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Nekonote Escape 02 - Mama Walkthrough

Nekonote Escape 02 - Mama

Nekonote Escape02 WalkthroughNekonote Escape02 - Mama is another new point and click room escape game. In this game, you awoke in a strange room in your mother's house and you try to escape there by finding and searching items to solve puzzles and escape the room. Good luck and have fun!

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got a stick (used)
another curved stick (used)
air pump (used)
fish food (used)
got a pink circle and a number on it
another number in the fish tank
number in the filled up ballon
in the picture is another number (i think)

..any ideas how to get the green key? in the drawer?

I'm thinking you put the numbers into the frog...

but, where is the fish food? I've got everything else in your list...

where did you find the fish food? other than that I am stuck with
tv remote
air pump(used)
green balloon
pink ball

shade how did you know to reverse the code in yuria game? and thank-you.

Woo, I figured it out!

The fish food is somewhere on/near the frog (close up), I'm not sure where, I just clicking around it and I got it.

The TV and the numbers scattered around the room are the key to finding the code for the frog.

I'm not sure exactly how to find the "Green" number, I just entered 0-9 on it til I got the right one (not telling which one!).

click the forgs foot

...tv remote? where :D

the green code is on the ballon at my case it is two..

rickster..i inputed them in the right way..didnt work..the first think i tought about is putting them in the oposite one..and it workted :D

Oh, the fish food is on the left... foot? of the frog.

tv remote is under the table look for a darker line

ya left foot..i am realy realy sorry for my eanglish..realy..

thank u km77

and im out

where's the balloon?

Neat little game....balloon in drawer (need something to make a handle)

ooh thanks!

okay im stuck whatsthe code for the frog

how do I use the first stick? Thank you.

u have to look at the nimbers..first get the remote for tv..on it is a rainbow..and it shows u how to input the numbers..

-one is on a ballon
-one in the picture
-one in a pink circle
-one on a magazina
-and one in a fish tank

okay thanks shade

click between the closet with drawers and closet on wich is the fish tank..there is an object..a pink circle..it sais "i cant reach it"..use the stick

okay passed it im out thanks for the hint

click the pink ball and click about item then get the ballon and click the ball it will show the #

to find the code (correct order), you must look at the rainbow on the TV set

no matter if you don't catch the green key.
I'm out !

what do u use for da handle for the

ive got all the numbers 2,5,6,24,3
but what order

The colorful order for numbers can be found when you turn the TV on. =)

where is the curved stick at??TITLE HERE

where is the tv remote?

i need the tv remote, green balloon, and the air pump? i have evry thing else

connor, you have the pink number wrong - the correct one is on the pink ball between the fish table and the tv stand

i got the numbers in order its 6,2,5,6,3 haha i just gave you guys the answer

i done it without getting the green key so don't worry about it the fish food is on the frogs left foot theres numbers on the picture,under the fish once uve feed it, mums mag, pink ball ,and the balloon,have fun


the remote is under the table in the back

Hey, when you are close up to trash look behind it, find tofu and put on nabe. :o) 2nd ending, still can't figure the green key, but when you click on them they say 4 different tv shows?


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