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September 2, 2007

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Five Beast Pagoda Walkthrough

Five Beast Pagoda

5 Beast Pagoda Walkthrough5 Beast Pagoda is another Japanese point and click type room escape game from creators of Dream Electricity - Piano game. Five Beast Pagoda is seem to be the continuation work Kaguya. In this game, you have to search around to find some items with clues and do some actions in order to figure out the game. There might be a language barrier if you don't know Japanese. Good luck and have fun!

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I like this game, I have lot of strenght things, the dolls are clue,I think

What about the annoying bug....have got to the back of the wardrobe to the garden. The drawers have heads and I got a silver tube....wish I could read Japanese

okay...i've got a hammer Oo not sure what to do with it

Where did you find the hammer?

after i put out the lights with that silver thing from the drawer..i went to the next screen and clicked the silver slit then a hammer appears

I got the lid off the light stand near the dolls

yeah im in this place with lights screen's way too dark i can't see anything i'm doing. i went through the double doors with the..cliffs on them

Used it with the frog to put out the light in the garden

think I something from the garden

Oh no gone to another game

yeah now im in another room....and im stuck on a wall with lotsa screaming ppl

Is that what they are!!!

lol just a guess >< not quite sure...but they scare me

Keep clicking, got out....back to room

oh wait!!! they look like those 'see no evil, 'speak no evil, 'hear no evil' thingos

Got to go.....dinner needs cooking...keep the hints coming...thanks for the help..this is a strange one

okay looks like you have to find the odd ones half covered eyes or whatever and when u get three lit up the wall breaks
click the wall to get a claw game...after crushing the hammer use the knob to control the claw and pick up the sword

wah..i can't read japanese....

ugh i can't figure out what to do with the clock..and the man... T___T

I'm stuck at the old man and the clock too. I wish I could speak Japanese. I noticed the writing next to the old bloke says something about Mac and Win. Anyone know what to do?

has anyone figured out how to make the hook grab the sword?

you have to move the hock ahead and behind. My english is very bad. Do you understand me?

CAZOOB all i done for the clock was put in the time ie. 1345 not as 13:45 and it went to another scene

I'm stuck. I see a sea, some plants and a number in the top rigth corner. I don't know what to do.

yes i do thks, but how do you do that? i've tried to push that square thing without success.

In the scene with the butterflies, what to do with the planks?

dedette you must put the hammer in the machine of the room and it squash the hammer. then you put it in the square

what about the planks in the room of the bug???I'm stuck, help!!!

oops i didn't see that machine, i went straight to the hook game.thks felfel.

cant get the sword. the hook is always to far away from the sword,but i cant get it more in the front because it always stops on a spceial point

It's time to have lunch. then i'll return

butterflies always in the way are making me dizzy, i'll take a break for now, will continue later.


aaaaaaarggh - I can see the key behind the big butterfly cant get it - those planks arrange them to look like steps they go lighter shade when in the right place - but am stuck again.

I can't find the hammer. Ouch.

which screen has the "silver slit" where the hammer is? i cannot find it.

any1 figure out what you do with steps once they are in position? I tried going to big butterfly after they are in correct place but when you go back you have to do steps again. This game is driving me insane arrrgh :(

The hammer is in a crack in the wall.
I can´t see the key behind the butterfly.I tried to made a stairs with the planks but nothing. :(

felfel when stairs are in correct position they light up. Start with the bottom one first.

sometimes the planks can go half way out, maybe they we can make them fall out??? i cant see any key here, is it behind the spider?

the key is on the other screen behind big butterfly

I am supposed to be plastering my walls so I think i had better go and get it done:) Maybe when I check back some1 will have worked out what to do with planks. Good luck.

thnx chrissy

You have to drag the red sphere on the blue butterfly at the wall.

Zazie thank you sooooo much :) Now I can get on with my plastering.

You are welcome, chrissy :-)
If you need some more help just ask ....i am already out.

thank zazie

I'm stuck again. I'm in the scene with the moon anda two stars. what to do?

I'm out!!!thanks to all

felfel, you have to drag your couloured spheres on the 4 little grey stars (two on each side of the big planet)just try which coulours are fitting....

got the same prob as "german":
-cant get the sword. the hook is always to far away from the sword,but i cant get it more in the front because it always stops on a spceial point-
Anybody has an idea?

sioux, you must move the claw backward

I am too blond today. What am I supposed to do in the "room" at the sea with the moving plants and fog?

Move the crab thing backwards as far as you can, then move it forward to the screen but step by step (go down - nothing, move a bit more forward, go down again and so on...i did it about 4 or 5 times..)then it should work.

thx felfel ! wouldn´t get it by myself, me fool :)

OMG got it. Lol.

stuck again!
I put in the time as "bucky4me2" wrote above, but nothing happened...
could anyone explain, please?

sioux you have to put in your current time without ":" (the time on your computer)

Am out,thks to u all for yur help.

zazie, I did it in that way (1720,1721 etc.) but nothing...

Strange :-(
I did it like that and it worked at the first try, i have no idea what to do, sorry.

got it ! pushed enter instead of that little arrow 8-)
thx, zazie, for response :)

Hi guys, I seem to be stuck at the start, after using the silver bullet with the light. Can't find any hammer.. Help!

sandra, there is a small (nearly invisible) slit in the wall (in the next window), just click on it....

sandra take the dish in which was the candle and use it in the frog.Then go to the garden (open the doors) and get the light off with the dish.

sorry, i've clicked everywhere and still...if i click on the slit i go to the next window, but no items there either..

never mind, found it! cheers

Me stuck in "sea" room with old man & clock. i try input the exact time display but nothing happen. Try the hint 1345, also doesn't work...any1 have any idea??

mel, as sioux already mentionned, maybe you should push the enter button instead of the little arrow....

i did, but ain't working for me...

and did you put your CURRENT PC time ?

Yes, did that too. (T0T) come it doesn't work for me???

Lift off, yeah!
Nice game.

Put in computer time without : or dot and hit enter, should work..

i read the previous guides, key in my current PC time, without ":", press enter instead of the the arrow key, still it's not working for me??!! What else did i miss?? (T.T)

mel did you take the key at the right side first ?

Yes, i use it on the stair case, that's how i got the old man to there another key??

no, i don´t think so...i really have no idea why you cannot enter your time ...sorry :-(

Thanks Zazie, may b it'a a bug or something, gotta switch off for the day now. Will try again tomorrow. Prayerfully there's more hints by then & some1 able to solve this. T~T

My clock would not enter either on Windows using Firefox browser, either clicking or hitting return key. I tries it in IE and it worked for me.

If you remember your password you entered earlier, you may be able to jump straight to that level without replaying. But even if you have to replay the only hard part is the silly claw game.


No matter what time of day I play this game, it won't let me past the part where I have to input the time. I've tried it in every form, putting the most tries on military time. Right now my PC says it's 1:06PM so I enter 0106 and then press enter on my keyboard but no luck. Tried clicking the arrow next to the entry but no luck. I'm using IE as my browser but no luck.

It's a shame because I like this game for it's artistry and would have liked to see the last two levels. Can someone list the password to start on level 4?

Yap! Yap! Agree. Same here. Thought of giving up on this game after couple of trial, still can't access the clock.

It'll be nice if some1 can give us the password for level 4. Pretty pleeeeeease??? ;p

To enter the time, remove "0". If it's 15:05PM, 155 is the answer.Then click the arrow next to it.

Here's the story behind the game.

You (the bug) are a messenger from the moon and is serving Kaguya, the princess of the moon.

You saw her entering the pagoda and follows her.

But her aim is to destroy her mother moon and you must stop it.

There are two endings but the one you save the moon is the happy ending.

Hint for the happy ending:

Wait until the man in white finishes his speech and take eyeball creature (he's also in service of the moon but captured by the white man) with you. Place him in the middle.


Level 1-
Click on the thin crack on the wall , collect the hammer
go left, zoom in the 3 dolls, click on their faces to fall off, then open the drawer on the left-bottom you will find the white cap, collect it. Use the white cap to extinguish the flame, after that, collect the silver bowl
go left, zoom in the frog, use the bowl with the blue part on frog’s head
go right, “drag” all of the doors to open, click on the dark, solve the puzzle, go straight ahead and you will find yourself in the garden
use the bowl (with water) on the dragon’s fire, collect the blue ball in the cabinet, go back to the room with dragon’s shadow on the wall, click on it, give him the blue balls…save game (end of Level 1)

Level 2 …
Go right, sharpen hammer with the running machine until it bacame a round one.
Go right twice, click on the wall with 3 monkeys, you will face a lot of monkey pictures, click on every pics until it let you pass (found 3 correct pics) .
Go to the hole on the wall, use sharpened hammer on the black circle on your left and use it as the control stick (joystick) — “drag” it left-right-front-back until the machanic arm is in the sword position and push down botton, the machanic arm will grasp the sword for you).
Go right, back to the first screen, use sword with dim (blur) statue, collect the red ball. Zoom in the bird shadow, use red ball on it, save game (end of Level 2).

Level 3…
Go right, collect the key,go right again, use the key on key hole, go right , click on the moving lights, listen to the old man (I can’t understan him too-don’t worry)
Go back to the clock screen, enter the time it show (same as your computer’s time .e.g. 23:44 enter 2344
You will find yourself flying over the water, trying not to touch on the vines until the time is run out (you can stay under the screen all those times-trick), collect the green ball, save game (end of Level 3)

Level 4…
Go right, use the red ball on a big butterfly on the wall, collect the key
Go right twice, use the key on the key hole (upper drawer), open drawer and get the purple liquid, use it with Big-Eye monster
Go left, click on the lowest step until it is in the correct position (change color to light brown) - click on the 2-3-4-5 steps to stay in the right position
Click on the Big-Eye monster, he will climb up (very cute) to destroy the spider, collect the silver ball
Go left, zoom in tiger shadow, use silver ball on cat, save game (end of Level 4)

Level 5…
Go left (move your mouse to the left of the big moon), use blue ball on the bigger spot and the green ball on the small one
Move to the right of the moon, use silver ball with big spot and use red ball on the small spot
Move back to the moon, click on the rabbit, he will make the door for you, face with a woman, click next, click the Fuji moutain, collect yellow ball
Put all the balls in the holes, the pagoda will fly to the moon –The End

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