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Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Halloween Escape

Halloween Room Walkthrough[REPLAY] EG24 - Halloween Room Escape is another new point and click escape the room Hallowen themed game from EscapeGames24. In this game, you are locked in a halloween room and you have to escape there by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game while waiting for new games!

Play Halloween Room Escape

Halloween Room Escape Walkthrough
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First!! Can't wait until Holloween!!

I'm out. Super cute!! I love halloween.

I'm not getting there quite so fast, any one else playing?
Got 3 things for potion, can't unlock drawers.

And then it all came together :-)

Can't find the way to get one of the skeleton's bone, I got al the other things mut now I'm sutck... :(

@Hera: try to look under the table where the cauldron is. ;)


Can anyone tell me how to get to the spider?

ok, i have all incredience in the pott, but nothing...i think i need power ...enyone can help me!?

angelrider: first you must open the drawer

ok, i have found the powercord, im out :-)

where is the sckeleton bone?

yes can somebody help me how to get the SPIDER? it's the last ingredient I need. thanks!

put the green books one on top of the other,and then you can reach the bug

oh, i got it. heheh i feel so stupid now. I thought it has something to do with the broom. thanks Sorin =)

can you tell me how to get the bone?

Just click on the bone above the hand of the right arm (his left arm).

Where is the power cord?

get another rotten meat from the skeleton,and then put it in the hole next to the cauldron.a mouse will come out.

Omg, it was THAT easy with the mouse :p I'm just awoke :p

I'm out!!

Great game

i just need one item but i not sure what it is it looks like a plate with black dots

never mind

I need the same thing - plate with black dots - did you find it

put the books on top of each other and still cant reach the bug....HELP.... please

WALKTHROUGH (Although its easy)

1. Turn right - Pickaxe
2. Click the 2 red spots on the skelton (Rotten Meat)
3. Give 1 meat to bat (bat crap)
4. Turn right (Straw by pumpkin)...Put the straw in the jack-o-lantern to light it
5. Turn right (light candle with Straw...NOTE that the straw disapears after each lit candle...repeat for all 3)
6. put meat in rat hole, take plug and put in wall
7. Look under table (Hammer)
8. Click on rose by the grave (Rose Petal)
9. Use Pickaxe on grave (gravedust)
10. Right...Use hammer on skull (key)
11. open draws and get (eyeball, 3 books and a note)
12. Stack books under spider to get spider
13. Right (grab left arm bone, above hand)
14. Click on cauldren and drop all ingedients in...and then the spell...bye bye

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9. Gur yrnirf ner hfryrff.

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31. Fgnpx obbxf haqre fcvqre, teno fcvqre.

38. Cynpr nyy vaterqvragf vagb gur cbg naq guebj fcryy va nsgre.

Cbbs lbh\'er n tubfg!

Unccl Unyybjrra!

i put everything in the pot... Now what?

Plate with black dust is really bat crap!

Feed the bat the other piece of rotting meat from the skeleton and he'll take a dump! LOL...

Oh I get it.... I WON!!!

Fairly logical, first one in awhile @

walkthrough said grab left arm bone actually it's the right arm bone

pretty easy, but it was fun =]

How do you put the stuff in the pot?

Reddc--it IS the left arm bone! put yourself in the skeleton's 'shoes', then reach for ur left arm...it's the left one...right from our point of view, but it's the skeleton's left arm

Man that was hard but i just beat it so heres what you do.

(1) Go to the table with the pot on it and click under it then take the hammer.

(2) use the hammer to crack the skulls head open (the one by the dresser) there is a key inside take the key and open the dresser.

(3) find the eyeball and some books and a spell.

(4) go to the room with the spider stack the books under the web and get the spider.

Go to the skeleton hanging by a rope and take his left arm off and then take a patch of meat off his arm and feed it to the bat so it craps.

(6) pick the crap up and then take another peace off meat off the skeliton.

(7) go to the recipe book room and take a piece of straw and light it bye the fire inside the pumpkin and take it to the pot room and light the candles(repeat two more times.)

(8) Take the raw piece of meat and put it at the mouse whole in the wall in the pot room then the mouse will give you the power cord so plug it into the outlit.

(9) Find the pick axe and go to the room with a grave stone use the axe to chip some dust off the grave also there is a black rose take a petal off of it.

(10) now take all your ingredients and put it in the pot. ingredients: bat crap,skeliton arm,eyeball,rose petal,spider,and spell

please tell me if i missed antrhing

you have 2 add the spell to the potion 2!

You have to click on the pot so that the screen changes to show the pot from the top. Then you can add the items.

did it all

i cannot pick up straw, pleeeese help

       Anonymous  10/19/08, 12:27 PM  

anyone playing?

how do you open the cubard?!

i can't get the skeleton's arm off! help!

cute little game

This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/21/09, 10:12 AM  

blackb1111 you missed so much

how do you get out of the room with the painting in it?

cute game :)

nice game..=)

hi everyone :) happy new year :D

I watched 30 seconds of advertisement - just to no be able to play the game.. well done.

To help with the straw: You most likely picked it up already and it is in your inventory but very, very hard to see. Therefore hover slowly over your empty inventory space and look what is says where the text appears. When it says "straw" drag it over to the pumpkin and light it on the fire. This way you will be able to see the burning straw in your inventory and can light the candles.

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