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Freaky Friday Walkthrough

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday HelpFreaky Friday is another escape the room type game, but with one difference that you can't use your mouse, to point and click, you must use arrow keys and space key. This game comes from YTV, who is also creator of excellent Jinx games. "That creepy old Mister Stitch has petnapped your beloved Sparky! Embark on a daring rescue mission through the house on the hill, probing deeper and deeper into the secret life of Mister Stitch... and discover his most unpleasant pasttime." Good luck and have fun!

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yay me. first post. now to try the game..hehe

LOL, on to the game

really cute little game but im pretty much stuck now with the pan, rabbits foot, and lucky coin..put the hot sauce in the cookies and the tuna junk in the jank in the box, used the two keys to open 2 new doors, and put the wax on the creaky stairs..hm....

i figure the bookcase/aquarium in the library must move out of the way by what little quasimodo says but not sure how yet

annnd theres a light coming from inside the stuffed bear apparently but i dont know how to tear it open..

am i the only one playing?

How did you booby-trap the jack-in-the-box?

I can't find anything or do anything. What am I doing wrong?

walk behind it and select the smelly caserole in ur inventory, then click p to use it, he puts it in the box..but apparently i need more smelly things..

vern are you walking with the arrow keys rather than the mouse? and using the H button to hide, the E button to examine, and the space button to search items?..

I thnk I'm really stuck, I have hot sauce, scary spice, barf bag and the tuna. But none of what I have is working anywhere. Any hints?

Yes- and I'm still not finding anything. I'm examining and when I push space all I get is a line. Give me a hint!

i restarted and things are hidden in different places now and ive found some completely new stuff like red spice instead of hot sauce and someones birth certificate..hm..

put the spices in the cookies

keep holding down the space bar til the bar fills up vern :)

I just did the same thing and found peppers in the suit of arms... key things seem to stay the same like the key and floor wax

yep..still not sure how to open bear or bookcase yet..

found a stitch ripper! bear here i come!

I didn't realize you had to hold the space bar down for a while. Duh!! I have some gold!!!

I just lucked out, in the library was a stitch ripper - so I'm headed to the bear next. Also, in the library to the right is the recipe for making cookies that will incude a coma... useful...

yay! secret passageway to laundryroom!

Don't step on cracks in secret workshop!

btw..you have to read the books before you mess with the cookies..

yeh dont do nething unlucky like walk under the ladder in the greenhouse or crack the mirror in the closet room

yay! old man in a coma! front door key back!

what secret workshop jasonby? ive found the laundry room and backyard/greenhouse, cant get into the wine cellar yet..

jasoby** sorry

oh, find encyclopedia, put it where the l-m one is missing on the bookcase..vwala secret workshop..

I'm out! That was cute.

im still workin on it..cant find my blasted pet..how did you open that yellow door in the secret workshop jasoby?

nvm got it..he has a pet whale!??? lmbo! thats cute..

I beleve key yellow door is in wine cellar

aww that was a cute little game!

thanks robi..im still kinda curious what litlle old man does if you stink him rather than send him into a coma..lol

ur welcome. I wonder too maybe faint?

He just passes out. I beat it both ways. The 2nd time I found half eaten meat and gave it to the dog to make it move. The first time I played I found his birth certificate and used it on the paper and then tried to use the pen but it says I had to erase the old one first.

Anyone able to erase the old one?

how do you open door in the secret lab?

oh nvm.

       Anonymous  10/8/07, 4:37 PM  

How do I even get into the room with the books?

find the fancy key. to the back door in the music room.

where is the secret passage?

anyone know how you get into the wine cellar?

if u want to see wat mr stitch does in his spare time just read his diarey in his room.

if u want to get good luck really fast just go out to the back yard and walk over by the pool and up in the corner theres a tree just go knock on it a few times and there u go instant good luck!

need help finding resipie for inducing coma cookies in the library does anyone know were it is in the library?

where's the cookies?

luchia21, the cookies is in the room w/ the dog & refrigerator. (note: don't hide in fridge! he can see you stuffed in!) i've been playing this game for such a long time now, & i always win. and i'd be glad to share you my secrets! ~_^ i experimented with both, he still collapses wether u use comma cookies or stinky-stinky-jack-box! ( i meant he would never wake up 'till you finish the game! cool, huh?) but now i forgot where to find the key to open the secret basement the garden where he keeps some old barrels or something.

....because in the barrel-room the key to the room where Sparky is is in there. Now i just don't know where to find it again....i forgot it! oh no! this should be my TERRIBLE fate! and....has anyone seen the liquid eraser to erase the horoscope?

but i still become scared of mister stitch even when hes dead because the clock stays red. get it? i'm scared because the clock stays red & it looks like he would still be able to wake up & catch me!

(i have to repeat it. sorry)

(...because in the barrel-room the key to the room where Sparky is is in there. Now i just don't know where to find it again....i forgot it! oh no! this should be my terrible fate! and....has anyone seen the liquid eraser to erase the horoscope?)

now where is that eraser?.............

first i'll tell you bad hiding spots. these are:

dog bowl
mr. stitch's spoon collection
behind the lamp (in the living room)
in the broken drums

now this time the good ones. these are:

kitchen cabinet
under sofas
in armor
clock (maybe. haven't tried yet)
xylophone kinda thing
under the study table
under the dining table
under the secret room table
in the dirt bag in the workshop
behind the tree in garden
in the doghouse in garden
in any of flowerpots (except 3rd one) in greenhouse
in the sink cabinet
behind the bath curtains
in the box kinda thing in the bedroom
in the laundry
in the washing machines
in the barrels.......

now that's all.......

now i have a question.....

how does he keep finding us even though we are far enough from him? maybe i should ask the creator of the game, Mr. Ryan Creighton.

on the other walkthrough on the internet, i found out that there are still 2 things i haven't found yet. it's the four-leafed clover & the eraser. now, how to make mr. stitch collapse:

1. read books in the library
2.collect hot sauce, peppers & red spice
collect barf bag, sulfur & stinky casserole
collect them all.
3.if you collected them all, (i highly reccomend it)
set them all in their proper places. (set stinks in j-box, & set spices in cookie jar.) i want you to do it for in case you are in the music room & you are doing something, it's already set, & mr. stitch comes, you would just hide & watch as he collapses! do you understand what i'm telling you? or if you are in the cookie room.....i mean kitchen sorry!.......you set it, mr. stitch comes, hide & watch if he can handle the spicy heat!

goodbye for now

now did all my answers help you & answer you're questions (er....i have some questions of my own!)

how do you put the stuff in the jack in the box?

I tried to read the books in the library, BUT, I don't know how to :$ HELP :]

um can someone please post a walk through thanx love ya

ok i need serious help i just got my pet sparky nnd now i just don't kno whut to do!!!

hey theres a glitch..... go to the jack in the box stand behind it where u scan it then move to the left look down then scan ull automaticly get the front door key out of no where

Walk through:

Search EVERYTHING. It'll be worth it in the end. (To search, walk up to an item, face it, and hold down the space bar until it's done searching.)
To use an item: Press "P"

1.) Search everything until you find the IVORY KEY.
2.) Use the ivory key to open the door in the main hallway (with the armor and clock)
3.) Search until you find the FLOOR WAX. Use the floor wax on the stairs.
4.) Search until you find the FANCY KEY. Use this key in the music room.
5.) Search until you find the STITCH RIPPER. While you're in the library, go up and read all the books, by pressing "E" - this will come in handy later.
6.) Use the stitch ripper on the stuffed bear in the room with all the stuffed animals.
7.) Search everything until you find an ENCYCLOPEDIA.
8.) Go back to the library, and place the encyclopedia inside the bookcase with only one book missing.
9.)While in the basement, you'll find a small KEY. That key opens the shed in the garden that's outside.
10.)Search the barrels inside the shed, and you'll find another KEY.
11.) That key will open the locked door in the basement from before.
12.) There will be a huge whale in there. Search it, and you've found Sparky.

Now, you can booby trap Mr. Stitch in more than one way, here's one example:
If you read the book in the library as previously instructed, you'll know how to booby trap the cookies. If you don't read the book - this won't work!
- Go to the cookie jar in the kitchen, and place PEPPERS, RED SPICE, and HOT SAUCE inside. Then go hide UNDER THE SINK and no where else (he'll find you) and just wait till he comes. He'll eat the cookies and go into a coma. When he does, then go up to him, search him, grab the key - and you WIN the game!

The clock is one of the good hiding spots, while the armor is bad.

       Anonymous  7/9/10, 2:15 PM  
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       Anonymous  12/8/16, 3:36 PM  

i know im prety stupid.

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