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Heist 2 - Greed is Hell Walkthrough

Heist 2 - Greed is Hell

Heist 2 WalkthroughHeist II - Greed is Hell is sequel of Heist 1 - A Thief's Nightmare point and click type adventure game where you play as a thief determined to find & escape with money that is said to be hidden in an abandoned house. In this adventure you face many obstacles, while basically looking around for items to complete your mission. There are several ways to get yourself killed, and you will most likely figure this out the hard way. The games toughest obstacles are the random death sequences, these are instances in which the house throws a random death-trap your way, all of these requiring split-second reaction time with a click of a mouse or a stroke of a key. Death-trap react buttons are all arrow keys, space bar, and/or a mouse click. Heist also consists of a series of puzzles to keep you thinking in the midst of all the horror. Money is behind every corner...see how much you can get out with. Good luck and have fun!

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got killed after 5 minutes :D

I loved part1. Let's see if this one's just as good, which I'm sure it will be.

Ok i have a piece of meat i really thought it would go to the dog??? But of course it dont im stuck if anyone can help please do!!

meat? i we got two keys..used them..a bottle of pills..a knife..crowbar and i found a safe

and i we got matches

umm ok where u find all that i have 2 keys found the meat in that dark dark room upstaits just click around towards the bottom of the screen. So i have 2 keys matches and meat thats it.... Where u find everything else?

See if i can get to the pills think i know what to do with them

the pills are in the hink..they were on the the utility room..where u got a crowbar..look right..use it to open the drying machine on the left..and use it on a picture to reveal the safe

the meat is where that dead guy is?

Oh ok got it but need screwdriver or somethin for picture keeps tellin me to take screws out first anyways ok i knocked the dog out and its locked go figure any hints????

U go in where the dead guy is and go threw the door make a right and its really dark only thing u can see is the bloody window and click around the bottom of the screen towards the left alittle

ok got the meat

use crowbar on the painting (on nails)

use crowbar on the first drawer (where the note is hanging)..u ll get money

woooo im gettin somewhere found another key!

and now im catchin stuff on fire lol

i cant find the dog :DDD and keep on geting killed

hes where the teddy bear and stuff are

Im really stuck now though i have one number for the safe and thats it hmmm nuthin else to do lol

Out. Cool game

teddy bear? :D anyway been killed three times..dont know if i motivated enought to start good luck ;)

I can't get into the door to the right of the dead guy...any help??

i have 2 numbers to the safe i need last one someone help please!!!!!

Katie, I just guessed for the 3rd number. Couldnt find last piece. Shade, press the right arrow key when you see the green stuff, youll step out of the way.

i have been tryin to guess for some reason i cant get it

The one you found by the spider is the 2nd number, the one in the ashes should be the first number for the safe. It was for me anyhow.

Nope nuthin is workin for me im about to give up

Do i just keep turnin them or is there somethin else i have to do to know if it worked or not??

Alrighty. Here we go, Use the tab key when you are stuck (it's a lifesaver). I do have a question though... How do you open the dryer with the lock...? Crowbar doesn't work.

i put in the first 2 numbers, then just tried the handle after each number for the third entry. i didn't open the dryer.

Ok Katie. The first number is the number in the ashes. The second is the number in the spider room. And for the third number I just pulled the handle on the left while choosing different numbers until it opened.

Ok so how did you all knock out the hungry dog?

What are the 3 numbers?

to knock out the dog:

Get pills from downstairs bathroom
Get meat from upstairs right hand door next to room with the giant spider.
Put pills in dogs bowl.
Put meat in dogs bowl.

Anybody still playing ?? Game won't load for me. Any advice ??

Heist 2 Walkthrough

- Go to the kitchen. Read paper, when X'd out a key will fall. Collect it.

- Go to the entrance hallway, open the Hallway door.

_ Look for the crowbar, it is randomly placed in one of three places: Next to the dryer in the utility room, In the room with the staircase, or upstairs on top of the couch.

- Go upstairs and click on the corpse to loot it, the phone will begin to ring, go back downstairs to the glass double doors. A real-time cutscene will occur followed by a death trap. To avoid death, simply hook the latch-lock on the glass doors.

- Go to the kitchen and use the crowbar on the top-right drawer, this will give you the upstairs hallway key.

- Go to the utility room and use the crowbar on the jammed washer lid. This will require four attempts, it will open on the fourth and the bathroom key is inside. Also check between the washer and dryer to collect a book of matches.

- Go the bathroom and collect the knife on the toilet & the bottle of pills on the sink. Proceed back upstairs.

- Go through the hallway door and take a right to a dark room. Pickup the floppy mysterious meat.

- Go back to the hallway and take a left to the main room. Use the knife on the stuffed animal, and collect the key inside.

- Use bottle of pills with the dog's bowl, then use the floppy mysterious meat with the dog's bowl.

- Enter storage room and pick up the gas can on the counter. Proceed back downstairs to the bathroom.

- Use the gas can with the stack of towels on the shelf, turn on the ceiling vent, then use the matches with the gas-soaked towels.

- Head back upstairs, enter the hallway and click on the keyhole on the door directly in front of you. After seeing the coast is clear, enter the room and pick up the paper fragment by the spider victim (The first of three fragments with numbers).

- Go back downstairs to the bathroom, collect the paper fragment on the ashy towel remains.

- Go back towards the room with the telephone, a cutscene will occur as you enter the room. The correct key sequence is: down, down, up, tap space rapidly.

- Pick up the paper fragment next to the (now official, hehe) corpse. Now go to the hallway and use the crowbar on all four nails in each corner of the painting, then use it on the painting itself. Now operate the safe.

- Enter the combination according to the paper fragments collected (from top to bottom). Also note that the combination is random every time you begin a new game.

- Exit through front door and that's it!

578 safe

Is it just me or has anyone else had trouble opening this game, because once you press on the button to open the game it just goes blank?

I've had that trouble too Redc. Even if I go to Newgrounds, my computer usually won't respond after I click on the link. This time it worked for some reason.

Weird and creepy game. I nearly choked on my gum when I got killed by that zombie dude :P

This is my second time trying to play this game. The first time, the crowbar was on top of the couch. This time I can't find it anywhere. It's not in the utility room or behind the stairs. I've even used tab to try to see if there might be another hiding place for it. I still can't find it in any room.

I'm stuck in the kitchen there is no paper to read where's this paper? I can't see it anywhere...

can anyone tell me how to open the safe or what im doing wrong, I have all 3 numbers and every time i enter them it says "wrong combination". HELP PLEASE

This game wasn't as scary for some reason, even though it had better graphics. I don't understand the story at all. The dude goes to this random house to steal 500 bucks? And theres a spider and a dog on the top floor? and theres a guy who pretends to be dead, and stays like that while you rob him. Then he goes outside and lets you lock him out? Then he somehow gets back in and gets killed with a mere knife?

That being said its good to see a hero who finally just knifes the crap out of his enemy.

I'm out and I died only once, killed by that guy that attacks you. This game is definitely easier than part one...

the safe is 623

safe numbers are changing (as crowbar)
Can some one give hint to find lock oon the machine on the right (were left is opening with crowbar)?

I got killed by this zombie when the phone rung

       Anonymous  8/17/09, 7:12 AM  

Use the night vision goggles around the house, you should see some hidden things, theres something at the bottom of the stair well but I have no idea what to do.

       Anonymous  5/20/10, 10:30 PM  

if you have troubles opening the game don't worry your just a dumbass..!!haha just joking try this because it works for me.."RIGHT CLICK on the game screen then PRESS FORWARD"..^^

Where are these night vision goggles for Heist II?

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