoner

how do you updated mickeys card so you can get into storage room?

yeah finished great game

alguien entiende español? gracias

how to get the tap handle

oh god the ending is actually....weird. I didn't understand it!!! at least not all...where the heck did mickey come from?? oh well anyways it's a great game!!
btw. erika yo si hablo español ¿necesitas ayuda?


WHERE is the nail?!?!

how can i get the blue chip????
i really can´t find a way to get to the ceiling

i have the bible that i.d card the one coin the toilet seat nail anjd shampoo i did the whole coin in sink and towel over drain thing but i am completly stuck HELP


-First, turn on the light by pulling the string on the left.
-Push up his (Mickey's) right sleeve and take watch
-Open his jacket and take the bible. Open the bible and take the key card.
-Turn and lift pillow. Take two coins.
-Green mat is found hanging under the bed.
-Nail is found behind the bed. To get it, view the bed up close (not from the side.) Click on the middle of the bed, close to the left side. You should see the nail.
-Get the toilet seat but using the gold coin to unscrew it.
-Go to the sink and click on where the knob would have been. (This is important for the next step.)
-When facing the bars, you can faintly see a man (Jason) in the next cell. Click on him an talk to him. After a chat, you will see your inventory at the bottom of the screen, plus a sink handle. Click on it to ask him about it. He will want you to trade something. Click on the green arrow to exit the conversation. Then, click on the watch and click on Jason's head. He will give it to you.
-Put the handle on the sink. Turn the water on.
-Put the silver coin in the drain.
-Wait until the water overflows, then put the green mat over the drain on the floor.
-Face the bars, pull the string on the right to get the gaurd to come over.
-He will fall. Click on his hip and take the knife, gun, and key.
-Use the key to get out.

-Go into Jason's cell. He will attack you. Use the knife to get him off you.
-Go back into his cell. Take the lamp.
- Use the key card on the renewal thing on the wall.

-Go into the storage room.
-Take the picture frame.
-There's a spot on the left wall (kind of green-ish) that if you click on it, it will crack open.
-In the small hole above the hole in the wall, put the nail there.
-Use the toilet seat as a hammer.
-Put the lamp inside and turn it on.
-Hang the picture there
-Turn to the right twice.
-There will be a little yellow dot on the wall. Click it. Take the papers.

-You are now confronted by Merik.
-Every seven shots, you will reload. There is no reload button, you have to wait.
-You can hide from him and avoid his flash bombs by moving your mouse to the right and hiding behind the wall.
-Headshots do more damage

-You are now in the office.
-Blue chip is on the ceiling, Red on the floor, Yellow behind the clock. (You may have to click on the clock several times.)
-Key found over the storage room door.
-In the bottom corner, you will see a key-lock and three colors. Select in the following order: Green, blue, Pink.
-Use the key to open.
-Put the chips in the slots according to color.
-Go to the ventalation grate. Open it. Take the key
-Go back to the blue, red and yellow chips. Remove the red one.
-Go back to the ventalation grate. It should be green now. Click on the link inside to get the code to the safe.
-The code is 9260

-Enjoy the ending.

OMG..I can't believe I actually killed this guy at the end the third try around...Usually with Godlimitation games if they have shooting involved which most do..I'm at for like an hour...lol..

i need help i am in the office and i cant go into the storage room what do i do

i got the key now so what do i do

How did u fucking get to guess the code? 9260??? what does it mean?

That was so gay!

The voices where terrible, a random shooting bit in the middle where you can die even thoug you're immortal, the shitty storry line, the gameplay with mirochips that didn't make sense. He locked her up with a way to escape? The other prisoner somehow got her hair? What a stupid gay game...

ok, got to say, I didn't like it.
Shooting once in a while, why not.
But for my taste it's a bit too much on the bloody side.

I kinda liked it to the point where you get attacked by the other prisoner.

*note to me: not a game for me*

I cant get the blue chip. Hou can i get it from the ceiling?

how do you get the nail i cant see it on the wall.

never mind i got it but where is the lock and colors i dont see them

they changed the code and the link doesnt work what now?

Tnx wild card girl! ive finished the game beacause of your instruction in the last part! for me thats the very hard stage of the game!
the game is not easy! but i think you finished it
without any trouble! hahahaha! am i right!
once again thank you!:)

dang it, I cant kill the guy with the gun

That was as horrible, ugly, and ingnorant as Zdecent who likes to use derogatory language.

hey where can i found the blue chip?_

you never use the fuc**** shampoo ¬¬



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