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Hoshi Saga 2 Walkthrough

Hoshi Saga 2

Hoshi Saga 2 WalkthroughHoshi Saga 2 is second part of Hoshi Saga that is really funny addicting point-and-click puzzle game. "Hoshi Saga" means "Search a Star" in Japanese. Point and click every places to find stars. Good luck and have fun!

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very clever game and lots of fun managed two finish most of them

       Anonymous  9/16/07, 6:35 PM  

Need some help with a few levels: 40, 47, 50, & 53. Any hints would be appreciated.

PLEASE HELP WITH #5!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Kathleen, I need help on the same ones you do. Can you help me with 49, 55 and 61?

       Anonymous  9/16/07, 7:21 PM  

Sorry, Tara, I can't remember how to do 49 and haven't been able to do 61. On 55, pull box as high as possible and drop. Repeat until star shows.

on level 61 u have to clic in the man's nose untill several hairs come out from the nose, then u clic on the hairs n' that's it

in 49. the second u enter try not to move the mouse. U 'll see a ball falling from above. It's a bomb. Just clic on it n' it will explode revealing the star.

In 43 u see some rectangles hangin' form the wall: They are bags. u have to clic on them and keep clikin' them n' move htem with the mouse. When they are upside down u will see something fallin'.

U do the same thing with all the bags untill a star falls.

And that's it :)

Katheen hope this will help

for 47

glasses numbered 1-8 play the rim to make a sound to play twinkle twinkle little star.



for 50 left click on the box and hold bring it all the way up to the top as far as you can go and then let go

Has anyone figured out 40 and 61? Any help would be appreciated. If you need any help with the other levels I may be able to help.

no 61 drag square from top right onto screen. It's an overview with angles Turn each wedge it makes a point of a star. take the overview put is over the top on center on the x put the top wedge up center tip on the overview top line. the next wedge will go on the line 2 to the right and 3 wedge line up with 2 line to the left 4th wedge line up to the 4th line on the overview to the right and last the 5th wedge line up to the left 4th line should all fall down into a star

I hope this helps it hard to explain

thanks! got 50, 55 and 61... melkorn, what level is the guy with the nose hair? it's not 61 for me...

DONE YA !!!! that was fun :)

       Anonymous  9/16/07, 10:10 PM  

40 you just move the cursor up and down really fast a lot.

       Anonymous  9/16/07, 10:25 PM  

47 sucks >:|

in this order (for 47):
its the music of twinkle twinkle little star

1 1 5 5 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1
5 5 4 4 3 3 2
5 5 4 4 3 3 2
1 1 5 5 6 6 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1

dont understand how to solve 61.. i putted the wedges in the order:
first one(starting from the top) goes up, second one points right up, third one points left up, 4th one points right down and 5th one points left down...
but nothing happens??

German - go clockwise

german - first one points up, second one points right, 3rd points down right, 4th points down left, and 5th points right

47 won't work for me for some reason... are you supposed to be able to hear sounds?

Tara - hold down left click and drag your mouse across the top of the glasses.

I play a little on a few instruments so this was easy for me but you can see previous post from atvcountry for solution

Disappointed by last one :-(

I was all geared up for something difficult but it's not even a puzzle! :-)

Realy cool game :D

I cant get 40 help please

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  9/17/07, 9:29 AM  

How do you do 50 and 65?


look behind the moon


drag open the fan

This comment has been removed by the author.

URGENTLY HELP WITH 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please im going crazy :'(

I mean, with 40 xD

on 40 hold the mouse button and move the curser on the skirts. The skirts will fly up. That one was hard for mr lol

65 isn't the fan stage.its a white scene called WILL FIND A STAR.iv'e been stuck on it since yesterday lol

I need help with 65 too... And I still can't get 49... No matter how long I wait I don't see anything fall from the top. Is there any significance to the square?

Lily - thanks for the tip, I got it finally!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Tara's solution for puzzle 61 is good, but (duh stupid me), the last point goes left. Can't have two points going right on a star! Hope that helps someone.

Tara, to finish 49, you must first play 43 & find the bomb, once you drop the bomb from 1 of the pocket, go to 49, you should see the bomb there. ;>

       Anonymous  9/17/07, 6:43 PM  

Any tips on how to do 68? For 65, type I will find a star.

thanx for the help on 65.now i'm stuck on 52.any ideas ?

52=> click on the white thingy & shake the thorn off.

68=> turn the square until it form a star. Suggest u get the top correct first. ;>

mel, you're awsome! thanks :)

you're welcome. ;>

ok first walk through ive done so please go easy on me

36. click on a "fire work" for the star
37. Click on the gray dot wait till the arms extend all the way then let go
38.click on a girl when she looks at boy click on other girl then when they are both looking at him click on him.
39. run mouse over people they form a star
40. hold right click and move mouse up and down on girls skirts one by one. be patient
41 click on lines till you find the star. near middle more to the left on top
42. get a pic of the shooting star
43tip the boxes till the star falls out. (also get the bomb you will need it later)
44.click on shape and roll it out till it becomes the star
45.pull out cork
46 hold right move mouse up and down as fast as you can
47.play twinkle twinkle little star
48.pull 1/2 star to left side its a mirror
49.bomb will fall from sky and then click on it to explode it
50.star is behind the moon
51.click and hold on screws till they fall out
52.grab and shake it till the"burs" fall off
53.pull to the left and it will show a side ways star
54.catch the falling parts in the order to make the star
55. pick up box and drop it from as high as you can
56.pull the 3 lines to form the star
57. shoot in a circle to reveal the star
58.drop ball in the 3rd from the left row
59.shoot star a few times but dont let it fall
60.open the fan
61pull down gray circle in top left circle. Use it to line up the star points clock wise
62. turn parts a dark gray near middle to the left
63. light up stars to make lines to make star. Cant tell you the order just make one then wait and pay attention
64.type IWILLFINDASTAR then click on it
63.slowly pull in glowing arrow and it will pull out the star
64. click on his nose the run mouse over the hair
65.you will need to rotate the squares too show star when you get on in the correct spot move mouse over 1 or two to finish. (this one is hard to explain but its easy if you try)
69. It changes but all I can say is memorize
70. pay attention to the moving parts but let it rotate. All i can say is PAY ATTENTION
71. Not worth the pain to see the final lavel

Sorry its not the best but its what I can do

I'm curious - it seems we don't all have the same numbers

Level 70

very EASY

Right click move without any problem...

Left Click....


can't do 61. have moved the points clockwise. what do you do with the grid you pull down from the top left corner?

NM! Finally got it.

How do you reset this game, I want to play again?

I don't understand... In 49 any ball falls down... I've been there several minutes waiting and nothing happens

i read what to do with 40 but i've tried and tried and still can't get it...any help?

i hate 47 too

when does the bomb fall in 49th? I'm waiting here for a couple of minutes by now...

And now i can't do 61 either...

Level 61 http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/8681/gwiazdapw7.png

AHAAA! I got the 49th tutorial from elsewhere:
Go back to the level 43 which is above the 49 and poor the buckets (or whatever) to find a bomb from there. It falls through the 43rd floor and comes down 49th ceiling, click on it :D

how do you do number 5? btw 61 right here!!!!!!! >>> http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/8681/gwiazdapw7.png

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I need help on #64.

auxilio alguien por favor me puede decir como se hace la numero 26 en la 2 parte por favor

i just won the game! :O

Stage 40, the skirt one, all you have to do is left click on the skirt on the right (hold the left click) and move the mouse up and down, the skirt will blow up and her knickers will have stars on then, enjoy (:

need help on the one you have to connect the stars and make a bigger one please its on hoshi saga 2

lol... finished. its rather easier den hoshi saga 1 tho... hahaha


Stage 63

Click on the stars within these circles in d following order. shud b rite. i got it already.

Big circle on right,
big circle on left,
smallest circle,
circle on left
then the last circle.

Hope im nt too late. Hope it helps to those need help in this stage. :)

Ugh, I need to do 68, 64 & 61! They're so HARD! And for 47, I don't seem to hear the sound even though my volume is high and I play it in the right order but nothing seems to happen.

How do you do level 5? .___. Annoying the fack out of me.

How do you do level 5? .___. Annoying the fack out of me.

hey i'm stuck on level 70 can anyone help me it is the only one i cannot do and please can you do the info in details

to do level 5 you put all the circles in the top left hand corner of each other and you should find the star. sorry if that dosent help but it should

level 30 is givin me pins and needles i know how to do it but i just cant type it all up quick enough ahh so annoying

how do u do 5 man its hard abigail's thing doesn't make sense

hey ppl lvl 61 can u help me?

on the music glasses 1 i cant seem to get it to make any music

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