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Operation Escape of Three Cats Walkthrough

Operation Escape of Three Cats

Three Cats Escape WalkthroughOperation Escape of Three Cats - 3 Escaping Large Maneuvers is another Japanese point and click type room escape type game by Choko-Chai who is the creator of Concert escape game series. Search the around to find some useful things and solve puzzles in order to free the cats. Good luck and have fun!

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I have got 2 apples (put on tree), rubber band, small square thing and key. Stuck now!

go to the cats and call the cats (click on the cat in bottom left),
- cats will give You something usefull, click ten times the tissue, click the color points in the same order like the colors twinkle in another room.
Sorry for my english :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks for that, I've made a catapult now, but not sure what to do with it.

I can get both cats on the box but don't know what to do then.

I need a triangle!

put the 3 cats on the box

when You make a green panel You take a compass, then use compass on the map, compare the "x" on the map with place on the floor - take triangle.
You must "talk" with cats - and clickon cats and box. In another room click bigger cat - cat goes on the shelves and give You an apple

catapult will be used in the end of this game

oh i'm sorry but i can't understand how to get the compass

Green panel o=green colour

must be 2 and 8

do you have to take the compass from the heart? if so....how

click heart to take compass

i have heart with compass on it and clicked on hole on map but nothing happens

never mind i got the triangle thanks

is it just me that is stuck in the garage. help

sorry, I don't understand where the compass is

compass is in room with small grassy area. click on grass and follow pattern posted above

can someone help me get out of the garage

Can´t use the compass on the map :-( Any help?

Don't need to use the compass on map. Once you got the compass, zoom out of map & click somewhere on the left bottom area; should be easy to spot as your cursor will changed.

Anyone knows how to get happy end? i always get a bad end. :(

how do you get the compass out of the heart. I can see it, but I can't remove it.

Also, I have the cat on the small shelf but i can't get him to get the apple

somebody help me with the apple on the shelf

where is the rubber band?
Is the pink heart the compass and also, I can not figure out where to put the heart compass....

DREW, You have to have the cats down in the hole. then you click on the fat cat and the other 2 appear. then just click on shelves.

ive been doing that. I have the cat on the bottom shelf but then he doesnt go anywhere

keep clicking on cat and then shelve

this game won't load for me. all i get is pink screen and music? any ideas?

help! where is rubber band and is something supposed to happen when you put all 3 shapes in place????

I had the same prob aj so i opened in mozilla firefox instead

When you put all the 3 shape on the box, click on the top centre of the cover, it should open the box & give you an apple.

Rubber band is under the plate beside the tissue box. ;>

mel thanks...I am out!

Where can I get the rubberband?

rubber band is located under ashtray

Thanx got it :-)

I'm stuck. Can't find the last apple. Any idea ?

which apple you are lacking?b

Got the apple. Now I'm in the garage....stuck again :-)

thanks melrose got it now:)

Use your sling & marble on the ceiling door. Get the b/w cat to pull the switch & drop a ladder. :>

Out...but only with a bad end too. Perhaps it's PMS and we got to wait a view days? :-)

Anybody having problems moving the pieces in the cat puzzle.......... tried using my mouse and arrows, nothing seems to move the pieces?????

Yeah, I dunno if it's a browser error or what, but I can't get the cat to advance past the first shelf OR the box to open when all shapes are placed.
I'm using the latest version of FF.

Help please! I used sling & marble on the ceiling door. Get the b/w cat to pull the switch & drop a ladder. But both did not work?

Maybe I miss a item? The place right of the slingshot is empty.
I'm totally stuck in the garage. The two kats are sitting there and do nothing, whatever I klick! :-(

can't find the marble. stuck!!!

Im using safari. I only have three apples, one from the crack in the wall, one from the rainbow room and one from the map room. I know theres one on the shelf, that Im trying to get the cats on and one from the cat puzzle that i cant move the pieces, but where is the sixth?

theres a box you get both cats on to break it open for the 6th apple

=>ari, after you got the grey cat on the 1st shelf, click on somewhere right side of the 2nd bench & so forth.

=>babe, see my previous post

O ya!!! i finally got a happy..or rather a normal end!!! ;D

Time to sleep!! ;>

Thanks aj.

wheres the marble at?

Thanks mel, I have five apples, but I still cant make the puzzle pieces move, what am I doing wrong?

the marble is somewhere on the bike

Ah the penny just dropped.

@mel: I used sling & marble on the ceiling door. Get the b/w cat to pull the switch & drop a ladder. But nothing happens!!! The cats are sitting in the room and do nothing! And the slingshot dont't works too!
What shall I do??

This comment has been removed by the author.

- the marble is under the saddle (in right side)
- to use the ladder - click in turn for all cats

Keep clicking the door on the ceiling near the handle, it must be one pixel!, then black cat, and other 2, then the rung near the bottom, middle and top and up again,

Ok. I can't find the marble because I found the apple long time bevor I search the marble and now the cat don't want to jump on the shelf/bench! What can I do??
PS. I think you mean the room with the 3 benches??

babe where are You? in room with ladder or in room with three shelves?
I can't help You when I don't know where are You in this time.

I'm in the room with the 3 shelfes.
I don't remember where the room with a ladder is. I though the ladder were in the garage neer the door an look like a stick?

to take an apple click fat cat, then click tall cat, when tall cat jump on the shelf click second shelf, then click tall cat, then third shelf then the cat. Then cat drop an apple.

@ megi: I have all apples an I can go in the garage! I need the marble!!!

oh, I see :lol: - the marble is under the saddle (in right side)- on the mudguard - the same color - terrible to find

       Anonymous  10/3/07, 12:10 PM  

I'm trying to get the coloured balls to work but can't figure it out. The next cave flashes B,G,R,G,Y,R Is this correct?

Thank you, I'm out! But it was the bad end. Can everbody say me how to play the good end?

       Anonymous  10/3/07, 12:27 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

yes, it is correct. Blue, green, red, green, yellow, red. After clicking colours go to the room with chaging colours and the safe will open.

Do I need to break the jar to get the third puzzle piece, if so, how?
Miss one apple though!! Hard to explain which one!! please help

You need to break the jar with stone. Small cat will give You it when You "call" him upstairs.

yeah i did it! thanks. Where is the marble? I read under the suddle but where is the suddle?

- apple on the top left - after clicking colours
- apple on the top right - puzzle
- middle left apple - box with triangle, pentagon ...
- middle right apple - 3 shelves
- apple on the lower left - 5+1 boxes
- apple on the lower right - hole in the wall
sorry for my english :)

yeah i did it and found the marble!!

when You put all the 6 apples on the tree You see a new room :) - here is marble

I can't use the sling and the marble at the same time! I am clicking everywhere but can't open the door cieling!

it is ok i did it!!!

Did anyone notice the tree is map of cave? :)

Im looking, for I think its the second apple, I have five,and I cant get the compass out of the heart, also Im looking for the garage I think I have done everything else. Thanks

Also where is the triangle shape thanks

Hi everybody :-)
how did you get the yellow hexagon beside the boxes? I can zoom in, but I can't take it.

Power of posting! Got it :-)

The tree is a map. It's important to get happy ending.
Put apples to tha place where you got.

And the ending depends on how many correct places you put apples on tree.
ie. 0-1:bad 2-5:normal 6:happy

Walkthru. Warning! Major fun spoiler!!!

This is a map of the cave. Have to use dot to fill in the blank space cos' the post do not read empty space well. Hope it comes out ok. :p

5..6..7.....8..........9..........10......11 12 13

* Things to be aware:-
Until you get the rubber band, the grey cat will not come down with the stick. Same for the B/W cat, it'll come down with a stone when you got the glass jar (Click on the left Bottom brown cat to "talk" them down)

Rm 5: Put in the 3 sharp & click somewhere on the top center cover of the box. Get apple C (Middle left of inventory).

Rm 6: Get rubber band from under astray. Pull out tissue (about 10 times) & get a small piece of brown lather thingy

Rm 7: Play puzzle to get apple B (Top right of inventory)

Rm 11: Get glass jar, use stone on jar & get shape (convex pentagon). Note the number on the left center side of the shelve, 8->(Green)

Rm 12:
Click according to Rm13 color combination & go back Rm 13.

Rm 13:
Memorize the colors sequence (BGRGYR). After decode in Rm 12, come back here & get apple A (Top left of inventory)

Rm 14:
Use hint from Rm 11 & 18, form the patches into 2(brown) & 8(green). Zoom out of patches & get heart pendant.


Rm 15:
Click Brown cat to call the 2 cats. Click B/W cat & then top left cover of the Right box; click grey cat then top right cover; click brown cat & then top middle cover of box. Get apple E (Left bottom of inventory)

Rm 16:
Get Ice pick between bottom 2 boxes. Use pick on shape (hexagon).

Rm 17:
Click Brown cat to call the 2 cats. Click Grey cat & then 1st lower shelve (Right corner); then click right corner of 2nd shelve; right corner of 3 shelve & apple. Get apple D (Right middle of inventory)

Rm 18:
Flip the map (Right) & get hint <-2 (Brown). Once you got the pendant. Zoom in map, click on pendant & about item, click on the grey ring to "open" the compass; zoom out, click somewhere left where the wall touches the ground (your cursor should changed) & get 3rd shape (triangle)

Rm 19:
Click Brown cat to call the 2 cats. Click on B/W cat & click hole. Get apple F (Bottom right of inventory)

After you have collected all the apples, return to Rm 1. Turn right & click on mouse to get key. Turn right again & put apple C(LM) B(TR) E(LB) D(BM) F(BR) A(TL) starting from left side of the tree. Use key on door.

Get red marble between the bicycle saddle & pedal. Turn left & shake the long pole. Turn left, turn left & combine stick, rubber band, lather piece & marble into a sling.

Use sling on ceiling door. Click brown cat to call the 2 cats. Click B/W cat & click brown cat, click switch. Click ladder, click brown cat, grey cat, head of brown cat, B/W cat, head of grey cat, brown cat (leg lifted up) & last grey or B/W cat.


I cant play this game!! HELP!!!!!

I had trouble loading, so i went to the web address at the bottom... source: http/:choco chai and found it that way

In map room clicking where dk. brn. meets light brn. But the only thing happens is the hollers,but Im not touching the cat. Help thanks

       Anonymous  10/5/07, 10:04 PM  

bashfog, you have to have the heart and click on it to open the compass. notice the compass points north to the right. then you click on the map and notice that north is up. so mentally turn the map to the right 90 degrees. center of the map is the center of the floor of the room. so X marks the spot on the floor forward and to the left of the center. your cursor should change to let you know where you can click. hope that makes sense.

maybe it's jus me but all I got is a yellow screen. Am I missing something?

Yay, thanks to u guys i've made it, i wish they made these in english, would be nice to know what their saying...or meowing? good luck! i can only seem to get a bad ending, can be bothered to go back through all that again lol!

       Anonymous  10/12/07, 10:11 AM  


i cant make the cat climb the shelves to get the apple, i've tranlated waht the text says, and it tells me, that the cat cant climb........!!!!!!!


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